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Borax Mine
Visit to the Mojave Desert Mine
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Invisible miners
Billions of bacteria are employed in the mining industry, extracting iron, gold, silver, kobolt and other metals in places such as Spanish Rio Tinto, Kasese City in Uganda and Talvivaara in Finland. The EU project BIOMINE is a collaboration between 37 companies who are developing new ways of effectively extracting metals (2009). © MCN produktion AB
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Underground Coal: Pre-Shift Inspection
Frank Kolarik, a foreman at an underground coal mine discusses the basic practices that are part of an underground foreman's pre-shift exam duties. Don Conrad, Mining Consultant, begins the video by discussing a fatal mine accident that involved pre-shifting. Mike Brnich, NIOSH discusses the importance of quality pre-shift exams. Frank also discusses the principles of mine gases, maintaining ventilation controls and rockdusting as well as making good roof checks and air flow measurements. Jim Pablic, Safety Manager at AMFIRE Mining Co., LLC concludes the video with a story that reinforces the importance of good, quality pre-operational checks. Filmed in 2011 as part of Emergency Prevention Performance: An Education and Training Program for Supervisors.
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Webinar: Talking Cat® Underground Mining
Join four experts from Cat® Underground Mining as they talk new products, technology and the future developments in underground hard rock mining solutions. Wrenn Miles, Marketing Manager for Underground Mining, is joined by Steve Rich, Product Manager of Cat Hard Rock Vehicles, along with Randy Schoepke our resident expert on autonomy and technology, and finally, Jay Armburger, our Product Manager for Technology solutions for Underground Mining rounds out the panel. Please join us as we introduce new products and talk all things underground. https://www.cat.com/underground
kameradschaft zollverein
Kameradschaft Zollverein (2015), by Hanae Utamura and Robert Phillips, created at PACT Zollverein Kameradschaft Zollverein is a thirteen-minute video installation, which features excerpts of the 1931 dramatic film Kameradschaft directed by Austrian director G. W. Pabst. The story takes place in the Lorraine/Saar region, along the border between France and Germany, and is based on the Courriéres mine disaster in 1906, where, after a coal dust explosion, rescue experts from from the German Westphalia region joined those from Paris to rescue the trapped miners. Kameradschaft reimagines the incident in 1919, in a mine that straddles the Germany/France border, with various underground gates separating the halves of the mine into respective German and French parts. Despite the post- war tensions and the French occupying the Ruhr area, after the coal dust explosion on the French side, the German miners rally to rescue the trapped French miners. The film is a strong call for comradery and peace between nations, and was released the year before Adolf Hitler ran against Paul von Hindenburg in the German presidential elections. The film also features scenes of the vast showers coal miners would use after work, with sometimes several thousand of them showering at once in the same facility, hoisting their clothes up on ropes toward the ceiling. Similarly, Kameradschaft Zollverein was created at PACT Zollverein, the shower building of the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex which was transformed into a choreographic center and artist residency over time since the cease of operations at the mine. The video installation also features footage taken of the Ruhr Museum, which boasts extensive collections on the geology, archaeology, history, and photography of the Ruhrgebiet, as well as material from and machines used during the operation of the coal mine. While viewing Kameradschaft Zollverein, one might imagine a sort of archivist, someone deeply interested in history – they might be a librarian, or a historian, or perhaps someone who sits in a basement organizing historical documents, without sunlight or other people around. This person organizes, categorizes, arranges, collects, preserves pieces of things from the past for their fellow humans, and future humans to use and learn from. They may not really know how this will happen, but nonetheless this archivist, like an archeaologist wiping the dust off the bones they found, cleans the historical objects, showers them. They clothe them in museum glass or book covers, but most importantly, they rescue them. And they have special tools for their trade, and training and knowledge most people aren’t privileged to have. They have expensive machines to excavate these objects from the past, and also to clean them, and to preserve them, and to make them maximally useful. Like most of us, this archivist has heard Santaya’s quote, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Whether it be an event that devastated a species unrelated to their own, or some act of war that resulted in generations of their ancestors’ oppression, or out of sympathy for the pain their own ancestors have caused others, the archivist seek to help themselves and others learn from the trauma of the past. Perhaps others turn a blind eye to history because it is simply too painful to learn about. Only this archivist, and others like them, have the bravery, the ethical imperative in fact, to unearth the truth about the past, to show this proof, this actual, historical object to the world, in all of its inarguable reality. But, perhaps the protagonist archivist of our imagination discovers this historical traumatic object, and displays it before others, to effect the course of history in the future, to show humanity, to teach them of past wrongs so they may create future rights – perhaps the archivist finds that the historical object they have carefully excavated, can not in fact speak, and if it speaks, no one listens. What if this historical object’s tale of the past falls on the deaf ears of the present? What if this object is dead, and has no life?
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NEOLITHIC FLINT MINE - GRIMES GRAVES (E.H) history in description
HISTORY: ............... Grime’s Graves is the only Neolithic flint mine open to visitors in Britain. This grassy lunar landscape of 400 pits was first named Grim’s Graves by the Anglo-Saxons. It was not until one of them was excavated in 1870 that they were identified as flint mines dug over 5,000 years ago. Grime's Graves is a large Neolithic flint mining complex in Norfolk, England. It lies 8 km (5.0 mi) north east from Brandon, Suffolk in the East of England. It was worked between c. 3000 and c. 1900 BC, although production may have continued well into the Bronze and Iron Ages (and later) owing to the low cost of flint compared with metals. Flint was much in demand for making polished stone axes in the Neolithic period. Much later, when flint had been replaced by metal tools, flint nodules were in demand for other uses, such as for building and as strikers for muskets. In order to remove the chalk efficiently, the ancient miners built wooden platforms and ladders as they dug downwards and piled the spoil around the shaft opening using turf revetments to hold it in place for the season, when the shaft and all its galleries were thoroughly and fastidiously backfilled to promote stability. The landscape around Grime's Graves has a characteristic pockmarked appearance caused by the infilled shafts. This is probably what inspired the later Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of the area to name it after their god Grim (literally the masked, or hooded one, a euphemism for Woden). Although the pagan Anglo-Saxons seem to have had some idea of what the site was, as the name of the site means literally 'The masked one's quarries,' (or Grim's Graben,) it wasn't until Canon William Greenwell excavated one of the shafts from 1868- 1870 that their purpose was discovered in modern times. Other similar sites have been found in Europe like Cissbury in the United Kingdom, Krzemionki in Poland and Spiennes in Belgium. Tools[edit] Deer antler pick The miners used picks fashioned from the antler of red deer. They probably used wooden shovels, although this is only inferred by analogy with other flint mines with better conditions for the preservation of artefacts. Analysis of the antlers (Clutton-Brock 1984: 25) has shown that the miners were mainly right-handed and favoured the left antlers out of those that were naturally shed seasonally by the deer. The 28 pits excavated up to 2008 yielded an average of 142.5 antler picks each, of which an average of 14.8 have been found to be left-handed. Once they had reached the floorstone flint, the miners dug lateral galleries outwards from the bottom, following the flint seam. The medium-depth shafts yielded as much as 60 tons of flint nodules, which were brought to the surface and roughly worked into shape on site. The blank tools were then possibly traded elsewhere for final polishing. It is estimated that 60 tons of flint could have produced as many as 10,000 of the polished stone axes, which were the mines' main product. Extrapolation across the site suggests that Grime's Graves may have produced around 16-18,000 tonnes of flint across the 433 shafts recorded to date. However, there are large areas of the site covered by later activity which are believed to conceal many more mineshafts. There were other hard stones used for axe manufacture, those of the Langdale axe industry and Penmaenmawr in North Wales being traded across Europe, as well as other less well-known igneous and metamorphic rocks. The axes were much in demand for forest clearance and settlement, development of farmland for arable crops and raising animals, which characterises the Neolithic period.
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2012, Matthew D. Lengerich, Medal of Merit, Amer. Mining Hall of Fame
Matthew (Matt) Lengerich, General Manager-Mining Operations at Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine, was honored in December 2012 with a Medal of Merit Under 40 award and inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame. He is being honored by the Mining Foundation of the Southwest for his demonstrated leadership in the mining industry as a young professional under the age of 40. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1978, Matt's career interest in engineering is attributed to the influence of his father Ronald Lengerich, who was a petroleum engineer, and to his high school teacher, Mike Thomas, who exposed him to underground hard rock mining and the discipline of mine engineering. Matt attended the Colorado School of Mines and graduated with a BSc in Mining Engineering in 2000. Matt began his mining career as an intern with Kennecott Energy's Colowyo Coal Mine in Craig, Colorado. He returned after graduation as a full-time mining engineer and filled several roles in operations, technical and asset management. In 2006, Matt and his young family moved to Weipa, Australia, to work at Rio Tinto's Weipa aluminum bauxite mine in the Far North Queensland, Australia. Their three years in Weipa were filled with adventure, and the opportunity to work in a remote aboriginal environment provided Matt with a deeper understanding of the challenge facing future mining operations. In 2009, Matt returned to the U.S. as Production Support Manager at Rio Tinto's largest copper asset --Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine. He was promoted in 2010 to Mine Operations Manager and since 2012 has enjoyed the technical and business challenges of being Mine General Manager. Matt is a Colorado-registered Professional Mining Engineer and an active member of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Geology. When time permits, Matt is an avid fisherman, rock climber, mountain biker, and musician. ~~~~~~~~~~~ The purpose of the non-profit 501c(3) organization Mining Foundation of the Southwest based in Tucson, Arizona is to promote public understanding and education related to mineral resources and the mining industry, both in the U.S and abroad. More information is available at www.miningfoundationsw.org.
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Coal Seam Gas - Drill Rig
For more information on drilling go to www.drillingintosafety.com.au For additional information on graphics or induction development go to http://www.pertrain.com.au This drilling rig was drawn and animated by Glen Coventon - Pertrain Pty Ltd.
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Simulator Stories - Foskor Phalaborwa (5DT - Fifth Dimension Technologies)
Foskor Phalaborwa predominantly focuses on the extraction of phosphate rock which produces sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid. The mine has been in operation for 61 years. The 5DT simulators were introduced as a strategic approach to enhance operator performances. With the new simulators, essential equipment could keep on running, which resulted in a major reduction on machine wear and tear, and a 40% increase in production. Foskor Phalaborwa`s training department was also now better able to focus on problem areas such as retarder use. After training operators to apply the correct retarding procedures, Foskor achieved a reduction of 90 Haul Truck consumed a year, to only 40 tyres. Foskor Phalaborwa also focused on their local community to establish a new learner pipeline. Now, to cut down training time, operators are trained in advance so that the new and experienced operator can start immediately as soon as there is a vacancy. This community initiative promotes job creation and adds a portable skill to all its applicants. "The simulator is a fantastic tool which is user friendly and the operators love to train on it. Simulators reduced downtime and maintenance cost by 40%." - Cassie Vorster, Learning and Development Praktitioner, Foskor Phalaborwa "From a company perspective, we will never go back to the old methodology of training." - Louise De Jongh, General Manager of Human Capital, Foskor Phalaborwa Find out more at http://www.5dt.com/
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Mining Down Under Queensland, July 2012
Extract from the Mining Down Under Queensland television series, aired on WIN TV in Australia, July 2012. (Visage Productions)
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Iron-process process of mining iron in south africa
Mining and mineral processing::http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html Mining and minerals in South Africa:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html First metallic iron from Palabora pilot project June:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html Mining:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html Iron ore:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html Open-pit mining:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/quarry/iron-crusher.html Open-pit mines are dug on benches, which describe vertical levels of the hole. These benches are usually on four meter to sixty meter intervals, depending on the size of the machinery that is being used. Many quarries do not use benches, as they are usually shallow. The largest underground mine:Kiirunavaara Mine in Kiruna, Sweden, 450 kilometers of roads, 40 million tonnes of ore produced yearly, depth 1,270 meters, is also one of the most modern underground mines. The deepest borehole in the world is Kola Superdeep Borehole at 12,262 meters. This, however, is not a matter of mining but rather related to scientific drilling. This move follows a switch to index-based quarterly pricing by the world's three largest iron ore miners - Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton - in early , breaking a 40-year tradition of benchmark annual pricing.[9] The oldest known mine on archaeological record is the "Lion Cave" in Swaziland, which radiocarbon dating shows to be about 43,000 years old. At this site paleolithic humans mined hematite to make the red pigment ochre.[2][3] Mines of a similar age in Hungary are believed to be sites where Neanderthals may have mined flint for weapons and tools.[citation needed] In the early colonial history of the Americas, "native gold and silver was quickly expropriated and sent back to Spain in fleets of gold- and silver-laden galleons"[19] mostly from mines in Central and South America. Turquoise dated at 700 A.D. was mined in pre-Columbian America; in the Cerillos Mining District in New Mexico, estimates are that "about 15,000 tons of rock had been removed from Mt Chalchihuitl using stone tools before ."[20][21]
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au international diamond account tagalog presentation
au international diamond account tagalog presentation
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Salt Lake City - I 80 highway in Utah
Interstate 80 (I-80) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that runs from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey. The portion of the highway in the U.S. state of Utah is 196.35-mile-long (315.99 km), through the northern part of the state. From west to east, I-80 crosses the state line from Nevada in Tooele County and traverses the Bonneville Salt Flats—which are a part of the larger Great Salt Lake Desert. It continues alongside the Wendover Cut-off—the corridor of the former Victory Highway—U.S. Route 40 (US-40) and the Western Pacific Railroad Feather River Route. While traversing the neck, views can be had from I-80 of the Lake and Antelope Island. After passing the neck, the road forks, with I-80 proceeding towards the north end of Salt Lake City and SR-201 proceeding towards the south end.Historically, this intersection was the separation of US-40 and US-50. After the intersection, the freeway corridor is again bottlenecked with the Great Salt Lake to the north and the Kennecott Copper smelter and tailings pond to the south. The Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine, which was once considered to be the largest open-pit copper mine, can be seen in the distance.[18] The 1,215-foot-tall (370 m) Kennecott Smokestack is one of the tallest freestanding structures in the United States.Along this portion, the freeway passes the historical site of the Saltair Resort. The freeway enters the Salt Lake Valley on the former alignment of North Temple Street until it passes the Salt Lake City International Airport, where the freeway veers slightly south and leaves the North Temple Street corridor which leads to Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. The Green Line of the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) TRAX system briefly parallels I-80 before traveling down the center of North Temple Street. I-80 becomes concurrent with I-15 after interchanges with SR-58 and 600 South and continues south for about three miles (4.8 km), passing along the western and southern edges of downtown Salt Lake City. The southern interchange with I-15, which also includes SR-201 (21st South Freeway) and marks the end of the concurrency, is known as the Spaghetti Bowl,.In the southwestern corner of the Spaghetti Bowl is another portion of the UTA TRAX Green Line as it travels towards West Valley City. After separating from I-15, the freeway continues easterly through South Salt Lake, loosely following an alignment just south of 2100 South and the UTA S Line streetcar through the Sugar House neighborhood and past Sugar House Park—once the home of the Sugar House Prison towards the clockwise terminus of the I-215 270° belt route around Salt Lake. It continues through Parley's Canyon, where the freeway joins the historical route of the Lincoln Highway.Between the mouth of the canyon and the Summit county line, the route re-enters the Wasatch National Forest.
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Alonso Vera: "Autonomy: Replacing Humans or Working with Them" | Talks at Google
Abstract Machine intelligence is improving rapidly based on advances in big data analytics, deep learning algorithms, autonomous vehicles, internet-of-things, and continuing exponential growth in computing power (Moore’s Law). This talk addresses the nature human expertise in this context, arguing that although machine intelligence is starting to yield content that is similar to human expertise (e.g., natural language translation, Watson on Jeopardy), the way that the content is arrived at is different and therefore the ways those capabilities will continue to evolve are different. The design and development of advanced planning and scheduling tools for rover missions to Mars and planning of crew activity on the International Space Station are discussed as a specific example of the interactive nature of human and machine expertise. Dr. Alonso Vera has been at Ames Research Center for 15 years and is currently Chief of the Human Systems Integration Division. His expertise is in human-computer interaction, info systems, artificial intelligence, and computational human performance modeling. He has led the design, development and deployment of mission software systems across NASA robotic and human space flight missions, including Mars Exploration Rovers, Phoenix Mars Lander, ISS, Constellation, and Exploration Systems. Vera has a BS with First Class Honors from McGill and a Ph.D. from Cornell. He went on to a Post-Doc Fellowship in CS at Carnegie Mellon.
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Responsible Investing Workshop: Learn the Basics of SRI
Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) is a rapidly growing investing space. Industry expert Sara E. Murphy presents the history, drivers, and trends in this industry, with examples, anecdotes, and suggestions for learner engagement. Visit http://greenleadersdc.com to learn more. Connect with GreenLeaders DC: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/greenleadersdc Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenleadersdc LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/greenleaders-dc?trk=top_nav_home YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvTK0xzVoiJfPzpG6rDMsZQ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/1/105935346110277226775/about We had a great session and discussion on sustainable and responsible investment. Workshop leader Sara E. Murphy took us through the background and current trends in the space, and presented some of the key issues that would be relevant to various levels of students (beginning vs. advanced/graduate levels), and what specific points could help make the financial case for pursuing sustainable business paths. Some key points included: Students' roles as consumers and how that impacts companies' decisions to "go green" The importance of showing results and accountability (whether in investing or learning) The role of moral questions when discussing sustainable investing concepts (recommended or not?) Using financial concepts and examples to make a connection with students History of Responsible Investing It began as a religious movement using an exclusionary process that eliminated investment that did not fit with the investor’s values. SRI has now evolved into an engine for seeking out investment opportunities. SRI is currently a powerful value-adding investment strategy if managed correctly SRI: A Victim of its own success? 15 years ago, analysis was easy. Then SRI became the world’s most quickly growing asset class. Many companies want to wear the responsible investing mantle. This makes the analyst’s job a nightmare. SRI has suffered some of the same issues as the organic food label, as standards and claims are difficult to verify with certainty. State of Responsible Investing Today To get a clear sense of what role SRI plays in the broader market and for individuals, it’s helpful to consider the basic premise of investing. Investment, in the purest sense of the word, is the act of buying a piece of a company to promote its growth over time. Long­-term investment necessarily requires sustainability, in the purest sense of that word. It’s important to ask basic questions to put metrics and data in context. Managing Risk Climate Change: You may not think it’s a risk, but the SEC now requires disclosure in annual filings. Other risks include: Unburnable Carbon & Stranded Assets affect coal, oil, and gas companies Social License to Operate affect mining, forestry, and other extractive companies Reputation Risk, Supply chain ignorance, and brand damage affects all companies Seizing Opportunity The agricultural and energy impacts of climate change converge to bolster new industries such as Carbon Capture & Storage, Energy Efficiency, and Future Grid. Example: Rio Tinto’s now has enhanced Social License to Operate built on community consultation, an unexpected opportunity. Food for Thought (or Indigestion) Some of the most egregious abuses barely register in stock prices. Examples include Chevron and the Ecuadorian disgrace, Shell and the wasting of the Niger River Delta, and Monsanto and the war on small farmers. Discussion question: If it doesn’t hurt the stock price, does it matter? The Big $6 Million Question Does SRI create outperformance? It can, and it’s been demonstrated. But it is incredibly difficult to evaluate, as no two approaches are quite alike. Generally, companies that report on sustainability slightly outperform, but it is a tall order to isolate any single variable to explain stock price movement. Other Important SRI Issues Proxy voting, shareholder resolutions, and activist investors Top-down vs. bottom-up analysis Data providers, checklists, and the role of metrics
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Rescuersnow admit they arelooking for almost 200missing in killer US landslide  Officials doubt a
With Utah's relatively dry climate, mudslides and landslides are not the natural disasters that first come to mind, but according to experts at the Utah Geological Survey, there are potentially hundreds of high hazard landslide areas, many of them along the hillside developments in northern Utah. "Even though we are a desert state we do have landslides," Geologist Rich Giraud said. "...Generally we see landslides move in northern Utah anywhere between about the first of March on through about the first of May or even late May." Experts like Giraud said high water years typically increase the chances of a major landslide. He said it's not very likely this spring and summer, but if we see a water year with just a couple inches above normal in the valley, a significant landslide would not be out of the question. "We do have areas that we do produce landslides, especially spring time types of landslides, and a lot of that is just dependent upon the fact that we have some weak swirls, we have steep slopes, and we have infrastructure that is built in and around those, and there's problems and it can be at risk," he said. According to the Utah Geological Survey, there are 37 to 358 areas they deem prone to potential large-scale landslides in the state, with many of those risk areas spanning from Weber to Utah counties. Charlene Tanner lives in North Salt Lake, where dozens of homes have been demolished due to slides over the past 15 years. She said the worry of a big slide is always at the back of her mind. "We've all seen what can happen," she said. "The force of Mother Nature is unbelievable." North Salt Lake Assistant City Manager Ken Leetham said they've conducted soil tests and have safety ordinances in place to lower the risk for residents in slide-prone areas. "If we have proposed development in areas that are not suitable for development we have tools in place to say no to that development," he said. "Most of our hillside development, probably two-thirds of our development, is fairly recent, that is within the last 12 to 15 years, and we're pretty confident that we had good soil testing practices in place for that time." If anyone is looking to buy a home or build on existing property, experts encourage people to do their research and access slide history for a particular area on the Utah Geological Survey's website, or check with the city for their soil test records. Experts say 1982/83 was a big water year (a water year is measured from October 1 to September 30) for Utah, with northern Utah seeing several landslides and massive flooding downtown, and the Thistle slide, which remains the most costly landslide in North America so far.
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Ethical jewellery | Arabel Lebrusan | TEDxBedford
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Sustainability, traceability, origin of materials, or cradle-to-cradle design are words that haven’t been used very much in the jewellery sector in recent history. Neither the genocide in Sierra Leona back in 2000 or the chemical spillage on the Somes River in Romania on the same year have ignited much debate about the ethics of how we source our precious metals. References to this ethical dilemma of conflict diamonds and the issues in the gold mining process have been around for years, in the international press and online, but still it is not a driving force in the decisions of consumers. Here, at TEDxBedford Arabel makes the compelling argument for ethical jewellery. Award winning Hot 100 Jeweller Arabel Lebrusan was one of the first jewellery designers/retailers to be a Fairtrade gold and silver licensee and was previously creative director of Leblas Jewellery, the first ethical jewellery boutique in Sloane Street, London. A trained gemmologist who holds a prestigious Masters in Jewellery Design from the acclaimed Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, and a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from the University of Madrid, she has through her jewellery line revitalised the European heritage that is fast disappearing and bring unique traditional techniques to a new generation of customers by using Ethical and Fairtrade metals and stones to create beautiful stunning jewellery. Her iconic pieces are worn by the likes of Princess Letizia of Spain and Sienna and Savannah Miller. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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950 miners trapped in a gold mine in South Africa after power cut | Breaking News US/Australia
★More News Channel - Entertainment Video►► http://bit.ly/2zUac3v Some 950 miners are stuck underground in central  after a power cut prevented them from returning to the surface.The massive power outage caused by a thunderstorm cut electricity to the lifts in the Beatrix gold mine in Welkom, Free State, leaving the entire night shift stuck in the pit.The Sibanye-Stillwater mining company maintains that none of the miners are reported to be in immediate danger, but the local workers union has raised concern about the potential health risks.  'All employees appear to be fine. We are supplying food and water,' James Wellsted, spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater, told AFP.He said the depth where the miners were trapped was uncertain, but the mine has 23 levels, going down to about 1,000 metres (3,280 feet) below ground. About 65 people were rescued during the day, after one cable was restored, with 950 remaining trapped by early evening, the company said.Wellsted said that engineers were struggling to get emergency generators to operate and re-start the lifts.'We are having some issues - probably related to the power surge linked to the storm - in getting the winders working, so we are busy working on that issue at the moment,' he added.'Last night there was a severe storm in the Free State that affected two different power cables... and cut off all electricity supply to the mine, so we were unable to bring the night shift up.' However, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) branded the incident as 'extreme' due to the large number of people trapped in the mine.The union added that workers' lives could be in danger from dehydration and lack of nutrition, especially if they were on medication.'AMCU views this incident as extreme due to the sheer number of workers involved,' it said in a statement.'The incident raises serious concern regarding the lacking emergency contingency plans at the mine for alternative and back-up power generation. 'It is quite common for adults to be on chronic medication and it is highly probable that there are some workers who are trapped without access to their medicine.'  Last August five mineworkers died after sections of a gold mine collapsed outside Johannesburg.The country possesses rich mineral reserves and has some of the world's deepest gold mines.Gold was for many decades the backbone of South Africa's economy, but production has declined sharply due to depletion of reserves.
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Exploration Drilling
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Aug 09 Resources Sector Update
Resource Sector update August 2009 Transcript: Now the markets, since the last one of these, you can see that theyve preformed very very well, particularly the resource sector, the gold price has held fairly steady in US dollar terms (in A$ its fallen because we had a much stronger $A) but weve seen quite good performances out of the base metals over the few months, reflecting the Chinese restocking and a realization that probably were not going to see a rerun of the 30s even though Wall St economists and analysts are very much influenced by perhaps whats happening in their banking system and in their economy generally. But there are other places we should be looking. China, clearly is growing very well, weve seen steel production exceed 600million tones, thats a new record level over the last couple of months, so higher than the level of 2008, and thats a great contrast with whats happening in the United States, where its only running at about 55miilion tones, so its more than 10 times the size there in china at moment and it dwarfs whatever is happening in the United States. The performance of the stocks, really the base metal stocks, things like the Mincors and Independence Groups, and the Kagara Zincs all those have done very well at that mid cap range, and what were seeing also now is some of the smaller stocks are starting to perform as people recognise that these things are really extremely cheap, theyre coming off the floor so were seeing very good percentage rises. We should see a lot more of these things particularly for the gold and base metal players. The Iron Sector has been also buoyed by the iron or shipments into China at very high levels theyre record levels of imports into china and the prices of Iron ore above the benchmark prices achieved and set earlier this year. So a lot of those little Iron Ore companies are positioning themselves quite well. In the coal sector we see a parallel, and improvement there, and some mines have been reopened, weve still got the navies of ships sitting off the ports, all waiting to pick up on the coal and the numbers were starting to see for thermal coal demand going out two or three years are still quite substantial, were looking at about 5% per annum over the next 2-3 years increase in seaborne trade, most of that income really has to come from Australia. So the Australian resource sector is looking quite good, and its assisted by the US equity market rallying. The driving force is obviously the very large level of liquidity, easing monetary conditions, and were seeing the American dollar weaken as a result of the increase in supply of dollars, the American bond market weakening, as a reflection of the increase in the supply in bonds, and with the deficits continuing hitting 1.8trillion dollars or there about for the next year or two, thats a lot of bonds that need to be rolled over or issued. So we must see lower bond prices, higher yields and I think were also going to see quite strong inflationary pressures picking up, particularly in the United States. That will come back and impact the gold price, reasonably soon. I think the next two or three weeks will be the critical stage, however we look at it, the driving force of China, India, South America, middle East with a rise in demand for raw materials, and that those monetary issues effecting the US and UK as well, weakness in currencies, all those are just going to push money into the resource sector. We saw 10 years of commodity bull market, from the December quarter 98, up until the big correction last year, but should be seen as a correction. We saw the low in November 98, in terms of commodity stocks, they didnt participate in the new lows that we saw in March, and they look as if theyve probably got another five to six years of bull market ahead of us. Sure its not going to be straight up, therell be rocky bits, but it has been robust from here and I think its going to be robust for a bit longer, and then well get some sort of correction, of some sort of sector rotation and then probably a very strong market again, probably in early 2010. But I think most of 2009 will be good before we start getting that correction. But if the gold price does what I think it might do we may in fact find that correction is really only a matter of rotation within the market, gold market and the speculative should have a very good run up until Christmas.
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Latrobe Valley's Coal Power
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Neolithic Flint Mine and Auroch Bone!!
Music: Venture: Ian Taylor: Jagex
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Investing in Mining in 2018; a European mining outlook with a specific focus on the FAME project.
Core Finance is part of Core London, a TV production company based in Belgravia, London. Core Finance aims to provide its viewers with insightful market commentary, helping investors navigate global financial markets. Making the content provided invaluable to viewers. Our shows are closely followed by fund managers, day traders, retail investors, company CEO's, experienced investors and those new to the financial markets. Core Finance covers all asset classes ranging from currencies (forex), equities, bonds, commodities, crypto-currencies, ETF's, futures and options. Views expressed are solely those of guests and presenters and do not constitute investment advice and are not the views of Core Finance or Core London. See More At: www.corelondon.tv Twitter: @CoreLondonTV Facebook: CoreLondonTV
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Rio Tinto chief Sam Walsh graduation address
Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Commerce at the UWA graduation ceremony on Thursday 27 March, when he also delivered the graduation address. http://Ez.com/udxt
TECH NEWS UPDATE FROM TECH SINGH URS #TechSinghUrs 1.Microsoft releases free version of Teams to take on Slack Microsoft today launched a free version of Microsoft Teams, its chat-based collaboration tool that’s part of Office 365 and competes with Google’s Hangouts Chat, Facebook’s Workplace, and Slack. 2 Adobe is reportedly releasing a full version of Photoshop on the iPad in 2019 Well, this is a change in strategy. Adobe confirmed to Bloomberg on Friday that it plans to launch a full version of Photoshop for iPad. 3 Robot Trains Are Slashing Mining Costs in Australia's Outback Snaking through Western Australia’s Outback, a driverless train has made the first autonomous delivery of iron ore from a Rio Tinto Group pit to a coastal port, as the No. 2 miner looks to reap the benefits from a dollars 940 million plan deploying the world’s biggest robots. 4Jack Dorsey loses 200k followers on Twitter after fake user purge Twitter has been deleting so-called “locked accounts” as part of an initiative to cleanse the platform of bots. After the purge began, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet: “I lost 200k followers.” Twitter’s own account lost the biggest amount, with its follower count down by more than 7.7 million. 5 Microsoft’s free Whiteboard app for Windows is a dead-simple way to brainstorm with your team Microsoft has finally launched its Whiteboard app for Windows 10 devices. It’s a free tool for collaborating on ideas with as many people as you like, and it’s not half bad. 6 Oppo confirms plans to enter UK market An Oppo spokesperson has confirmed the company plans to enter the U.K. market. Oppo recently applied for trademarks on 40 devices there, but we don’t know which phones it plans to sell in the region. If Oppo makes its move soon, however, you could see the Oppo Find X arrive there.
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Oak Flat: Protecting Sacred Places
A Sanders Presidency will respect the government to government relationship with Tribal Nations. --------- ★ Join the political revolution at www.berniesanders.com ★ Connect with Bernie: Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/berniesanders/ Twitter → https://twitter.com/berniesanders Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/berniesanders/ Tumblr → http://berniesanders.tumblr.com/ Snapchat → bernie.sanders ★ https://connect.berniesanders.com → The campaign’s official social media organizing tool ★ About Bernie: Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate for President of the United States. He is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. Sanders previously served as mayor of Vermont’s largest city for eight years before defeating an incumbent Republican to be the sole congressperson for the state in the U.S. House of Representatives. He lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jane and has four children and seven grandchildren. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York, to immigrant parents and grew up in a small, rent-controlled apartment. His father came to the United States from Poland at the age of 17 without much money or a formal education. While attending the University of Chicago, a 20-year-old Sanders led students in a multi-week sit-in to oppose segregation in off-campus housing owned by the university as a Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) officer. In August of 1963, Sanders took an overnight bus as an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to hear Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech firsthand at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. After graduation, Bernie moved to Vermont where he worked as a carpenter and documentary filmmaker. In 1981, he was elected as mayor of Burlington as an Independent by a mere 10 votes, shocking the city’s political establishment by defeating a six-term, local machine mayor. In 1983, Bernie was re-elected by a 21 point margin with a record amount of voter turnout. Under his administration, the city made major strides in affordable housing, progressive taxation, environmental protection, child care, women’s rights, youth programs and the arts. In 1990, Sanders was elected to the House of Representatives as the first Independent in 40 years and joined the Democratic caucus. He was re-elected for eight terms, during which he voted against the deregulation of Wall Street, the Patriot Act, and the invasion of Iraq. In 2006, Sanders defeated the richest man in Vermont to win a seat in the U.S. Senate as an Independent. Known as a “practical and successful legislator,” Sanders served as chairman of the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs where he authored and passed the most significant veteran health care reform bill in recent history. While in the Senate, Sanders has fought tirelessly for working class Americans against the influence of big money in politics. In 2010, he gave an eight-and-a-half hour filibuster-like speech on the Senate floor in opposition to extending Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy. In 2015, the Democratic leadership tapped Bernie to serve as the caucus’ ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. Known for his consistency on the issues, Senator Sanders has supported the working class, women, communities of color, and the LGBT community throughout his career. He is an advocate for the environment, unions, and immigrants. He voted against Keystone XL, opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, wants to expand the Voting Rights Act, and pass the Equal Rights Amendment. To learn more about Bernie on the issues, click here: https://berniesanders.com/issues/
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My first visit in a mine 500m underground
This is the first time I enter a mine. I was on an old serbian military truck bouncing around the long tunnels so that I can take a photo (virtual tour) of a huge cavern inside.
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Escondida, My View: Jeannette, Electrical Assistant
Curious about how copper? Take a peek behind the scenes at Minera Escondida in Chile with Jeannette, Electrical Assistant as she performs one of her responsibilities that help us get copper from our mine to the market.
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Share Prices Market Insight: BHP Billiton Limited (BHP) 24/10/16
Keep up to date with the latest BHP news and announcements at SharePrices.com.au Presented by CJ Dore --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SharePrices.com.au is a free to use stock market information site. We provide our members with a vast amount of financial data, trading tools and information, that users would normally have to sign up to multiple sites and services to obtain. Share Prices delivers this all in one place, making it a valuable resource for any investor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL DISCLAIMER The information on this video is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, your financial needs, objectives and/or requirements. We please ask you that before you act on any general information you should consider the appropriateness of that information and the relevance that the product may have in regards to your financial needs, objectives and financial requirements. In particular you should seek independent financial advice and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) or other relevant documentations prior to acquiring any financial product or service or implementing any financial strategy.
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Understanding the Definition and Scope of the Duty to Consult....
Understanding the Definition and Scope of the Duty to Consult and Accommodate Today and How It Impacts You Daniel Pagowski Legal Counsel‚ Department of Justice Aboriginal Law and Strategic Police Christopher Devlin Partner Devlin Gailus Barristers & Solicitors Sandra Gogal Partner Miller Thomson LLP How have recent case law developments shed light on the basic questions, such as: What is the scope of the duty to consult? When is the duty triggered? What is included in "contemplated Crown conduct"? How much of the duty can be delegated a) to municipalities? b) to proponents? How much of what proponents do, goes towards the discharge of the Crown's duty? How are Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. v. Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and Adams Lake Indian Band v. British Columbia being applied by lower courts? Clarifying the role of regulatory bodies with respect to the duty to consult Looking at how the B.C. Court of Appeal decision in West Moberly First Nations v. British Columbia (Chief Inspector of Mines) has further shaped the Crown's duty to consult with respect to past impacts and cumulative effects, and the issue of Crown accommodation Understanding how the recent trend towards complex partnership agreements is affecting accommodation by the Crown There have been developments since last year to the "definition and scope" of the duty to consult. Ensure you get all the crucial updates at The Canadian Institute's 7th Annual Forum on Aboriginal Law, Consultation & Accommodation on February 20-21, 2013 View the list of speakers, program agenda and register at www.CanadianInstitute.com/AboriginalLaw
Tom Price
Tom Price
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Australian Mining - The News in Focus (26/9/2014)
Queensland has been hit hard this week in mining with the news that BHP will be sacking 700 employees across its Queensland coal business and the scrapping of a proposed coal mine in the Bowen Basin. It's not all bad news though, with the announcement that a new bauxite mine will open in Tasmania. For the full story on each of these developments, see below: • 700 people sacked from BHP’s Queensland coal business http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/700-people-sacked-from-bhp-s-queensland-coal-busin • Bandanna Energy goes into administration http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/after-failing-to-secure-funding-for-new-coal-mine • New bauxite mine in Tasmania to create 45 jobs http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/new-bauxite-mine-in-tasmania-to-create-45-jobs
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The Role of Coal in a New Energy Age
The Role of Coal in a New Energy Age - Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming - 2010-04-14 - For the first time in recent memory, the CEOs of America's top two coal mining companies, and a leading international company, came to Capitol Hill to answer questions on their positions on climate change, clean energy policy, and the challenges that face their industry. "Just as our national energy policy is at a crossroads, so, too, is the coal industry," said Rep. Edward J. Markey, who chairs the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, the committee that hosted the CEOs. "Whether it's climate science, the viability of 'clean coal,' or safety concerns, I believe Congress requires answers from the coal industry on their ability to be a part of our clean energy future." As Congress continues to push for a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill, questions remain regarding the coal industry's position on the essential science of climate change and their potential to provide cleaner, lower-carbon fuel in the decades to come. The House-passed Waxman-Markey bill offered a pathway for coal to transition to carbon capture and sequestration technologies. The coal mining industry has seen significant developments over the last two weeks. A mining accident in West Virginia has renewed questions about the safety of coal extraction, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has offered new rules on the environmental and health impacts of mountaintop mining. TESTIMONY: Gregory Boyce, President and Chief Executive Officer, Peabody Energy Corporation; Steven F. Leer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Arch Coal, Inc.; Preston Chiaro, Chief Executive for Energy and Minerals, Rio Tinto; Michael Carey, President, Ohio Coal Association. Video provided by the U.S. House of Representatives.
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Uses of Brown Diamonds
Brown diamonds have uses beyond those in the contemporary women's jewelry described above. The history of brown diamonds being used as a gem goes back for nearly 2000 years, perhaps longer. Rings set with brown diamond crystals were being made by Roman artists between the first and third centuries C.E. [3] At that time methods for cutting and polishing diamonds had not been developed, but setting a natural crystal in a ring was a good alternative. For the company's first 100 years, De Beers considered brown diamonds to be unsuitable for use in jewelry. Brown diamonds mined by the company or purchased from other producers were sent for industrial use. Many of them were crushed and used to make industrial abrasive granules. The granules were used to line the cutting surfaces on diamond drill bits, grinding wheels, abrasive papers, saw blades and other tools. Some of the larger brown diamonds, free of fractures and inclusions that would lower their durability, were used to manufacture specialty bearings or wear-resistant parts. Others were fashioned into dies used to manufacture wire. [3] Today, brown diamonds from Argyle and other mines are appreciated around the world, especially in the United States fashion jewelry market. They are also gaining popularity among rising middle class consumers in China and India. Brown Diamonds for Men! Brown diamonds have become especially popular in men's rings, cuff links, earrings, watches, and other jewelry. Brown is a masculine color. Brown diamonds are attractive and cost less than colorless diamonds of the same size and clarity. Brown diamonds make great sense for men in many ways. Brown Diamond Information [1] Rise From the Rough: The Growing Demands on the Brown Diamond Market: Journal of Brand Strategy, Volume 3, Number 4, pages 332 to 338, Winter 2014-2015. [2] Diamonds Are for Everyone: Article on the Rio Tinto website, accessed March 2018. [3] The Nature of Diamonds by George E. Harlow, Cambridge University Press, 1997, 288 pages, ISBN-10 0521629357. Brown Diamond Treatments Brown diamonds are sometimes treated, but these treatments are usually done to convert them into diamonds of other colors. Brown diamonds owe their brown color to lattice imperfections thought to be a result of geologic forces applied to the diamonds at some time during their long history. High-temperature, high-pressure treatments have been used to convert many brown diamonds into attractive yellow or colorless diamonds. These diamonds are more valuable than brown but less valuable than natural, untreated diamonds of similar color and quality.
Digging for Treasure: Mining in Canada
http://www.musee-mccord.qc.ca/en/keys/webtours/tourID/VQ_P3_3_EN "Digging for Treasure: Mining in Canada" Guy Gaudreau, Laurentian University A 19th-century miner was a true craftsman: with just a few tools, always on the lookout for outcrops of rock, aware of the texture and cracking of the rock, he entered makeshift tunnels dug out by his own hand. For an understanding of how the second industrial revolution transformed his work, let us first review some of the features of mining in the pre-industrial period... Aussi disponible en français: http://www.musee-mccord.qc.ca/fr/clefs/circuits/tourID/VQ_P3_3_FR © McCord Museum, 2003
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Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Best of Pearl Jam: https://goo.gl/BkNEZB Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/RfhrD2 Music video by Pearl Jam performing Even Flow. (C) 1991 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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cost of crushing seeds
Contact Us For Help: http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html How cooking oil is made, material, manufacture, making Cooking oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, pressing, and extrading the oil from them. In extracting, a volatile hydrocarbon Oil Expeller, Oil Expeller Machinery, Palm Kernel Expeller Palm Kernel Expeller, the first oil seed crushing equipment manufacturer in India. Our 70 years of experience and expertise, has lead us to become a world class small machine for crushing sunflower seeds small machine for crushing sunflower seeds . Sipping Seeds: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly : NutriBullet Blog. As with all seeds, you must crush the seed in order to Meghna Group of Industries Soyabean/rape seed processing plant of Meghna is one of the largest seed crushing plants in Bangladesh. Meghna Seeds Crushing Mills Limited is committed to produce History of Soybean Crushing: Soy Oil and Soybean Meal, Part 1 History of Soybean Crushing: Soy Oil and Soybean Meal, Part 1. by William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi . A Chapter from the Unpublished Manuscript, History of can i grind seeds in a ninja professional, Gold Ore Crusher Ninja Professional Blender BL500, Walmart.com. Also, I tried to grind the flax seed before I put anything else in, and it would not do that at all. Engineering Drawing for crushing seeds, worldcrushers Engineering Drawing for crushing seeds. Posted on May 2, 2013 by shuijing. POST HARVEST AND AGRO PROCESSING, Government of India the cost of crushing must be Economic Feasibility of Sustainable High Oilseed, Based Yeboah et al. Volume16, Issue 1, 2013 crushing bio desiel seeds, CGM Project Case The economic scale for cost of bio, diesel production is . Crushing Expenses $45,000 The economic feasibility of crushing seeds and extracting raw meal for bio Domestic Size Seeds Crushing Equipments Availability Kenya chicken feed crusher machine in kenya cme mining machinemobile crusher is a complete set of equipment that integrates several machines in a truck which . domestic new technologies in cottonseed crushing machine, Crusher Price Cottonseed, oil, and cake, Food Security Group, Michigan State Cottonseed, oil, and cake: Co, products or by, products in the C, 4 cotton sectors? .. institutional soyabean crushing plant, Crusher Price History of Soybean Crushing: Soy Oil and Soybean Meal, Part 5 Staley began crushing soybeans at his plant (which was primarily a corn processing plant) in Deur on 30 Crushing Plant For Olive Seed, Mining Equipment , Grinding crushing plant for olive seed Coal Surface Mining . crushing plant for olive seed Description : Micah 6:15 You will plant but not harvest; you will press olives but cost of boulders crushing machine cost of boulders crushing machine. Crusher, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or Oilseeds crushing, FEDIOL Cleaning, Drying and Preparation of the seeds/beans As a first step the seed/bean is cleaned and dried. Foreign material (like stones, glass and metal) is taken out crushing plant for olive seed, Coal Surface Mining crushing plant for olive seed Description : Micah 6:15 You will plant but not harvest; you will press olives but You'll crush the olive harvest, but you'll have price of crushing machine Crushing Plant by providing them a general understanding of the business with the . assumed to be 2% of total machinery cost i.e. Rs. 31,000 per year. The. Make pepperoni sticks at home : Crush seeds, Instructables Using a mortar and pestle like I did, or a coffee grinder, or other crushing tool, crush the anise and fennel seeds. I only crushed the mustard a lit jatropha crushing machine ? mines crusher for sale jatropha crushing machine Description : Jatropha Oil Seeds Expeller,Jatropha Oil Seeds Crushing Muar Ban Lee Group is a jatropha machines, jatropha oil seeds USDA ERS, Soybeans & Oil Crops: Canola Canola oil, obtained from crushing Trade in canola meal is limited because of the abundance of higher quality soybean meal and the high cost of transportation Oil Expeller, Oil Expeller Machinery, Palm Kernel Expeller Palm Kernel Expeller, the first oil seed crushing equipment manufacturer in India. Our 70 years of experience and expertise, has lead us to become a world class electric canola seed cost electric canola seed cost. Small Scale Pop cans crusher/ Aluminum Can Crushing Machine,US $ 1, 98480 / Set, New, Shanghai, China (Mainland), HD. FOB Price: US $ 1 crushing sesame seeds machine sunflower crushing machine . GPM machine concept; Crushing oats for the production of to extract and produce oil fr
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Garry Holloway on Investing in Diamonds
Garry Holloway's Interview with Peter Switzer on Foxtel's Sky Business News Channel. Looking at Investing in Diamonds as another form of investment. Spply is shrinking, demand from Asia is growing.
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Question Period: Jobs, NAFTA, Industry development — September 27, 2018
Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Question Period, formally known as oral questions, generally begins at 2:15 p.m. ET and lasts for 45 minutes. To read more: http://cbc.ca/ »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Working at BHP Billiton - May 2018
See BHP Billiton's Company Culture as rated by their employees on Comparably (May 2018). BHP Billiton's workplace culture scores are based on 77 ratings. Learn about BHP Billiton's Culture Values: https://www.comparably.com/companies/bhp-billiton Ask BHP Billiton Employees Questions: https://www.comparably.com/companies/bhp-billiton/questions See how BHP Billiton ranks vs. Competitors: https://www.comparably.com/companies/bhp-billiton/competitors See different company cultures: https://www.comparably.com/companies See if you're paid fairly: https://www.comparably.com/guest/compensation Are you in HR, Branding or Recruiting? Gain access to our Employer Tools: https://www.comparably.com/company-tools/
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Canada 2067 Regional Youth Summit in Montreal
Interested in STEM careers? Check out Canada 2067's Youth Summit from Montreal. It includes dynamic speakers of all ages delivering short talks on the fascinating fields that exist in the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Moderator – Marie Grégoire – Political and society commentator – Les Ex – ICI RDI and Gravel Le matin – ICI Premiere 13:57 Jamie Sevigny – Engineer, Project Management, CSA 34:00 Dr. Mona Nemer – Chief Science Advisor, Government of Canada 42:19 Elie Harfouche – Founding President at Game Dev McGill 54:14 Rosemary Seton – Research Associate and Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator, College of the Atlantic – Allied Whale 1:05:01 César Correa – Principal Advisor, Data Science – Rio Tinto 1:17:08 Dr. Liam Paull – Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal 1:25:33 Arnaud Lina – Director, Research & Innovation, Matrox 1:34:26 Live Q&A with panelists Canada 2067 is presented by Let's Talk Science. Founding partners include Amgen Canada, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Trottier Family Foundation and 3M Canada, Learn more at canada2067.ca
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ELN - Oil good in drilling land
What's the mood like amongst international oil and gas hunters? ELN reporter Vicky Ellis hits IP Week and meets a British oil boss impatient to push the frontiers and a banker who reckons Nigeria's oil is key to its economy.
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DailyFX European Market Wrap: FTSE Gains Continue; German GDP Climbed in Q4: 2/23/17
The FTSE 100 is gaining despite a number of firms falling after going ex-dividend including Easyjet, Rio Tinto and HSBC. Shares on the continent are mixed. Meanwhile Germany overtakes the UK as the fasting growing G7 economy, Barclays full-year profits almost treble and Glencore soars as miners enjoy higher commodity prices. The German economy quadrupled its growth rate in the last three months of 2016. GDP grew 0.4 percent in the fourth quarter with domestic spending the main driver of growth, contributing 0.8 percentage points. Higher state spending, rising private consumption and construction more than offset a drag from net foreign trade but this was down to a large increase for imports and not weakness in exports. Exports grew by 1.8% on the quarter while imports surged by 3.1%. British bank Barclays nearly trebled its pre-tax profit in 2016, reaching 3.2 billion pounds from 1.1 billion pounds a year before. The bank also reduced conduct charges -- mainly customer compensation for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance-- from £4.4 billion in 2015 to £1.4 billion last year. This was down to a surge in investment banking revenues and falling litigation costs. Mining giant Glencore has reported annual profit rising 48 percent on higher commodity prices and strong trading results. This is the best report since 2008 and the miner also said it may now consider paying a special dividend this year. Debt levels have been cut in half thanks from a year ago thanks to asset sales, cost cuts and the recent rebound in metal prices. Meanwhile Centrica among the biggest fallers following its latest results despite its British Gas domestic business enjoying profits of 11%. Looking ahead to Friday there's France's consumer confidence, and for UK data we're watching mortgage approvals. Canada's inflation data along with the budget will be published and the US Michigan consumer confidence, new home sales and Baker Hughes oil rig count. On the corporate front, there's the last of the big four British banks reporting this week – with government owned RBS, International Airlines Group, Standard Chartered, Standard Life, William Hill and Pearson. #forexnews @CVecchioFX @DavidJSong @MBForex @JamieSaettele @JohnKicklighter @ilyaspivak @ForexYell @JStanleyFX @DRodriguezFX @PaulRobinsonFX
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More iron-ore supply than demand -- Kumba
JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) -- Iron-ore prices will probably soften further in the short-term, says Kumba Iron Ore CEO Chris Griffith.
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Iron-process world iron industry
How iron is made:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/iron-ore-beneficiation.html Abraham Darby:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/iron-ore-beneficiation.html Iron ore:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/iron-ore-beneficiation.html Direct reduced iron:http://www.gyratorycrusher.com/quarry/iron-ore-beneficiation.html Mining iron ore is a high volume low margin business, as the value of iron is significantly lower than base metals.[5] It is highly capital intensive, and requires significant investment in infrastructure such as rail in order to transport the ore from the mine to a freight ship.[5] For these reasons, iron ore production is concentrated in the hands of a few major players. Direct shipping iron ore (DSO) deposits (typicallyposed of hematite) are currently exploited on all continents except Antarctica, with the largest intensity in South America, Australia and Asia. Most large hematite iron ore deposits are sourced from altered banded iron formations and rarely igneous accumulations. The total recoverable reserves of iron ore in India are about 9,602 million tones of hematite and 3,408 million tones of magnetite[citation needed].Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Orissa, Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu are the principal Indian producers of iron ore. World consumption of iron ore grows 10% per annum[citation needed] on average with the main consumers being China, Japan, Korea, the United States and the European Union. Geoscience Australia calculates that the country's "economic demonstrated resources" of iron currently amount to 24 gigatonnes, or 24 billion tonnes.[citation needed] The current production rate from the Pilbara region of Western Australia is approximately 430 million tonnes a year and rising. Experts Dr Gavin Mudd (Monash University) and Jonathon Law (CSIRO) expect it to be gone within 30 to 50 years (Mudd) and 56 years (Law).[11] These estimates require on-going review to take into account shifting demand for lower grade iron ore and improving mining and recovery techniques (allowing deeper mining below the groundwater table). A blast furnace normally runs day and night
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Analyst Insight Citigroup Inc  Maintains Buy on Alcoa Inc
Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA) is expected to release Q3 earnings following market close this Thursday, October 7. "After adjusting our model for lower average aluminum prices, we now expect the company to post 3Q EPS of $0.05, down from $0.12 previously, and compares to consensus $0.06," wrote Citigroup's (NYSE:C) Brian Yu. "We believe investors are already expecting disappointing 3Q results based on lagging AA shares relative to the recent surge in aluminum prices. With spot aluminum trading at $1.06/lb, AA could post earnings of $0.20/lb in 4Q if aluminum prices were to remain at the current level for the full quarter. Recent moves by China to eliminate preferential power rates and restrict power to inefficient smelters are having an impact on production." Citigroup maintains a Buy rating on the aluminum producer. SmarTrend is bullish on shares of Alcoa and our subscribers were alerted to buy on September 23, 2010 at $11.82. The stock has risen 2.1% since the alert was issued.
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Nintendo NES Classic Alternatives and clones
Support this channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/8BitGuy1 Visit my Website: www.the8bitguy.com List of 66 Games on the GB-Boy Colour ———————————————————————— Contra - Super Mario Land - Bugs Bunny Parasoru Hembei - Go Go Tank - Tenchiwokurau - Donkey Kong - Aladdin - Mario & Yoshi - Duck Tales - Pac-Man - Side Pocket Kid Niki - Yars Revenge - Yakuman - Bubble Ghost Migrain Acclaim - Othello - Hong Kong - Korodice - Master Karate Shisensyo - Shanghai - Tennis - Trump Boy - Volley Fire Alley Way - Pitman - Space Invaders - Asteroids - Battle City Bomb Jack - Boxxle - Boxxle 2 - Amida - Tetris - Brainbender Tic-Tac-Toe - Castelian - Centipede - Crystal Quest Dragon Slayer - Dropzone - Dr.Mario - Flappy Special - Flipull Heiankyo Alien - Hyper Loderun - Klax - Koi Wa Kakehi - Kwirk Loopz - The Game of Harm - Mine Sweeper Missile Command - Moto Cross Mania - NFL Football Palamedes - Penguin Land - Pipe Dream Pop Up - Q Billion Serpent - Tesserae - World Bowling - Daedalian Opus List of Games on the 143 in1 Super Games cartridge ———————————————————————— Adventure Island - Adventure Island 2 - Adventure Island 3 Adventure Island 4 - Adventures of Lolo 1 - Adventures of Lolo 2 Astyanax - Balloon Fight - Baseball Stars - Batman Batman Return - Bionic Commando - Blades of Steel Blaster Master - Bomberman - Bomberman 2 Bubble Bobble 1 - Bubble Bobble 2 - Castlevania 1 Castlevania 2 - Chip and Dale 2 - Clu Clu Land - Contra Contra Force - Super Contra - Crystalis - Deja Vu - Devil World Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong Jr. - Double Dragon 1 Double Dragon 2 - Double Dragon 3 - Double Dragon 4 Dr Mario - Duck Tales 1 - Duck Tales 2 - Earthbound - Excitebike Faxanadu - Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy 2 - Final Fantasy 3 Flintstones 1 - Flintstones 2 - Friday the 13th Galaga - Gargoyles Quest 2 - Ghosts Goblins - Goonies - Goonies 2 - Gradius Guardian Legend - Ice Climber - Ice Hockey - Ikhari 1 - Ikhari 2 Ikhari 3 - Jackal - Kickle Cubicle - Kid Icarus - Kings of the Beach - Kirby's Adventure - Kung Fu - Legendary Wings - Life Force Little Nemo - Little Samson - Lode Runner - Magician Maniac Mansion - Megaman - Megaman 2 - Megaman 3 Megaman 4 - Megaman 5 - Megaman 6 - Metal Geat Metal Storm - Metroid - Mickey Mousecapade - Might and Magic Mighty Final Fight - Millipede - Moon Crystal - Ninja Gaiden 1 Ninja Gaiden 2 - Ninja Gaiden 3 - Over Horizon - Pac-Man Paper Boy - Parodius - Power Blade 1 - Power Blade 2 Terra Cresta - Rainbow Islands - Rampage - Ring King River City Ransom - Rush'n Attack - Rygar - Samurai Pizza Cats Sansara Naga - Section Z - Shadowgate - Silver Surfer Skate or Die - Smash T.V - Spiderman - Spy Hunter Super Spy Hunter - Star Wars - Star Wars Emptire Strikes Startropics - Startropics 2 - Stinger - Mario Bros Super Mario Bros - Super Mario Bros 2 - Super Mario Bros 3 Sweet Home - Tecmo Superbowl - Turtles 1 - Turtles 2 Turtles 3 - Turtles Tournament Fight - Terminator Terminator 2 Tetris 2 - Tetris 2 - Time Diver Eon Man - Tiny Toon Adventures Tiny Toon Adventures 2 - Totally Rad - Uninvited Vice Project Doom - Willow - Wily and Light No Rockboar Zanac - Zelda I - Zelda II - Zen Intergalactic Ninja - Zombie Nation
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