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Infantile Spasms/West Syndrome
This is our son's first cluster of spasms at 5.5 months. In the few days leading up to this, he had a few individual spasms which we couldn't figure out (dry heave?, reflux?, trying to propel himself off my lap?). We recorded this at lunch time and were admitted the same night to our local children's hospital (via ER). He started steroid injection treatments the next day and is doing very well now at 2 years old! I decided to make this public in case it helps another parent recognize the condition in their child - if that's the case for you, your baby is in urgent need of an EEG with a pediatric neurologist experienced with IS. From infantilespasmsinfo.org: Infantile Spasms is a neurologic emergency that typically begins in the first 4 to 8 months of life and is characterized by flexion (bending and jerking) of the trunk (torso) or neck and extremities (arms and legs). An episode can range from a subtle head jerk to a flexion that lasts for a few seconds. Most often, the spasms occur in clusters. It is quite common for infantile spasms, which is a very rare form of epilepsy, to be overlooked or misdiagnosed, delaying the proper evaluation and early treatment. When this happens the infant's long-term development is placed at risk, since the longer infantile spasms go untreated, the greater the chance of long-term cognitive impairment. More info: http://www.iscommunity.org - online support group http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1464162/
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West Syndrome Master Class Video T Rao
This is a masterclass educational video produced as part of Assessment of Technology Enhanced Learning Module of Masters in Medical Education at Herts University, UK
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Evan six months infantile spasms / West Syndrome
Visit www.evanstauff.com to learn more about his life with epilepsy and the surgery that saved his life, hemispherectomy. Please help educate and build awareness about the signs of infant seizures.
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Infantile Spasms awareness video
A video made to raise awareness of a rare form of child epilepsy called Infantile Spasms/ West Syndrome
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What Is The Definition Of West syndrome
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Infantile Spasms as a Toddler
An Infantile Spasms Blog: http://aliyahvsdiagnosis.blogspot.com Many have asked how is Aliyah currently doing. Which is why I uploaded this video. She is 44months here while on Sabril, finally no more hypsarrhythmia, the last one visible in an EEG was when she was 36 months. I will upload more current videos , she is now completely off Sabril and on Lamictal. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!
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Infantile Spasms Video
Gavin was 8 months old when we discovered he had Infantile Spasms (also known as IS). It is a rare form of epilepsy that begins in infancy. I noticed Gavin having these repetitive movements one day and at first dismissed them, but then once he had another series of them - I knew something was wrong. If there's any kind of advice I can give to new moms and dads out there it's trust your instinct. I knew something was not right even though a lot of people told me that I was over reacting. I immediately scoured the internet looking for an explanation to these repetitious movements, when I came across a youtube video that was very similar to the one I eventually made. Once I matched the video with what we were seeing, it prompted me to make an appointment with a pediatric neurologist. Fearing that I would get to the appointment and be dismissed as an over reactive parent, I made this video and as soon as we showed it to the doctor he agreed that it looked like IS and admitted Gavin for testing. He was diagnosed with IS and after 10 weeks of hormone therapy shots of ACTH he was cured! It was a miracle drug for us. To all you parents who are coming across nothing but horror stories, please know that there is hope and you too can have a happy ending! Gavin is now a very happy and healthy 20 month old boy!! Completely normal in every "terrible twos" sense of the word. UPDATE: Gavin is 5 years old now and just started Kindergarten. He's one of the best readers in his class. No signs of the IS!!
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What are different types of Epilepsy? - Dr. Vykunta Raju K N
There are various types of epilepsy especially in children. There are various types of classifying these epilepsies. Earlier we call idiopathic epilepsy, now it is replaced by genetic term where epilepsies are caused because of underlying genetic problem. In these children usually the development, IQ everything will be normal. In the family there will be a history of epilepsy. These children are usually well controlled with medications. The second one is symptomatic epilepsy which is the most common cause of epilepsy in India and other developing countries. It is because of underlying brain injury in the past like birth related injury to the brain, cerebral palsy. Infections in children like brain fever, viral encephalitis or bacterial meningitis can cause damage to the brain and develop epilepsy in the future. Other epilepsies are secondary to brain injury like road traffic accident or any other injury. It may be due to stroke in the previous years. These are called symptomatic epilepsies and these children are little difficult to treat compared to idiopathic. These children may require long term medications. Other groups are cryptogenic where based on currently available investigations we are not able to find out the reason. There will be a developmental delay and children are little difficult to control with epilepsy compared to idiopathic epilepsy, but the outcome is better compared to symptomatic epilepsy. Other types of classification are based on etiology, based on where it is arising, if it is a generalised seizures or focal seizure. In generalised seizure there is loss of consciousness and involvement of all the body. In generalised also again there are subtypes like generalised tonic clonic, generalised tonic, generalised clonic, myoclonic, atonic and abscent seizures where the drugs of selection are different compared to focal seizures. Focal seizures origin of epilepsy is from one part of the brain. It is again classified into simple focal or complex focal. Simple focal there is no loss of consciousness. In complex partial seizure there will be loss of consciousness. This classification is helpful to find out where it is arising from the brain and also it is helpful to select the drug of choice. In children there are other epilepsy syndromes like West syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet’s syndrome which are difficult to control. In syndromic epilepsy classification there are two types like benign epilepsy syndrome where epilepsy can be controlled usually or malignant epilepsy syndrome where it is difficult to control. Some of the rare epilepsy are like hot water epilepsy which is usually found in Karnataka, they will develop convulsions following hot water bath. In children whenever they get fever they can develop convulsions. So there are various types of epilepsy.
Infantile Spasms Miracle
This is a video telling the story of our son Andrew, who was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms just short of 6 months old. He was healed by the hand of God through treatment with a drug called ACTH. We are posting this because when we did research about this condition, we saw nothing that offered us much hope. If your child is having spasms similar to what you see here, please take him or her to a pediatric neurologist RIGHT NOW. The spasms themselves are cause by chaotic brain activity that actually causes brain damage. The longer it goes on, the more damage will be done. Don't take no for an answer. Demand an EEG, which should show a pattern of brain waves called hypsarrhythmia. Ours was not caused by an underlying brain malformation or chromosomal disorder, so that weighed in Drew's favor, but early treatment can only help. I repeat, if your child is showing these symptoms, video tape it and take it to your Ped. or directly to a Ped. Neurologist or even the Emergency Room and don't take no for an answer. You must advocate for your child. Good treatments are available and God still does miracles. Do not lose hope!
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