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ThinkTank Digital Holster 10
A quick look at the ThinkTank Digital Holster 10
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Carvin V3M Demo (w/Metal-Rock section)
Carvin V3M Demo Here's a few simplistic clips of the seemingly infinite tonal possibilities that come out of the tiny 7/22/50 watt powerhouse Carvin V3M -and likely the V3 and V3MC as well. The amp CAN be a bit fizzy unless you adjust the BIAS, dial in some settings and swap the tubes out for Tung-Sol's in my experience. After doing all this though, the amp sounded even better than it did here, but still isn't really MY cup of tea as it still sounds a bit sterile and lackluster to me.. YMMV, though. Tunes recorded with a stock Hoyer Eagle Prestige - V3M - Orange PPC112 w/ V30 - Audix i5 - Tascam US1800 - Reaper. No eq on guitars were applied. I hope this helps someone out there decide weather this amplifier is the right choice for them.
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Mesa + Orange Dark Terror Tonality Test
THIS IS NOT A "COMPARISON" VIDEO A short tonality test of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and the Orange Dark Terror. The ultimate goal of this video is not to be a comparison. It was to see how close each amp could get to each other. And for fun! EDIT: I've since sold the Rectifier. Still have my Dark Terror, and picked up an AD30 as well. Left guitar channel is the Orange, right guitar channel is the Mesa Boogie. Solo is done with the neck pickup of the guitar Tone: Left channel: PRS - Orange Tiny Terror - Orange PPC112 w/ Vintage 30 Tone: Right Channel: PRS - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier ch.2 vintage mode - Orange PPC212 w/ GT12-75's Guitar: PRS SE Custom w/ Duncan Distortion bridge, Duncan Jazz neck. Stoptail version. Mics: Sennheiser E609 on the Dark Terror, Shure Beta 52 on the Boogie. Slammed up on the grill near the outer edges of each cabinet. Signal Chain: Mics went into a focusrite trakmaster pro then into a Digidesign 002 rack unit, then into a macbook pro circa 2008 into pro tools LE. Drums: BFD drum samples. That's about it. I made a real point about trying to get the Boogie to sound the same as the Orange. Listen, I'm not trying to show off for anyone, I just wanted to show people how the dark terror/ppc112 sounded, and didn't want to post up some crappy quality demo just so you walk away disappointed. I don't care about your opinion of my playing, don't care about how "metal" this track is because I used a boogie. Get a life, only post if you got something nice to say, thanks.. Hope this helps you in your decision making process! I knew this little Terror had to become part of the family five chords in! :)
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Gun Fun in West Virginia
PLEASE, watch in HD! It looks great! We take the SR9c out for a few hundred rounds and handle some AR's as well. Great weekend (minus a few points like losing both your windshield wipers on the back roads and not bringing your PJ's, LOL!) Thank you, Andrew for hosting and showing us a good time! We must do a .50 video because it would be amazing.. PS: (This video is private, listed only to those given the link. No worries.)
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Eurojet Exhaust, VW Rabbit 2.5l NA
Exhaust sounds
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Blackstar HT40 Demo
What does a Blackstar HT-40 REALLY sound like? A lot of the video's I've seen are of the amp in a room with a crappy onboard mic. That's all well and good. But, how many of us want to hook it up to some mics and let fly? Let's take it for a spin, shall we? A little video displaying how the Blackstar HT40 sounds in a studio type setting. You can get all manner of sounds out of this little thing. Pretty impressive given the price! There are a few pretty decent demos displaying the 'metal' side of this amp, but none that really showcased the lighter side of gain structure this amp possesses. *Sorry about the solo parts, something wacky happened, causing them to rise and fall in tonality and level at certain points. I wasn't able to rectify it so I just let it be.* Hoyer guitars, (hum and single coils used), Blackstar HT40, Audix i5 and Shure SM57, Tascam US-1800, Reaper. No eq adjustments or post processing on guitar sounds. BFD 1.5 used for drum sounds, Gibson bass, some VST's for piano. I do hope this gives you some sort of idea on how the Blackstar HT series will sound with your rig. That's my only goal here, if I can help someone out, that's rad. Thanks for watching! As always, sounds are uploaded to my Soundcloud page Next vid we will be exploring the Carvin V3M I expect in the mail tomorrow!
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LEGO Stop Motion - Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
Just a quick stop motion I did of myself building this cool kit. Not enough pieces to make a crazy stop motion vid, but just enough to be cool.. I think..
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Eurojet Exhaust, VW Rabbit 2.5l NA (Washington DC Tunnel)
HTC One M8 video on windshield mount. Eurojet exhaust, open drivers side window.
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Fender American Special Telecaster - “Lost Love”
A quick tune with the Fender American Special Telecaster with Texas Special pickups. Also seen, Fender Elite Stratocaster
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Refrigerator VS Tannerite
Tannerite wins.
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MKV Golf 2.5l Euroject Exhaust
Just playing around with a new gopro.
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Ian Birthday
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Noxis 2016 Teaser
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Star Trails
Just a short clip to see if I could actually pull this off. Well, a better one is already being planned. THANK YOU to my neighbor, who's self-installed garage light kept going off every 8 seconds obscuring the trees.... Anyway, shot with a Nikon D5100 with a 50mm f1.8 2.5 second shots spaced at 17 second intervals for 300 frames. Plenty of planes flying overhead, a shooting star and garage lights. Longer next time methinks in a more remote locale.
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Waxed car trolling a spider
just a stupid video
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Straight Piped Rabbit 2.5l
Installing my exhaust and decided to have a little fun.
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Bored guitar movie
writing some new tunes, made a video
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The Trip (Short Play)
"The Trip" Short Play Video
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Bahamas Cruise 2017 Compilation
Just a little compilation of some GoPro Hero 5 Black footage that I shot while we were on our cruise in the Bahamas area. We won a Carnival Pride cruise heading out of Baltimore and hit Grand Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and Half Moon Cay. It was a good little vacation for sure, especially since it was free! Of course our wallets were still lighter due to forced taxes and especially drinks..:p
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Stream Test
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Making an audio recording
Lots of this didn't make it on the record since we have so much to choose from, but it's going to be pretty gnarly once it's all complete! We're about 40% done so far. More videos follow!
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Nov. 6, 2016 Minitune
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First Timelapse GoPro Hero 5 Black
Testing out the new GoPro on the lake
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Pit madness at SOAD in DC
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'The Wait'
I did one super successful review and got over a hundred thousand hits. I never thought it would be quite that crazy. But the truth is, I just don't have that much gear and don't have an unlimited budget to go buy stuff to review, unfortunately. So I'm just going to upload songs from now on because I feel that's what you wanna hear. Here's another song I made with the Dark Terror sans vocals. I'm not a vocalist, so I don't attempt. YET! Enjoy:)
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Blizzard 2016
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Shopping at the B&H Superstore, NYC
A small snippet of the vastness of the B&H superstore in Manhattan, NY. It's so large, they even have SUB-departments! Better video coming next month. My GoPro was attached to my camera bag and they make you do a bag check upon entry if you have a lot of things with you unfortunately. iPhone had to do! Music: Royalty free selection from Bensound.com
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Andy Live Stream TEST
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NYC Spring 2016
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Mastery Knows No Shortcut
A short advert I made for Singlecut Brewery, Astoria NYC. Mastery Knows No Shortcut
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MKV Golf Carbonio Intake Cabin sound
WOT from 10mph - ?mph C2 tune, Carbonio Intake, no engine cover. Taken from above dashboard with a point and shoot camera, window open halfway on drivers' side.
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Carvin V3M - "Lachrymose"
Another little mini-tune I wrote today using the V3m. I do apologize about not uploading an actual video, I've been SUPER slammed lately and just don't have time right now. Next one, I promise! (Now that I've figured out kind of how to do it!) Hoyer Eagle Prestige - Carvin V3M - Orange PPC112 w/V30 - Audix i5 - Focusrite Trakmaster Pro - Tascam US1800 - Reaper. Also used an Ernie Ball Sub series bass guitar. And a glass slide.
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ultimate hiccup.mp4
Most epic hiccup ever.
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