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The Heart of a Firefighter
The men and women involved in Fire and Aviation Management well represent the pride exemplified by all Forest Service and other employees in "caring for the land and serving people." The video portrays the brave wildland firefighters of all federal, state and local agencies serving to protect millions of acres of our forests, our communities, and our natural resources. For more information, please go to: http://www.fs.fed.us/fire/people/employment/index.html #WildFire #Fire #ForestFire #FireFighter #ForestService #FireJobs
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Mann Gulch:  The Wrath of Nature
2000. August 5th, 1949. It's a broiling hot day across Montana. The thermometer in Helena reads 97 degrees. But it's even hotter in Mann Gulch - a funnel-shaped canyon that adjoins the Missouri River 20 miles north of Helena. In the afternoon, a fire is reported on the south ridge of Mann Gulch and 16 smokejumpers take off from Missoula and fly 120 miles east to the jump site. One smokejumper becomes ill on the bumpy flight and remains on the plane. The remaining 15 jumpers hook onto the jump line and hurl themselves into the wrath of nature. That day, 13 young men would lose a desperate race with an unpredictable fire. This program describes the events of that fateful day over 50 years ago.
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Climbing Mt. Hood - Key Points to Know Before the Climb
This video gives some great tips and advice for anybody interesting attempting to climb Mt. Hood. Learn about some of the most critical things you need to know to stay safe and have an enjoyable time climbing and where you can go to get more information. Check out Mt. Hood National Forest's website for more information: www.fs.usda.gov/mthood.
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Recreational Shooting: Shooting Safe on your Forest
Law Enforcement Officer, Jeff McIntosh, reviews recreational shooting regulations describing how to shoot safely when on a National Forest. Steve Pickard, Co-Owner of Washington Guns describes other safe practices and shooting etiquette.
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Tips for Applying for Jobs with the US Forest Service
Forest Service Employees share tips on applying for jobs with the US Forest Service. https://www.usajobs.gov/
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Climbing Mount St. Helens
Basic information and safety messages about climbing Mount St. Helens.
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Visit Your Pacific Northwest National Forest
Features scenes from eight National Forests in the Pacific Northwest which contains 17 National Forests, a National Scenic Area, a National Grassland, and two National Volcanic Monuments, all within the States of Oregon and Washington. Learn more about the locations shown in this video at http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r6/about-region/?cid=stelprdb5372231
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Chips the Baby Bobcat
During the Chips forest fire on the Plumas National Forest, a baby bobcat was orphaned. While the Forest Service restored the forest, the bobcat then known as Chips, recovered at a wild animal rehabilitation facility. Recently, Chips was returned to the wild.
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US Forest Service National Rappel Training
Wildland Firefighters on Rappel capable crews, come from all over the nation each spring to train at the National Rappel Program’s Rappel Academy at Salmon AirBase, in Salmon, Idaho. Wildland fire aircraft play a critical role in supporting firefighters on wildland fires. Helicopters also deliver aerial crews called Rappellers to wildland fires. These are specially trained firefighters that rappel from helicopters in order to effectively and quickly respond to fires in remote terrain. Rappellers may land near a wildfire but if there is no landing zone close by they can utilize their skills to rappel from the hoovering helicopter. Once on the ground, crews fight the fires using hand tools, chainsaws, and other firefighting tools. Filmed and edited by Charity Parks.
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A Day in My Boots - Law Enforcement
This is an introductory video about US Forest Service law enforcement on the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The video showcases who they are, what they do and why.
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Accessible Adventures: Mt. St. Helens South Side Attractions
Accessible Adventures: Mt. St. Helens South Side Attractions featuring the National Volcanic Monument
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Living off the Land
In this segment of Shades of Green, discover how the people who live among the Tongass NF in southeastern Alaska live with and off of the land, the natural resources and each other in this compelling video.
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A Force of Nature -- Hebgen Lake Earthquake
2001. On August 17, 1959, one of nature's most powerful forces was unleashed in the Madison Canyon, just outside the border of Yellowstone National Park. The canyon was packed with people, cars, tents, and trailers. At just before midnight a massive earthquake shook the canyon and in a few seconds, changed the land and the people forever. The Madison River Canyon Earthquake area provides a vivid reminder of how the landscape and the people were suddenly changed on that August night. This video tells the story of the Hebgen Lake Earthquake.
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Fishlake National Forest Pando Clone
The Pando Clone is an aspen stand encompassing approximately 106 acres on the Fishlake National Forest. This clone (based on DNA testing) is thought to be the largest organism in the world. The Pando clone is declining and Forest managers and scientists are working together to study why and formulate solutions to reverse the decline.
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Accessible Adventures: Mt. St. Helens West Side Attraction
Accessible Adventures: Mt. St. Helens West Side Attraction
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Eruption and Spirit Lake
at Mount St. Helens
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Wildland Fire Recruiting Video
Interested in being a wildland firefighter? Apply at www.usajobs.gov Get a job fighting fires on an engine, hellitack crew, handcrew, hotshotcrew, fire module and smokejumping.
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Shades of Green: Healthy Fish & Wildlife Habitat
In this second installment on the Tongass NF, listen as the people who manage, conserve, and monitor the wildlife and aquatic habitats of this great place.
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Clearwater Log Drives
1985. This program gives an entertaining description of early log drives and the last drive on the Clearwater River in Idaho.
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Watering Mature Trees
Trees provide many benefits like shade, clean air & increased property values. Learn how to care for your mature tree to keep it alive during the drought. Also visit http://saveourwater.com/trees. Learn about your specific tree’s needs at https://selectree.calpoly.edu/. To learn about planting trees in your California community, visit http://californiareleaf.org/ TIP: Deeply and slowly water mature trees 1-2 times per month with a simple soaker hose or drip system toward the edge of the tree canopy – NOT at the base of the tree. Use a Hose Faucet Timer (found at hardware stores) to prevent overwatering. And add 4 – 6 inches of mulch to save water! To learn about how water young trees, check out: https://youtu.be/P_kQZriJ38U
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Hotshot shares story of toughness and resilience
CC Ma is a medical student applying for residency and credits her unique experience as a crew member of the Sawtooth National Forest Hot Shots for teaching her toughness and resiliency. The relationships she established with crew members gave her the needed attitude to thrive and succeed when things don't go as planned. Find out more about becoming a wildland firefighter at www.fs.fed.us/fire. How to apply www.fs.fed.us/FSjobs
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Your Best Waters
Benefits of National Forests and your waters. Learn how the USDA Forest Service manages habitat for 220,000 miles of America’s fishable streams and rivers, along with 10 million acres of fishable lakes and reservoirs. USDA Forest Service Fisheries Program: https://www.fs.fed.us/naturalresources/fisheries/about.shtml USDA Forest Service Rise to the Future: National Fish & Aquatic Strategy: https://www.fs.fed.us/naturalresources/fisheries/resources/risetothefuturestrategynov2017.pdf
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Smoky Outside? Health Tips for Dealing with Wildfire Smoke
This video provides tips and suggestions for dealing with smoke from nearby wildfires.
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Working with environmental DNA (eDNA)
Meet landscape ecologist Kellie Carim. Kellie is the eDNA Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Research Station's National Genomic Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation. In this video, Kellie demonstrates how it works and why this revolutionary process is a significant breakthrough in the monitoring of animal and fish species.
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Scenic Drives on the White Mountain National Forest
Resource Assistant Jen Young shares information about popular scenic drives and driving safety on the White Mountain National Forest.
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Spark the Adventure: Women in Wildland Fire
Take the initiative! Women in Wildland Fire show they have what it takes. From the lightning strike to putting out the flames, these women explain what it is like to be a wildland firefighter. Are you interested in being a wildland firefighter? Apply at https://www.usajobs.gov/
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Old Woodsy Owl
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Fighting Wildland Fire for the Next Generation
Born and raised in southern Mississippi, Johnny Walker never thought he’d be fighting fire, hiking mountains and helping with people. Johnny considers the firefighting community as a family because it has shaped and molded him into who he is today. Johnny thinks about his new child and how his job helps him provide for her while also doing something positive for her generation. Find out more about becoming a wildland firefighter at https://www.fs.fed.us/firejobs and for other FS jobs, www.fs.fed.us/fsjobs and career events, www.fs.fed.us/fsjobs-events.
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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
Explore theOregon Dunes National Recreation Area, its natural wonders, and the work being done by the Forest Service at this very special place. An invitation to visit the Siuslaw National Forest on the Oregon Coast.
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Silver Glen Archaeological Site, National Forests in Florida
Silver Glen Springs is one of the most popular recreation sites on the Ocala National Forest. In addition, it's one of the most significant archaeological sites found on the National Forests in Florida. This video describes excavation techniques, artifacts found and the cultural heritage of the site.
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We are the Forest Service
U.S. Forest Service employees share their jobs, responsibilities, and impact.
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Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail and Overlook on the Manti-La Sal National Forest in Utah
A short trail on the Manti-La Sal National Forest in leads to a spectacular view into Bull Canyon, 1000 feet below, and to several sets of dinosaur tracks. Please be careful where you walk and sit, and leave objects where you find them. These are irreplaceable resources that provide clues to our biological and cultural heritage It is illegal to damage sites, cast fossils and tracks or remove artifacts. Filmed and edited by Charity Parks.
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Fire Behavior and Ecological Restoration
As part of its fire research, the Forest Service captures video footage of actual wildfires in progress. By employing specially designed heat resistant camera boxes, the agency has been able to document surprising fire behavior.
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Campgrounds in the Trinity Mountain area
The Trinity Mountain Recreation Area, at over 8,000 feet, is one of the highest elevation sites within the Boise National Forest. The recreation area features Elks Flat Campground, Big Trinity Lake Campground, the Rainbow Basin Trail, Roaring River Lake Campground, Big Roaring River Lake Campground and Trinity Mountain Lookout. The Trinity Mountain area does not open until July 15th due to typical slow snow melting and roads being blocked with large snowdrifts. It is a beautiful area to visit. There are many lakes to enjoy in a peaceful setting, good fishing opportunities and several nearby trails to explore and enjoy.
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Law Enforcement Recruitment for the Forest Service
Are you looking for a challenging career in land management law enforcement? Consider the Forest Service.
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National Engine Academy for Wildland Firefighters
The National Engine Academies are held in different geographical locations, they help to develop skills of wildland firefighters. The academy's focus is on safety with emphasis in driving emergency vehicles, maintenance, and pumping.
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The Green Fire Film Project
The Aldo Leopold Foundation is working with US Forest Service filmmakers Steve Dunsky, Ann Dunsky and Dave Steinke to produce the hour-long Green Fire: The Life and Legacy of Aldo Leopold. Leopold biographer and conservation biologist Dr. Curt Meine will serve as the film's on-screen guide. Green Fire describes the formation of Leopold's idea, exploring how it changed one man and later permeated through all arenas of conservation. The film draws on Leopold's life and experiences to provide context and validity, then explores the deep impact of his thinking on conservation projects around the world today. The high-definition film will utilize photographs, correspondence, manuscripts and other archival documents from the voluminous Aldo Leopold Archives as well as historical film and contemporary full-color footage on location, including landscapes that influenced Leopold and that he in turn influenced.
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Working on the Tongass
From the perspective of supervisors to technicians and specialists, these hard-working Forest Service employees give you their side of working on the largest forest in the national forest system. From district rangers and geologists, to recreation managers and wilderness kayak rangers, you see a perspective of the Tongass from a different point of view. *Some of these employees have since moved on to other positions within the Forest Service since this was produced in 2006 and 2007.
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Hoosier National Forest - Indiana's National Treasure
The Hoosier National Forest provides over 203,000 acres (260 miles of trails and 4 campgrounds) and is the only National Forest in Indiana. Home to the Charles C. Deam Wilderness area (Indiana’s only Congressionally designated area), Brooks Cabin, Hickory Ridge, Fire Tower, Sundance Lake, Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest, Westley Chapel Gulf, Buffalo, Trace, Hemlock Cliffs, The Lick Creek African American Settlement, Rickenbaugh House, and Buzzard Roost. www.fs.usda.gov/hoosier
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Watering Young Trees
Trees provide many benefits like shade, clean air & increased property values.Learn how to care for your young tree to keep it alive during the drought. Also visit http://saveourwater.com/trees. Learn about your specific tree’s needs at https://selectree.calpoly.edu/. To learn about planting trees in your California community, visit http://californiareleaf.org/ TIP: Young trees need 5 gallons of water 2-4 times per week. Create a small watering basin with a berm of dirt and use a 5 gallon bucket as a big measuring cup. And add 4 – 6 inches of mulch to save water! To learn about how water mature trees, check out: https://youtu.be/lrirPBMTYi0
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Accessible Adventures: Heather Meadows in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Accessible Adventures in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest highlighting the North Cascades Scenic Byway route to Heather Meadows.
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Forest Service Youth Conservation Corps 2018
Learn about the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) which is a summer youth employment program that engages young people, ages 15 to 18, in meaningful work experiences on our national forests and grasslands. Youth are engaged in fun, exciting work projects designed to develop an ethic of environmental stewardship and civic responsibility.
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O Christmas Tree:  Tips for Successful Christmas Tree Hunting
This video gives some great tips on how to get your permit for, pick out, cut down, and transport your Christmas tree from your Mt. Hood National Forest. Get ready to participate in this time honored activity whether it's a new family tradition you're wanting to start or an annual event.
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Taking Flight in the Forest Service
As a lead and one of the few Forest Service female pilots, Mary Verry explains how everyone in aviation is in support of something bigger than themselves. She shares on advice on becoming part of a dynamic profession. Find out more about becoming a wildland firefighter at www.fs.fed.us/fire. How to apply www.fs.fed.us/FSjobs
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Good Fire: Prescribed Burning
Prescribed burning is one of the most important tools the Forest Service uses to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk. This video describes how fire managers conduct prescribed burns safely to minimize impacts, improve forest conditions, and reduce the threat of future wildfires.
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Be Bear Aware in Florida
This bear awareness video is designed to inform visitors on what they should do if they encounter a black bear in one of the National Forests in Florida. This video also covers the Supervisor's Food Storage Order.
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Great Western ATV Trail on the Fishlake National Forest in Utah
The Great Western Trail is a trail system that extends from Canada to Mexico. This video highlights a small section of the Great Western Trail starting at Riley Springs Trailhead, which is just above the town of Fremont, Utah. The Trail passes by the Elkhorn campground, then it travels onto the East end of Thousand Lake Mountain. The trail provides views of Capital Reef National Park, Cathedral Valley, and the Henry Mountains. The trail continues off the South side of Thousand Lake Mountain, descending into the town of Torrey, and ends up at the Bicknell Bottoms trailhead. This section of trail is open to vehicles 50 inches or less in width, so ATVs and some smaller side-by-sides can be on the trail. Pick up a free travel map at any Ranger District office on the Fishlake National Forest. For this section of trail, you should plan for about a full day, including the shuttle and the ride. Video by Charity Parks.
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Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests Overview
Footage (still and video) of various recreation activities available on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland with English narration. (Grassland with English narration. (All the footage is from the Canyon Lakes Ranger District.)
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Find Your Place in Desolation Wilderness
This short video will guide you through the trip planning, permitting and campsite selection process for the Desolation Wilderness in northern California.
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Chaparral Restoration
Although chaparral covers large areas of California, these ecosystems are frequently overlooked. Research into the benefits of and the problems facing these areas is being conducted by the Forest Service as part of its ecological restoration work.
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