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Zeefreaks InvestaCup Trading Strategy

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Watch as he share his winning strategy during Investagrams Trading Cup, finishing at 3rd place while traveling!
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Text Comments (21)
Jordan Rey Pugasan (3 days ago)
hawud...ka sir ZF...sana more pres pa...u inspire me...
Roger Sanchez (30 days ago)
A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me *FirstMillionRoad*.
Ria D. (28 days ago)
lol bunch of scammers with comment bots 😆😆 you're messing with the wrong channel.
Katrice Rager (30 days ago)
thanks for share
Danyelle Gfader (30 days ago)
great tool
shankz TV (1 month ago)
Celeste 😍
Nowie Montano (2 months ago)
Nagsasalitang pusa.....
Hero Laurente (2 months ago)
mejo conscious mag salita si lodi Z pero lupit ng content ng presentation.
RUGGED BREED (2 months ago)
Galing astig
Jun Sumanting (3 months ago)
Galing nyo po mag present Sir Zee.. #LODI #WERPA
mouthbalz (4 months ago)
Laagang hehe bisaya ni ah
Nixon Osin (4 months ago)
more videos sir zee!! more power!
abpolsci27 (4 months ago)
mga sir, ano magandang play pag bearish ang market. katulad ngayun sa PSEi. kasi naiisip ko yun breakout ay para lang sa uptrend market(aots), na mahirap ngayun makita sa current market na bearish.
Timothy Retamar (4 months ago)
gawin natin benchmark lahat ng zft
Jonathan Tapia (4 months ago)
Ang angas Sir !
Leonardo Gonzales (4 months ago)
Jacqueline Scott (24 days ago)
Leonardo Gonzales who do you trade with?
Mark Gil Daep (4 months ago)
Takte lupet nito!!!
Trader Cosmo (4 months ago)
Chad Domingo (4 months ago)
ilang beses ko toh pinapanood. gusto ko mamaster ung style mo ZF! sana makilala ko kau at mkasama sa group
jester (4 months ago)
Bangis tlga ni idol. Ano nlang kya kung hndi k nagtatravel s mga pnahong un. Thanks a lot for being so kind to everyone!

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