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Heavy Vehicle Truck Wash walkthrough
To view the full Dowdens Case Study visit: http://bit.ly/1IQiGXj Downer EDI Mining engaged Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment [Brisbane] to deliver a Heavy Vehicle Wash Bay and associated plant treatment equipment at the Meandu Coal Mine located in Tarong, South East Queensland. Downer's project brief to Dowdens Brisbane was for the design / manufacture / installation and commissioning of a Heavy Vehicle Wash Bay capable of processing a minimum of 5 vehicles per day. Meandu Mine required this new Heavy Vehicle Wash Bay to be constructed after the mine recently purchased a fleet of new generation trucks which are considerably larger in size compared to their existing fleet.
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Queensland Edition 20: Downer EDi - Maryborough
Filmed: Saturday 30/1/2016 Not affiliated or endorsed by Transport for NSW Find Me On Social Media: Facebook: Transport for NSW Vlogs Twitter: @tfnsw_vlogs Instagram: transport_for_nsw_vlogs Flickr: tfnsw_vlogs Snapchat: tfnsw
Peter Reidy- Downer Australia
32,000 children are homeless. Let's spare a thought for them.
High Capacity Metro Trains project
In Pakenham East, Victoria, a 118 hectare site is being recreated to store and maintain 30 of Melbourne’s 65 next-generation trains, as part of the Victorian Government's $2.3 billion High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) project. Evolution Rail, comprising of Downer, CRRC and Plenary, is proud to be partnering with the State on this project, which is set to transform Melbourne's public transport system.
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Case Study: Downer Connect
Downer Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest business success stories. With a long and storied history that stretches back to the 19th century, the company has grown to have development interests in many industries, primarily mining and construction in Australia and New Zealand. The company employs well over 56,000 people across 300 sites internationally, focusing on homegrown development projects in Australia and New Zealand but also growing in areas like the Asia-Pacific region, South America and Southern Africa. https://ifactory.com.au/news/case-study-downer-connect
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South Maitand Railways Today
PL3 leads a group of empty wagons to Pelton Colliery. Hunter Valley NSW
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Our Scaffolders
Meet our Scaffolders from Capital Scaffold: Shane + Macca! We love Capital Scaffolding!
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GoPro: Building in the Australian Bush
This is a story all about how, I packed up and moved to Australiar, brought a plane ticket and now I'm here where the weathers great and the grass is browner. I moved to Australia ( Sydney mainly )1 and half years ago to start my adventure, my step sister kelly is living in mainly so I shifted in with her, I had a Month off work to explore before I ran out of money and had to find work in my trade as a carpenter. I found work within a week of looking, considering I only had a battery drill and my tool belt with me. The day I started my new job my mate Gared gave me a call from the mines in moronbah ( Queensland ) and said there was a job going, so a decision had to be made with catching a Flight the next morning, so off I went to the mines, after a couple of months of working 10 hour days ( 60/70 hour weeks ) the work ran out and I was back in mainly with another month off work to chillax and to start a new journey. I put an ad on the gumtree website describing what I specialised in, with in a week I received a call from David asking if I would like to be involved in a project he was starting in Christmas creek valley ( Brisbane ) so I flew up to check out the job and what was involved the following weekend, he picked me up from the train station and took me 2 hours out of Brisbane into the middle of nowhere with huge mountains and running creeks. When I arrived I quickly realised there was no reception or internet at the property which was a main house and an old tool shed roughly 49 square metres which was to be converted into a studio apartment. After doing bits and pieces over the weekend we negotiated a rate per hour and food and accommodation provided for the stay. The following Wednesday we started work using a generator for our power and limited solar panels for lighting with a long drop as a toilet and the creek from showering we were set to start, I drew up some plans for what we were wanting to accomplish and away we went. The First week of work David had gone away for the weekend and left me to explore, there was a xl 250cc Honda that I could use to Cruze the paddocks on, the only problem was I had run out of smokes and was getting desperate, so I decided to see how close the shops were as it seemed like all farm land out of the valley, I ended up 50km from the property just outside of town when the cops got me cruising down the motorway with a singlet on, stubbies and flip flops looking fly as. Long story short they now have my finger prints mug shots and 1500$ but lucky David and Grettle were very forgiving ( as their son was bit of a rebel when he was younger ) I got to keep my job With plenty of cooking and eating around the fire the stories started to be told, as I ended up finding out that David was Mr YO HO Diablo a Toy he mass produced around the world, the same error as the chatter rings and yo yo's, I didn't believe him at first until I saw him busting out some moves and the boxes upon boxes of yo ho Diablos and other inventions and gadgets. After 3 months of solid work 10 hour days 7 days a week the job was complete as the video shows, and they wanted me to continue working on their next project which was the upper house, which I also designed and constructed,( everything we used on the two projects had to be either recycled or hard wood timber) after discussing with them what they wanted to do I had to bring some of my fellow kiwi mates over to give me a Hand ( Gareth & Mitchell ) as we spent the next month re-stumping the upper house along with installing solar panels and designing a Septic system to suit the property. After a few weeks of working with the boys we decided that we deserved a night out on the town in Brisbane, so booked a hotel where our other fellow kiwi mates were staying and got on the piss. The first night went down well with everyone pretty hung over the next morning. Alright round two, let's do this.... After waking up the next morning to discover Gareth was missing with all sorts of questions running threw our minds ( as he has a long term girlfriend ) I received a call from the coppers yet again saying that he's been locked up with only one phone call, As he apparently broke one of the sculptures outside the casino, (shittttt) another phone call to David it is. Which ended up with Mitchell and I leaving Gareth in Brisbane to face the courts on Monday. Gareth missed out on 3 days of work and got a 800$ fine (ouch). After my friends headed back home I still had a few months of work to finish off and ended up spending Christmas and New Years with David and Grettles family ( at this point I have pretty much been adopted at 24 years old ) in total I ended up working 6 months straight with 2 weeks off in the middle to give me a good head start in Australia but New Zealand will always be my home. To follow more adventures and videos please subscribe to Pennell productions on YouTube Signing off the last of the great white carpenters
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Beecroft resident Monica Tan wants to #StopAdani
"大家好!我叫monica。你知道煤炭谋杀大堡礁? / Hi, my name is Monica. Did you know coal is killing the Great Barrier Reef?" Beecroft residents on 18 May, 2017 joined a national week of action against a government proposal to hand $1bn of taxpayer money to the Adani coal project in northern Queensland. Stop Adani Beecroft want Australia to do its fair share in combatting climate change, not dig up coal from Adani’s massive Carmichael mine and create billions of tonnes of pollution that will irreversibly damage the Great Barrier Reef and impact global climate change. Adani will potentially be the largest coal mine in Australia’s history. The scale of this mine, and the other nine mines proposed for the Galilee Basin, would not only have enormous impacts on climate change but also Queensland’s groundwater resources and risk the pollution of local rivers. Learn more: http://www.stopadani.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Stop.Adani.Beecroft/
Dave Hughes, 1998
Popular Aussie comedian Dave Hughes gets the crowd laughing with his stories about work experience, stealing grapes and being on the dole.
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English/Nat A 120-strong Australian business delegation accompanied by Australian Minister for Primary Industries, John Anderson, is in Taiwan for the first ever Australia-Taiwan Forum. China has formally protested Anderson's visit, coming just days after the Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, visited Beijing. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and objects to any visits to the island by government officials from countries they have diplomatic ties with. Over 300 business delegates from Australia and Taiwan met on Thursday at the inaugural Australia Taiwan Forum. Taiwan is Australia's sixth largest export market with bilateral trade of some 4 (b) billion US dollars in 1995. Visiting the forum was the Australian Minister for Primary Industries, John Anderson - a visit China has expressed anger over. Beijing sees such visits as a form of unofficial recognition of Taiwan's government. Australia has stressed the visit is in a private capacity and the Minister was quick to emphasise the focus on trade and not politics. SOUNDBITE: We are outcomes oriented and consistent with the long-term policy of closer economic ties within the context of the one China policy, is Australia's commitment, is our position. We certainly see no reason to change it. SUPER CAPTION: John Anderson, Australian Minister for Primary Industries and Energy One of the possible developments Taiwan is hoping for soon is an agreement on uranium sales from Australia. Taiwan has three nuclear plants and currently imports around 15 (b) billion Taiwan dollars worth of Uranium each year from the U-S, South Africa and Namibia. Now they hope to reach a deal to buy Australian uranium. There is, however, resistance from China for such a deal. John Anderson was non-commital on the issue. SOUNDBITE: We are considering our options. As you know Australia is liberalising its uranium mining policy. We obviously will not compromise our commitments to ensuring that sales are made consistent with our objectives, it being used for peaceful purposes and in accord with all processes and requirements for safety usage. SUPER CAPTION: John Anderson, Australian Minister for Primary Industries and Energy Earlier this year, the business wing of Taiwan's governing Nationalist party said it was considering building a 1,400-kilometre (840-mile) railway in northern Australia. The forum continues until Friday. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/eca94d513a6fdd8ba7b6f3a5e938d7ac Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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