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TVA Coal Ash Disaster Dec 22 2008
TVA spills over 1 billion gallons of toxic coal waste into the Tennessee River - TVA says the spill is 5.3 million cubic yards - the worst man made environmental disaster since Chernobyl
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Flash Flooding in WV and KY May 9 2009
Heavy rain in the coalfields of Kentucky and West Virginia caused severe flash flooding, especially in communities below mountaintop removal coal strip mining" Varney, Pie Gilbert and Musick WV were especially hard hit. In Kentucky, Breathitt, Floyd and Pike Counties have been severely flooded. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in Breathitt County. Red Cross donations should be designated for flooding in KY and WV. Update: The Marcum Cemetary has been repaired and reseeded. The gas company did a good job and acted responsibly.
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How to Pull a Stump
Old Kentucky farmers trick. Placing a wheel underneath the chain pulls the stump upward and out of the ground more easily than just a straight chain connected to trailer hitch. Works better if the ground is saturated first with a garden hose. Use a logging chain or heavy duty chain, this can be dangerous.
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The Martin County Coal Slurry Spill
Massey Energy spills 300 million gallons of coal slurry into two mountain streams in Martin County Kentucky - Oct 2000 - the spill was 30 times greater than the Exxon Valdez spill
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The Cost of Coal - mountaintop removal in West Virginia
WATE TV on mountaintop removal, featuring retired miner Chuck Nelson and Chris Hamilton, West Virginia coal association
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NBC News 12/26/08: Tennessee TVA Coal Ash Disaster
NBC News coverage of TVA coal ash disaster in Harriman TN
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CBS News 12/24/08 TVA Coal Ash Disaster
Aired Dec 24 2008 - TVA Tennessee Coal Ash Disaster near Harriman
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Mountaintop Removal pt. 1 of 2
Part one - The hidden destruction of Appalachian mountains by coal mining companies using mountaintop removal
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CBS News 12/25/08: Tennessee Coal Sludge Disaster
TVA's Kingston Power Plant dumps over 350 million gallons of coal ash into tributaries of the Tennessee River
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CBS News 12-30-08 - TVA Coal Ash Disaster in TN
TVA's flood of coal ash sludge near Kingston TN
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Mountaintop Removal part 2 of 2
Part two - The hidden destruction of the Appalachian Mountains by coal mining companies using mountaintop removal.
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NBC News 12/26/08: Tennessee TVA Coal Ash Disaster
MSNBC coverage of TVA toxic sludge spill in Harriman TN
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Daryl Hannah, James Hansen and Ken Hechler arrested at West Virginia protest June 23, 2009
West Virginians concerned about mountaintop removal coal mining and an immense toxic coal sludge dam above a local elementary school confront angry coal miners employed by out-of-state Massey Energy of Richmond, Virginia. 30 citizens were arrested for peaceful protest against the coal mine, including actress Daryl Hannah, NASA Climatologist James Hanson and former West Virginia Congressman Ken Hechler.
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The Whippoorwill Festival - Skills for Earth-Friendly Living
Mid June near Berea, Kentucky at HomeGrown HideAways. Low cost, family-friendly, all-volunteer. Over 50 workshops taught by experienced instructors - Deep ecology, mushroom innoculation, making mead and kim che, making sandals from car tires, hobo and rocket stoves, hide tanning, backyard chickens, growing fruit trees, dumpstering, foraging in the woods, primitive skills, and more. Evening speakers and real Appalachian mountain music. Free tent camping and meals by donation. http://homegrownhideaways.org/Whippoorwill.aspx
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Strip Mine Reforestation - Pike County Kentucky
Volunteers planting native hardwood trees on a former mountaintop removal strip mine site with Green Forests Work and the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Iniative. The mountaintop was removed by coal companies about 10 or 20 years ago, but the land was not reforested properly - only grass, weeds and a few trees grew here. Volunteers are from the University of Kentucky, Alice Lloyd College and Berea College.
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Black Water - Huge Coal spills in Appalachia
Massey Energy has been fined $20 million for hundreds of violations of the Clean Water Act for after spilling coal waste into mountain streams in Kentucky and West Virginia. In Dec 2008, TVA (the Tennessee Valley Authority) coal ash storage mountain at the Kingston Power Plant failed and approximately 1 billion gallons of coal waste went into the Clinch and Emory Rivers, which provide drinking water for Chattanooga and several cities in Alabama.
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Senator apologizes for Tennessee sludge spill
NBC coverage of TVA sludge spill hearings
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Coal Trucks Gone Wild
Coal trucks in Appalachia - the legal weight limit in KY and WV is 120,000 lbs. on designated state coal haul roads - however the legal weight limit for federal interstate highways is only 85,000 lbs. Coal truckers work very long hours - some even work 14 hours per day. Drivers are fatigued but they are paid by the ton, so there is an incentive to haul very heavy loads. The excess weight makes them top-heavy and slow. They also have increased stopping distance, and they are hard to control. I have seen coal trucks on US 119 between Williamson KY and Pikeville going up a grade as slow as 10 mph where the speed limit is 55. This can cause rear-end collisions. These factors, including unsafe behavior by cars around the trucks has caused many tragic deaths and serious injuries in KY, WV, PA etc. In the video, family members hold pictures of loved ones killed by coal trucks. Coal trucks are designed by the manufacturer to run at a maximum of 135,000 lbs. When overloaded, components fail and sometimes the wheels even fall off. There have been many accidents due to brake failures on steep mine roads. Everyone should be careful when driving around coal trucks. For more information, see the 30-min. Appalshop documentary film "Coal Bucket Outlaw."
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Michelle Malkin Chokes on PBS NewsHour
PBS Broadcast date Aug 30 2002. Right wing commentator Michelle Malkin chokes during a live PBS NewsHour segment as she defends Bush's upcoming invasion of Iraq. Malkin seems to briefly lose her train of thought - first groping for words and then finally panicking, before she is at last humanely rescued by moderator Terrance Smith and co-panelist, Thomas Oliphant of the Boston Globe. Check Oliphant's sly grin when Malkin finally gets her wind back.
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How to Make a Park Bench from Pallets
How to make park benches from pallets Step by step directions to make benches and some thoughts about pallets. Tools needed: 3 lb mallet Steel Mallet Wonder Bar Claw Hammer Ratchet Wrench with 1/4 deep socket Reciprocating Saw (battery powered is best) Saw Blades for Nail Embedded Wood (8-12 TPI) Drywall hangers square Carpenter's Square Combination Square Metal Protractor to draw 15 angle Cats Paw for removing nails 3/8" Variable speed reversible drill 1/4" drill bit Combination File (rasp and file) - Wal Mart has them Sharpie Thick or Safety Gloves Safety Glasses Earplugs Exterior Primer Paint Exterior Paint - mix different colors to make your own new colors Paint Brushes Drop Cloth or tarp Ale 8 One (Kentucky soda pop) Materials: 8 of each: 3 1/2" long carriage bolts, 1/4 in diameter 1/4-20 nut 1/4 flatwasher *** Comments disabled due to constant spam from a company called Wood Pricks ****
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Mountaintop Removal in Kentucky
The Destruction of the Appalachian Mountains due to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
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Cop Hits & Kills Pedestrian - Kentucky
STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) Jan 16, 2015 Rick Spoonamore never thought the phone conversation he had Thursday night would be the last time he would talk to the man that he says was like a father to him. “He called me last night about 9:21…said he was going to a friend’s house across the road. And then I heard about the accident,” said Spoonamore. Howard “Robert” Robbins, 69, never made it across that road. About ten minutes later as Stanford officer Travis Richardson was on his way in to start his night shift, the veteran cop’s cruiser collided with Robbins. “I seen his hat laying upside down in the road. I knew it was him. Just broke my heart. He was so good of a friend of mine,” said Spoonamore. Officials say at this point they believe this was nothing more than an accident. Officer Richardson was with the Stanford force for four years. He’s been a veteran officer for eleven years. State police, who are investigating, say Richardson called for help immediately and even tried to help Robbins himself with first aid, but Robbins died later at the Stanford hospital. Neighbors say Robbins’ hearing and eyesight was affected by a recent stroke. “And that changed him,” said neighbor Tammy Lamb. “We came to really like him. He would come up here and have coffee,” she said. But Spoonamore says what he’ll miss the most was the mentoring and life lessons his friend left with him. “He was a real believer in God. He would tell you things, what to do, not to do. Teach you the right things, you know. I’m going to miss that,” he said. Funeral services for Robbins have been set for 1 o’clock Wednesday at McKnight Funeral Home in Crab Orchard. Visitation will take place at 5pm Tuesday. You can read the full obituary here: Stanford police say Richardson has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.
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Great Mountaintop Removal cartoon
"Turn It Up Day" - Gorilla in the Greenhouse
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NBC News 12/27/08: Tennessee sludge gives coal a black eye
Aired 12/27/08 - Coverage of TVA Coal Ash spill in Kingston TN
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McDonald's Happy Meal Heroin
A McDonalds employee in Pittsburgh has been charged with selling heroin to customers who used a secret code word along with a Happy Meal order - video from CNN Jan 30 2014
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Kenny Lamberti - Best Friends Animal Society
Kenny Lamberti speaking at the Making a Difference Now conference in Lexington, Kentucky September 22, 2018. "A Holistic Recipe for Humane Communities"
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TVA Coal Ash Disaster - PBS Newshour Feb 2 2009
Newshour coverage of TVA coal ash disaster in Kingston TN
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Walker Cat says "Yes, Coal"
Walker CAT, also known as Walker Machinery is based in West Virginia, and is a leading supplier of heavy equipment to the coal industry for mountaintop removal mining, which blasts upt o 1000 feet off densely forested Appalachian Mountains and dumps the mining debris into formerly pristine headwater mountain streams. Walker CAT also serves as the coal industry's propaganda arm, buying billboards throughout West Virginia reading "Clean, Carbon Neutral Coal" and "Clean Water, Clean Coal" featuring professional bass fisherman Jeremy Starks.
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Mountain Justice
Mountain Justice - a new citizens group fighting mountaintop removal coal mining in Applaachia.
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Wall St. Causes High Gas Prices - ABC News Feb 23 2012.mp4
Wall Street speculators are causing high gas prices - ABC World News Tonight Feb 23 2012
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Reclamation - Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
A former mountaintop removal coal mine site in eastern Kentucky - reclaimed with grass and lespedeza and a few trees.
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Ghost Bike Dedication - Rick Kerr
Cyclist and Broke Spoke volunteer Thomas "Rick" Kerr was struck by a vehicle and killed while riding his bicycle on Russell Cave Rd. in Lexington KY on Thursday, August 30, 2012. The crash is under investigation. Friends and family gathered on Sept 4 to dedicate a "Ghost Bike" in memory of Rick. The Broke Spoke is accepting donations to help pay for funeral expenses - they are located on Sixth Street in Lexington, and are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9, and on Sunday from 1-5.
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Stop I75 Connector - Kentucky
www.stopI75connector.com - Kentuckians are opposed to construction of a connector road from Nicholasville to Richmond in Central Kentucky that would destroy Marble Creek, a tributary to the Kentucky River even more beautiful, serene and remote than Raven Run. The film was shot in late August 2012 in a drought so the creek is pretty dry - but we say at least three large waterfalls that cascade down through the Kentucky River Palisades into Marble Creek. This is a really beautiful and special place in Kentucky! Please go to our website and sign the petition and stop this unnecessary road project - Thanks!
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Mountain Justice (punk version)
Mountain Justice is a new citizens group fighting mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia
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