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DeDe's 1 Year Cancer Free!
DeDe was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2014. She was treated with chemotherapy and radiation to exterminate the beast. Check out www.hopeispeace.com for more updates on DeDe's progress.
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DeDe's Breast Cancer Podcast Ep 2
DeDe the founder of Hope is Peace share's her breast cancer story and how she handles breast cancer. Remember to hear and see more visit www.hopeispeace.com Please subscribe and share! Take care
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Social Media and Your Perspective On Your Life
Do not let social media make you feel some type of way about your life. I promise you most people only show their best impressions on social media. Social media is not real life
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DeDe's Favorite Picks
How to affordably hang your flower pots? A simple inexpensive project on how to make a flower pot holder. Check it out so it can save you some money
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Happy 4th of July United States
I would like to wish everyone in the United States a Happy and Safe 4th of July weekend. Remember to protect our liberties and democracy because people have died for it.
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Take a Moment and Stop Negative Energy
With a the negative energy in the world take a moment a stop and turn off the tv and go share some positive energy.
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DeDe's Favorite Pick 3
I am not sponosored by Half Price Books. Half Price Books is an awesome place to buy and sell books,games, and etc. Half Price Books is one of my favorites places to go.
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Cheating and Technology Podcast
This podcast is to inform the public of how technology is currently being used by others to cheat on their mates. I want to inform people just because your mate doesn't break from their normal routine doesn't mean their loyal.
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Protect Your Moment
Stop what your doing and take a moment to inhale and exhale because stress is 90% mental so adjust your mind. Protect your moment no matter what.
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DeDe's Favorite Picks 1
If you do not have the money for a $100 FitBit, I sugguest looking into a GNC Live Well watch. I spent $7 to track my activities on my phone instead of the $100. I'm sharing this information to help other's with small budget.
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There Are Good People In the World
I share an inspirational story of having 19 cent to my name and a stranger helping me out with tires. My goal with this story is to show people yes we are surrounded by negativity but there are good people in the world and often times we must be the good person in the world we want to see.
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Welcome to H.O.P.E.
Introduction Video to www.hopeispeace.com
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Bars That Imprision
Ashley J. Cromwell poem about being careful what you ask for because it might become your own personal prision instead of freedom
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Skating Lesson by Ashley J Cromwell
In the cold rink air, I wonder if I dare--kiss him on the check or open his shirt and take a peek. Reaching down to pick up a button Bryan tells me to stop
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Introducing Ashley James Cromwell
Introducing Author Ashley James Cromwell a contributor to www.hopeispeace.com
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DeDe's Mother's Day Message
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A Lover's Hate final
Having you is all my heart accepts and knows. Yet, you wil me with our imdiference. Crush me with your silient blows. Poem by: Ashley J. Cromwell
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Who is DeDe?
DeDe is a positive energy person that teaches people, "How to live a happy life?" Are you living or just existing?
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DeDe's Favorite Things Pick 2
Here is another pick that will help you wear your jewelry. Go to the craft store and pick you up some.
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Memorial Day Video
Thank you to the soliders that has given their lives to protect the freedoms American's have. Enjoy life people died for us to have this moment.
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Handling Immediate Stress
What to do in the middle of stress, so you can respond better during stressful moments.
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Happy Living Welcome to Hope with DeDe
his video talks about How to keep living a happy life in the moment when you are not where you want to be. Join me (DeDe) with life hack tips that will make your life easier and will inspire you to fight for all your hope's and dreams and happiness. Subscribe I post videos on Saturdays
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Why Gardening? GMO's
Most food on American food shelves contain GMO which is why I am learning to garden. I would love to hear your indoor gardening tips. GMO is not real food it is a science project and we are the guinea pigs.
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National Earth Day 2016
#EarthDay Happy Earth Day
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