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How to Say "Good Luck" | Mandarin Chinese

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Sandra Wong (1 month ago)
I'm a mandarin speaker, I find I can help out more so that people could use this word to encourage people. Mostly mandarin speakers would say 祝你好运 (zhu ni hao yun) , which means good luck to you rather than saying good luck. So hope it helps you to motivate a friend preparing a competition or coping with stress.
Deeno The Deenosaur (1 month ago)
Old howcast is better
Lid ya (1 month ago)
I mean they're running out of content
Dr Cheetah (1 month ago)
Thanks i can now die in peace
Fish n chipz (1 month ago)
IM the 100TH like
Dylan Treadway (1 month ago)
Every time I hear “Good Luck” I think of the movie Taken
Nicks_ _Life! (1 month ago)
Dylan Treadway I know right. 😂
China Ball (1 month ago)
I never say this in Chinese,it accent more like taiwan
I feel scared by this video. Why do we need to know how to say this?
Oscar Tellez right... something isn’t ok with this
Oscar Tellez (1 month ago)
Jetto (1 month ago)
arnaldo antonio (1 month ago)
adishwar mansahia (1 month ago)
祝好运 is it correct
Xiaobao (1 month ago)
adishwar mansahia We usually say 祝你好运 instead of 祝好运. BTW, 你 means you.
exotic_ sk11s (1 month ago)
Well.....this channel is dying.
something something (28 days ago)
exotic_ sk11s it already died when they introduced these vodeos of people talking in front the camera and ditched the "wikihow-esque" layout altogether.
Nicks_ _Life! (1 month ago)
exotic_ sk11s Is?
Bleach * (1 month ago)
exotic_ sk11s i was litreally about to say that
asapa10 Greer (1 month ago)
shell company (1 month ago)
I beat up a cat once
YxxngSkiMask Xx (1 month ago)
Lonetholsskia (1 month ago)

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