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Turquoise Mining, Cripple Creek Colorado
Having fun as a family. This is a privately owned mining property, no one else can dig here.
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While I was out exploring the Ed Nazelrod cabins and trailers, I also explored inside the Turquoise Mountain Mine. This mine is also part of the Ancient Mines as Well. The colors of the rock inside the mine are just amazing, burgundies, whites, gold colors and some turquoise colors; it was indescribable. Here's a Link that describes a little of the history about The Halloran Spring Turquoise Mine http://vredenburgh.org/mining_history/pages/silurian-shadow-mts-halloran-sprs%20.html Please enjoy this video, don't forget to "Like" & "Subscribe" #exploring #MojaveDesert #abandonedmines
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Shaping a turquoise cross, using an 80grit wheel
This is untreated and good quality turquoise, we mine out this turquoise from Cripple Creek Colorado. www.nsturquoise.com (Sorry video cut off) :(
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Turquoise in a concrete mixer
If you can tumble untreated turquoise in a concrete mixer and still have turquoise left then that is some hard turquoise. This is how we clean most of the dirt off the turquoise we mine out. All untreated turquoise from the North Star Mine in Cripple Creek Colorado.
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Turquoise mining
Cronkite News reporter, Heather Turner, tells us about a family-run turquoise mine, Colbaugh Processing, in Northern Arizona.
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Mohs hardness, A scratch test using a topaz on a turquoise.
Topaz on a MOHS scale is an 8, turquoise is usely a softer stone, most turquoise is actually too soft to even be able to make a cabochon with out it being stabilized first, this is why alot of turquoise is being treated to make it hard enough to turn it into a cabochon and make jewelry. To find turquoise that needs no treatments is not to common anymore, and to find turquoise this hard is rare. The turquoise being shown in this video is untreated and good quality. No treatments is needed for this turquoise, and it's hard so it will also keep it's color over time of wear. We mine this turquoise ourselves out of Cripple Creek Colorado from the North Star Turquoise Mine. www.nsturquoise.com www.northstarturquoise.com
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Turquoise Mine Run
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Santo Domingo Handrolled & Handcut Royston Turquoise Beads Necklace - Ray Lovato (#150)
See it here —} http://bit.ly/2aYxmvc The Royston turquoise mining district produces a wide variety of color, from rich and lustrous blue to warm and wealthy shades of green, and everything in between. Ray Lovato becomes quite excited when he finds small caches of Royston rough. When he completed this choker, a great grin spread over his face. This turquoise is natural and from the high-grade deposits.
mine near gold hill and other crap
mine near gold hill utah and other crap
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Santo Domingo Handmade Stone Mountain Turquoise Bead Necklace by Ray Lovato (#130)
Beads are an ancient art form. Ray Lovato is fascinated by this historic fact, and makes some of the best known to man. The Stone Mountain turquoise he has used for this verdant strand is colorful, hard and first-rate. Ray’s beads are museum quality and always stand head and shoulders about the rest. http://www.twinrocks.com/products/8940-southwest-jewelry-baskets-navajo-jewelry-native-american-art-jewelry-pottery-weaving-rug-blanket-manta-necklace-turquoise-twin-rocks-trading-post-zuni-santo-domingo-fetish-hopi.html
TJMI Turquoise - Nevada #8 Lapidary Slicing
Here's a video of Jonathan doing some slabbing of the #8 rough.  These eventually ended up as some of our earring slabs and cabs.  You never know what you are going to get with rough.  It's interesting that both pieces of rough look very similar on the outside, but on the inside they are very different.  They are truly Mother Nature's Easter eggs.
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721 kingman turquoise - Plus notes on stabilization under video
A very nice multi color Kingman Turquoise cabochon. Solid with high polish top and bottom. With slight beveling on backside edges to prevent chipping and easy setting. Professionally stabilized for hardness only. Note: Don't be fooled by sellers who say nothing about stabilization. 95% (or more) of ALL turquoise on the market is stabilized and when I did a quick survey, most of the sellers I asked admitted that their turquoise was stabilized. It's basically a "don't ask don't tell" strategy where the seller hopes the buyer will assume the turquoise is natural if nothing is said. Ironically in most cases stabilization IMPROVES the turquoise since it makes it more durable with better color retention. I rarely cut natural turquoise since most natural rough is too soft and brittle. The exception would be the Faustite I sell as well as Cripple Creek and New Lander which are in the 5% that are naturally hard. There are now modern methods of strengthening turquoise like silica vaporization. This is what many of the TV jewelry networks are selling and plugging as "not enhanced with resins" etc. They cleverly leave out that their turquoise IS enhanced but by a different process than normal resin stabilization. They want you to believe their turquoise is all natural and not stabilized. But the Zachery Process, while an excellent method to harden and improve turquoise, IS stabilization and turquoise treated this way is NOT 100% natural. A sample video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA4F8hS_Fhg Also here is a quick quote about the Zachery Process: "State-of-the-art in turquoise stabilization is to use vaporized silica. Silica in vapor form is infused into the stone. Similar to epoxy stabilization, this process reduces the porosity of the stone and makes it suitable for jewelry applications. The process is however much more complex that epoxy resin stabilization, and must be carried out under controlled conditions in a laboratory with proper health and safety safeguards in place. When performed effectively, silica stabilization is so good that not even an experienced person can examine the stone and say with confidence whether or not the stone was stabilized." http://www.articlesbase.com/jewelry-articles/a-note-on-stabilizing-turquoise-917046.html
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Santo Domingo Handmade Kingman Turquoise Bead Necklace by Ray Lovato (#132)
Beads and turquoise and cool stuff, oh my. And "oh my" is the right term for Ray Lovato’s Kingman turquoise necklace. The color in these beads is striking, and you will stand out in the crowd when you put this baby on. So, having done so, don’t expect to walk around incognito. We are crazy for Ray and for his beads too. We know, however, they draw a crowd. http://www.twinrocks.com/products/9050-southwest-jewelry-baskets-navajo-jewelry-native-american-art-jewelry-pottery-weaving-rug-blanket-manta-necklace-turquoise-twin-rocks-trading-post-zuni-santo-domingo-fetish-hopi.html
Noonday Mine - Working level further exploration
Press LIKE if you agree to KEEP OUR MINES OPEN. SDME further explore the main drift level of the Noonday Mine in Tecopa, CA. The Noonday main adit runs through the mountain, exiting the opposite side where you find and ore cart trestle, other adits, and shafts that lead to a large natural cave system that connects with the Noonday. Other ore bins and collapsed structure debris can also been seen outside of both portals. Watch the decline shaft descent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSsxssB4-ZI San Diego Mine Enthusiasts - Documenting and preserving our nations mining history for the education of all. "Embraced, not erased!" Don't try this at home!! -HISTORY- The claim for the Noonday (and other nearby mines) was staked in 1877 by William "Professor" & Robert Brown who soon became BCG&SMC (Balance Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co.). It was part of the Tecopa Mines group and produced an abundance of Silver and Lead, as well as some Gold, and other profitable minerals such as Dolomite used in brick and glass making.
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Santo Domingo Handmade Natural Gem Grade McGinnis Nevada Turquoise Necklace - Ray Lovato (#148)
See it here —} http://bit.ly/1U99FA2 Mother Earth has an innate ability to produce the most visually appealing substances known to man. Such is the case with this subtle but attractive turquoise drawn from the home dirt of the McGinnis mine in central Nevada, USA. Ray Lovato is one of the most prolific Santa Domingo artists currently working with high-grade, natural turquoise. Match Lovato with McGinnis and you have a fabulous string of turquoise beads.
Does turquoise make your head spin ?
Caution, this video might make you dizzy. All natural untreated and unbacked North Star Turquoise. Mined out of Cripple Creek Colorado
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Kevin from Jungle Jemz - Turquoise Lapidary work - Bonanza mine
Prospectors Guild mining videos feature the members of our worldwide mining collective. https://www.prospectorsguild.com
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Product Spotlight  - About Genuine Turquoise
This video from The Potomac Bead Company discusses genuine turquoise of various types (Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, Campitos, Elisa), and the stabilization process, by which they are prepared for jewelry-making. Each of these turquoise beads is undyed, and will stay its original/natural color. Find genuine turquoise like this available here: (US) http://www.potomacbeads.com/Turquoise-Gemstone-Beads-s/2418.htm (EU) https://potomacbeads.eu/search?type=product&q=turquoise%20gemstone* Our Website (Shop online & find classes or bead store locations): (US) http://www.potomacbeads.com (EU) https://potomacbeads.eu
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Santo Domingo Handmade Natural Gem Grade Stone Mountain Turquoise Bead Necklace - Ray Lovato (#143)
See it here —} bit.ly/1nAGoC4 Stone Mountain turquoise is not extremely well known. Not yet anyway. It is a mine that has not produced large quantities of turquoise. The top end is however, very beautiful. With much straining of the eyes and finger picking through the rough material, we have sorted a selection of high-grade green material. When we showed the selection of stones to Ray Lovato, his desire to work it was off the charts. Ray created this most stunning necklace that will certainly cause connoisseurs of natural turquoise to reconsider their opinions. There is top grade turquoise in every mine, and this is some of the very best from Stone Mountain.
Baby Doe's Cabin and the Matchless Mine
The video shows the location of existing surface structures as well as structures that are now gone on the Matchless Mine site. It includes 3D views of the underground workings that produced the ore and their extent. Illustrations help the viewer visualize underground mine terms. A map showing how to get to the site is included.
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Tucson Jewelry | Spiny Oyster Necklaces at the JOGS Shows in Tucson
Tucson Jewelry | Al-Zuni Global Jewelry Showcase some of their Spiny Oyster Necklaces at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry show Visit us at: http://jogsshow.com The JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show is known world-wide for its variety of international dealers, and as one of the largest shows at the annual TGMS in Arizona. Every year, JOGS hosts dealers both of finished jewelry from around the world, as well as the manufacturers and producers of every sort of gem and precious stone the world has to offer. At JOGS Southwestern Pavilion, you can find many dealers, including Sunwest Silver offering the widest variety of turquoise available anywhere; Nashaf Khalaf with high-end signed Native American pieces both old and new, and many more silver and turquoise dealers as well. A brief stroll finds you at JOGS Amber Pavilion. Here the organizers work closely with the American Amber Association, Amber Man, and the top dealers of Europe to offer the absolute broadest selection of Amber available anywhere. Each year the success of the shows ensures that Poland Russia and Lithuania bring their best honeyed offerings to JOGS Tucson . With Silver from Indonesia and Mexico, and a dizzying array of rough and cut stones, as well as beads from Africa, Brazil and Thailand; JOGS presents the professional jeweler and the committed hobbyist with everything they need to create works of art. You'll find the best--Straight from the mines, at the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show!
Cripple Creek (2), Colorado, United States.
Cripple Creek, Colorado 2005 For many years Cripple Creek's high valley, at an elevation of 9,494 feet (2,894 m), was considered no more important than a cattle pasture. Many prospectors avoided the area after the Mount Pisgah hoax, a mini gold rush caused by salting (adding gold to worthless rock). On the 20th of October, 1890, Robert Miller "Bob" Womack discovered a rich ore and the last great Colorado gold rush began. Thousands of prospectors flocked to the region, and before long Winfield Scott Stratton located the famous Independence lode, one of the largest gold strikes in history. In three years, the population increased from five hundred to ten thousand by 1893. Although $500 million worth of gold ore was dug from Cripple Creek, Womack died penniless on 10 August 1909. In 1896 Cripple Creek suffered two disastrous fires. The first occurred on April 25 destroying half of the city including much of the business district. Four days later another fire destroyed much of the remaining half. The city was rebuilt in a period of a few months, most historic buildings today date back to 1896. By 1900, Cripple Creek and its sister city, Victor, were substantial mining communities. During the 1890s, many of the miners in the Cripple Creek area joined a miners' union, the Western Federation of Miners (WFM). A significant strike took place in 1894, marking one of the few times in history that a sitting governor called out the national guard to protect miners from anti-union violence by forces under the control of the mine owners. By 1903, the allegiance of the state government had shifted and Governor James Peabody sent the Colorado National Guard into Cripple Creek with the goal of destroying union power in the gold camps.[citation needed] The WFM strike of 1903 and the governor's response precipitated the Colorado Labor Wars, a struggle that took many lives. Through 2005, the Cripple Creek district produced about 23.5 million troy ounces (979 1/6 troy tons; 731 metric tons) of gold. The underground mines are mostly idle, except for a few small operations. There are significant underground deposits remaining which may become feasible to mine in the future. Large scale open pit mining and cyanide heap leach extraction of near-surface ore material, left behind by the old time miners as low grade, has taken place since 1994 east of Cripple Creek, near its sister city of Victor, Colorado. The current mining operation is conducted by Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company (CC&V). The mine operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Mine operations, maintenance, and processing departments work a rotating day/night schedule in 12-hour shifts. With many empty storefronts and picturesque homes, Cripple Creek once drew interest as a ghost town. At one point the population dropped to a few hundred, although Cripple Creek was never entirely deserted. In the 1970s and 1980s travelers on photo safari might find themselves in a beautiful decaying historic town. A few restaurants and bars catered to tourists who could pass weathered empty homes with lace curtains hanging in broken windows. Colorado voters allowed Cripple Creek to establish legalized gambling in 1991. Cripple Creek is currently more of a gambling and tourist town than a ghost town. Casinos now occupy many historic buildings. Casino gambling has been successful in bringing revenue and vitality back into the area. It also provides funding for the State Historical Fund, administered by the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. In 2012, Colorado casinos produced over $104 million in tax revenue for these programs https://youtu.be/OTIxio8inD0 Cripple Creek Colorado 2005
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d Forsythe Learns all about Turquoise
at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. d Forsythe Unique Jewelry from Around the World 1136 Loma Ave. suite 203 Coronado, Ca. 92118 619-435-9211 www.dforsythe.com
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Bisbee Turquoise Video
Silver Sun- Natural Bisbee Turquoise with Deanna Olson
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Lapidary Time!!! Nacozari Turquoise GIVEAWAY!!!
To win the GIVEAWAY you must be a subscriber and leave a comment with a number 1-5000 the closest number wins the Nacozari Cab (sorry USA only due to shipping ) I will choose the winner at random LIVE on 9/7/18 In this video I cut a piece of Nacozari Turquoise that I bought at the Buena Vista G&MS 2018 This material comes from the Nacozari mine in Sonora Mexico and shares the same mountain rane with the Bisbee Turquoise mine in Arizona According to Durango silver company the Nacozari mine is not longer active with no plans of reopening and is now owned buy a canadian gold mining company I put a backing on this stone not to make it seem larger but to make it a bit more stable for cutting
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Santo Domingo Handmade Natural Gem Grade Blue Gem Turquoise Bead Necklace by Ray Lovato (#139)
See it here —} bit.ly/1nKkMn9 Blue Gem turquoise jewelry is a rare, valuable and historic American treasure. Quality Blue Gem turquoise is gifted with a wide range of color, all of which are striking, full of wonder and pleasing to the eye. Very few large stones ever came out of the Blue Gem mine. The majority found were small, 1-mm "bleeder" veins and tiny nuggets, which are perfect for Ray Lovato's style of beads. Blue Gem turquoise jewelry was very popular in the late 1930's and 40's because it is extremely durable and very hard, which allows for a high polish and, unlike most turquoise, it doesn't easily change color. Ray and his beads are classic, high quality examples of Native American artistry.
Navajo Royston Turquoise and Sterling Silver Concho Belt (#48)
The 1960's were a great time for Navajo jewelry, but not so good for recognizing the artist. This Concho belt has a hallmark on the back of the buckle, but it is not definitive enough to tell us who the artist was. So often we see superb artwork without a hallmark. Such a thing was mostly not thought of back then. This very appealing concho belt is a perfect example of that occurrence. The workmanship is that of a master silversmith and his taste in turquoise was top shelf. Who ever he or she was, we pay them tribute today by presenting their art with a heartfelt "Thank you!" http://www.twinrocks.com/products/9039-southwest-jewelry-baskets-navajo-jewelry-native-american-art-jewelry-pottery-weaving-rug-blanket-manta-necklace-turquoise-twin-rocks-trading-post-zuni-santo-domingo-fetish-hopi.html
Join Rocky and Clod on an excellent adventure while learning the process of taking gold from microscopic particles to gold bars. Filming was done at the Barrick Cortez Gold mine in Nevada. Production was done by Ken Eurick of Freelance Production LLC. This video is designed for K-5.
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Beautiful Turquoise Necklace & Earrings
Here is our video presentation of a fine turquoise & diamond necklace with matching earrings in 18k white gold; over 12 carats in diamonds. Items s508279 + s507425. Find more of our beautiful jewelry here- https://www.grayandsons.com/jewelry.html Interested in selling or consigning your Pre-Owned Timepiece, Jewelry, Diamond or Silver? Get a quote from us here at: http://sellusyourjewelry.com/easy-ship-box/ http://sellusyourjewelry.com/watch-quote/ http://sellusyourjewelry.com/jewelry-quote/ http://sellusyourjewelry.com/diamond-quote/ http://sellusyourjewelry.com/sterling-silver-quote/ Gray & Sons Jewelers specializes in fine preowned watches & estate jewelry. To view our products, visit https://www.grayandsons.com/
Find Blue Turquoise
When you want to Find Blue Turquoise go to http://www.ebay.com/sch/hikingjerbo/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=. Finding good turquoise for collecting or making jewelry can be frustrating at times. Locations such as Albuquerque, NM, Tonopah, AZ and Austin, NV are great places to pick up quantities of rough and cut turquoise cabs, but for most people getting to those places can mean a long and expensive trip. On line stores can provide convenience, but the risk of purchasing a product that isn't what you are really looking for becomes a possability That is why when you use search locations such as ebay a buyer needs to check out the quality of that site and the satisfaction rating of customers who have dealt with that site. As with any local int own store, errors can occur in the sales process. When this occurs on-line or at a physical location, how cooperative is the store owner/management in correcting the error and keeping the customer satisfied with the buying experience? That is a big question and one that operations like ebay will work hard to address. At 4CornersGemstonesandJewelry.com we only offer merchandise that we personally own. We do not handle Consignments from other dealers or private individuals. Some of the material we have personally cut and shaped into cabs. Some of the cabs are old time material purchased from Estates and private collections. We try to identify the differences in our various postings to provide as much information as possible to interested parties. We want your search for quality blue turquoise to be as painless as possible. We welcome inquiries and will work to answer you questions as quickly as possible. We appreciate our growing list of satisfied buyers and look forward to adding you
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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and More: dsSchool of Rocks
Erin explains our new source for North American Turquoise, spotting quality and the stabilization process. Shop www.dakotastones.com for our current selection of North American Turquoise varieties including Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, and Campitos Turquoise.
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Newmont to become largest gold producer with $10 billion Goldcorp buy
Newmont Mining Corp said on Monday it would buy smaller rival Goldcorp Inc in a deal worth $10 billion, creating the world’s biggest gold producer in the face of dwindling easy-to-find reserves of the precious metal. The deal, the second high-profile merger in the mining industry since Barrick Gold Corp agreed to buy Randgold Resources Ltd in September last year, comes as the industry looks for ways to cut costs and increase scale. The company, which will be called Newmont Goldcorp, is set to overtake current leader Barrick Gold’s annual production and will have mines in Americas, Australia and Ghana. The Denver, Colorado-based company Newmont will also sell $1 billion to $1.5 billion worth of assets over the next two years as part of the deal, mirroring a similar move by Barrick when it announced the Rangold acquisition. After the deal the new company expects to produce 6-7 million ounces of gold annually over the next ten years and beyond. Barrick has forecast 2018 total gold production in the range of 4.5 million to 5 million ounces. The new company will be led by Newmont Chief Executive Officer Gary Goldberg. Goldberg will retire at the end of 2019 and Tom Palmer, Newmont’s chief operating officer, will then take over as the CEO. Newmont will offer 0.3280 of its share and $0.02 for each Goldcorp share. Based on Newmont’s Friday close, that translates to $11.46 per share, a premium of about 18 percent to Goldcorp’s Friday close on the New York Stock Exchange. The deal is scheduled to close in the second quarter and is expected to generate up to $100 million in savings, the company said. Vancouver-based Goldcorp’s U.S.-listed shares were up about 13 percent before the bell on Monday. Newmont Mining’s shares were down 3 percent.
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Turquoise Necklaces
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Laadville area Ghost Towns, Colorado, United States
Leadville, Colorado, United States 2005 - St. Elmo, Abandoned mines Leadville is the statutory city that is the county seat and only incorporated municipality in Lake County, Colorado. A former silver mining town that lies near the headwaters of the Arkansas River in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Leadville Historic District contains many historic structures and sites from its dynamic mining era. In the late 19th century, Leadville was the second most populous city in Colorado, after Denver.
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Sluicing the Arkansas River, Colorado -- Video # 2 -- 2 Oct 2018
Last video of the day... 1 PM. Was out about 4 hours total, pitching & rolling rocks, hand washing good gold bearing clay material and then hand sluicing it. Pooped out. Got sprinkled on most the day. Wet and cool. Got some very decent yellow gold! :) Randy C-17A Update: Ended up with 13.8 grains or .89 grams of very pretty, yellow gold.
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IRON FIST MINING May 10 2013 Gold Recovery and Black Tourmaline
I had to go back to the Park area to get the gold as the water was high. I did find some interesting crystals, along with some possible Black Tourmaline. Asking a coupe of fellow diggers from The Weather Channel, Prospectors, Amanda Atkins and Steve Brancato from Colorado, if they can identify this little rare gem. Usually they come out of Brazil, and until the show on the Weather Channel, I had been throwing them out! NOTE: Amanda and Steve are not in this episode, we communicate on Facebook.
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Alaska Prospecting abandoned Silver Mine
Resurrecting abandoned Silver Mine
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Бирюза (Казахстан)
состав: Бирюза (Казахстан) - цвет натуральный, не окрашена 144 Minerals FB: www.facebook.com/letsturnon/
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African Turquoise, 1.5 inch crystal skull!
Check out this 1.5 inch lovely AFRICAN TURQUOISE crystal skull available! $18 USD SHIPPED to North America!
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420 & 422 South Second Street, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
http://420422southsecond.View24Hours.com?rs=youtube For more info and pics, Text "MAIN83" to 79564 Spectacular Residential Lot In Cripple Creek! Spectacular Residential Lot. All Utilities Are Located At Street. Land Also Zoned Commercial. School District #RE-1. Located Near Popular Gambling Sites, State Parks, Fishing And Hiking. Ready For You To Build Your Dream Home! You Can View This Land On Your Cell Phone By Texting "Main83 To 79564"
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NKC Mine
Information video written, shot and produced for NKC Coal Mine in Hesperus Colorado by Patrick Swonger..
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How the Tiger Eye use foreign connections to trouble the mining industry in Ghana
How the Tiger Eye use foreign connections to trouble the mining industry in Ghana.
Haunted or Not? the Delaware Hotel Leadville, Co
The historic Delaware hotel in Leadville, Colorado is a restored Victorian era hotel that was built in 1886. It was built when Leadville was a booming mine town and has lodged both miners and the famous as well as infamous characters through out it's history. It sits on main street and welcomes tourist today. It's bottom floor is an expansive antique shop. closed caption. No, it's not haunted but the Santa was a little creepy. video taken with an iPhone 4s
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Crystals? by the Creek
For Ty...
.9" Sharp White Stripe Turquoise Blue AMAZONITE Crystal Florissant CO for sale
Please visit us at http://www.TreasureMountainMining.com to see this and over 2,000 more fine mineral specimens
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Barrick Nevada AuOps -  Curtis Cadwell
Curtis Cadwell, General Manager of Operations for Barrick Nevada, explains how technology in mining has evolved over generations. Read more → http://barrickbeyondborders.com/mining/2017/06/using-analytics-to-enhance-decision-making/