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My million Dollar note.

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Happy Fourth of July (07042018) everybody. Happy Independence day. It was hard to save this note and not show everybody!
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If it was a starnote you had a double rare note😆😆😆
Liana Taniguchi (2 months ago)
Nice find...👍 aloha
Gerard Brien (2 months ago)
Awesome find. It's a shame it has a hard fold in the centre. Still a nice find.
Jose Figueroa (2 months ago)
Cool i got a $ 20 With number 17767676
I would like this note and keep it because of the relation to the year 1776. Nice find.
jds hempfarm (2 months ago)
Master of Ceremony = MC very good!
Ask The Donald to put his signature on it😆😆😆😆
If you dont find rare spinning stars you find a rare serialnumber note😆😆
Lucky Lucky😆😆
Joy Gomez (2 months ago)
Good job
ibiscar06 (2 months ago)
HA!! This is unreal, what are the odds..nice find
ibiscar06 (2 months ago)
American Abroad Collecting Currency Abroad awesome find, about 2 months ago i found a $20 super repeater binary bill, I think its called, its repeating 25 across. I was ecstatic about that. Surprised that they can be found, I got it when I cashed my check. But yours, its pretty awesome, specially this years date. Maybe ill find one someday.
Thanks for viewing. The chances are 1:96,000,000 Million. I am still flabbergasted.

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