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Taxes For the Self-Employed | How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return
Being self employed is one the greatest feats a person can achieve. It gives one a true sense of freedom and control and is like a great sun shines day until the IRS comes along and brings rain clouds. Well... If you are looking for information on business taxes, freelance taxes, self-employed, a serial entrepreneur, a social media-preneur or or what to do with a freaking 1099-Misc or 1099-K... then you have landed on the right video. Enjoy and join the community. Find out exactly what you need to do in order to file that perfect tax return.
Tax Deductions for Uber, Lyft and Amazon Flex Drivers | How to File The Perfect Tax Return
Maximize your deductions by knowing exactly what you can write off. In this video I will show what you can write as an Independent driver and how to avoid the pit falls of being audited by the IRS. To get the MileIQ App and the special 20% off click here: https://www.mileiq.com/invite/MEMKA (Full disclosure: This is my personal referral link and you choose to support me by clicking the link, I will receive a small incentive, but that does not change the fact that I still love this app)
2018 Tax Update for The Self Employed | A Brief Digestible Summary of the New Tax Laws
Did you know that as of January 1st 2018, there were some new tax laws that took effect that will change the outcome of your Self-employment taxes and business deductions? Well... if you did or if you didn't, in this short video I'm going to briefly explain what changes took effect and how its going to impact you and your self-employment taxes. Please understand, however, that there were a ton of changes and whats covered in this video only pertains to a small part of the personal and business changes. And because this law is so new... somethings are subject to be amended. I ask for your forgiveness in advance, as like everyone in the field of taxation, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all so if there were any parts that were not clear - I apologize. For more information on the Self-Employed Tax Academy click here: https://www.selfemployedtaxacademy.com
Income Taxes Explained - What are Taxes??? | How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return
To file the perfect tax return, we first must understand taxes and that is what I am going to discuss with you in this first video.
Start A Business w/ No Idea & No Money Part 2. The Complete Beginners Guide.
This is the ULTIMATE, step by freaking step blueprint to how to get started becoming an entrepreneur. Coming up with ideas for business can be difficult and then once you get the idea, then you are faced with the challenge of funding the idea. Well in this video Mike Nesselbeck, founder of Business Idea Insight.com, walks us through the process of coming up with a great idea (one that will actually work) and how to get money to start it. Part 1 (my solo venture) was all about getting your mind ready to tackle what's ahead, but here in part 2 you get the full gambit. Here is the link Mike mentioned to download the slides: www.businessideainsight.com/afsodownload
Why You Dont Need AN LLC to Start Your Business
Forming an LLC is a great way structure a business. Especially a new one. However, contrary to popular belief, not everyone needs one. When I was first starting off in the world of self-employment and dealing with taxes… I thought that having a specific type of corporate structure would help me save money, make money, achieve all the goals I had set and more. Boy was I wrong. Therefore, in this video, your favorite Uncle/Cousin is going to share with you, what I wish someone would have told me before I started my business. If you have any questions… make sure to leave them in the comments below or find me on either one of these social media platforms: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSelfEmployedTaxGuy Twitter: https://twitter.com/ActionFSO Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyronegregory/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theselfemployedtaxguy/ Looking forward to hearing from you!
The Intro
This an intro video all about the man of action himself, Tyrone Gregory from www.actionfromsquareone.com.
Introducing The Self-Employed Tax Academy
Click Here To Enroll: http://bit.ly/2LH2HGE Dealing with taxes while being Self-Employed sucks! Trust me I get it… Searching, Google, YouTube and Facebook for answers and not finding what you need! Well... Those days are over! I have created an all in one solution tailored to take the “tax” out of taxes while being self-employed. Introducing the Self-Employed Tax Academy (http://bit.ly/2LH2HGE) Finally!!! Everything you need to know! Learn which structure to choose for optimal savings and breaks Uncover and maximize every deduction for your specific industry. Learn how to set up and deduct your home office There is just too much to list! So don’t wait until it's too late… Enroll Now! Click the Link Below! http://bit.ly/2LH2HGE
How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return | Examples and Case Studies
Now that we have talked about getting to that PERFECT tax return... we get to have some fun with a few case studies. In this video I will take you through 5 different scenarios to show you how to arrive at your tax. But this time we will switch things up and throw in a few extra considerations.
Start A Business | No Idea? No Money? No Problem!!
Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship are amazing! They are the things that helps make the world a great place. They moves us forward. They are why we have the technologies we have today (YouTube for example) So… why is that you haven’t started yours yet? And if your answer has anything to do with having no idea because its already been done or you don’t have any money… then this video is for you! Its time to remove all excuses and get busy!
How To Pay Your Taxes Properly | How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return
Everything that you have learned as led up to this... in this video you are going to learn the secret formula used to file the PERFECT tax return.
How to File The PERFECT Income Tax Return. Intro
Learn how to file the perfect tax return by learning how to determine your "taxable" income and total tax liability. I will show you how to adjust your W4 and the simple formula I use to achieve greatness when it comes to filing taxes
Why You Need A Website
Sadly, til this day, over half of all self-employed individuals and small business still don’t have a website despite the fact that 81% of consumers go online to look for products and services. And according to a recent survey, 22% those self-employed and small business contribute their not having a website to not having the technical “know how” and another 25% contributes theirs to not having enough time and resources. Well, if you are in either one of those situations… this video series is the solution for you! I am going to take you strategically, step by step, on how to build you a website that is not only stunning but, fully mobile ready and gawesome (My son coined that term and told me it stands for great and awesome… and I just stole it). And I’m going to show you how to do all of this without having any technical “know how” and without spending a heap ton of money.
Choose a Template for your Website
How do you build a website, without knowing how to build a website? Easy! Do it with a template. Get the best (in my opinion) template there is : http://www.actionfromsquareone.com/Betheme Templates already come pre designed and coded with the HTML, CSS, and stuff I know know thing about. Which is why they are the best thing ever for for people like me who has no clue on how to code and build a website from scratch. There are, however a few considerations that one must consider before choosing a template and in this video I'm going to walk you through a couple.
How to Start A Business And Not Stop | Learn What Not To Do When Starting Your Business.
How To Start A Business And Not Stop. If you have ever considered starting a business and wanted to know to outlast the grim statistics that state how most businesses wont last past two years then this video is for you. In today's live training, I am going to show exactly what you need to do in order to start your business and not become a statistic. I'm going to go through and identify the core fundamental reasons why businesses fail and explain to you what to do to make sure that you avoid making the same mistakes. Note: This video is not for folks who want to create a temporary side hustle. My goal is to show you how to create a business that will live long past you. Thereby, creating generational wealth. Make sure that you like and follow my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/actionfromsquareone/ As I will be doing these live trainings every Monday for the month of November. Comming Up: Join me again on 11/13/17 at 12noon PST, when I will be discussing "Branding" How to Build a Profitable Brand. Looking forward to seeign you soon!
Choosing the right Hosting company for your website
What type of foundation would you like your house to be built on? Well... the answer to that question should be the same for the type of foundation you want your website to be built on - A SOLID ONE. Thats why choosing the right hosting company is important. I personally recommend by favorite company Bluehost. and check them out here: http://www.actionfromsquareone.com/Bluehost However, I strongly suggest that you do your research to decide which one is going to work best for you. Choosing the right hosting requires that you know exactly what your unique needs are going to be for your website. Consider things like: Uptime, Communication, Support, Bandwidth, Etc. Any Questions Let Me know.
The But
In order to win at anything, you must continue to move forward. But, how can you move forward if you keep pushing yourself backwards??? Watch this video to learn how to move forward despite what you tell yourself.
The IRS Will Not Call You!!! (Public Service Announcement}
Are you receiving threatening calls from the IRS? Well... its a scam! So, Don't Freak Out!!! Watch the video and learn For More Info Click The Link Below: https://www.irs.gov/uac/newsroom/consumers-warned-of-new-surge-in-irs-email-schemes-during-2016-tax-season-tax-industry-also-targeted
The Exact Amount of Taxes To Pay | How to File The PERFECT Income Tax Return
In order to file the perfect tax return you need to know exactly how much you must pay and in this video you are going to learn just that!
Choose The Right Name For Your Website
What's in a name? - EVERYTHING! Thats why its sooooo important to choose the right name for your website especially if you are self-employed, a small business or someone how is just starting out. In this video I'm going to walk through a few things that you need to consider as you are choosing the perfect name for your new website. As mentioned in the video, here are the links to the sites I suggest that you read for knowledge purposes: https://moz.com http://backlinko.com
Build and Launch your Website
Now that you've done all the work, researched your SEO, gathered your keywords, choose the perfect name and picked an awesome template - its time to put it all together. In this video I am going to walk you through and show you how to install the Betheme template and show you how to get started with the customizing of it. Note: there are a million and 1 ways you can customize Betheme (which is why i love it) and I wish I could show them all to you, but then the video would be a million hours long. So instead here a few links on some of the basics of customizing Betheme: Changing the Slider - https://youtu.be/-MHDwAwZVws Changing the Fonts and Colors - https://youtu.be/eHE4jiRXHM4 Muffin Builder guided tour - https://youtu.be/8kAGSKVM3eo Advanced Tutorial - https://youtu.be/KL8QxLwTBuQ Picture Links: https://www.pexels.com https://pixabay.com https://www.shutterstock.com