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Logistics considerations are an important part of the preparedness program to ensure that resources will be available when and where they are needed. Compile an inventory of internal and external resources to identify their location, the operating procedures and the persons who can operate these systems. Also, note the estimated delivery or response time of external resources. A person should be assigned responsibility for logistics and to manage resources to support the preparedness program. They should work with the emergency response and business continuity teams who can identify resource needs. Logistics procedures should define procurement requirements including the names of employees who have the authority to issue purchase orders and contract for services. Procedures should also be established to expedite obtaining resources during an emergency. Open purchase orders with potential contractors and vendors will expedite the procurement process. How Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry turned anniversaries into money. With an under-performing e-commerce platform, Kerstpakketten, which specializes in Christmas pack. How a MailChimp landing page helped Lauren Hom bring awareness to her livestream series and drive. Marketing Automation Essentials. How a Lifestyle Brand Makes Lasting Connections with Welcome Emails. Ban.do sends a series of welcome automation emails to make sure new customers feel right at home. How Ann and Sid Mashburn found open rate success through segmentation. How Triple Z Threadz and Limbo Jewelry turned anniversaries into money. Resources for Partners. Giving the Gift of Data.