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2014 Sierra 5.3 Muffler delete
Deleted only the main center muffler, the 3 cats and the rear resonator/muffler and the exhaust valve are still there.
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2014 Sierra 0-60 5.5 seconds 0-60
Changed out my exhaust to a flowmaster and got a diablo trinity installed so I figured I might as well see what my acceleration was like now. So far with just the canned tunes I have taken off about .6-.7 seconds of my 0-60 time and it pulls much harder up top too. This is on craptastic winter gas though so when I get a custom tune and good gas in the spring I will hit the dyno and do another acceleration video.
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2014 5.3 Sierra 0-60/0-100 KM/H Stock
My stock 2014 Sierra single cab short box Z71 4x4 SLE with muffler delete only. It has 3.08 rear with locker and the new 5.3 DI motor. My best time to date is 6.1 seconds using my dashdaq.
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