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Bucyrus Erie 3850-B Power Shovel (Peabody Coal Co. - Sinclair Surface Mine) "Big Hog"
Peabody Coal Company ordered this machine for one purpose and one purpose only, the Tennessee Valley Authority. It was built to supply the (at the time) brand new TVA Paradise Fossil Plant and its 3 MASSIVE coal hungry units. TVA and Paradise Fossil Plant still buy Muhlenberg County coal and Peabody coal to this day! This video just shows the old girl going through some simple cycles in the pit. You do catch a few views of some pit activity and stuff as well! Enjoy. Some interesting facts about this machine my Grandfather & Aunt used to work on: -Boom Length: 215 feet -Overall Height: 220 feet -Bucket Capacity: 115 cubic yards -Crawler Size: 40 ft. long by 7.6 ft. wide -Crawler Height: 10 feet -Overall Weight: 22 Million lbs. -Date Started: 1962 -Date Retired:1987 (roughly) -Location: Outside Central City/Drakesboro in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky (Western Kentucky) **When this shovel was built, it was easily considered the "World's Largest Machine/Shovel" ever built. It held that title for a relatively short time though unfortunately. This machine was left somewhat intact, but higher portions were cut off of it when it walked into a hole that it dug for itself. After everything was trimmed off, the Sinclair BE 1260-W Dragline filled the dirt in around the machine and it was literally buried close to the TVA power plant on Peabody Property. That property is now owned by the US Government and trespassing is strictly forbidden. To this day, the legendary "Big Hog" still resides under a deep number of feet of dirt in Muhlenberg County. The Big Hog was featured in an article in the January 1963 "Science and Mechanics" Magazine. An artistic rendering of this machine graced that issues cover. I'll never forget seeing this machine parked in its own grave that it dug, just waiting for the dirt and cutters torch. I had a grandfather and an aunt that worked around and on this shovel during its life. It will always be part of my family just like the Marion 5960 Shovel across the county at River Queen Mine!
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Bucyrus-Erie 195-BI Documentary
A look at a 1980 Bucyrus-Erie 195B Series I electric rope shovel. After years of faithful service, this machine was scrapped in January of 2010. Want to see more old electric shovels? Join with PAmining! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Bucyrus-Erie 280-B Documentary
A look at a 495 ton Bucyrus Erie 280-B electric straight front. The 280B was introduced in 1962 and remained a popular mining shovel during its 20 years of production.
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Bucyrus-Erie 88-B III Documentary
A look at one of the most famous and successful cable excavators built by Bucyrus-Erie, the 88-B. Want to see more mining class cable shovels? Join the PAmining Channel today! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Working in the Bronces- Chile,shovel Bucyrus-Erie 495 B
Loading trucks Komatsu 930 E ( 300 ton +/- )
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Bucyrus (CAT) Factory Tour & Museum Milwaukee - Home of Big Muskie & XXL 495 Rope Shovels  - 1080p
Factory Tour to the CAT Mininig Factory & Museum in Milwaukee. Bucyrus or formerly Bucyrus-Erie (now Caterpillar / CAT Mining) was one of the biggest Manufacturer for Rope Shovels and Mining Equipment. We take you behind doors of the Bucyrus Factory in Milwaukee, USA and give some insights to the factory where the huge Bucyrus 495HR Rope Shovels are build. Further more we take a visit to the Bucyrus Museum. The Documentary also features the Bucyrus (now CAT) Museum. The Caterpillar Mining Museum has some very neat artifacts of the Bucyrus-Erie History of Shovels on display. Manager of the Museum is Robert Woit who guides us through the Museum and shows us "Yellow Iron" Legends like the famous Big Muskie, the biggest rope shovel of all times. But since the history of Bucyrus-Erie goes much further back into time, they show things from the early days like an original serial numer plate of a Shovel from 1907 that was used during construction of the Panama Canal. During Interviews with Bucyrus CEO Luis De Leon and Vice President Joe Helfrich, we learned more about the History, the Production and the Strategy of Bucyrus Mining Equipment. After Bucyrus aqcuired Terex Mining, Bucyrus was aqcuired by Caterpillar, later in 2011. Now the Bucyrus Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators like the mentioned RH 400 are distributed under the Caterpillar Brand like the Bucyrus 495HR that became the CAT 495HR. Mit diesem Video Equipment arbeiten wir (Auswahl) ► Kamera Sony FS5 | http://amzn.to/2iTvVAp ► Drohne DJI Mavic Pro | http://amzn.to/2lnFuK5 ► Stativ Manfrotto 504HD | http://amzn.to/2iTxTB1 ► Audiorecorder Zoom H6 | http://amzn.to/2iwe0Ch ► Actioncam Sony FDR-X3000R 4K | http://amzn.to/2jbf253 ********** ► Kanal abonnieren: https://goo.gl/kCy655 ********** Follow us: ► https://facebook.com/Bauforum24 ► https://google.com/+Bauforum24 ► https://www.instagram.com/bauforum24/ ► https://www.bauforum24.biz ********** Über uns: Bauforum24 ist Europas führendes Community Portal für Bau, Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge: www.bauforum24.biz ********** Concept & Production: Wir sind Filmproduktion & Social Media Experten seit 2004. Kontakt & Anfragen: [email protected] ********** Die verlinkten Produktlinks sind z.T. Affiliate Links. Wenn ihr über diese Links bei Amazon bestellt unterstützt ihr mit der von Amazon gezahlten Provision diesen Kanal ohne das für euch irgendwelche Mehrkosten entstehen - Danke!
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Bucyrus Erie 120-B mining shovel
This footage, which was compiled, narrated and produced by Keith Haddock for the Historical Construction Equipment Association, highlights the Bucyrus Erie 120-B mining shovel. This scene was filmed at the Locust Gap mine of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co., operated by the Dick Construction Co. of Hazelton, Penn. In this video, the Bucyrus is seen working as a shovel loading trucks on the lowest level.
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World's Largest Mining Shovel - The Silver Spade
The Silver Spade was a giant power shovel used for strip mining in southeastern Ohio. Manufactured by Bucyrus-Erie, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the model 1950-B was one of two of this model built, the other being the GEM of Egypt. Its sole function was to remove the earth and rock overburden from the coal seam. Attempts to purchase and preserve the shovel from Consol for $2.6 million fell short, and the shovel was scrapped in February 2007.
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The World's Largest Electric Shovel (Big Brutus)
The Bucyrus Erie model 1850B while not the largest shovel ever produced is the largest remaining. It weighs 5500 tons or 11 million pounds and has a bucket capacity of 90 cubic yards or 150 tons. Big Brutus is 160 feet in height and took 52 men 11 months to assemble in 1962 after having been brought to Hallowell, Kansas in 52 railroad cars. Although Brutus was designed for a 25 year lifespan, only 10 years were achieved, not due to the reliability of the 1850B, but due to market forces, namely cheap low sulphur coal from Wyoming and Montana. Powering it's huge electric 15,000 hp motors was no joke. In the it's last month of operation in 1974 Big Brutus used $27,000 of electricity, $137,000 adjusted for inflation. It's been calculated that if Big Brutus had worked in a straight line it would have dug a pit that would have been 120 feet wide and 40 to 50 feet deep from Hallowell, Kansas, to Fort Worth, Texas, thats 368 miles!
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Electric Trks. @ Bucyrus shovel (2).AVI
Video shot while working on truck payload metering system
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Bucyrus Rail Mounted Steam Shovel - Best Of Old Movies
Best of Panama Canal videos. Source videos : YouTube. HD Historic Stock Footage CONSTRUCTION OF THE PANAMA CANAL # Panama Canal Construction 1912 Duhem Motion Picture Manufacturing Company # The Construction of the Panama Canal [1913-1914], 1937 (Reel 2-5 of 5) # The Construction of the Panama Canal [1913-1914], 1937 (Reel 1-5 of 5) # Panama Canal Construction: "Through the Canal Bottom" 1912.
Bucyrus-Erie 300-H Documentary
A look at a 1979 Bucyrus-Erie 300-H hydraulic excavator Learn a lot from PAmining? Then join today! https://www.facebook.com/PAmining-164948266897468/
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Bucyrus-Erie 60-R Documentary
A look at a retired 1968 Bucyrus-Erie 60R rotary blast hole drill Join the PAmining Channel and Facebook today and get in on the mining world! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Bucyrus-Erie 30B Shovel - CAT Engine - Brownsville May 2018 - Part 1
Good running 30B shovel working at Brownsville. CAT engine, probably D8 size. Part 2 will show how well it travels, which is a problem for many of these old machines. Onboard the 30B a few years ago: https://youtu.be/5h4p2Z2mGnU Brownsville digging playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe5q5qos1_B1OVvubCMOGzaVQtT_ryFsb #677 Panasonic FZ-1000 National Pike Show Brownsville, PA May 2018 180519e 30B Part 1
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Bucyrus 495HR Minning Shovel
Bucyrus 495HR Loading Liebherr and Komatsu Haul Trucks
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Bucyrus 495HR Electric Mining Shovel RC from TWH Collectibles
Bucyrus 495HR Radio controlled Miniature equipment http://www.weissbrothers.us https://www.facebook.com/Weissbroz
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Lego Bucyrus RH400 Mining Shovel
Custom Lego model of one of the largest hydraulic mining excavators, Bucyrus RH400 (also known as Terex O&K RH400 and Caterpillar 6090 FS). The model has the following remotely controlled electric functions: - Propulsion; - Slewing; - Boom operation and opening of bucket; - Rotating cooling fans; - Folding ladder; - Retractable service station; - Lighting. The scale of the model is minifigure compatible. Discussion on Eurobricks: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/159126-moc-bucyrus-rh400-mining-shovel/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music from Youtube library: 'North' by Silent Partner and 'Run' by Max Surla/Media Right Productions.
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Bucyrus-Erie 395-B shovel
This video showcases Bucyrus-Erie's 395-B shovel in 1979. With a 34-yd. dipper, the 395-B was the largest mining shovel built by the company up to that time. Watch the shovel in action. This video was was compiled, narrated and produced by Keith Haddock for the Historical Construction Equipment Association.
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The Biggest Excavator Bucyrus RH400 ( Terex )
Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Most of videos are from different Internet users filmed and are freely distributed. All rights remains to the authors of videos. If you are author of one the videos and you want to remove the video from our channel, please contact us, many thanks
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Bucyrus Erie 51B  2 yd shovel in action
Aprox 1950 Bucyrus Erie Shovel 2 yd with 6 cyl. Buda Diesel Aprox 1742 cubic inch disp. with 4 cyl gas pony engine for starting. machine weight 130000#,aprox. Machine is on display at Long Island antique power Assn, Museum, Jamesport L.I. N.Y. on Sound Avenue.
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Ruston Bucyrus 61-RB rope shovel working
Seen here working at Threlkeld quarry and mining museum in Cumbria, UK, home of the Vintage excavator trust
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Bucyrus 950-B stripping shovel
The Bucyrus 950-B stripping shovel, introduced in 1935, is a 1,400-ton machine with a 30-cu.-yd. dipper. The machine shown in this video was owned by the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Co. and operated in Kansas. This archived footage was compiled, narrated and produced by Keith Haddock for the Historical Construction Equipment Association.
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Steaming Across Panama: Bucyrus and the Digging of the Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is a 48 mile (77.1 kilometre) ship canal that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. August 15, 2014, marked the 100th anniversary of its opening, and in 2016 a 9-year expansion project was completed. Join us for a look back at the major role Bucyrus played in the construction of the Panama Canal. The Isthmain Canal Commission for the Panama Canal construction project awarded their first steam shovel bid to Bucyrus (Caterpillar Inc. acquired Bucyrus International, Inc. on July 8, 2011) Ultimately, Bucyrus would be called upon to provide 70% of the equipment used to dig the canal. In the years since its construction, several projects have helped to widen and expand the Panama Canal. Cat and Bucyrus products have been involved in the construction and expansion of the canal throughout its history, making progress possible.
Bucyrus-Erie 40-R Documentary
A look at a 1972 Bucyrus-Erie 40-R rotary blast drill. This old girl was officially cut up for scrap in 2014 after sitting idle for years as a back-up unit for an Ingersoll-Rand DM-M2 Like PAmining Documentaries? Get the full mining experience and Subscribe today! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Bucyrus-Erie Steam Shovel Rollag 2014
Bucyrus Erie Steam Shovel and International Harvester tracklayer with Bucyrus blade and cable control unit at Western Minnesota Steam Threshermans Reunion, Rollag, Minnesota, 2014.
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Bucyrus Electric Mining Shovel Simulator at Mesabi Range Community & Technical College
WDIO press release footage commemorating the donation of an Electronic Mining Shovel Simulator utilizing VAST™ (Value Added Simulation Training) technology to Mesabi Range Community and Technical College, courtesy of Bucyrus International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BUCY), a global leader in mining technology and equipment. Other simulators at Mesabi Range College include three Caterpillar simulators: a Hydraulic Excavator, a 16M Motor Grader and a 994 Wheel Loader. For more information about the simulators or Mesabi Range Community & Technical College, call 800-657-3860 or 218-749-0313. Mesabi Range Community & Technical College is a member of Minnesota State Colleges & Universities. An affirmative action/equal opportunity educator/employer.
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Bucyrus 495HR loading Liebherr T282-B's
Title says it all, a Bucyrus 495HR rope shovel loading Liebherr haul trucks. You can also see the Marion 8750 Dragline in the background, also you might hear the BI RH170B, Coal Haulers, LeTourneau L1850 Loader or a couple D11T's. Once again another Diggin' Ditchin' N' Bitchin Production.
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Bucyrus Erie Power Shovel at Hallockville 2010
Bucyrus Erie Power Shovel at an annual show in Riverhead, NY
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Bucyrus Erie Cable Shovel
@DozerDave1987 operating the bucyrus in the rain
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Gibraltar Bucyrus Erie 1450W
Walking, floating, and walking again. The short journey of the BE 1450 from Ken to Gibraltar near Central City, Kentucky. Circa 1985.
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Bucyrus 495HR Electric Mining Shovel RC 1:50 model from TWH Collectibles
Operational functions and features for the RC Bucyrus 495HR Electric Mining Shovel 1:50 scale diecast model from TWH Collectibles. View more information here http://www.twhcollectibles.com/p-518-bucyrus-495hr-electric-mining-shovel-radio-controlled.aspx
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Big Brutus - Electric Shovel (Second Largest in the World) - West Mineral, Kansas
Big Brutus is the nickname of the Bucyrus-Erie model 1850B electric shovel, which was the second largest of its type in operation in the 1960s and 1970s. It is the centerpiece of a mining museum in West Mineral, Kansas where it had been used in coal strip mining operations where the coal seams were relatively shallow with the machine designed to dig from 20 to 69 feet (6.1 to 21.0 m). Music: http://www.bensound.com
Bucyrus-Erie 1450-W Documentary
A look at a 3,010 ton Bucyrus Erie 1450W walking dragline.
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Bucyrus RH170-B and Marion 8750 Dragline
How about an all star video of mining iron? We have a couple big Cat dozers, a 24M, 776 Coal Haulers, Komatsu haul trucks, a Cat 992D Mario 8750 Dragline and a Bucyrus 495HF rope shovel. Check us out on Facebook @ Diggin' Ditchin' n' Bitchin.
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Bucyrus Rescue Part 4
The big day, digging out the buried track and walking out of its own grave under its own power.
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A History of P&H Mining Equipment
This video provides insight into how P&H Mining Equipment has evolved, endured and excelled over the past 125 years and continues to do so into the exciting future.
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Bucyrus Erie 3850-B Leveling-Jack Maintenance
On this video, you can see routine maintenance on the leveling-jack that attaches the shovel to the crawler trucks underneath it. This is a rare view of how this maintenance was done to this piece of machinery!! The Leveling-Jack are what attach the Crawler Trucks to the Shovel and they are also what keeps the shovel level when on unlevel ground. Enjoy!! Peabody Coal Company ordered this machine for one purpose and one purpose only, the Tennessee Valley Authority. It was built to supply the (at the time) brand new TVA Paradise Fossil Plant and its 3 MASSIVE coal hungry units. TVA and Paradise Fossil Plant still purchase Muhlenberg County coal and Peabody coal to this day even thought Sinclair Surface Mine is long gone! Some interesting facts about this machine my Grandfather used to work on: -Boom Length: 215 feet -Overall Height: 220 feet -Bucket Capacity: 115 cubic yards -Crawler Size: 40 ft. long by 7.6 ft. wide -Crawler Height: 10 feet -Overall Weight: 22 Million lbs. -Date Started: 1962 -Date Retired:1987 (roughly) This machine was left somewhat intact, but higher portions were cut off of it when it walked into a hole that it dug for itself. After everything was trimmed off, a BE 1260-W Dragline filled the dirt in around the machine and it was literally buried behind the power plant on Peabody Property. To this day, the legendary "Big Hog" still resides under a number of feet underground in Muhlenberg County. The Big Hog was featured in an article in the January 1963 "Science and Mechanics" Magazine. An artistic rendering of this machine graced that issues cover. I'll never forget this machine parked in its own grave that it dug, just waiting for the dirt and cutters torch.
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Bucyrus 50-B Steam Shovel
The last remaining of the giant steam shovels to work around the Panama Canal is given a workout at the Nederland, Colorado, mining museum Heritage Days, September 27, 2009. Donations needed to restore the Bucyrus ! http://www.nederlandmuseums.org/bucyrus.html " The only Bucyrus model 50-B still existing, this 1923 steam shovel weighs 130,000 pounds and is rated at 75 tons. 534 Bucyrus and Bucyrus-Erie 50-B shovels were built between 1923 and 1939. They were among the largest tracked steam shovels in the world at that time. Until 1932, most were steam powered and moved on railroad tracks. In 1923, crawler tracks were added to the 50-B model, creating the first heavy duty, 360-degree rotation mobile shovels. "This shovel, with 24 others, was sent to the Panama Canal to build bridges, roads, and drains and remove the massive amounts of dirt and rock cut from the canal bed. All the shovels but one were scrapped at Panama. The survivor was shipped back to California and then brought to Denver. In the early 1950s it was transported to Rollinsville by Roy and Russell Durand, who operated it at the Lump Gulch Placer, six miles south of Nederland, until 1978."
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Bucyrus-Erie 50-B Steam Shovel - Sept. 2000 - Part 1
This is the 50-B that is now at Rollag. The shovel had been thoroughly overhauled by its previous owner, but then the old operator retired. None of the younger operators wanted to mess with it, so it sat for many years until Belleview Sand & Gravel bought it and brought it back to life. Contrary to the title on the video, this was apparently not the first operation. Also seen is Belleview's rare Linn halftrack dump truck. The first half of Part 1 is shot from the ground, the second half is onboard. It's a brutal machine. Part 2 is entirely onboard, and there may be a Part 3, after the next tape is converted. Controls are more or less to Bucyrus-Erie standard. Swing on the left, pulled or pushed in the direction of swing, crowd in the center. You can see the linkage to the crowd engine on the boom. Hoist is from the ceiling, and is a 4-way lever. Forward is hoist, back lowers the bucket on air compression, ie a Jake Brake. Moving the lever to the side declutches the hoist for fast gravity lowering. It travels on the hoist. Since compressing air is useless for propulsion, there is a secondary control lever that allows powering in either direction. Steering is done by a ground man levering dog clutches on the sprocket shafts in and out. Controls appear to be very light, as all levers are just throttles controlling the 3 independent motion engines. Thus it shouldn't be too tiring to run, except for the vibration. This was an open house, not an HCEA convention, as that was held in Seward, Nebraska in 2000. We were at the great 1994 convention at Belleview, and probably have some Hi-8 video from it. My recollection is that at the 1994 HCEA convention, this 50-B was a static display near the shop, with the bucket chained in the air. Great to see that they got it going. This video was shot with a Sony Handycam in Digital 8. This format used 2 hour Hi-8 analog videotapes, running at 2x speed, to produce high quality 1 hour digital video. It was a revolutionary format at the time, and was used extensively by news media for field news gathering, such as in Iraq. A bit of image quality is lost in the MS moviemaker editor, losing some of the striking immediacy of the format. Note that it is interlaced, and sized for broadcast televisions of the time. This is the first video from a large box full of 75(!) of these 1 hour tapes, that WurliTzer153Duplex is gradually converting via FireWire. These were shot by both of us, with several cameras, and it's interesting to figure out who did what. There is some cool stuff in there. #569 Belleview Sand & Gravel, Petersburg, Ky September 2000 Sony Handycam Digital 8 20000923d 50 B Part1
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Bucyrus-Erie 50-B Steam Shovel 2015
This machine was built in 1930 and bought new in 1932 by the Guy F. Atkinson Company who operated it on a number of high profile construction projects from 1932 to 1946 including the San Gabriel Highline Road, Azusa, CA; Bonneville Dam, Columbia River Gorge; Hansen Dam, Los Angeles, CA; Monterey Breakwater, Monterey, CA; Naval Ordinance Depot, Bellemont, AZ; and Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA. It was donated to Roots of Motive Power, Willits, California. See http://www.rootsofmotivepower.com/shovel-bucyrus-erie-50-b-steam for more information.
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Cat® 7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel Virtual Product Tour
Virtual walk-around video of the 7495 HF electric rope shovel, highlighting various key features.
Bucyrus Shovel
Construction of a Bucyrus shovel
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Bucyrus-Erie 2570W Drag Line On The Move Near Shelburn Indiana
This video was shot by a local TV station videographer. The drag line, a Bucyrus-Erie 2570W, named Old Glory is on its way from the Farmersburg Mine to Bear Run Mine near Dugger, Indiana. The 18 mile walk is expected to take a least a month since the dragline 'walks' at a blazing speed of 1/10 mile per hour. Old Glory is owned by Peabody Energy of Saint Louis, Missouri. At 13-million pounds(5897 metric tons), the 2570W weighs more than 150 Boeing 737-700 jetliners. It is 220-feet high (67 meters) and swings a 335-foot boom (102 meters) with a maximum operating radius of 300 feet (91.4 meters), the length of an American Football field. This boom carries a 115-cubic-yard (88 cubic meters) bucket capable of moving a 335,000 pound (152 metric tons) payload. The machine sits on a tub spanning 80 feet (24 meters) in diameter and walks with two "shoes" measuring 72 feet (22 meters) in length by 14 feet (4.2 Meters) in width. The size is necessary to lift and advance the dragline's massive frame. This video was shot as the huge electrically operated machine crosses Indiana Highway 48 just east of Shelburn Indiana.
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Inside a Bucyrus 495HR Shovel
Just a quick inside view of a Bucyrus 495HR (Re-uploaded this so the quality should be a little better)
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Bucyrus Erie 2570WS at Peak Downs mine in Central Queensland- Video 2/2
Bucyrus Erie 2570WS at Peak Downs mine in Central Queensland- video 2/2.
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Bucyrus-Erie "Doubler" electric shovel
The Bucyrus-Erie "Doubler" electric shovel doubled the dipper capacity of a standard shovel. The 150-B in this video featured a 13-cu.-yd. dipper when equipped with the Doubler. However, the Doubler never surpassed the prototype stage and was not considered a success because of its complicated bucket linkage system and high maintenance requirements. This video was was compiled, narrated and produced by Keith Haddock for the Historical Construction Equipment Association.
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Huge Hitachi ex5500 Mining Excavator
Reclaiming work at a coal mine in Washington state. This huge Hitachi ex 5500 and two other ex5500s are all the mining shovels that remain here at the mine. Three Bucyrus Erie 1370 draglines, 2 P&H 4100 xpb, O&K RH 340, 5 of these ex5500 both excavator and front shovels, Cat 994D, WA 900's one is still here, a huge fleet of mining truck's from Cat 777,785,789,793, Terex Mt 4400's Komatsu 930e and a few dresser haul pack dump trucks. One is the giant I think 600 ton lowboy that's still here. Cat 24 and 16 graders and a bunch of cat D10, D11, and Komatsu 375's for dozers. All these machines used to call this place home.
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Peabody Coal Company - Sinclair Surface Mine
10 minutes of video from a video made by one of the miners at the mine that is over 1 hour long. John Prine sang about this mine in the song "Paradise" and the shovel that worked there. At the time, it was the World's Largest Shovel, but was only that for a couple of years after it's construction. This mine served as a mine mouth for the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) Paradise Fossil Plant next door. It was all located outside Central City, Kentucky in Muhlenberg County along the Green River of Western Kentucky. At one time, no place in the world produced more coal than Muhlenberg County but those days are long gone. This was one of two world record holding shovels located in the county at the time this video was shot (early 1980's). The largest shovel on here is the Bucyrus Erie 3850-B and is the shovel that was famously buried after finishing its work at this mine. I had a Grandfather and an Aunt that worked at this mine and retired from there. My aunt actually ran the large BE 3850-B shovel from time to time. The bucket on the 3850-B is 115 cubic yards in size. Big enough for two pickup trucks to park in easily with room to move around them! This was the original home of the giants in coal mining!!! Welcome to Muhlenberg County, my home!
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