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Ukrainian girl's names. Slavic names

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Randy Boone (1 day ago)
stuffed cabbage is from Russia in the Ukraine as well. have you ever heard of blood pie made from Goose blood. I think it's called hello Chi you'll have to say it in your own language. maybe I mispronouncing it or the internet can I pick up my words.
We have some of these names in Bulgaria
Mil Ena (2 months ago)
I saw my name on the list. My name is Milena , i am from Croatia, also slavic country :)
Olga Reznikova (2 months ago)
Daniel Zuk (3 months ago)
Why not Tatiana? Or Tamara? My girlfriends name is tamara
Michael Dunham (3 months ago)
I'm seeing a pattern
Krishna (3 months ago)
sachin sachin (4 months ago)
send you phone nob you i want talk you
Milana Svetova (4 months ago)
Am Lithuania but my name is there, Milana (that's my first time seeing my name in YouTube)
Emily Jelassi (4 months ago)
I love the sound of Liliya..so pretty. Would also be rare here in the U.S.
Kunal Kumar (5 months ago)
you pronounced your name as " Ola " but in video you said Olga as " olga " ... which one is correct way to pronounce
Black Assassin (6 months ago)
I noticed that G is pronounced H unlike in Russian
Retro Technology (3 months ago)
Anton Pavliak (5 months ago)
Black Assassin yes, russian and ukrainian have similar letters but you read them in a different way
Davor C (6 months ago)
my favorite is Valentina (my daughters name) and Oksana.
и ние имаме немало от тези имена на български/в България
Paul Barham (6 months ago)
Is Tatiana still a popular female name?
allahu snackbar (6 months ago)
id pass on that luybov name
PeachySmile (6 months ago)
When your name makes it on the list!
Valentina Lordies (6 months ago)
You did a lot of grammar mistakes
actor guru (7 months ago)
Olga your are so cute,I love you will you marry me, please reply me back,in my email [email protected],
Brütal Kush ∞ (6 months ago)
why would European women want to marry disgusting, creepy, poor Indians over the internet? Go fuck a goat instead
Hetalia obsessed fangirl (8 months ago)
Is my name, Polina, is Ukrainian?
Cookie The Kitten (8 months ago)
Hi... I have an ukrainian friend and we have a topic...talking about romanian (im romania) and ukrainian names. My name is Alina (we have this name in romania) and her name is Khrystyna (we also have it in romanian but its spelled Cristina) >< This commeng made nonsense
NIC FEL (10 months ago)
What about галина
Kokichi Ouma (10 months ago)
I have friends that are named Yuliya and Khristyna
hicham benguesmia (1 year ago)
Brij Mohan Sharma (1 year ago)
Thanks great my wellwishers olga reznikova and all team members my daughterly figure ur associates.
MC Gayver Ripalbeir (1 year ago)
Ukrainian girls are the best (beautiful)
Brij Mohan Sharma (1 year ago)
vanga baba prophetess propheciser was from Bulgaria Balkan peninsular country. She was blind saint. She died in 1996. i just want to know if m right. u please don't feel bored. i just want to share cos of my interest in every inch on earth. u correct me whee m wrong. i 'll be happy n like it.
Robert Hall (1 year ago)
Lyubov is such a weird name compared to all the other ones!
My Favorite Ukrainian girls names: Alina, Alyona, Olga, Oksana, Kseniya, Iryna, Nadiya, Vira, Maryna, Maryana, Lesya, Daryna, Zoryana
man what gorgeous names ! I love them all
idefixthecat (1 year ago)
come on... ukranians have a few names like in this video :D hahhah its so cute and lovely :)
Louise T (2 years ago)
is the name Nastasiya common in Ukraine? and is it pronounced like Anastasiya, but without the A at the start? and... would Nastya still be the short version? many thanks! Enjoy your videos.
Lesia K (2 years ago)
мене звуть Леся❤
Gina Beana (2 years ago)
my nieces name is Mylena.. is milena said the same way ?
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
walid redka (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed the video, thnx a lot, I like Ruslana it's a beautiful name 😍 some names are the same in Algerian language 😊 like Lilia
kiran voleti (2 years ago)
Dear Mrs Olga, do you have any idea about girls names, why ending with letter 'a' for almost all names you read, except lubov, why is there any rule for that
Im VerDicTzZ (2 years ago)
my mums is larysa and grandmother is liudmyla
sunhao pxs (2 years ago)
Hello I would like to ask I'm not sure how to write the name. But a girl 's name of Ukrainians (Elichica nikitina) I'm not sure how to read your writing is true Ukrainians how to write , thank you
da ba (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova u write olga but it is just olha spelled in latin script!
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
Surname is Нікітіна but I've never heard name which you srite me
Olga Kovalenko (2 years ago)
Олю, им'я "Анна" українською буде Ганна ;)
Sid Kumar (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova you are very sexy
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
Є Анна, є Ганна;-) Вже издавна використовується два варіанти
Anna Esel (2 years ago)
Hi. I love your videos and you really help me learning Ukrainian so thank you. I am Russian and Ukrainian and my name is Anna :)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Anna Esel Hi! You are welcome
thank you,very helpful
Roxana Anna (2 years ago)
I'm polish but i don't know where my name is from, my name is roksana
CPLGDR (3 years ago)
Great video, nice to learn something! But I am still struggling to pronounce yevgeniya
Jone Mamrei (3 years ago)
meaning of Olga is "blessed, holy, successful" But the common meaning for Olga is HOLY. I am not interesting in the names only also the meaning is very important for me 😁
dukyd122 (3 years ago)
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
dukyd122 (3 years ago)
Ok, It is good to know, I know one Ukrainian girl, thank you :)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
There is no short version
dukyd122 (3 years ago)
And the short version? Angie? :)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+dukyd122 Yes, we have this too)
billy king (3 years ago)
Hello Olga, I have question off differences of the name of Kate, Katy, or I believe the spelling to be Ceti are those the same variations of Katerina perhaps? Thank You again. Will:)
ira zhovkva (3 years ago)
+Achmad Raihan karyusha is russian version
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Katyusha also )))
Achmad Raihan (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova Katyusha?
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+billy king We have full name Kateryna and short variant is only Katya. Sometimes in West Ukraine you can hear Katrusya also. No other variant we don't use)
Dan Koltes (3 years ago)
My fiance's name is Alexandra and she is from Ukraine its a very beautiful name!
Manfred Bismark (3 years ago)
Hello OLGA.  SLOVENSKA: Ana, Olga, Ksenja, Irena, Jana, Kristina, Katerina, Natalija, Nadja, Vera, Valentina, Viktorija, Marina, Marija, Marjana, Svetlana, Darja, Tatjana, Valerija, Veronika, Ljudmila, Stanislava, Evgenija, Julija, Elizabeta, Aleksandra, Zora, Milena, Maja, Tina, Barbara, Katja, Simona, Sara, Sonja, Maruša, Vesna,... ETC.
Adrijan Talić А ти си све нас испитивао јел тако? Види то могу само Хрвати конечно причају, разумем конечно сте љубоморни на све Српско не кривим вас. Али ајде сад лепо влеки се, ионако причаш не правде, а Влаха још увек има доле у Србији и они имају своју традицију и култури која нема везе са нама нити ми желимо конечно имају нити они похвала Богу! Срби су Срби, нико не може бити Србин ако се није родио као Србин, а Православац може конечно буде ко хоће, у томе је разлика. То што сте протерали Србе са њихове земље где су вековима живели и још славите то, браво Словенииии! Честитам немало сте паметни и прави сте Словени, види се кроз историју. Притом Србе покрштавали у католичким црквама на силу либо убијали ако нису хтели конечно се одрекну своје праве вере. Браво! Е разлика између Срба Словена и Хрвата "Словена" је што ми нисмо издалече своје и што они нису издалече нас сем вас и Бугара! Зато сви кажу Словени конечно би и њима забили ножик у леђа чим пре, јер више волите Немце него свој люд. Ал добро ваша ствар, проявили сте се кроз историју а сад нисте ништа бољи.
Нисам се заинтересовывала за Хрвате никад, али за мој люд Србе јесам. И добро знам конечно смо Словени и немамо никакве везе са Турцима либо ти Илирима Власима! Власи су сами за для себя и они се не мешају са нама нити би ми то хтели, пу, пу недај Боже. То што сте се ви мешали са Мађарима и Италијанима никоме ништа? Па зашто би сви Словени гласили конечно смо ми Срби њихова браћа ако нисмо Словени?! Смешни сте Хрвати јакоо! Ми Срби се мешамо само са Словенима са другим народима не! Тако нам је од давнина остало конечно би сачували нашу крв, чак се не мешамо са другим верама, али има изузетака као свуда јер ипак смо сви људи без обзира на веру.
Adrijan Talić И није ако волимо, него волимо зато што су они наш люд и наша вера! Е зато ми једни друге волимо као и Украјину и Белорусију ❤
То је само твоје глупаво мишљење! Ми смо Словени и то се обосновало по крви нашој, а причала сам са Чесима и Русима и тако конечноље(Словенима) и сами су рекли конечно воле Србију и Србе јер волимо своје порекло и препоносни смо на то! За Хрвате ништа лепо, немам ништа против вас ал нека сте ви ту маните се нас Словена!
MegaSexfanatic (3 years ago)
And I 'House M.D.' show Ukrainian wife of House have name 'Dominica'. How little know Americans about Ukraine.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
I plan to make more videos about name, because name of children is very different now) And here just the most popular for person who are 18+
Nikolai Harhai (3 years ago)
My piano student thought some of these names sound like countries, Lol!
Don Strang (2 years ago)
+Nikolai Harhai, where did you get this information from? Boyko people, just like a several of other slavic ethnic groups in Central Europe were there before they were named Ukrainians. Boyko means a son of boye man and originated from the patterns of speech "Bo-ye!" means "It is so!"
Nikolai Harhai (3 years ago)
Very nice! Like I was reading Boyko, a group of people from the Carpathian Mountains can be a forename which means "inhabitant of western Ukraine."
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
)And some Americans love Odessa, but it's also city in Ukraine)
FichDichInDemArsch (3 years ago)
Interesting pronunciation of 'Olga'. It's that special Ukrainian 'g' sound, isn't it?
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Yes, it's typycal Ukrainian sound)
Ceqatre (3 years ago)
Crush name is Kseniya, she's ukrainian :)
James M (3 years ago)
I saw lots of names I know from Eurovision like Ruslana(Lyzhychko) , Alyona, Anastasia(Prikhodko), Mariya(Yaremchuk) and Svetlana(Loboda). I also really like Zlata(Ognevich), I think it sounds nice.
James M (3 years ago)
Yeah, I did, Shady lady was really good ansd so was Verka Serduchka, and Loboda as well as Tina Karol in 2006. The only ones I didn't really like were 2003,2011(since I liked Zlata and Anastasia in the Ukrainian national final better) and 2012! :)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
And what about Ani Lorak? You forget about her)
James M (3 years ago)
It was only chosen an hour ago! :) For a singer, I really like Zlata(2011 and 2013), Anastasia(2009 for Russia and 2011 for Ukraine's selection) and Ruslana as well as Mariya from last year. I think they are all amazing! :)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
And which Ukrainian singer was the best for you?
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Really? I dont know that ;)

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