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Why I appreciate a pile of 10 dollar bills
-~- I appreciate it because of Hamilton. There. sry no audio i’m lazy at edits Program/s I used: KineMaster ~Allie
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Cat Fam boii :D
Cast: White and Gray cat: Papa cat (he’s new here so let’s call him Gar) White and Black cat: Mama cat (Mimi) Gray cat: Kid (Buttons)
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My new oc
AaaAaA ~Allie
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fAcE ReVEal
u got click baited reeeeeererrrrreeeeeeee Program/s I used: KineMaster ~Allie
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i have bad news ;~;
That’s it everyone, Pringles is dead.. ~Allie
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some guy blocked the video i hate him now Program/s I used: KineMaster ~Allie
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this is just crap
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Intro ewe
Yayeet So..about my oc. In my introduction video, it was different with my oc (right now). I changed it because I didn’t really like the color. And you may have noticed that I deleted some of my videos. Uhm..my iPad was really laggy for some reason / they’re really cringey and look like some sh*t post. Program/s I used: KineMaster Song: Your text - Sundial ~Allie
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Introduction video ((kinda cringe))
:/ Idk wut 2 say sooo baii Program/s I used: KineMaster Song: Tropical Islands ~Allie
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mah cat is preggy
der is a holy child in da momma cat belly qwq Program/s I used: KineMaster iMovie ~Allie
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