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out and about checking out mine shafts some of these are very dangerous ..esp at night when walking around ..take care out here
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Cue, Western Australia (HD)
Cue, Western Australia (HD) - Cue, WA Tourism and vacation Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=World1Tube The small town of Cue in Western Australia's Murchison Region is to me a particularly interesting outback town. Like so many old WA mining towns, Cue has thrived and floundered over the years with times of boom and bust. The town was established in 1893 following the discovery of gold in the area the year before, which sparked a gold rush to the remote Murchison Region desert. In its heyday at the beginning of the twentieth century Cue was home to over 10000 people, a thriving and prosperous town known as "The Queen of the Murchison". These days things couldn't be more different. With a population of less than 300, Cue is very close to being a ghost town. When we visited Cue earlier this year the wide streets were still and silent beneath a big blue desert sky. The whole time we were there we didn't see a single soul walking around town and we noticed a good number of the buildings were abandoned or up for lease. The empty streets of Cue would have felt really quite spooky if it weren't for the constant parade of roadtrains roaring through on their way between Perth and the Pilbara carrying fuel and massive pieces of mining equipment. This for me is what made Cue such a memorable place -- the decay and ghostliness of the semi-abandoned town, and the way it felt as if time had stood still there ever since the 1930′s. However I have a feeling that Cue might be quite a different place in a few years time as the shire seems to be going to some effort to restore the town's buildings to their former glory and attract more visitors to the town and surrounding region. And with rumours of a new big mine opening in the area, the population could soon be set to rise again. Gracious Heritage Architecture in Cue =========================== Walking around the streets of Cue feel like stepping back in time. Not much appears to have changed on the main street over the years. Almost all of the buildings are the original ones that were built in the 1890′s and 1900′s -- some still serving their original purpose, some beautifully restored and others abandoned and left to ruin. While a lot of the old heritage Goldrush-era buildings look crumbling and decrepit, I can still understand why Cue's town slogan is "Queen of the Murchison". Some of the old sandstone buildings sure are grand for a dusty outpost in the middle of nowhere! Visiting and Exploring Around Cue, Western Australia =============================== If you happen to be heading up Great Northern Highway for any reason -- on your way to Karijini and the Pilbara perhaps -- then I highly recommend making a stop in Cue. It is an interesting and memorable place to spend some time in and is well-situated for a stopover on a long outback drive, being 650km from Perth and approximately half way to Newman and Karijini. If you've got a bit of time to spare while you're in the area, it's well worth taking a half-day detour westwards out to Walga Rock and the ghost town Big Bell. Things to See and Do in and Around Cue, Western Australia ================================ Go for a drive or walk around town and have a look at the interesting and beautiful old heritage buildings. Government Buildings -- police station, court house and post office Gentleman's Club (now the shire office) Masonic Lodge building Bank of New South Wales building Rotunda (site of the town's first well) Pensioner huts and old gaol (part of the caravan park) Check out the historical photograph collection in the shire office building (formerly the town Gentleman's Club) to gain some more context to the history of Cue. Drive up to the top of the Radio Tower Hill (Cue Lookout) for views over the town, the nearby mines, and horizon-to-horizon dry red earth. A good idea is to pick up the brochure and follow the Cue Heritage Trail, which will take around to the main attractions in the surrounding area and provide interesting background info. Try fossicking for gold -- you never know, you could get lucky! In late winter and spring the beautiful desert wildflowers bloom to life, carpeting the red dusty ground in fields of colour. This is the best time of year to visit Cue and explore the surrounding country. Camp out for the night or just enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife at Lake Nallan, a nature reserve about 24km north of Cue Or camp/picnic at Milly Soak, 16km north of Cue. Also has a small pioneer cemetery and well Head out west along Austin Downs Road to Walga Rock to see the cave paintings, climb the rock and perhaps camp there for the night. While in the area, check out what remains of Big Bell, a ghost town.
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Gold Prospecting Cue Western Australia 2014
Day 2 of the Gold Prospecting Australia Tour and we have found a patch in an area just outside of Cue.
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Golden State Mining commences exploration in Cue
Golden State Mining commences exploration drilling at its Cue gold project in Western Australia.
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Collapsed gold mine cue w.a ( inside one )
exploring w.a
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Jokers Tunnel - Yalgoo Western Australia
A mining tunnel near Yalgoo Western Australia shrouded in mystery about why it is there.
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Geology of Western Australia
This animation of the 2015 geological map of Western Australia shows the geological development the State during the past 3.8 billion years, highlighting some of the important geological events that have shaped its evolution, as well as the origin of the State's mineral wealth. The animation runs in 100 million year time-slices in which white areas represent areas overlain by younger rocks, or that were not in existence at that time.
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Shire of Meekatharra
http://www.meekatharra.wa.gov.au Situated on the Great Northern Highway, Meekatharra is the largest centre in the Murchison. It's primary industries are mining, cattle and tourism. Flights are available daily from Perth. As seen on Best Country Towns - Episode 3. Channel 44 West TV. Western Australia. Proudly produced in association with http://www.mrgtv.com
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Small scale gold mining WA, Australia ( doze and detect )
Doing a doze and detect small scale mining operation looking for gold nuggets.
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Gold Prospecting Western Australia 2017 part 3
The patch hunt leads us to a virgin gold patch, turning up some nice nuggets in the Central gold fields of Western Australia 2017
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How to use Tengraph ( to find places where you can Prospect in WA )
This is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can use TENGRAPH to find GOOD GROUND to prospect on, in Western Australia, without breaking the law. A lot of people ask me "WHERE CAN I LEGALLY GO?". This video shows an easy way to get that all important info, using readily and publicly available resources provided by the Mines Dept of WA...namely a program called TENGRAPH. If you follow the steps in this video, you will be amazed at the shear amount of info that is available to you..it is literally exhaustive. What I am going to show you here.. is my NUMBER ONE RESEARCH TOOL FOR WA. Enjoy...and please feel free to ask questions and / or send suggestions of other tutorials you would like to see. ..and of course if you liked this, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.... Happy prospecting ...Aussie This Channel features topics such as: Gold Prospecting, Gold Prospecting Australia, How to get Gold, Gold Panning Australia, How to find Gold in Australia, Australian Gold, Gold Nuggets, Alluvial Gold Prospecting Techniques, Metal Detecting, Gemstones, Gem Fossicking, Mapping, Navigation, Gold Research, 4WDing and more. WEBSITE http://www.eurekaprospecting.com.au/ CONTACT http://www.eurekaprospecting.com.au/76/contact-us
Mount Magnet WA
Flying TBS quad over some open mines at a remote town called Mount Magnet about 6 hrs drive from Perth.
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Cue Western Australia Part 2
Another look around Cue, Western Australia to a fun song by The Wind Whistles called Gold Fever.
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Coolgardie gold project - Site trip
Site trip to the Coolgardie gold project which is located 30km from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The site trip takes a closer look at the deposits that make up the project, the exploration potential, existing infrastructure and the toll treatment opportunities.
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Gold Detecting Leonora Western Australia
Bec finds a great little gold nugget right down in the cap rock. It was a hard slog but well worth all that diggin!
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Australia, Cue- Western Australia- Jim Rogers World Adventur
Jim Rogers traveled to 150 countries over 150,000 miles in three years - follow his adventures here on FentonReport. In this video Jim visits Cue in Australia. Copyright Jim Rogers, provided as a special contribution to FentonReport Cue is a small town in the Mid West region of Western Australia, located 650 km north-east of Perth. At the 2006 census, Cue had a population of 273. It is also known as the Queen of the Murchison. Cue is administered through the Cue Shire Council, which has its chambers in the historic Gentlemans Club building. A former shire president was Herbert Hoover, who later became the President of the United States. The current president is Stephen Manning. The Cue Parliament is held twice yearly in May and November. Gold was discovered in 1892 though there is uncertainty as to who made the first find. Michael Fitzgerald and Edward Heffernan collected 260 ounces after being given a nugget by an Aboriginal known as 'Governor'. Tom Cue travelled to Nannine to register their claim, the townsite was gazetted in 1893 and named after Tom Cue. The town's first water supply was a well in the centre of the main street; after an outbreak of typhoid fever, the well was capped with a rotunda built over the top. The water supply was replaced by another well dug near Lake Nallan and carted 20 km south to the townsite. The town of Day Dawn, 8 km south, was established within a year; by 1900 a hospital and cemetery were established between the two towns and they had three newspapers operating. The rivalry between the towns fuelled a diverse sporting culture in the area. Cycling and horse-racing groups held regular events attracting competitors from as far away as Perth and Kalgoorlie.
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came accross this dangerous pit
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Prospecting WA Gold nugget 6 oz+
Found a nice patch out near Cue WA...:)
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Cue, WA
Gold Prospecting Australia Tour - Cue Western Australia
After finding a great little patch in the previous video we continued on to find lot's more gold on the Gold Prospecting Australia Tour in Cue Western Australia. Final weigh in for the tour at the end of the video. It was really great tour and we met lot's of wonderful people as well. The gold was just a huge bonus!
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W.A. A few nugget hunting tips.
Found with the GPX-4500
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Exploring old gold mines and relic hunting at Menzies, Western Australia
Listen to Outlaw In Me (feat. Crucifix) by The Lacs on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/au/132k6?i=975924742
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Abandoned Mines near Pardoo WA
4W Driving
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old mining camp Cue WA
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Cue Western Australia Part 1
We've just returned from a job in Cue, thought I'd put together some footage of the scenery around there. Loving the didgeridoo in the soundtrack by Bertrand Dejean.
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Gold Prospecting Cue WA
The gold just keeps coming from the patch we found at Cue in Western Australia.
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Part 1 Murchison/Gold Fields Ghost town and Ghost mine tour 2015
A tour of the Ghost towns and other attractions around the Murchison and Gold Fields areas of Western Australia. Over 3000Kms done. Sleeping under the stars. Ghost towns, Ghost mines, ruins, aboriginal cave art, meteor crater, townsites, landscape, old stations.
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Gold Prospecting Cue WA - Working The Patch
More gold found at our little patch near Cue!
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Gold Detecting Western Australia - Cue 2014
Bec finds another nugget near the patch from a previous video, which is just outside of Cue in a pending area. Quite a few nuggets were found in between the schist rock formations. There were a lot of hot rocks which gave false signals but we persevered and it was worth it.
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Southern Cross, Western Australia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Southern Cross Western Australia Southern Cross townsite Population: 708 [1] Established: 1890 Postcode: 6426 Elevation: 355 m (1,165 ft) Location: 371 km (231 mi) E of Perth 225 km (140 mi) W of Kalgoorlie 110 km (68 mi) E of Merredin LGA: Shire of Yilgarn State District: Eyre Federal Division: Kalgoorlie Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Annual Rainfall 25.5 °C 78 °F 10.7 °C 51 °F 294.9 mm 11.6 in Coordinates: 31°15′14″S 119°20′38″E/31.254°S 119.344°E/-31.254; 119.344 Southern Cross is a town in Western Australia, 371 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. It was founded by gold prospectors in 1888, and gazetted in 1890.[2] It is the major town and administrative centre of the Shire of Yilgarn.[3] At the 2006 census, Southern Cross had a population of 708.[1] The town of Southern Cross is one of the many towns which run along the Mundaring to Kalgoorlie Goldfields Water Supply Scheme engineered by C. Y. O'Connor.[4] A succession of gold rushes in the Yilgarn region near Southern Cross in 1887, at Coolgardie in 1892, and at Kalgoorlie in 1893 caused a population explosion in the barren and dry desert centre of Western Australia. It is named after the Southern Cross constellation,[2] and the town's most significant streets are named after stars. Southern Cross is on the standard gauge railway from Perth to Kalgoorlie and beyond. The Prospector and Indian Pacific passenger trains service the town. The former narrow gauge railway reached Southern Cross on 1 July, 1894.[5] DON PUGH CARAVAN TRIPP 2008
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2015 dryblowing fo gold
went for a play up on my lease over Christmas phuken hot 40 deg + most days back in the pub by lunch time managed 2 oz for our trouble
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Cue WA Where shovels go to die.
Cue Western Australia. Where shovels go to die !!!
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Small Scale Gold Mining (mini rock crusher-dry blower)
Small scale mining for gold using mini rock crusher and dry blower in Western Australia.
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Ann Finds Gold Near Cue WA
Using the new 8x6 Nugget Finder "Sadie" Coil, Ann finds a gold nugget outside of Cue WA.
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Mining Camps Australia - Full Version
Infomercial about Mining Camps Australia
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Large Gold Dry Blower / Washer in Western Australia
A few clips of us trialing the new dry blower, catching the gold nicely.
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Gold Nugget Find - Cue Western Australia
Another one from the patch at Cue.
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Relic hunting and exploring old mines at Kookynie, Western Australia
Song ‘Highway River’ Apalachee https://youtu.be/9bp5dJ_nOkg
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Newman, Western Australia (HD)
Newman, Western Australia, Newman, WA Tours & Vacation Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=World1Tube Newman Information =================== Newman is located about 1186 km north of Perth and is a town in the Pilbara region. and It is the gateway to the beautiful Karijini National Park, Newman Waterholes the area also features truely authentic Aboriginal rock carvings. Hosting a distinctly outback Australian flavour, there are many things to do and see for visitors. Although Newman is predominatley an Australian mining town originally built to house mining staff, there are fascinating explorations and tourist adventures to be had. It is surrounded by the ancient eroded Ophthalmia Ranges and hosts the largest open cut mine in the world. The iron ore operations at Mount Whaleback have tours available, so see the visitor centre for a tour pass. There is an art gallery and an outdoor mining museum complete with an arts and crafts shop which features an extensive range of Western Australian locally made products. Grab yourself the perfect Aussie gift while here. At Karijini national park there are wildflowers are spread throughout the countryside with local flora such as the Mulla Mulla and the Stuart desert pea. The stunning Pilbara Gorge will leave you breathless and amaze your senses. Nearby the Rundel River National park boasts Australia's largest and most remotest park. Get lost and be alone with time to think and clear your mind. Nature lovers are will guaranteed to be thrilled with Newman. Newman also hosts the first ever golf course in the Pilbara. Originally made for the executives of the mines, now a must play course for any golfing nutter or fanatic. Come check it out Newman information & tourist attractions are brought to you by World Holiday Destination. Book your Newman Accommodation Newman is a town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is located about 1,186 kilometres (737 mi) north of Perth, and 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It can be reached by the Great Northern Highway. In the 2006 Australian census, its population was 4,245. Newman is a modern mining town, with suburban-style homes contrasting with the surrounding reddish desert. The Hickman Crater is 35 kilometres (22 mi) north of Newman. Commercial area ============ Typical of company towns, Newman is laid out with a core, where shopping and hotels are located, surrounded by residential areas, with more industrial activities on the outskirts. There is one shopping mall in the town, two shopping plazas, three hotels, and three bars/restaurants outside of those contained in the hotels. One public outdoor pool serves the town's population. Transport ============ A privately owned railway, the Mount Newman railway, was constructed linking it to Port Hedland which itself was upgraded to handle shipment of the ore to the world market. On 21 June 2001 a train 7.353 km (4.569 mi) long, comprising 682 ore cars and eight locomotives made the Newman—Port Hedland trip and is listed as the world's longest ever train. The ore trains are typically over 2 km long. Newman is also a service town to the nearby mining settlements like Tom Price and Paraburdoo. The town is served by Newman Airport. Architecture ========== Being founded in the 1960s, Newman's architecture reflects the modernist styles of that decade and the next, being predominantly functional and devoid of detail or embellishment. As the town was founded and built by a steel company, the majority of buildings use a steel frame construction. This applies to the suburban style homes themselves, most of them being two prefabricated halves inserted together into a steel I-section frame, the columns of which are left exposed on the exterior of the home. This construction method serves not only to showcase the company's product, but also gives strong resistance to cyclone winds which can affect the region from time to time. For this same reason, most houses are elevated from the ground by a few steps. Many houses also have large air-conditioning units situated next to them to provide adequate cooling against the very hot summer temperatures. Climate ========== Newman has an arid climate, with very hot summers and mild winters. The temperature reaches or exceeds over 38°C almost every day in the summer. On 15 January 1998, the temperature reached an all-time recorded high of 47.0°C. Precipitation is sparse, but the influx of monsoonal moisture in the summer, which generally begins in December and lasts until April, raises humidity levels and can cause occasional heavy storms. Winter months are mild to warm, with daily high temperatures ranging from the 20°C to 26°C (18-22°C), and low (nighttime) temperatures rarely dipping below 6°C.
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Plutonic Gold Mine Western Australia
Aerial View of a Gold Mine, about 1000Kms North East of Perth.
Morning Gold at Cue WA
Gold Detecting
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Gold Prospecting Western Australia - Cue 2014
After collecting a handful of rubbish Ann finds two great little gold nuggets about a meter apart from each other on a pending area just out from Cue in Western Australia.
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Auski Roadhouse - truck stop in the Pilbara, outback Western Australia
Auski Roadhouse is situated between Port Hedland and Tom Price in the Pilbara mining region of Western Australia. Everything you need is here, from great meals to a campground around the back. Be sure to check out the abandoned mining town of Wittenoom nearby too! : Please subscribe for more great outback videos : © OZOUTBACK All rights reserved 2017. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Gold Detecting Western Australia - Rules Talk
Just thought we would put together a short video about the rules of gold detecting in Western Australia. Just remember, before you go detecting in Western Australia you should find out what the rules are and the first thing is to get a WA Miners Right which I forgot to mention in the video, but it is the 1st thing to do on the list provided by the Department of Mines WA website.
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Situation Critical - S01E12 - Coal Mine Disaster
At the Quecreek Mine in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, coal miners accidentally dug into the poorly documented Saxman Mine, causing 500 million tonnes of underground water to flood the Quecreek mine. All nine miners trapped by the water were eventually rescued.
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Halls Creek Gold Day 1 - Gold Prospecting Western Australia
Day one of detecting in Halls Creek Western Australia. Bec catches up and finds two gold nuggets making it a total of three for the day.
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