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Henry Jenkins on Participatory Culture (Big Thinkers Series)

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University of Southern California media scholar Henry Jenkins describes how educators might fuel civic engagement by tapping the skills their students build in interest-driven online communities. More resources at http://www.edutopia.org/henry-jenkins-participatory-culture-video
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whopayswins (1 year ago)
The feral kids of the internet - love it! Excellent video, I will be sharing this with my GCSE Media Students next year!
The Wrong John (1 year ago)
Mr Jenkins, inspiring ideas and very relevant to our times! Keep up the good work :)
Bárbara Fernandes (3 years ago)
This video was shot in 2013? I'm working on my master's thesis and I want to quote some of this interview, so I need the year Henry Jenkins gave this interview. Thank you!
Giorgia Castellano (1 year ago)
https://www.edutopia.org/henry-jenkins-participatory-culture-video use the clues in the video
Deborah Viel (4 years ago)
I appreciate the history of use of media by kids/people who aren't "in the business" of media or government. There is a lot of power in people having a voice through media.  YouTube and other avenues for this voice are excellent tools. I live in Nunavut where storytelling and participatory culture is traditional and it's exciting to see this affirmation of traditional ways of doing and thinking.
Edutopia (4 years ago)
That's really interesting, Deborah, thanks for pointing it out! There's much that we can learn from storytelling and oral culture, and it's important to remember these traditions have a historical context. 
Mediabistro (4 years ago)
Brilliant stuff. Ahaha, "..the feral kids of the internet..."
Edutopia (4 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it!
Zoe Marlowe (4 years ago)
Dr. Jenkins I love what you have to say.  As an English teacher for university students in Istanbul, Turkey, I am learning to reach my students' interests using your discussion ideas about Participatory Culture and also MI Theory from Gardner.  I feel between these and also Krashen's CLT, I am making a more powerful series of lessons to keep the students engaged by using current hot-button topics and using technology to keep the TESOL conversations going.  Thank you for your great insights.  Zoe Marlowe, 2014.
mathematicsonline (5 years ago)
I like to create media on math and share it with everyone else!
xcvsdxvsx (5 years ago)
I hope you are wrong about social media increasing interest and participation in democratic systems. The last thing we need is EVEN MORE busy bodies trying to run other peoples lives.
jecjoker (5 years ago)
This was amazing!
Vael Victus (5 years ago)
The camera flipping around from 0:23 to 0:37 is brilliant.
Blake Guthrie (5 years ago)
I love Mr. Jenkins' bit on Wikipedia. Too often have I seen/heard the whole "Wiki means it's illegitimate information" argument which at this point in time is irrelevant. Brilliant philosophy.

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