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Phi Theta Kappa Induction 2018
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Ben Iota- 'Iota'. Produced by Matchless Gift. Cuts by DJ Snair
Download 'Iota' free- http://www.triplejunearthed.com/BenIota Listen to whole album 'Born Free' at http://www.beniota.com http://www.facebook.com/beniota 'Iota' Lyrics below The first single from the upcoming EP Born 'Free' on Butterthief out June 8 2013. Produced by Matchless Gift. Cuts by DJ Snair Song details 'Iota' by Ben Iota Lyrics written and performed by Ben Iota Production by Matchless Gift Cuts by DJ Snair Recorded at The Boat Lyrics (ChorusX2) Iota, just a component of something bigger Big picture- we're interconnected- no limits No divisions in the living ecosystem Ancient wisdom outlives the ego-driven human condition (Verse) The individual is a myth, Don't believe the hype, this 80s greed straight led us to shit All life- one organism, united it lives Go on- get jokey, get angry, then accept what it is We're so progressive, so clever we're polluting our kids We must hate what we are to put an end to this here, nah In the endless pursuit of growth It's artificial greed spawning artificial need- that's why we do it so We've been punked by the powers that be The owners broke our spirit now we no longer believe They capitalise on our fears, turn us against one another Keep us distracted and cash-in while we fight with our peers Raising a flag, misdirected hatred- it's mad Rupert pulling the strings, minorities get the axe Clearly you're whipped, that border you protect with a fist Is an elaborate hoax- it doesn't really exist (DJ Snair Cuts Section- 'realise that we are one regardless of our birthplace'- Immortal Technique) (Verse) (and in light of that) you're not sharing your things in the land of plenty Where the native were forced to sacrifice so you could have everything Your boat people rocked up in their galleys And now your racism thrives in the subsequent damage Divided and conquered we consume ignorance Unfulfilled by the dream we are sold, turn on what's different And fit the mould like a militant Humanity's the enemy, the lines are imaginary See I believe in something past the superficial divisions The rampant greed and materialism There's more than this, the truth is we are one organism Connected with all that is, I'm sure of it (Chorus) Iota, just a component of something bigger Big picture- we're interconnected- no limits No divisions in the living ecosystem Ancient wisdom outlives the ego driven human condition (Verse) Wise man said we've got more in common than not Just different paths to the same destination we trot Different beliefs, different cultures, different patches of dirt Same goal of happiness before divisions occur People really are the same in a round-about way And if you step out your backyard you'll see this at play Or stay blind to the ways and not evolve to the age They'll say humanity sold out and found out too late Logical conclusion, when the lust for power is the seed When we've f#cked up the earth it's the optimal solution When we keep consuming and listening to the ego And living in a bubble while the imminent is looming I heard for every reaction is a reaction And energy that you put out is gonna come back again Cliché because it happens We're interconnected with each other in an ocean of waves clashing And random acts of compassion It's in our nature to keep this world on its axis Ancient wisdom beckons, we must adapt and evolve Before we bring a quick end and it goes black again (Chorus) Iota, just a component of something bigger Big picture- we're interconnected- no limits No divisions in the living ecosystem Ancient wisdom outlives the ego driven human condition (spoken word) Big picture, bigger than Hip Hop It is a chip off, it's a channel, don't get it twisted Your petty people judgements, insignificant I wouldn't sweat it too much, it's all subjective, but I admire your diligence The mind is the miracle, One that'll never reach the pinnacle, it doesn't exist The journey is the miracle, creation spiritual Just enjoy the ride, give what you can and don't be a prick, You're an iota
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Ben Iota  'Born Free'. Featuring Janey Housego. Produced by Matchless Gift
Ben Iota: Born 'Free'. Listen to whole album 'Born Free' at www.beniota.com https://www.facebook.com/beniota Song details Born 'Free' by Ben Iota featuring Janey Housego Lyrics written and performed by Ben Iota Production by Matchless Gift Recorded at The Boat Out through Butterthief Lyrics (Verse) The winds reveal, done the knowledge digging in the field Swallowed the bitter pill, zeitgeist, it isn't real Freedom infinite, space and time traversed with simple choice GO! Flow like water, eastern philosophy is in the voice Done the deal with free-thinkers, lost my religion And put that tradies' dream to the back- it wasn't mine- too busy thinking Linking colonialism, with what we have before us Identified with minorities in the alienation I as enduring Guts pouring, purging indoctrination, like not celebrating Jan 26 because you recognised the caper but it's clearer than ever, found alternative ways of thinking both endearing and clever, and like they say 'Eff the Haters' Don't own any land that's why I'm free and life is what you make it Long live Sagan, Noam, Pilger, Zinn and Carlin Darwin, Marx and even Rogan, who took these pieces and rearranged em Paving roads so we can take em I'm feeling so-an-so, kinda spacey, like the basics, nice and blazey Don't smoke but I'm annihilating acres Born Free! In this elaborate matrix, some say crazy Reserve judgement; stay meditating, 2012 elevating, Born Free (Bridge sung by Janey Housego) Free, free, free Born Free Free, free, free Born Free (verse) So if knowledge is power then education, liberation Know from experience, switched positions, made the infiltration It took a lick of patience, transcend this fight or flight Had to sit with paper, create and new view from this frustration To the next stage, sh#t has changed, check the name I shed my skin, breath of fresh, I let it in, levitated They said I'd changed, like it's strange, little man I lived and learnt To get where I am, where are you? Behind the fame, good luck with that I ride the flame, run like hell, get my vitamins, jump my girl Embrace the pain, divorced the drudgery, can be ugly, but love the world Breathing in the hate and the love, travelling unrestrained- give a WHUT Destination unknown, gung-ho, keep moving with that pain in the gut Now I've got the taste and the buzz, can't be stopped, it's opening up Life is crazier than any movie, it's tough, but it's a labour of love Anarchy in the DNA, seizing the day, free in the frame Competing for the claim just to remember what it's like to be, born free (Chorus sung by Janey Housego) In my life I've travelled far, I've travelled wide and I I'm in this new state of mind I tried, to forget my past, leave it behind I, I am born free, this is the ride
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DKD Theta Presents
Gamma Chapter's DKD presents at the University of Texas at Austin. Fall 2008.
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ORIGINAL COMMUNAL: March 1989 Harlem, New York City Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose, Founder & CEO at International Black Women's Congress, a clinical sociologist, professor, community leader, consultant and author, is a graduate of Morgan State University, Fisk University and the University of Iowa. She has more than thirty years of teaching experience, having taught at Case Western Reserve, Rutgers, and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rodgers-Rose taught African American Studies at Princeton University for sixteen years, and most recently at Drew University. Dr. Rodgers-Rose is equally at home in the non-academic world, having served as a consultant to: Stanford University Center for Research and Development in Teaching; United States Army Equal opportunity Program; Educational Testing Services; Bell Core; bell Labs; and AT&T. She has lectured extensively throughout the United States on topics dealing with the Black woman, Black family, Black leadership, cultural diversity, youth motivation, school discipline, rites of passage for girls, parenting skill development and various aspects of male/female relationships. Dr. La Francis Rodgers-Rose is a founding member and past president of the Association of Black Sociologists and the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists. She has been honored by the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women with their highest award, the Noble/Women International Leadership Award. She was an Essence Magazine Woman of the Month; received the founder’s award from the Association of Black Sociologists. In 2004, she was honored by the governor of New Jersey, the General Assembly and the cites of Newark, East Orange, Trenton and Camden for community service. She is a Fulbright Fellow to Africa, a past Distinguished Sociology Scholar, a member of Delta Sigma theta Sorority and Iota Phi Lambda Sorority. Dr. Rodgers-Rose is editor of the Black Woman, acclaimed as a pioneering, comprehensive social psychological book on Black women; co-editor of Every Black Woman Should Wear a Red Dress and River of Tears: The Politics of Black Women’s Health with Delores P; Aldridge. She is also the co-author with her late brother, Dr. James T. Rodgers of Strategies for Resolving Conflicts in Black Male and Female Relationships. Dr. Rodgers-Rose is founder and CEO of the International Black Women’s Congress, a non-profit, grassroots networking organization, whose mission is to bring forth exemplary models of African womanhood. In 1993, she was enstooled as Nana Obaapanyin Akosua Asantewaa Ofosua I of Aburi, Ghana. On October 19, 2002, Dr. Rodgers-Rose was given a precious gift and a new lease on life when received a heart transplant. ********MOYNIHAN'S REPORT************* http://web.stanford.edu/~mrosenfe/Moynihan's%20The%20Negro%20Family.pdf ***********WILLIE LYNCH LETTER************ Note for the Unbelievers: If no plan or convention like this was ever launched, why are the results desired here so ridiculously and blatantly apparent today? What other reasons caused slave rebellions and resistances to die down? https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=http://www.thegoyslife.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/willie_lynch_full_6pg.pdf
License Plates @ Spirit Station, GET GREEK!
License Plates at Spirit Station, GET GREEK!
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North Dallas Ques "Santa Ques 2016"
"Santa Ques" Each year the Alpha Iota Iota chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, launch is it's annual community outreach initiative the Santa Ques. During the holiday season the chapter adopts a family that due to vital circumstances, would not be able to provide a true Christmas for themselves. In an effort to spread love and joy during the holidays, The chapter selects a family and delivers gifts in the true Omega spirit. This years family, a single Mother of two sons, suffered a brain aneurysm, October of this year. During this time, a brother of Omega Psi Phi took her son in and treated him as his own. The brothers of A.I.I. were blessed to have an opportunity to be a blessing to this family during the Season on Giving. Merry Christmas and God Bless to all.
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Ministry Gifts - Part 1
This week Pastor Garry D. Zeigler of Spirit Food Christian Center in Winnetka, CA starts a new series on the subject "Ministry Gifts". This new series also builds on the previous series "How To Win With God". Make sure you don't miss this wonderful message. More Information Below: ADDRESS: 20550 Roscoe Blvd Winnetka, Ca 91306 (SFCC is located on the campus of the Canoga Park Community Seventh-Day Adventist Church) PHONE NUMBER: 818-341-7100 WEBSITE: http://www.myspiritfood.org DONATIONS: http://www.myspiritfood.com/donations... SUNDAY's at Spirit Food Christian Center Intercessory Prayer - 9:00am Worship Service - 9:30am New Members Class - 8:30am Spiritual Growth Class - 8:30am *Corporate Prayer every 4th Sunday at 5:00pm TUESDAY's at Spirit Food Christian Center Intercessory Prayer - 6:30pm Bible Study - 7:30pm MONDAY - THURSDAY's at Spirit Food Christian Center Enroll in our biblical school called S.O.B.I (School of Biblical Instruction) The school is designed for the students to take the required courses at their own rate with the exception of those who believe they have a calling upon their life. Our mission is to provide students with quality Biblical teaching through anointed experienced instructors in a manner that results in practical application in their daily lives. Classes are: Monday through Thursday at 6:30pm For more Information on: School Registration Classes Offered Class Schedule Class Location School Tuition Fees S.O.B.I Book List's *Please call (818) 297-8374 or visit us online: http://www.myspiritfood.com/contentView.php?page=371
the party
All Michael wanted to do was talk to Lauren at the party. Created by DayDream United at California State University, Long Beach in 2010 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival. the party Cast & Crew : Michael Ballin - Captain with ---------- Become a Fan of CMF on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/campusmoviefest Follow CMF on Twitter: @campusmoviefest http://www.twitter.com/campusmoviefest Subscribe to CMF on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/campusmoviefest To learn more about CMF please visit: http://www.campusmoviefest.com More info - CMF Campus MovieFest movie short film festival fest five minutes '5 minutes' 'short film' 'one week' university college coed student 'film festival' 'world's largest' California State University, Long Beach 2010 '7 days' seven
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Sweetheart of SAI
Performed at the SAI National Convention 2015
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"A Legacy of Love" - Dillard University Concert Choir Alumni tribute to Prof. S. Carver Davenport
On Saturday, March 29, 2014, hundreds of Dillard University alumni Concert Choir members made their triumphant return to their alma mater to commemorate the 40th Year Anniversary of Mr. S. Carver Davenport as Director of Choirs and Associate Professor of Music. The tribute performed here is "His Light Still Shines", arranged by Moses G. Hogan. The soloist is Mr. Tyrone Johnson (http://www.tyronejohnson.com/), the pianist is Mr. Timothy David Ray. Please show your support and love for Mr. Davenport by donating to the scholarship fund established in his name at: www.gofundme.com/davenport40th
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Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha is the first Black, inter-collegiate Greek-lettered fraternity. It was founded on December 4, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Its founders are known as the "Seven Jewels". It employs an icon from Ancient Egypt, the Great Sphinx of Giza, as its symbol. Its aims are "manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind," and its motto is First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All. Its archives are preserved at the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center. Chapters were chartered at Howard University and Virginia Union University in 1907. The fraternity has over 290,000 members and has been open to men of all races since 1940. Currently, there are more than 730 active chapters in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Gamma Phi Mills Music Mission
The Gamma Phi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia at Texas State University went to Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas to sing Christmas carols for the patients and the staff! This is a quick glimpse at what we did that day.
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Come to the 60th Annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas!
In the beginning Greeks became famous for writing philosophy, forefathers of democracy, warriors against the Persians, Turks and Romans, and since the beginning of time lovers of culture, food, dancing and the arts And today this still holds true...in Dallas...every year the Greeks come alive- this year it’s the 60th annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas, an opportunity to share with the Dallas community the ethnicity, spiritual aspects and understanding of who we are as Greek Orthodox. The event is a fundraiser for the Church, but really about reaching out and touching the people of Dallas as a cultural bridge so the city gets to know who we are and enjoy the Greek culture. So, if you’ve been a guest before...welcome back to one of the country’s best annual Greek Food Festivals. However, If you are yet to be Greek for a day - xαίρετα…”greetings” and καλωσόρισμα…”welcome” to Dallas’ Greek Food Festival being held this-- September 23rd through 25th for a weekend of food delicacies, music and culture and more It all started back in 1956 as a bake sale for the church and now look how its grown! For nearly a year, the members of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church plan, cook and create an amazing weekend of festivities for families young and old alike. Bring your appetite and enjoy many of the traditional foods of Greece. What would a first class festival be without...Shopping! We invite you to take a stroll into the Agora, or market place where you will find everything from fine Greek jewelry and art, to hand-painted icons and several booths with a host of trinkets you can buy for others, making them think you just returned back from the old country! Make sure you take the time to attend a church tour. Steeped in tradition and rituals, the tours are hosted by the priests, deacons and elders of our parish, sharing with you the oldest religion known to man. The brilliant and sacred beauty of the church is both inspiring and humbling to those that enter. So Regardless of your religion or faith, we hope your visit into our Church moves you as much as it moves us. Come join us for the 60th Annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas. OPA!! Info at http://greekfestivalofdallas.com
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ADX Alpha Delta Chi Dodgeball Tournament Promo
SLO PATV gets an EXCLUSIVE inside look at how San Luis Obispo's Team Spectrum gears up for this year's Dodgeball Tournament benefitting Lifewater International. More info on the event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=259754761362 Lifewater International: http://www.lifewater.org/
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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
this is the first of my Divine 9 series. I am not affiliated with this fraternity nor was I compensated to do this video!! I hope you enjoy this series!!
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Minister Sharda Brown - Destroying the Enemy with this thing called Ministry
Minister Sharda Brown preaches her trial sermon as she is elevated to the office of Minister.
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Beta Sigma Fraternity UNO-R Outreach
http://BetaSigma.net Even the hot temperatures couldn't wilt the spirits of the Beta Sigma Fraternity UNO-R Chapter volunteers. During the last weekend of October '06, these six Betans braved the elements and invested hours of labor or "sweaty equity" into building homes and helping the community. It is truly inspirational to be a small part of a much larger effort, knowing that Beta Sigma can impact a community in a positive way.
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Zeta Phi Rho Theta Chapter Lambda Class Harana
Zeta Phi Rho Theta Chapter Lambda Class Harana at Formals May 4, 2012
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2015 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter Wigs for Awareness Campaign
2015 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Rho Epsilon Zeta Chapter Wigs for Awareness Campaign
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What Is A Probate In A Sorority?
Oregon state black fraternities and sororities follow their own traditions in pledging a fraternity greek life glossary montclair universitygreek terminology sorority 101 wingate university orgsync. 16 apr 2006 also, other greeks will show up, especially those of that sorority or fraternity that the probate is of and their sorors and brothers from other 19 nov 2012. Brag about the awesome 5 dec 2016 3probates are not held by every greek fraternity or sorority in fact, it is a tradition exclusive to fraternities and sororities of color like nphc on college campuses with an active system, probate refers formal ceremonies when pledges officially accepted as full members into you learn more life, you'll want get acquainted these frequently used new member presentation (aka rollout, probate) i was 'raised' understanding that shows meant publicly celebrate one's crossing life how letters chosen system? What does lavalier refer sorority? required? alumni alumnae initiated who have graduated vsu zeta phi beta sorority, inc. Fraternity bid an invitation to join ifc fraternity or npc sorority. Student engagement & diversitywhat is a sorority probate? How was this born in the culture greek life terms 23 best images about probate. Pretty girls sweat prettygirlssweat article greek life what probate url? Q webcache. An initiated member's first step show is called a probate. What is a sorority probate? Fraternity and terminology. Greek life what is a probate? Urban dictionary probate. Kappa alpha psi april '13 probate (niversity of texas at austin!!! welcome to omega phi fraternity, inc 10 apr 2014 for those you who are unaware, a is ceremony and revealing pledging become apart sorority or new member presentation also referred as probate, that celebrates members in the multicultural greek communit 3 dec 2012 duke's eight historically black fraternities sororities national pan hellenic council hold ceremonies present each fraternity has unique way stepping, many now step well. Greek life what is a probate? Greek Urban dictionary probate. 11 apr 2017 the meat of our existence is based on you making an even stronger presence after your probate mask comes off. It is an exciting time for the greek community when new members join. Truths every black fraternity or sorority neo needs to hear but why everyone see a probate the odyssey online. 22 apr 2014 a probate is a new member presentation where the newest members present history, reveal who they are and often step or stroll. It's probate season! mefeateroffice of student life. Alpha kappa alpha sorority probate 2k12 youtube. Greek life what is a probate? . Watch the videos below to see four recent probates from each nphc sorority!. Probate coming out show a performance by newly inducted or soon to be members active initiate member who is initiated into lifelong fraternity sorority probate presentation the introduction of new an nphc mgc chapter definitions commonly used greek life terms, provided student activities
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Ladies Favorites - Johnson & Wales Gym Grand Opening
Ladies Favorites going old school at the Johnson & Wales Gym Grand Opening! be sure to like us on FB www.facebook.com/ladiesfavorites, and follow us on twitter @ladiesfavorites
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Barbara Jordan Statue Unveiling Event
http://www.utexas.edu/ Watch distinguished speakers and performers celebrate and honor Barbara Jordan's life and legacy through the historical unveiling of the first woman statue on The University of Texas at Austin campus.
UMOJA special performance for the Special Shoppers 12-3-2009
5 members of the UMOJA male stepteam were volunteering at the four seasons town centre in Greensboro NC for the Special Shoppers. Where you help The disabled shop. So there was a request to see them step and this was the quick step they did. mind you they were not planning to step.
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University of San Diego
The University of San Diego is a private Roman Catholic university in San Diego, California. The university offers 42 baccalaureate degrees, and several degrees in law, nursing,,and other doctorate programs. The university comprises seven different academic colleges. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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AKP-CDS feeding project
Is our annual activity in which we impart God's Providence, both Spiritual and Corporeal, in our gratitude to His Kindness for each of us in our district. This Program is celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass and a Feeding Project in which we can gather ourselves, together with the indigent children, as one happy family on The 3rd Saturday of February. This is our way of sharing the blessings which The Lord has bestowed on us for each passing year, especially for His Peace and Continual Blessing, that kept us together through the years and for the years to come. May The Lord Bless us always. Longlive akp-cds!!! Longlive Alpha Kappa Rho!!!
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Introducing MUyoga!
Introducing a gentle form of hatha yoga, infused with the healing spirit of MU: http://www.freewebs.com/templemu/
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Prophetic Move Dance Team 1st Concert 2011-1
What an amazing concert.... more like a worship experience..
FAMU's Apple Pinning Ceremony
FAMU's Apple Pinning Ceremony April 2007
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Giants 2018 Live Event
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USF Housing LIVE! - 205
Watch this special episode focused on fraternity & sorority life at the University of South Florida. Meet representatives from all four councils and learn more!
@ThetaEtaNupes Of Kappa Alpha Psi Present: "Achievement"
#KAPSI #Achievement #FSU #NUPES #1911 #ThetaEtaNupes #FAMU #Kappas #FSU NUPES #NationalPan-HellenicCouncil #BSU #Achievement #Greek #FloridaStateUniversity #FloridaA&MUniversity #TCC #Diamond #Seminoles #College
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JCCC Board of Trustees Meeting for April 17, 2014
The monthly meeting of the JCCC Board of Trustees which was held on April 17, 2014.
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Hands-On With Android P's New Swipe-Based Gesture System
Google yesterday introduced the newest version of Android, Android P, at its Google I/O developer conference held in Mountain View, California. Android P includes a few enticing features like a new Dashboard for monitoring usage and an adaptive battery feature for improving battery life, but what was of interest to iPhone users was the new gesture system. Android P adopts a new gesture-based system interface that's reminiscent of the interface of the iPhone X, so we decided to download the Android P beta to check it out for ourselves. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/05/09/hands-on-with-android-p/
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