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If you enjoy my content, please consider subscribing to the channel! IS WORLD CUP MODE OFFLINE DRAFT WORTH IT? 15K FUT DRAFT PACK OPENING - WINNING THE DRAFT WC REWARDS My Twitter - https://twitter.com/LethalLeslie_ Like FORTNITE? Follow My Second Channel For Live Streams https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4GN... ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------------­-­-­-­-­- A Fifa 18 YouTube Creator Who loves all things Fifa 18 Ultimate Team. The kind of things you will find on this channel now and in the future are Fifa 18 Trading tips, Fifa 18 investment methods, Fifa 18 trading methods, inform trading, Making coins, how to make coins on fifa 18, how to make millions of coins on fifa 18, bin sniping, low budget trading tips, high budget trading tips, Fifa 18 Totw Trading, fifa 18 toty, fifa 18 tots, ultimate scream cards, fifa 18 Halloween trading, Futmas trading, Fifa 18 games, new fifa 18 games, fifa 18 squad builders, fifa 18 giveaways, fifa 18 QaA, Road to glory, Trade to glory, How To Move Coins, How to move coins safely, FIFA 18, FIFA 18 ultimate team, FIFA 18 Halloween, FIFA 18 scream cards, FIFA 18 investing, FIFA, EASPORTSFIFA, FIFA coins, FIFA best way, best way to make coins, best way to make FIFA coins, best trading method FIFA, FIFA easiest trading method, FIFA 18 squad builder, FIFA 18 pack opening, FIFA 18 FUT draft, FIFA 18 Road to Glory, FIFA 18 trading tips and much more! Every year there will be big Cards featured such as, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona, Del Piero, Sanchez, Aguero, Griezmann, De Bruyne, Bale, Buffon, Boeteng, Bergkamp, Benzema, Blanc, Eric Bailly, Puyol, Roberto Carlos, Crespo, Chiellini, Eriksen, Cavani, Coutinho, Costa, De Gea, Eden Hazard, Lukaku, Petit, Rio Ferdinand, Inzaghi, Isco, Ribery, Pepe, Ruud Gullit, Higuaín, Hagi, Godin, Peque, Thierry Henry, Hummels, Hugo Lloris, Hamsik, Larsson, Harry Kane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Zanetti, Okocha, Litmanen, Oblak, Rodriguez, Alba, Alaba, Vertonghen, Toni Kroos, Kluivert, Kante, Navas, Yashin, Matthaus, Luis Suarez, Lewandowski, Luka Modric, Owen, Overmars, Neuer, Nainggolan, Ozil, Schmeichel, Vieira, Pires, Dybala, Aubameyang, Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva, Muller, Alderweireld, Arturo Vidal, Marcelo, Varane, Casemiro, Kompany, Willian, Carrasco, Crouch, Bendtner, Akinfenwa, inform, Totw, Toty, Tots, Tott, Totgs, Motm. lethal leslie Following the release on FIFA 18, people are looking to make a team. In this video you can expect fifa 18, fifa 18 ultimate team, fut 18, best starter team, fifa 18 gameplay, cheap, overpowered, starter, best, beast, fifa 18 starter team, squad, squad builder, ultimate team, review, fifa 18 cheap team, team, fifa 18 best team, bpl, builder, cheap op team, cheap op team fifa 18, ultimate, fifa 18 best squad, inform, best starter squad builder, op cheap starter team, fifa 18 starter squad, player, how to get the best start, fifa 18 overpowered, fifa 18 cheap, cheap squad, 200k, fifa 18 200k team, fifa 18 squad builder, op and much more. Having Watched Youtubers Like, MattHDGamer, TWOSYNC, NepentheZ, Bateson87, and AJ3 for years I'm looking forward to trying my hand at everything fifa family friendly pg clean ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------------­-­-­-­-­- More Tags FIFA 18 ULTIMATE TEAM FIFA 18 TRADING TIPS FIFA 18 TRADING METHOD FIFA 18 ICON SBC FIFA 18 HOW TO TRADE TRADING TO GLORY FIFA 18 TRADING TO GLORY FIFA 18 WHEN TO SELL FIFA 18 WHEN TO BUY 81+ PACK 2 PLAYER PACK OPENING MARQUEE MATCHUPS FIFA 18 MARQUEE MATCHUPS PREDICTIONS MARQUEE MATCHUPS CHEAPEST SOLUTION FIFA 18 FIFA 18 MARKET CRASH FIFA 18 TOTS MARKET CRASH MARKET CRASH FIFA 18 81+ TOTW PACKS MOST OVER POWERD HYBRID SQUAD BUILDER FIFA 18 ICON PACKS GUARANTEED ICON PACK NEW TOTW PACKS GUARANTEED TOTW PACKS TOTW PACKS PREMIER LEAGUE FIFA 18 FREE PACKS FIFA 18 PACKS FIFA 18 SBC FIFA 18 ULTIMATE TEAM FIFA 18 FIFA 18 TOTS FIFA 18 TOTS PACK OPENING FIFA 18 PREM TOTS FIFA 18 PREMIER LEAGUE TOTS WORLD CUP MODE FIFA 18, WORLD CUP PACK OPENING FIFA 18, WORLD CUP ICON PACK OPENING FIFA 18, WORLD CUP SBC FIFA 18, WORLD CUP DRAFT FIFA 18, WORLD CUP NEW ICON FIFA 18, WORLD CUP MODE IS WORLD CUP MODE OFFLINE DRAFT WORTH IT? 15K FUT DRAFT PACK OPENING - WINNING THE DRAFT WC REWARDS
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Text Comments (67)
AZONTO 123 (3 months ago)
Bro I saw that you didnt notice but the packs got better, first time you got euope player pack (the sbc) 2nd time you got europe premium players pack (maybe 3 81+ players or 3 83 + players), can you continue and update if the rewards keep getting better after doing like 5-10(if the rewards change more?
Mehmet Simsek (3 months ago)
coins youre getting sometimes 5k sometimes 6k
Ervin C. Duran (3 months ago)
LethalLeslie subbed for part 2
Yasin (3 months ago)
Make a part 2
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
ahh sick mate thanks for letting me know
FoRz FUSION (2 months ago)
Yo does the rewards get better the harder the difficulty?
FoRz FUSION (2 months ago)
thx man
LethalLeslie (2 months ago)
no mate it doesn't
Vincent ’ (3 months ago)
Do you also get 1 player packs from playing the matches?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
Vincent ’ no mate
Terrier Gaming (3 months ago)
Great video but 0 rares mean u can get rare players but it’s not guaranteed nothing to do with consumables
Jamez Blaze (3 months ago)
Got Neymar and lewandowski out of this first try😂
NITESHADOWshouske (3 months ago)
I wish they could include all of the teams that participated in the qualifying rounds.
Gabriel Eremie (3 months ago)
If rewards don’t get affected by the difficulty what about the coins received from the games played?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
Yes the coins played are effected but not massively
Boy Barends (3 months ago)
Im doing a Rtg and when i get 15k again will you open 2 7,5k packs or a offline Draft?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
id go for the draft mate
xxexpertgamerxx (3 months ago)
Do i buy PTG Lemar or PTG Bernando Silva or IF 85 Iago Aspas as an investment?
Littleratboye (3 months ago)
I’m gonna sub hoping for a part 2
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
no mate
Littleratboye (3 months ago)
LethalLeslie what about winning the World Cup offline do the rewards increase on that
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
unfortunately the rewards don't get any better apparently
AZONTO 123 (3 months ago)
How to make coins during wc? 1. Open a secondary account(sbc acc) 2. Go into wc mode 3. Do Let's Get Started Sbc without using europe players 4. Open the packs 5. Do the Europe Sbc to get 12k coins 6. If you don't have enough chem, use the rest of the players in the club to do a europe upgrade 7.If Europe team has 80 rating + 80-87 chem you can continue to step 8 8. Do the loyalty glitch 9. Trade in the sbc and transfer coins to main acc, (or continue to do normal sbcs on FUT to earn more coins) 10. This can be made x5 times per acc leaving you with a potential profit of 150k if you have 3 accs(beside main acc)
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
Thanks bro
AZONTO 123 (3 months ago)
Lethalleslie, shared this as it helped me from 0 to 100k yesterday on my ps acc, and for anyone that doesn't have much coins
Immortal RaPiDz (3 months ago)
do you come from north wales?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
dwi yn siarad cymraeg, diolch am y sub!!
Immortal RaPiDz (3 months ago)
well you just gained a new sub <3
Immortal RaPiDz (3 months ago)
could tell, siarad cymraeg?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
yes mate
PBP (3 months ago)
Wow something that's worth doing in FIFA?
Tom Thomson (3 months ago)
Love the content mate, just had some fifa points left over and decided too buy the single player draft, do you still get a X1 player pack for playing each game ?
It'z Fiigz (3 months ago)
LethalLeslie Are the rewards always the same? Like will I get the exact same rewards as you got on the first draft or not cos I only reAlly need Europe players!
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
no unfortunately not mate
Washy Gaming (3 months ago)
I got TOTS lecomte from the free packs
Abdoulie Jallow (3 months ago)
Io ho fatto l'aggiornamento del software e non funziona più fifa 18
Petar Knezevic (3 months ago)
This new mode pack luck is insane, I got Maradona twice
LethalLeslie (2 months ago)
Elliott Crowe no mate
LethalLeslie (2 months ago)
Elliott Crowe no mate
Elliott Crowe (2 months ago)
Can you keep the players you draft in regular FUT mode?
Cory Greiser (3 months ago)
I have 5 cr7’s. Lol really wish I could get someone else.
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
bloody hell that's mad
Lathusan Elangovan (3 months ago)
Amazing vid just found your channel and it is amazing and I loved the vid. 👍🏽
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
thanks bro
lake79 (3 months ago)
Thank you. I was wondering what i've could have gotten, as i used my token for online and lost the first game. Now i will use 15k to offline.
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
worth it mate
Shovon YG (3 months ago)
Bro can you please tell me what do u get on world class level? Just reply here please!!🙏
Billy Hinton (3 months ago)
Shovon YG I guess that they are of similar valuable however slightly better after each win. Btw if you can’t be bothered to play the game, stick it on amateur score 3 and go on your phone and watch YouTube or something. The ai find it virtually impossible to score and you can get packs with little to no effort. :)
Shovon YG (3 months ago)
So basically each draft you win.. Rewards get better or different?
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
no no change to them
Shovon YG (3 months ago)
Does the rewards changes as normal draft on fut mode?
Junior Savane (3 months ago)
I got same
Boneshark 00 (3 months ago)
What about the difficulty? Does it matter for your rewards
Boneshark 00 (3 months ago)
LethalLeslie ok, thanks!!
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
no mate unfortunately not
JMR (3 months ago)
I'd like it if I could play but crashes every time I try to into a world cup game
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
strange what platform you playing on
Wenis49 (3 months ago)
Thanks Leslie I always love your vids. You deserve do have 10 mil subs I love u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
thanks for the support bro
Koen Lindeboom (3 months ago)
I was so dammn lucky to get CR in my first squad begin pack😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😎😎😎😎😎
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
insane man
TheScoop36 (3 months ago)
long ass description
sam neale (3 months ago)
Dammit! I literally searched for a video describing this exactly and didn’t realise you’d uploaded one, you appear to be the first so thanks!
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
ye not many people into the offline side of things
Amr El zawawy (3 months ago)
What do you get when you win all of them on legendary difficulty
LethalLeslie (3 months ago)
same mate rewards unfortunately don't get better this year

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