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The Pacific History they dont teach you in School DVD Trailer
The PACIFIC HISTORY they dont teach at school DVD out now! Learn about the great Polynesian NAVIGATORS who were in America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus. Learn about the lost written language of Polynesia, The RONGORONGO SCRIPT. Learn about the Polynesians who were traded as slaves In Australia. Learn about the famous LESA Court Case where the Privy Council, the highest Court in the Commonwealth, made ALL Samoans born IN Samoa New Zealand citizens! Learn about the Genocide of our Pacific Brothers and Sisters in West Papua and much more! Order a copy now! Email us at [email protected] or find us on our Everyone For Samoa facebook and twitter pages or our website everyoneforsamoa.com. But this isnt for just Samoans. Its for all the people of the Pacific! It is time for our PACIFIC HISTORY to be taught and it is time to see the brilliance in your Culture and History, and in yourself!
Loud Mouth League: Japanese Jesus vs Yayo
Watch as Japanese Jesús makes his return to battle rap as he faces Yayo in a fire match at LML owner "SpyMC's Bday Bash" event held at Korovas in San Antonio, TX on June 17th, 2017. Hosted by SpyMC, Foolish Karlito, & The Kid Bootz Leave comments on who you thought won and don't forget to subscribe to the channel! Follow the movement! www.Facebook.com/loudmouthleague www.Twitter.com/loudmouthleague www.Instagram.com/loudmouthleague
Views: 486 TheLoudMouthLeague
LV Cup Final 2011 - Gloucester Try - Dawidiuk
Gloucester Vs Newcastle... One last Try?! It'd be rude not to! Video by - www.facebook.com/troy.linehan Twitter - @troylinehan
Views: 728 Troy Linehan
ABCDE : "Raise The Bar" (Cypher)
Always raise the bar in everything you do. I dont care what it is you do. But whatever it is that you are doing or most passionate about or that you utilize most of your time doing or being active in, RAISE THE BAR. Take a notch higher or farther every time. Out do yourself from the last time. Be BETTER than you were. Work on self improvement on a daily basis. Im not perfect, neither are you. You're always going to fuck up in life. But failures aren't losses. They are blind wins, cause you become stronger and wiser the more you fail in life. Real shit right there. So always learn and never be afraid to fail or fuck up. I've fucked up soooo many times in my life, but it has gotten me to where I AM at today and I AM so grateful to God for this long crazy journey. Damn. Look at me now. Im humbled and proud.. . of YOU. Look how far you have come. If you're reading this right now, you were meant to be guided this way to read this. There is no such thing as coincidence. I knew you were going to stumble across this specific little description message. And it's crazy that I was waiting for you to get here. Alright, get ready. You're about to blow up ! Download my brand new album for FREE right here : http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/abcde702-abcde-s-bars-clearly-define-everything-mixtape.68870.html WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/FIRSTFIVETV WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ABCDE702 TWITTER.COM/ABCDE702 eMAIL. [email protected]

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