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The Prisoner Puzzle with Patrick McGoohan
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HP Lovecraft , observer
excerpt from Out of Mind The Stories of HP Lovecraft
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Klaus Dona explains just how old the eye of the pyramid really is...
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HP Lovecraft philosophy on immortality
...personally I should not care for immortality in the least. There is nothing better than oblivion, since in oblivion there is no wish unfulfilled... we had it before we were born, we did not complain. Should we now whine because we know it would return...? excerpt from Out of Mind The Stories of HP Lovecraft
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Leonard Nimoy reads Ray Bradbury's USHER II - words n pics
Leonard Nimoy reads from Ray Bradbury's novel The Martian Chronicles - USHER II. I added the pics and words for fun. enjoy... Free Speech and Ideas go hand in hand - lose one you lose the other. Free Speech is a continuous fight against the "Investigators of Moral Climates" and members for the "Society for the Prevention of Fantasy"
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HP Lovecraft - why no love stories?..no interest, no need
when you create something so complete you dont need to add romance to move a story along excerpt from said title
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the tools of conquest
The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs & explosions & fallout...there are weapons that are, simply, thoughts, attitudes, prejudices...to be found only in the minds of men...for the record, prejudices can kill & suspicions can destroy...and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat...has a fallout all of its' own...for the children & the children yet unborn...the pity of it is, that these things cannot be confined to the twilight zone...Rod Serling
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HP Lovecraft - dreams or indigestion?
the night gaunt excerpt from Out of Mind The Stories of HP Lovecraft
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What is Money?  Michael Ruppert
FIAT, FRB, COMPOUND INTEREST? the whole global economy is a pyramid scheme excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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Out of Mind The Stories of HP Lovecraft
dreams excerpt from Out of Mind The Stories of HP Lovecraft
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Robert Anton Wilson   Everything Is Under Control
http://www.rawilson.com interview with RAW about his book "Everything Is Under Control" regarding government cover ups, conspiracies and the likely idea you are still the master of your own lfe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeNnmuNswMA
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Robert Anton Wilson RAW on flat earthers
Oliver Wendell Holmes called it hydrostatic paradox of controversy - the fools drag you down to their level.
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Michael Ruppert Inflicting Smiles with his Dog
Michael Ruppert has seen the bad side of the law while trying to be on the good side of it...the world tried to break him, as he warned people of the plans of impeding global financial collapse which is in fact going on right now in all the major countries around the world. Warning that government must be kept in check. warnings of CIA gun & drug smuggling, warnings of market crashers and Cheneys utter human deceit and crimes...he broke - Michael Ruppert struggled to keep hope through impending hopelessness but lost the battle and committed suicide, just over a year ago this is an excerpt from Collapse
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The Third Mother - Mother of Tears - Dario Argento
excerpt from The Third Mother - Mother of Tears - Dario Argento When the world seem like it is going crazy I have to wonder sometimes. why is there no army of good witches out there to come to the rescue? I t does seem like there are many working together for evil ou there, where the good ones the ones that were burned? are the good witches just scattered about, afraid of bringing back the burning times ?
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US had no intention of EVER leaving IRAQ
the US is never leaving Iraq permanent bases excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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Food Production and Oil
the soil is now just a sponge for oils. the soil is a junkie. the soil is worthless we produced food for ten thousand years without oils products and chemical pesticides, yet today we are led to believe using oils is the best and only way to farm. (those people are paid to lie , Im giving this info for free...believe what you want) excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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...of course I've been called a conspiracy theorist!
..."but I don't deal n conspiracy theory, I deal in conspiracy fact" ..climb down off the cross , asshole, we need the lumber excerpt from Collapse - Michael ruppert
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Hank Hill explains Immigration & the Border Wall
excerpt from King of the Hill "Three Days of the Kahndo" It is the best explanation concerning the border wall. If the US shouldn't have one then no one should...Rome..Im talking to you. And we all seem to love the Great Wall of China - except the Mongolians of course, so whats the deal?
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I Only Believe In Science
best line from Nacho Libre
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What has Value? War
Carl von Clausewitz - War is merely the continuation of politics by other means. Politics is a continuation of economics by other means... excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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Velikovsky is must reading,..
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1978 clip of must reading Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky Starmaker by Olaf Stapledon
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Father Ted "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!"
just for those times I see a post that's seems ridiculious
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John Dies At The End -  Riddle of the Axe
Don Coscarelli of Phantasm fame, made a film version of the book by David Wong.. this is the intro...
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We Need Balance - Grow Up or Perish...
We live on a FINITE planet "we must find balance with that planet, with the resources, with the animal life, with all the other life or there can be no happiness for anyone...ANYONE.. its all about getting balance back" "God is on the table" "The richness of the soul is buried under such BULLSHIT" excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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contraceptives in the rain
just because you pee it out, doesnt mean it breaks down in the water systems think twice about poisoning the world and being brainwashed by planned parenthood
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ethanol is an absolute joke excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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A Rising Star is Silenced - Mia Zapata's  life & murder
Mia Zapata was silenced forever on July 7, 1993. The scumbag that did this was on the loose for a decade, but was finally caught & sentenced to 36 yrs in prison. Even the strongest of women cannot defend themselves against scumbag cowards that sneak up from behind. I hope he rots in prison for destroying a voice so powerful and a spirit so determined. "the Gits" movie can be found here http://www.veoh.com/watch/v70467552FX2Hxq2C RIP Mia
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times have changed Ellery Queen Mysteries - guest starring Robert Loggia. Set in 1947. Amazing how we in N.Am. have been led to believe Russians and Germans were the enemy spies..now we give it away.
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Let Sherlock Holmes preach to you a little about science
Let Sherlock Preach to you a little - about science Science judges everything on the evidence it perceives. And when it blinds itself to that evidence it commits a crime against us all. After all, if science was fooled for 40 years by Dawson's Dawn Man, what, one might be tempted to ask, is fooling it now? BBC 1987 Sherlock Holmes Piltdown Man ...its good to be wary of any scientific consensus, because no good scientist would say they have all the answers
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What has Value?
Carl von Clausewitz - War is merely the continuation of politics by other means. Politics is a continuation of economics by other means... excerpt from Collapse , Michael Ruppert
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I need some more M .. I need some more M now. It still smells better than any cologne or perfume Ive smelled
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