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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 7/5/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (56)
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
6:20 PM Eastern
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Thanks Tony. We take an organic stance for those who we "hire". Members that engage the community and prove their knowledge and communication skills get moved up the ladder.
Tony Regalado (5 months ago)
Hey Dan, I'm not sure if you read these comments, but I love what you're doing, brother. So, so much respect for you and your selfless lifestyle. I live by random acts of kindness, and that's what I do. I'd totally like to work with you and the chart guys - if that's even possible- for free, honestly. Just trying to get out of this rat race and help as many ppl as possible, and also gain some knowledge.. If you're ever in Seattle, I'd like to buy you a beer or two. I'm sure you're a busy man, but please get back to me if you think I can be of assistance. I'd love to have a mentor, so I can pay it forward. :)
Crypto Conversations (4 months ago)
Like it a lot
EndeavorWebs (5 months ago)
Funny btc chart https://fortisconnect.com/crypto-bubble-mania-fortis-version
A H (5 months ago)
Looks like an inverse head and shoulders on the daily
Vanderval Borges-ADM (5 months ago)
30$ Free It will be released in 7 hours, go! https://eib.ai/?ref=qqsoy
daniele silva (5 months ago)
https://eib.ai/?ref=enemf gente $30,00 dólares na inscrição
dreland s (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan, especially for stearing me away from the BTC chop. It was too much for a newbie.
James Winsoar (5 months ago)
How can you trade breakouts when they happen in seconds?
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Stop buy orders or being on the computer when it happens.
Dimissimo (5 months ago)
Had been in Pavones, it is such a beautiful place! If you are planing to go to Jaco, visit Diego Naranjo - he and his wife are local surf champions - grate family! Have a nice surfing :) Pure Vida :D
Aider (5 months ago)
Btc will pullback to 6015. ☺
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Those who speak in definites do not have enough experience to be humbled by the markets to realize nothing is ever a sure thing!
Ionescu Cristian (5 months ago)
Using memes before it was cool 👌
crypto bits (5 months ago)
How can anyone give a thumbs down?
Tolga (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan.
Supply Side (5 months ago)
I lend out a substantial sum on Bitfinex. I cant imagine anyone manipulating the funding book. Theres only ever $4 - $20 million USD on the book at any time. The rate today is about 3 times lower than average but bitcoin only needs to move up by an additional $1.30 to cover your added funding cost, or you gotta push to enter $1.29 lower, give or take lol. In my opinion the lending rate is purely demand driven. The only insight Id take from the low funding rate is that no one wants to go long on margin right now. Thanks for the videos Dan!
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Thanks for the insight!
Tom Lee (5 months ago)
Living and loving life, that's awsome! Inspirational!!
Joe Astro (5 months ago)
Hi Dan, I've been only trading ETC this last month and very successfully and noticed it's more bullish (not correlated) and 15-25%+ profit spread Can you mention ETC please.. i curious your thoughts
Matt Mortenson (5 months ago)
awesome bro
ice man (5 months ago)
Great TA - awesome story time about Pavones... you should come back - it is wonderful still! Pure Vida :D
Game champion (5 months ago)
Video toh mast HB👌👌👌👌💖
Casey Langenberger (5 months ago)
Really nice video
R James (5 months ago)
There are a lot of new companies using Litecoin. CheapAir.com online travel agent in USA - SurfAir.com. - Tapjets.com - USA private jet companies - VRporn.com. - (bit cheeky). - Overstock.com - online retailer in USA. - Alzashop.com - European Union online retailer - we'll have to see if it takes a week, a month or a year to have an effect. Litecoin mining reward halving 2019! Bitcoin 'halving' 2020! Less new Bitcoin/Litecoin means upward pressure on price! Last 'round' of 'halvings starting 2015 signified the beginning of 2015 - 2017 price surges!
Erin Shi (5 months ago)
Nice one Dan. Really been enjoying your work!Thank you
Rare Music Channel (5 months ago)
Sounds like a great holiday! Thumbs up dude!
bit Pickup (5 months ago)
my news cicle just included a polar bear that ate someone. they killed the bear .. i guess not this one :-O
Paradigm Prospector (5 months ago)
Lookin forward to the day of my signup, thanks for everything
Tom A (5 months ago)
The EU's Biggest ETF Firm Expands Into Crypto Products
Mira (5 months ago)
Who are this people that give Dan’s videos the thumbs down? What do they see or hear on there for them to dislike the video? I am legitimately curious.
daniel Cardwell (5 months ago)
I can only guess its satan Hitler Charles manson and bill crosby trolling
Craig Neeve (5 months ago)
they dont like long hair
Charles Patterson (5 months ago)
Self flagellation
silver plata (5 months ago)
I love travel too , HEY how can I contact with you..?? I'm from Mexico😉 if you want to visit some day... or visit Philippines it's lovely place too..
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Here or email or FB or twitter. I am on the internets.
Mark W (5 months ago)
I'd like to know this too.
Hofmann (5 months ago)
too many jazz cigarettes dan...
Hofmann (5 months ago)
TheChartGuys ya mun
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Or fresh off a killer hour and a half nap
Jack's Vocals (5 months ago)
Thank you for your insights, trading and travel. Always appreciated
Pro-Technical Analyst (5 months ago)
Hey Dan, Thanks for all your hard work... This has become my favorite channel and I look forward to your videos every day.... sometimes I check multiple times before you actually post. I have a few question... 1) I tried registering for your Monthly Memebership, but the system is not allowing me to register for the Monthly memebership. I have emailed my questions via the Chartguys website a few times and have not received any replies. Also, Is there a difference in access between the Monthly and Yearly memberships?? 2) You posted a video about Miners / Gold recently and I am interested in getting into a position to trade these .... where do you trade these?? 3) Also would like to know where do you trade the S&P?? Finally , I would really like to become a member so i can learn more ... could you please guide on the best to get into your membership class ?? Thanks again for all your hard work as it is not taken for granted!!
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
[email protected] is the best contact but yes there is a wait list. Those that finish the courses get added to the front of the line for ease of transition in.
Escudo Chatea (5 months ago)
Sadly the memberships are full, have been all year. But they let in a few persons every day just so we don't have 3000 people suddenly spamming the natural flow in the community. Just put your email on the waiting list which is easily found on their page and they will let you join in time. I waited about 2 months to get in, so look forward seeing you there! :D
Aaron (5 months ago)
Any clue as to a "beginners trading platform", kind of like how Binance has Basic and Advanced levels of trading? I'm thinking specifically of Fidelity and how confusing it can be for us trader noobs. Maybe just stick with TradingView?
Aaron (5 months ago)
TradingView doesn't have Shorting capabilities ... I think ... which I'm also interested in. Thanks for the reply.
Escudo Chatea (5 months ago)
Tradingview has awesome "paper trading" which u can practise with. It now allows some crypto/fiat pairs as well. e.q. watch all/any chartguys vids and most of those tickers are paper tradeable on Tradingview. Several platforms have trials/demo accounts too to try. Like 500+ or Etoro
Aaron (5 months ago)
Any idea why the big buy at 6501? Could that mean whoever's buying is expecting a dip, then when times comes, place orders to help get BTC over the 6500 resistance? Or is that just a complete whiff on my part? :)
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
The bids help keep the price propped up.
D1mken Sharpshooter (5 months ago)
Nice vid and Nice beach
ProtieuS (5 months ago)
Great story thanks
Gettem Rollin (5 months ago)
cheers Dan, always good to hear your thoughts
Jon Tan (5 months ago)
good stuff Dan, cheers
MoCh C (5 months ago)
What's up from TX, love your content!
ProtieuS (5 months ago)
Dan, My name is Dan.Good to meat you, Can you do one thing. No shill. Look into Sun Exchange. SUN Solar. Helps all,(hope) And BTC power. Thoughts?

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