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Audi Q7 fog light removal / change
Quick video to show you guys how to remove the front foglight in audi Q7. I changed my to LEDs
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Apple iOS IPAD Release #3 - Dynia
Dynia AppStore Game/Book Release Nowa produkcja na Appstore. © Pozytywna Bajka Pozytywne Bajki Stravaganza.pl http://pozytywnabajka.pl MSX: Anselm Shah
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C++ Quant Algotrader - Neural Networks 1D Bitcoin strategy
This is my C++ Quant Algotrader running a backtester for NN 1D BTC strategy for the BM EXchange The Gray Line - current price The Red Line - NN price + signals [red block-sell, green block-buy] The NN has been trained with a GridMan distributed computing library on 6 RaspberryPI Nodes. Training Data Error: 0.003964 Validation Data Error: 0.001360 Learning Rate: 0.005000 Momentum: 0.000001 Loaded Network (3/7/1) TError=0.003964 VError=0.001360 Min=701.587524 Max=2159.000000 LRate=0.005000 Mom=0.000001
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Forex ANN Neural Network Close Price Prediction
Eur/Usd Close value prediction. Used 77days of historic Eur/Usd data to train the neural network to predict the next day closing price. Total 1000000 training interations (625seconds). The Input is normalised [0,1] to fit the logistic sigmoid activation function. The predicted close value can drfit a bit, but in overall the prediction allows you to forecast the trend for the next day.
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C++ Bitcoin Exchange Matching Engine - HFT test
Bitcoin Exchange Matching Engine - HFT test I am developing a c++ lightweight matching engine supporting Limit and Market orders for BTC Stock Exchange that can easily run on a 5v raspberry pi.
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Sky / Proc clouds
We love OpenGL!
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GridMan 2.0 Dashboard Review Distributed Computing Raspberry PI
Gridman 2.0 live dashboard view, 3x Raspberry PI computing 'SimpleProject' from the Library Examples. Get GridMan for Raspberry PI here: http://gridman.net/
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BomberPad, BFS, DFS, Pathfinding, Steering Behaviours WIP
BomberPad W I P - Steering Behaviours within Voxel maze. BFS and DFS testing, just before A* Steering behaviours implementation This is a W I P - free time work. © Pozytywna Bajka Pozytywne Bajki Stravaganza.pl
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LookO2 - Osobisty czujnik jakości powietrza - Aplikacja na iOS
Krótka prezentacja aplikacji dla projektu #LOOKO2 - osobistego czujnika jakości powietrza. Aplikacja notyfikująca o aktualnym indeksie jakości powietrza w strefie w której przebywa osoba. Wykorzystuje GPS i pobiera dane z najbliższego czujnika w okolicy.
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ESP8266 food computer v1
Blog entry: https://while1code.wordpress.com/2018/12/16/florha-esp8266-based-food-computer/ Internet Connected ESP8266 based food computer (greenhouse). This is a small food box based ESP8266 internet connected plant growing computer. We made it together with my daughter and planning to expand it a bit. Made of: - Wemos D1 MINI PRO - BME280 - Water Level Sensor (to be replaced with a Soil sensor) - 5v Fan on a relay - RGB Led strip There is also a basic logic implemented behind the scenes to keep the temperature within optimum range (you can see it on the last screen shot how temp is raising when too low) plus run the fan to cool down / lower humidity. What comes next: - Soil Sensor - Water pump Simple as it is but interesting to see it working automatically
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Pozytywna Bajka - Koloraki #1
- Pozytywna Bajka - Koloraki, nauka kolorów część 1. - Learnig colors for Kids - part #1 Platform: Universal © Pozytywna Bajka Pozytywne Bajki Stravaganza.pl
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GRIDMan distributed raytracing with live view Distributed Computing at Home
GRIDMAN running on 5 raspberry nodes raytracing 512x512 image with live Load Average view and live Rendering view. Making use of these cheap computers is so much fun, distributed/grid computing for a price of penny is a great adventure - a fully scallable grid library (gridman) coded for own purposes can be ran on high end grids (like blades c7000) to benefit from the power. GRIDMan allows to test your GRID projects at home for almost no costs and move them straight away to a high end machines. Raspberry PI is the key! Stay tuned for more. The track is as always the demoscene tune by CORE - Knas
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The Coma
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Radioteleskop RT-15 UJ Kraków
Pierwszy Radioteleskop UJ w Krakowie. Obserwatorium Astronomiczne UJ w Krakowie.
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Tokamak's animatedBody problem?
"ELEVATOR" does not like to lift me up - no collision detection in Y when using SetPos on this type ?
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Backpropagation Neural Network Play
This is a simple excercise where the Blue (Neural network driven) box is learning from Yellow box how to drive towards the next waypoint.
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This is a POC of PORTALS/PVS scene managment in the Engine.
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Bezpiecznik Rejestrator Trasy IPhone Apple
Najnowsza wersja aplikacji Bezpiecznik - Rejestrator Trasy, dużo drobnych zmian i kilka bardzo funkcjonalnych i ciekawych nowości. Czuj się bezpiecznie na drodze, miej dowody w ręce ! http://facebook.com/RejestratorBezpiecznik https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/bezpiecznik-rejestrator-trasy/id652746136?mt=8 © Stravaganza.pl
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Opengl Enviro Phase III
Hunting the birds
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"Subdividing a space into convex sets by hyperplanes"
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Multipass Lighting, Depth Cube Shadowmaps
Another step forward into the vreality. Shadow pass renders 6times to depth cube shadow map (512x512) Then goes the pre-pass that renders the level into depth map And final render - We render the active sector once for each light source, with different sets of uniforms and textures. Accumulate the results in the FBO (additive blending). ( thus we needed pre pass to fill depth buffer )
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Bitcoin Matching Engine Exchange Limit Orders
"Building a Bitcoin Exchange" - placing limit orders with a text protocol. I am developing a c++ lightweight matching engine supporting Limit and Market orders for BTC Stock Exchange that can easily run on a 5v raspberry pi.
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ESP32 plus some electric stuff i had lying around turned into a Game Library and a Retro game ;) The sound is also working on the buzzer ;) This chip has WiFi built in, maybe i'll turn that into a multiplayer game some day ;) Ps. not the best in soldering, but i've made it :) Music by HoPiko
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Raspberry Pi RayTracer
Raspberry Pi RayTracer running on a single PI. No GL, direct framebuffer operations involved. This is a framework for the distributed PI raytracer project running on gridman. Get gridman here: http://gridman.net/
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GRIDMAN distributed md5 benchmark
this is gridman running distributed md5 benchmark on 1 to 7 raspberry pi nodes. 4 lowercase chars aaaa to zzzz
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Apple iOS IPAD Release #4 - Janek i Bałwanek
Bałwanek AppStore Game/Book Release Nowa produkcja na Appstore. © Pozytywna Bajka Pozytywne Bajki Stravaganza.pl MSX: Anselm Shah
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OpenGL Enviroment Engine
New postprocessing. WIP.
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Koloraki Update
Koloraki Update #2, Puzzle mode © Pozytywna Bajka Pozytywne Bajki Stravaganza.pl
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production tests on a wide area my (xynapse) enviro engine opengl/windows
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Raspberry PI supercomputer GRIDMAN
Couple of more, crunching md5
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Omni / Spot Light + Full Shadowing
Finally out of nowhere, all light models implemented.
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IOS Release - SFX Testing
This time i test my 8Bit SFX made with BFXR ( http://bfxr.net ) - they suit perfectly the chip style of the game. Looking for a musician to fill up the game with chiptune music ;) (c) stravaganza.pl
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PSP Genetix studio
As my PSP sat for a long time somewhere deep under the bed, i came up to an idea that i should finally start to code this awsm console. Video showing my physics enabled, genetically computed worms mutating to achieve the goal which in this case is the 'closest distance' to the wide box above. DNA consists of: - size X - size Y - size Z - mass (computed from sizeX,sizeY,sizeZ) - linearforceX - linearforceY - linearforceZ - brainresettimer (every X the linearforce is applied) BULLET physics implemented. Population varying from 5 to 20 in this vid. Code compiles for PC / PSP, so we can consider this as doubleplatform ;) PSPGL/GL - as simple as it is. Each box represents a single CHROMOSOME in population, when a CHROMOSOME is built the chances are as follows: 40% for a complete merge with the best chromosome 40% for a mutation from best chromosome 20% for a totally random new genre - sizex,sizey,sizez is applied - mass is calculated - brainresettimer is applied pseudocode for a simulation: while(CHROMOSOME[x].energy greater than 0) CHROMOSOME[x].energy-=5 CHROMOSOME[x].applylinearforce(X,Y,Z) Sleep(CHROMOSOME[x].brainresettimer) Fitness: the distance to the wide box when CHROMOSOME[x] energy reaches 0. So the best is the one with distance closer than the others. Yeah, just for fun :) Stay tuned for another rls. PBP can be downloaded at:
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ESP8266 NODEMCU WIDS - Wireless Intrusion Detection System
This is a start of a Wireless Intrusion Detection System made of tiny low voltage ESP8266 Sniffers forwarding 802.11 packets through 433mhz to a RaspberryPI for processing and analysis. NodeMCU Blinking - means packets are forwarded. Laptop screen showing a DEAUTH attack for WPA2 Handshake collecting process.
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Water shader test
Enviro phase IV Water shader / water deformation
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DJI Phantom 2 Nowy Sącz
DJI Phantom 2 (fantomajzer) Nowy Sącz 1033m
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BlackBox Algotrading Bitcoins Arbitrage Raspberry PI
BlackBox Algotrading Bitcoins Arbitrage This is my automated arbitrage tool for Bitcoin Markets, includes Execution system for live trading. Video presents 8hrs run with live trading on BitMarket, NevBit, BitStamp - Polish BTC Exchanges. C++ utility made especially for low voltage Raspberry PI's, using direct FrameBuffer rendering to ensure no X window systems are required.
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Apple iOS IPAD Release #2 - Anitka
https://itunes.apple.com/pl/artist/pozytywna-bajka/id564724393?uo=4 http://pozytywnabajka.pl Anitka iOS development shots. Finally out on iOS for review on 06.10.2012 Stravaganza.pl / PozytywnaBajka.pl MSX: Anselm Shah
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Multiplayer Shootout
UDP based multiplayer game - another proof of concept. The goal was to cover TCP authentication and UDP traffic for player / world updates. Client uses OpenGL and a simple MD3 reader. Server: Linux Clients: W32
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Opengl ENVIRO PHASE II - stage 3
New Ppro and a male character test.
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Views: 126 codemasterPL
btKinematicCharacterController, report.
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Networked Physics #2
A bit tuned up scheme. Due to the fact that Network server for this game was up and running on VPC - on the same machine as the client was developed - there was a small difference in physics advances per second, what caused a small desnychs every 10packets. Gree Wire Cube represents a maximum desynch allowed space - being a Server Position of playing client. A bit of tech: server running on a Slackware system
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Switchover to GLSL
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WIP Andromeda iOS 3D Puzzle Game
This is a WIP, a quick mashup of me developing the next svgz title for ios. Svgz3D Engine. Upcoming iOS title. (c)stravaganza.pl Recorded with iScreenRecorder
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Opengl Enviroment Phase III
Few seconds in virtual reality.
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Apple iOS IPAD IPHONE preRelease Testing
Testing the game, just before adding sfx/msx. © Stravaganza.pl
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Switching channels.
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Part of Parasomnia dev, utilising immerse xynapse engine, coded absolutely from scratch (again:). No shadowmapping yet, viewing a BSP converted to a Bullet convex for future physics implementation, normal mapping, lightmaps, multilight support and a postprocessing bloom effect. Development area.
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XYN Engine 3
My (xynapse) Windows Opengl vis/game Engine v3. Presentation
Views: 321 codemasterPL

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