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Ukrainian lesson. Handwriting in Ukrainian

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Text Comments (104)
The Sea Swells (6 days ago)
Thank you for this video! I have a quick question: Is Ukrainian only written in cursive and never print?
Serhii Chepara (2 months ago)
Ґ, У, Т ?! ::)))
Felix T (3 months ago)
Where are C and T ?
Nicolas eliu (4 months ago)
asz whole (5 months ago)
What remarkable penmanship It like art work! Thanks Olga
Olga Reznikova (5 months ago)
Thank you!
asz whole (5 months ago)
PrevieT u beauty is killing me to the grave
A7A #WTF (5 months ago)
Ternopel university or lviv
TheEmpireBand (6 months ago)
Interesting how a lot of them look so different when hand written
Daniel Stone (7 months ago)
Why is the hand written way so different to the font you see on the screen for some of the letters? Super confused!
Timurlane100 (8 months ago)
Oh you're so charming. And your instruction is fabulous.
PherreiroGuitar (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video! I started to learn the cirillic alphabet 2 days ago. I find it very useful!
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
И = Ы І = И Є = Е Е = Э Ґ = Г Г = h Щ = ШЧ
Retro Technology (2 months ago)
Привет СССР
Carol Cummings (10 months ago)
I just found this video! I've been living in Ukraine for almost 2 years and still cannot read handwriting! Thanks
Maria elena diduszyn (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot Olga for your handwritten alphabet i havent learned to Write it yet
1brianescobar (11 months ago)
Де літера Ґ? Хочу знати як написано
Richard Kambinda (1 year ago)
'Ц' & 'Ч' were most difficult, @_mama_Olga:) 'Ц' for "...ценкер..."??? Or, 'цiна'? Or, 'цукор'.
Richard Kambinda (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova Thank you, @Mrs Reznikova. This made up for deficits that I have in Ukranska. NB: For reference sake, I must admit that I am ņóț at at a-l-l PLANNING TO MARRY IN UKRAINE. --THOUGH I WOULD MIND ANY OF THE DECENT GIRLS THAT I KNOW-- I will be a final-yr student in the upcoming 2017/2018 academic. I was based in the Donbass from 2012-2014; ...DNMU им. Горкого. My student agent relocated US to Ivano (Stanislav) in 2015. I ended studying at IFNMU for 1 yr. Sadly, I did not complete 2 module: Pharmacology & Surgery. I was sent home for 3 months_ Namibia. I manage to get a new visa in RSA. I am currently enrolled at KMU. I am completing after 1 yr...and ♥Thank God♥ that I have come this far: BECAUSE -- AND, I may be wrong, but i especially sense this in Ukrainian work ethic and administrative culture-- UKRAINE, THERE IS "PEACE" IN ONE'S LIFE PROVIDED ONE DOES NOT VIOLET BREAK THE UN-WRITTEN RULES and\or THE TIME-LIMITS AND DEADLINES TO CERTAIN THINGS. MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS HEAVILY REGULATED IN UKRAINE. BUT, I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY NONETHELESS)). AND, I can tell that you are doing this job for both your family and your "greater" family_ the Slavs and all mankind. May you have renewed strength to let people know about Ukraine (after a tough time), Madam. May you NOT be offended by those political minorities who hate so-called ``RACE-MIXING`` amongst the homogenously Slavic nation of Ukraine. And, may they see you in the sincere and transparent light that you present yourself to your audience WHILST in the business of the promotion of Int'l Relations and Cooperations --dare I say Mail-Order Brides??-- in which you are simply trying to do your small part in microeconomics. I watch your Channel because there were are\OR were many friends who could have been ``special`` ppl to me. But, CULTURE-WISE, they rarely got what I meant and I never got what they meant. Actually, it was only 2 girls who showed strong interest in me. I am 25 yrs. So, it is not the end of the world I gues: I HAVE NEVER HAD A GIRLFRIEND IN UKRAINE. I HAVE TONNES OF FRIRNDS THOUGH. I even coach about 10-20 Ukrainians in in Бесплатный Разговорный Клуб vk.com/club21200741 on every Fri. Overrall, have a good day.. Excuse me writing to much. I likef the video on Ukrainian village life, religion, orthography...etc, BECAUSE I have always be a a 60-70% average students in Geography at High School level And, I also present many nature talks in my club sessions. Greetings to your child & Husband, @Madam.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
all is correct
SouthernNorthener2 (1 year ago)
Why is the D so different in written form to typed form?
Krxtina Em (1 year ago)
В где С т Т?
Debatosh Ganguly (1 year ago)
Very nice handwriting Olga.
Márcio Marques (1 year ago)
I simply love your channel! Just today I watched a lot of videos! I'm starting with Ukrainian now and you're helping me a lot! Thanks!
Mohamed el Zaab (1 year ago)
The problem is not writing a letter problem is how we can sound it ???
Вы весьма отлично пишите 😲
Mashari BaniMustafa (1 year ago)
and t also
Mashari BaniMustafa (1 year ago)
u missed c
Bilal Ahmad (1 year ago)
tough language for me russian ukrainian chechnian
klAri (1 year ago)
Буква "Ф" пишется не этак!
125- 125 (1 year ago)
Their right Slavic women are the most beautiful in the world
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
Alexander Barlow (2 years ago)
As an English speaker (and user of the Latin alphabet), I freaked out when I saw the Д written as a 'D' and a 'g', but then I realised, the letters A, E, B, D, G, H, R and Q look nothing like their lowercase letter, and so I stopped freaking out :')
Eng Abdullah (2 years ago)
nice teacher 😍 thx so much 💜
Pretty handwriting of yours.
hnsz2002 (2 years ago)
Every time when is see any of your videos, i fall in love...
Maria Brasoveanu (2 years ago)
Ґ and т? I really need those :))
Jörmungandr (2 years ago)
For т: en . wiki2 . org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0b/20-Russian_alphabet-Т_т.svg/im234-309px-20-Russian_alphabet-Т_т . svg . png
Andrew Vasirov (2 years ago)
Where is "Ґ"? That I am very curious to see how it is written!
Retro Technology (2 months ago)
me too
Gary Moss (2 years ago)
Now you should write something at normal speed, i'd like to see that :)
Gary Moss (2 years ago)
You sure do spend a lot of time teaching us. Thank you for this! I wonder, what is your motivation??
Matt Carroll (2 years ago)
She wants to spread Ukrainian culture. Many people have never even heard of Ukraine around the world. In the US, I would say 1/20 of people are knowledgeable about Ukraine.
Dominika Domaczaja (2 years ago)
i don't like Ukraine, and Ukrainian language,but your handwriting is beautiful ;)
Gary Moss (2 years ago)
why don't you like Ukraine? The people there are some of the nicest I've ever met! and I've been traveling since I was 19 :)
Dāvis Dzerkaks (2 years ago)
Де Ґ?
Rishaad Khan (2 years ago)
this is Russian just go with that
Ярема Керр (2 years ago)
+Rishaad Khan BULLSHIT Russian and Ukrainian are very different
Psalm40 (2 years ago)
If I send you a video with a Russian word would you tell me what it means?
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+JesusLovesYou yes
King of the 601 slavs (2 years ago)
Olga before I commit completely should I learn the Ukrainian alphabet fully like how I know the English alphabet now I really appreciate time you taking out the time to make these videos they're helping me a lot little confusing but I'm sure that I can get it down pat my great grandmother was from Kyiv Ukraine but she passed away a few years back and I know a little bit of Ukrainian but not much at all
Club Soda (2 years ago)
I'm not Ukrainian but it looks easy at only 33 letters. I recently learned to read the Japanese hiragana and katakana alphabet it is way harder at over 90 letters. It took me 2 weeks and I was a terrible student so you don't need to be smart just learn an alphabet.
King of the 601 slavs (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova thank. You for replying I took Spanish in high school and that's how we started.thanks again Olga I really appreciate it
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
it will be great.there are only 33 letters, its not so hard, I guess ;-)
EriclawElitewolf (2 years ago)
nice video ! what's the different between russian and ukraine alphabet? it looks similar. Also how about the hand writting ? is it the same ? *all the way from Malaysia :D
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
the same letters looks the same, but there are few different letters in Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Serbian. We all use cyrillic, but not all just some part. And this part of cyrillyc has a little difference
BB. Kaye (2 years ago)
Silly question haha, when writing could you write the letters how they look on the keyboard?
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
they look like printed letters;-)
Iryna Pidhorna (2 years ago)
Ви забули букви ґ, с, т
The Tongue Of Angels (1 month ago)
It feels like I can almost understand🤗
Soviet Union (9 months ago)
Iryna Pidhorna Да.
Lauge Steffensen (3 years ago)
Jeg er Dybt Imporneret, tak for video'n Bedste Hilsner Fra Danmark! basic Scandinavian special Letters Æ-Ø-Å/æ-ø-å
Jim Slip (3 years ago)
Hi Olga, thank you for this video on the subject of Handwriting in Ukrainian.  Could you please make a step by step instructional movie to show how you type text using both the Roman alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet.  Please get the camera to show the computer screen and keyboard; and explain if any settings on the computer need to be adjusted. I think this would be beneficial to a lot of your followers.  Thank you kindly.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Jim Slip Thank you! Ok, I wil try to make is as soon as I can!)
Vincent B (3 years ago)
Very useful ! I am learning ukrainian but always at loss when encountering handwritting. Great reference video,thank you!
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Vincent B You are welcome!
Niel Dooley (3 years ago)
Hello olga, this was a very helpful video I've been wanting to know how to write Ukrainian alphabet properly for while. It would also be helpful to see how letters join up in actual writing. I notice you have a baby cot in the background, congratulations, when is the baby due? Your videos of Ukrainian independence day were interesting, everyone seemed to have had a really fun and happy day.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Niel Dooley I expect my baby in November) I will let you know when it happens)))
christopher zutter (3 years ago)
You have very beautiful hand writting, Could you please make a video showing us how to write some words in Ukrainian?
christopher zutter (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova Thank you very much. : )
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+christopher zutter yes, I will do that
MOSCOW (3 years ago)
Ольга, поглядите изволь маленькое видео с ICTV. Это феерично. Якобы европейские учёные отнесли российский стиль не к славянским языкам, а к финно-угорским. Якобы древне-российский -- это украинский и белорусский, а российский будто бы к ним и не относится. И вот спрашивается, ради чего такие бредни? https://youtu.be/DSK93ZJL90o
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Да, язик)
MOSCOW (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova конечно, вправду. Это текст с украинского веб-сайта, на российском языке. Возможно, переводчик с российского на украинский переводит коряво. Но с украинского на российский переводит отлично. Возможно это связано с недостаточной проработкой украинского языка в переводчике.  А стиль будто будет по-украински? Тот, какой орган. Переводчик переводит "мова", однако я думаю, что по-другому. Наверное язик? 
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
Первый текст - это видать) Якщо пес довго перебувати - нужно произнести довго перебуває Це просто запобігти - цьому просто запобігти.  Докласти долоню до асфальту - покласти долоню на асфальт. (Докласти можно зусилля, сили, однако не долоні).  А еще сам текст написан таким кострубатым языком, трудно читается. Нет таковой одной полосы. Это тоже особенности строения предложений.   Я когда-то писала статьи для веб-сайта на российском, а позже переводила их на украинский. То на российском текст полностью читабелен, а на украинском декламировать нереально. Даже не из-за ошибок при переводе, а вообщем из-за другого строения предложений.
MOSCOW (3 years ago)
Ольга. Ой ли, а давайте проверим? Я вам на данный момент дам 2 текста. Натуральный украинский и российский, переведённый на украинский. Сможете найти, какой из их написан "троллем"? "Подушки на лапах собаки - це одне з незахищених його місць. Якщо пес довго перебувати на нагрітому асфальті або бруківці, шкіра злізе і його чекає довге і болісне лікування. Це просто запобігти. Треба тільки докласти свою долоню до асфальту і спробувати потримати 5 секунд. Якщо це зробити важко, то пес тим більше не витримає. Людина цього не відчуває, бо ходить взуття. Сьогодні також є взуття і для собак. Але фахівці радять вибирати для прогулянок ранкову і вечірню пору. Завдяки цьому ваш улюбленець уникне сонячного удару. Варто пам'ятати, що собаки мають значно більш слабку систему охолодження, ніж люд. Їх тіло обороняється від спеки не всією поверхнею, а тільки частинами - подушками лап, вухами. Разом з відкриттям Америки, по Європі починає поширюватись тютюн. Цікаво, що 1-го з членів експедиції Колумба було засуджено інквізицією. Дим, який ішов у чоловіка з роту этак налякав іспанців, що вони вирішили, нібито членом екіпажу заволодів сам диявол. Що ж, як бачимо, іспанці в чомусь передбачили майбутнє, адже згодом тютюн 100є справжньою пошестю в старій Європі. Періодичні антитютюнові  кампанії, впроваджені різними урядами не дають очікуваного ефекту. Навіть найвища міра покарання – страта курців, запроваджена в Німеччині у 1691 році не зупиняє поширення тютюнопаління. Продаж сигарет набирає обертів, а тютюнові компанії наживаються на курцях". 
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+QHYUWEISPOJKCNE Конечно они похожие, об этом никто не спорит... однако российский когда переводят гуглом, то это весьма уж разрезает глаз))) Потому, что он переводит буквально, а многие вещи буквально переводить невозможно, поэтому, что они не имеют смысла на украинском) Поэтому сходу вчисляются русские тролли, которые пишут типо на украинском, а на самом деле наверняка будто один таки гуглом пользуются)) Потому, что ни одинешенек украинец при здравом уме такового бы не написал) Но с иной стороны,я не знаю других славянских языков, потому не могу судить, верно ли их переводит google) Может там таковой же абсурд)
Rockyourassed (3 years ago)
Your lessons are very goood :) it helps me a looot ! Dakayu so much !! :)) You are a great teacher!
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Rockyourassed Thanks)
Diego Garza (3 years ago)
Wow, you did it! Thanks a lot! Дякую!
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+Diego Garza You are welcome!
Cris (3 years ago)
thanks for the video olga!!
dukyd122 (3 years ago)
Didn´t you forget the G, S and T letter?
Retro Technology (2 months ago)
Olga Reznikova no problem
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+dukyd122 ooopps, yes(((
Привіт Ольга. Супер відео. Мені сподобаються ваші відеи о України, особливо про того що наші мови (українська і русинська) этак идентичені :) Якщо ви зацікавлені, на моєму канали я зробив переклад Гімна України до сербської мової.
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
+QueenMadonnaLVC Добре, дякую, я подивлюся.
Manfred Bismark (3 years ago)
Hello OLGA. Good video. Bye. Rudi.
joshua bale (3 years ago)
olga.my brain hurts.i have been slowly learning to speak ukrainian.however when it cones to reading and writing i have no idea where to start
The Tongue Of Angels (1 month ago)
now three. Yay we can count! Now let's try it in Ukrainian
Ultima Oculis (1 year ago)
I notice this comment is two years old...
Ultima Oculis (1 year ago)
Start with the alphabet, works with the letters that are the same in both languages then ones that both English and Ukrainian has with different sounds and finally ones like ï and и that are only in Ukrainian
joshua bale (2 years ago)
Thanks Jade.I will look into it
Jade Zasadny (2 years ago)
Have you tried Duolingo?
amaromem1 (3 years ago)
Very beautiful handwriting.. Ohh no.. I have been writing some letters wrong all this time :( Thanks, have a nice saturday¡¡¡
Zuhaib Channel (3 years ago)
do ukrainian eat spicy food if yes can u make a video
amaromem1 (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova There is not problem, you wrote it fine ;) You can use "halapeno" and "jalapeno" in english as well, but don't eat if you are not a profesional mexican hehe..
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
oh, yes, I kknow, I just don't have Spanish letters in my computer)
amaromem1 (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova Talking about letters.. Sorry, "halapeno" is fine in english, because in english doesn't exist the letter "ñ" In spanish is writen "jalapeño".
amaromem1 (3 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova hehe, halapeño is nothing compared with others like "habanero" or "tabasco" I would cry if I bit one of them.. But halapeño is very tasty with almost everything ;)
Olga Reznikova (3 years ago)
yes, I think about mexicans too)) We don't have food with halapeno, so I already can't call any Ukrainian food really spicy)

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