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Dynamics of Wave-Generated Sand Ripples
A brief look at ripple development and adjustment. Credits: Abby Koss, Justin Kao, and Taylor Perron, with assistance from Kim Huppert, Andy Wickert, and Paul Myrow.
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sand ripples
staugstine beach
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Wind Creates Ripples In Sand Dune
NatureFootage offers HD to UltraHD 4K and 8K video stock footage including NF_Concept_Demo, Sand Dune. https://www.naturefootage.com/video-clips/BG88_030/wind-creates-ripples-in-sand-dune Wind Creates Ripples In Sand Dune
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Dynamics of Wave Ripples
Time-lapse of sand ripples in a laboratory wave tank
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Relax - Stream creating ripples and removing sand from the beach
The whole is the sum of the parts. Explore nature to relax. Do more. Explore more. Explore the big. Explore the small... just explore. Watch the video. Like the video. Share the video. Subscribe the channel. ... just explore. :-) Ribeiro criando ondulações e retirando areia da praia O todo resulta da soma das partes. Explora a natureza para relaxar. Faz mais. Explora mais. Explora o grande. Explora o pequeno ... apenas explora. Vê o video. Gosta do video. Partilha o video. Subscreve o canal...apenas explora. :-)
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Patterns of ripples in the sand, at Bastendorff Beach, OR
From a stream flowing into the ocean at Bastendorff Beach, OR -- mesmerizing dunes and ripples repeatedly forming and disappearing.
Sand Ripple Simulation
Sand dunes forming on a uniform plane - Casper Dudarec. Based on Zhang: "Surface Waves in Aeolian Bedforms" Forms a loop so put this on repeat...
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Urchin says: This is for the sedimentology geologists! This was taken on a beach in Oregon. Antidunes were forming in a small stream. When wavesinterfered with the stream flow, stream energy decreased and the antidunes disappeared. For those of you who are not sedimentary geologists (people who study the science of sand, gravel, lime mud etc. transport, deposition, and rock formation), antidunes form when the stream water flows at a very high velocity -- very fast -- and the stream erodes the sand in front of the small dune or ripple beneath the water surface and "eddies" some of the sand back upstream. This constant erosion in front of the dune and eddying of some of the sand back upstream forms a dune that moves backwards, or upstream against the flow of the water, rather than downstream, like normal ripples or dunes. Often, in shallow streams like this one, the surface of the water over the antidune is seen to ripple or swell over the antidune, and those water ripples move upstream with the antidunes. When the waves moved onto the beach and the ocean water ran up the stream, the downstream flow of the small stream slowed when the wave water and stream water met; the stream flow velocity decreased (became slower) and was too slow to form antidunes. When the wave receded off of the beach, the stream was no longer being interfered by wave action, and the stream flowed fast enough to form antidunes again. Watch two cycles of antidune formation - wave interference with flow in this video.
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Relaxation video of waves on sand ripples
A loopable beautiful relaxation video of patterns of the waves spilling over the sand ripples. I liked the imagery. There is the calming sound of the waves and the lovely happy sound of children playing very faintly in the background. It was a beautiful sunny clear blue sky day in October 2015 on Putsborough Beach, Woolacombe Bay, North Devon, England, UK. I didn't have my normal high standard of video equipment with me but luckily I got a mobile phone with a high quality camera set, a Lumia 930 and it worked quite well. It has been edited on Sony Vegas platinum. Filmed by Steve Shelton.
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Sand Ripples
Sand ripple migration, shown at various speeds. The ripples are generally climbing and processes such as avalanching, scour pit formation and merging of bedforms can be seen. See: http://csdms.colorado.edu/wiki/Movie:Sand_Ripples
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sand movements on ripples
Underwater shots of sand moving beneath surface waves.
Sinuous Current Ripples
Video recorded in modern beach environment. Current ripples are produced by unidirectional currents so they are asymmetric with steep lee-side and gentle stoss-side. Video made by Helena, Luiz and Ciro Geology Students
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Sand over ripples
Grains of sand dance over ripples in at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Narrated by Alan of ProgressNowAction.org
sand ripple dynamics caused by waves
formation of sandwaves by waves. The model contains: topography, grain size distribution, grain volume, compaction and acoustic impedance. Unpublished mathematical model, 2005, Dr. Peter Staelens (Brugge, Belgium) www: www.dotocean.eu contact: [email protected]
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Modern sedimentation and features within sand dunes
Features including burrows, large clasts, rootlets, fossils and wave ripples. As recorded at Fresh Water West, Pembrokshire, South-West Wales.
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3 - Unidirectional bedforms
Bedforms formed in unidirectional water flow. Characteristics and processes of ripples, dunes, upper plane bed, antidunes.
Views: 14007 Matthew E. Clapham
Singing Sand
Aeolian ripples and singing sand on a Nova Scotia beach.
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Den Haag sand-ripples moving time-lapse 1
Location: Den Haag (NL) Date: August 2016 Camera: Panasonic Lumix TS4 Interval: 6 mins Duration: 40 mins
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How ripples form in sedentary rocks
This shows what conditions create ripples in sand and what that can tell us about where these rocks form.
Views: 607 Matt Gelder
Beach Sand Migration
The south wind was rearranging the beach this morning. Building dunes one grain at a time ... X a million!
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Ripples in the sand..
It's completely mesmerising to see how the water plays with the sand...
Views: 86 Nuala Moore
Hahei Beach river sand ripples
New Video
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100th NJP VIDEO ABSTRACT - A two-species continuum model for aeolian sand transport
CONGRATULATIONS - THIS IS THE 100TH NJP VIDEO ABSTRACT! Please see our special 'Editor's Picks' playlist for our favourite video abstracts so far. Video abstract for the article 'A two-species continuum model for aeolian sand transport' by M Lämmel, D Rings and K Kroy (M Lämmel et al 2012 New J. Phys. 14 093037). Read the full article in New Journal of Physics at http://iopscience.iop.org/1367-2630/14/9/093037/article. GENERAL SCIENTIFIC SUMMARY Introduction and background. On a windy day at the beach, one can observe wind-blown clouds of sand grains meandering over the ground (see the animation below). A closer look reveals that the grains perform jumps of different height and length—a process called 'saltation'. Faster grains ricochet from the sand bed and eject other grains, while slower grains often get trapped in this bed after impact. This complex process is conveniently coarse-grained by dividing the whole ensemble of trajectories into two representative classes or 'species', so-called saltating and reptating grains. Main results. Our two-species approach allows for a very efficient analytical and numerical analysis of this ubiquitous phenomenon, which is to date still not completely understood. Linking the grain scale physics to the hydrodynamic transport properties, we were able to gain comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights. We obtain a physically intuitive and quantitatively accurate model leading to a computationally simple flux law, which is in excellent agreement with wind tunnel measurements. Wider implications. Our model provides an appropriate starting point for numerous analytical and numerical investigations and applications ranging from structure formation at different scales, like sand ripples and dunes, to saltation-induced dust emission. These are important factors when addressing the problem of desertification or the influence of dust on the Earth's climate.
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Learn How To Create a Sand Dune The Easy Way
Learn How To Create a Sand Dune The Easy Way. I will show you step by step on how to create realistic looking Sand Dune with Oil Paints.
Views: 32778 thejoyofpainting
Sediment transport over ripple beds on oscillatory flow
Experiments by using the WCS facility at National University of Singapore(2015)
Views: 1407 Sediman Li
video 4 beach morphology & features
how beach morphology changes by constructive and destructive waves, tides, storms and seasons beach profile and features berm, storm beach, ridges, runnels, ripple marked sand, beach cusps, winter profile, summer profile
sand ripple dynamics in a uniform current
formation of sandwaves in a current. The model contains: topography, grain size distribution, grain volume, compaction and acoustic impedance. Unpublished mathematical model, 2005, Dr. Peter Staelens (Brugge, Belgium) www: www.dotocean.eu contact: [email protected]
Views: 6498 peterstaelens
HiClip mini 4K: Dunes and Ripples in the Nilosyrtis Region
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona (Acquired: Feb 2017, approximately 297 kilometers above the surface. Enhanced color is less than 1 km across. https://www.uahirise.org/ESP_049436_2175)
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How to Paint Sea Beach in Acrylic Time Lapse
To follow the real time paint along version of this class you can visit our website: http://onlineartlessons.com/how-to-paint-the-sea-in-acrylic/ If you enjoyed the video please like it and leave me a comment below. Also please subscribe to our channel for more tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClj4D-cdtNVn-DGhm9NKhdw?sub_confirmation=1 You can also find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artlesson and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freeartlessons/ as well as Pinterest https://pinterest.com/onlineartlesson/ Check out our Acrylic Painting Lessons Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6SUf-GOJg6-qGq1zD-ZtnN-PZk-ULgPE art, art classes, art lessons, online art lessons, online art classes, how to, how to paint, how to paint in acrylic, acrylic painting, acrylic painting tutorial, acrylic painting classes, painting lessons, painting tutorials, paint basket, time lapse painting, speed painting, step by step, paint sea, paint waves, paint sand dunes, paint beach scene, painting sea, painting waves, painting sand dunes, painting beach scene
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Continual Dune and Ripple Migration in Nili Patera
Nili Patera is a region on Mars in which dunes and ripples are moving rapidly. HiRISE continues to monitor this area every couple of months to see changes over seasonal and annual time scales.(Audio by Tre Gibbs. Enhanced color images are 1 km across.) http://www.uahirise.org/ESP_028575_1890
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Time lapse of sand ripple formation test
Much less movement but forms some very nice ripples on the right hand side. No formation near the right hand side as its too turbulent unfortunately. Water height is decreased to make it easier for the pumps to move the entire water column.
Views: 637 swimster50
Migrating and Static Sand Ripples on Mars
Migrating and Static Sand Ripples on Mars
Views: 44 Aleksandar Devic
Windblown sand ripple marks at Galveston Island State Park
Video of the effects of wind on very small sand particles along the beach at Galveston Island State Park. You can see it most prominently in the top right (not so much in the bottom left).
Views: 278 featherchickie
Saltation and ripple migration timelapse
Recorded by GoPro at Oceano Dunes, June 2, 2015. Timelapse at @600x (1 second = 10 minutes). Image width is about 3 m.
Views: 157 Raleigh Martin
ripple sand, VOF
VOF modeling of sand on beach
Views: 45 fengyan shi
Ripples In Sand
Largest collection of Sand Dune stock video footage. https://www.naturefootage.com/video-clips/BG88_034/ripples-in-sand Ripples In Sand
Views: 8 NatureFootage
Migrating Ripple and Grains
On the left, grains are being eroded and transported up the stoss side of the ripple. They fall down the lee side and settle at the bottom towards the centre of the frame.
Views: 110 David White
Aeolian Impact Ripple Formation - Sample 2 @ 9 m/s
Time Lapse photography of impact ripple formation in sand bed comprised of 10% coarse particles (by mass). Wind direction is left to right, with a freestream velocity of 9 m/s. Photograph interval of 3 seconds totaling 50 minutes elapsed.
Views: 360 Wind Tunnel
Standing Waves - Great Sand Dunes National Park
Standing Waves at Great Sand Dunes National Park These things form and break, over and over, creating surges of water. Definitely bimodal flow!
Views: 4073 TerraVultus
Antidunes -"Sand Waves" Moving Up Stream
Huntington Beach, CA - 5/14/2015 Rain water run-off from a beach storm drain, between lifeguard towers 12 and 14, on the north side of the pier, creates a fast, moving stream to the ocean; where you can observe "sand waves" moving up stream. These moving waves are also called "antidunes".
Views: 8773 sentient
Sand ripple evolution in steady flow
Time lapse movie of sand ripple evolution in steady flow. Flow depth is about 10 cm. Frame interval is 30 seconds. Video is playing at 150x real time.
Views: 1137 Raleigh Martin
Wave ripple migration time lapse 2
Time lapse of wave ripples moving onshore with H=0.07m T=2s waves in UQ wave flume
Views: 176 Alexander Atkinson
Ripple migration in Unidirectional flow
An experiment conducted by University of Southampton coastal research group at the CT scan Lab, INRS Centre Eau Terre Environnement University Quebec. Co-located and time-synchronized measurements by a medical CT Scanner (computed tomography) and Particle Image Velocimetry were carried to study turbulent sediment transport in unidirectional currents. A Nortek Vectinro II profiling ADV was also deployed. Further Information available at:
Views: 763 Hachem Kassem
climbing ripples
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Cross beds in sand dunes
Cross beds in sand dunes
Views: 528 Virtual Field Trips
walking on rippled sand
walking along rippled sand looking at my feet listening to the wind and waves along North Beach, Wollongong, N.S.W, Australia
Views: 341 paulie1975
Traxxas E-Revo VXL 2.0 6s With Sand Paddles - Apex/Nellis Dunes
We take the new version 2.0 of the Traxxas E Revo VXL running 6s and Paddle tries to Apex / Nellie dunes to try it out.
Views: 13790 MetalGwar

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