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Do Narcissists Treat Their New Supply Differently?

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When the narcissist dances off into the sunset with a new partner, we often see the evidence of their social media pictures of romantic dinners, exotic holidays and sharing time with family and friends. Naturally, we are agonised about losing these things with this person. Things that another person is now receiving in our place. If you’ve ever been tormented by the thought that maybe they could change, or if it was you with all the problems, today’s new Thriver TV episode will help you. Join Us On The Blog And Read 100's Of Free Articles: https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/ FREE 16 Day Recovery Course: https://melanietoniaevans.com/freestarterpackage Learn How To Become A NARP Member: https://melanietoniaevans.com/narp Connect with me on social: https://facebook.com/MelToniaEvans/ https://instagram.com/melanietoniaevans/ https://pinterest.com.au/meltoniaevans/
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Terry Curtin (1 month ago)
Another thing we forget it. We actually loved the narc. We on the other hand were a tool for their gain. Money or like me my expertise in trusts and estates. Once the narc feels our job is done we become a distraction to their next need and who can fill that need. If another person can aid their life more they make a decision to destroy your reputation because all your common friends need to think she or he dumped you for good reason. Your a chest. Or you took their money. The reasons are endless. We are normal or slow we think. In the end we cant ever understand how they can make up such horrible things and dump us in a second. Many times a week earlier we were laughing and having dinner. Now thrown in the streets. We try to find out what happened until you find these videos. Before these we think we can save the relationship. Help them get better. Over time and only with help here. You may try until your dead or dead broken in every way
Valerie Stout (1 month ago)
Carsons mom here! It's so ironic how theyll call you a slut but seek out these types to triangulate you w. The sex part is weird too. When we 1st got together.. 6 months into it.. I found myself asking for sex because he didnt. Then we had what I thought was a good sex life but I noticed alot of porn use. It was like I was trying to measure up to a fantasy he had(of other ppl). And I'd workout and be in the best shape of my life(another form of triangulation is porn). I began to feel badly about my body and no longer enjoyed being w someone that called me a slut and a bitch but sought out these types at work. Damaged or going thru a divorce. Lying is another trait. Texting these types and pursuing them while lying to you. In 2008 I had a hysterectomy and kind of lost the sex drive. Of course the Narc used that as a way to make me feel abnormal and crazy(even though I still had sex w him)?? And fast fed.. he developed impotence. Which I always thought was kind of *karma* for all the crazy centered around sex. My point being its ALWAYS going to be a stress filled area in a Narcs life. And when its them suffering from ED.. you're now supposed to be kind and sympathetic
Maritza Valdes (1 month ago)
Please do not beat around the bush . Get to the subject matter..yes or no its simple , not so complex
Phoenix Dawn (2 months ago)
I’d quickly realised when I asked questions...questions were not welcomed! She was already sourcing supply the minute I moved in ! Why break a habit of a lifetime ..when they can just change the people over and that’s about all the therapy she ever got !!! The promises are as empty as their partners wallets! They are absolute vampires
Kathryn Kilian (2 months ago)
Question: Do narcissists do better in long distance relationships? Or does it just take longer for the new "catch" to catch on?
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Hi Katheryn, I'm happy to help. Yes, narcissists can gain a lot from long-term relationships. These relationships can last for decades but are no less devastating for their partner. The narcissist can use his/her relationship as an island of stability in his/her life... and though he/she constantly devalues and idealises his/her partner, eventually he/she will not be able to idealise again and this is when the discard happens. I hope this helps. Love and blessings xoxox
Shar Hughes (2 months ago)
The Narcissist is stealthy and conniving, Those creatures hide their true self covertly they have to too get Supply, The Narcissist say to themselves if you only knew the real me you would RUN that's how their able to trick and bamboozle us because they pretend to be a genuinely nice people!
Grimior00 (2 months ago)
This video helped me so much today, Thank you soo much for sharing these. I was feeling depressed today and needed this message. I can relate to every thing you said. While I am moving forward getting healthy, there are times when things slip back into feeling empty, then I realize I am far better off with out my Ex and their toxic abuse.
Buzzing Bee (2 months ago)
Grimior00 Me too same💞
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
I'm so pleased this helped Grimior00 xoxox
mamapug (2 months ago)
My narc broke up my marriage and I was so abused that I believed he actually loved me. I take responsibility for my part in things and have learned a huge lesson - the biggest one of my life. All the while he was sleeping with other people without protection and with me (I was separated and only with him). He was also still carrying on a long term relationship. I consider myself an intelligent person and it is hard to write this on the Internet, but I'm doing it to show people that it can happen to anyone who is emotionally starved out and abused like I was. I have learned so much from these videos and lots of therapy and almost no contact. He contacts me, I have moved far away. I am luckily healthy and was able to get out before many years of abuse. I believe I could have ended up a single mother, alone, watching him carry out his multiple affairs. He even told me one day when his mask came off that he is a serial cheater, he can not stay faithful, and that I should get over it. The love bombing was strong, and breaking the trauma bond has been and continues to be a process.
Tee Que (2 months ago)
Thank you Melanie. I appreciate your videos. I truly feel validated as a narc survivor 😁🌻🌻🌻
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
It's my pleasure Tammie. I am so glad you do. Many blessings to you xoox
justino justino (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video. Without a gain of wisdom, a narcissist will repeat past failed romances. An empath becomes desirable in romance as the new maturity of the heart and mind seeks a peaceful home. A narcissist's usage of the new supply is dependent upon on the continual elevation of the narcissist's drive for manipulation. When the empath becomes rationale and no longer tolerable of being manipulated, the narcissist seeks new supply from another empath. Become rationale in your romance of life and love will become desirable of your wisdom.
justino justino (2 months ago)
Looking forward to the new book!
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
It's my pleasure Justino xoxo
Avril Mitchell (2 months ago)
Truely don't care about narcissist, so very happy healing me ..
Nubian Khaleesi (2 months ago)
Sure right about these narcs wanting more and more of your time. SHEESH!! The narc hates when Im on whatsapp or FB but not msging him. Like DUH I HAVE OTHER ppl to respond to you know!!! I even asked him, SO WHEN do I respond to other msges??? Ive been msging your ass all damn day tho.... sheesh
Chloe (2 months ago)
thankyou Melanie! so true! everytime i watch your video's your message becomes clearer and clearer and i get deeper understanding. its so simple yet complex. I absolutely have/had (working on it) wounds of being invisible and that got me hooked in to the narc big time, but i also i like to be independent and so i was led in to a double whammy of being-ignored-abuse AND not being allowed to leave because of possesivness it was like being in a horrrible prison at times hopeing and wishing that just loving him unconditionally would make the guy i fell in love with return! What i am starting to struggle with is how much i eventually came to despise the narc after realising what he was really doing and realising how far back his mind games and manipulation went shocked me to my core. but i am really trying to move on from the anger ad hate towards him because its keeping me stuck and i feel guilty myself of smear-campaiging him to a degree. i dont want to hate him, but it is the hardest part for me as i am scared of him and is still around my social circles (ive kept the bad mouthing him to small group of close friends becasue im fearfull of his retaliation if i caused harm to his social status that is ovbi his entire world) i was hoping you would have some words of wisdom in regards to my inner wounds that cause me to feel such rage and fear at the mear mention of his name, and hopefully i can get my life back a bit as i have stayed away from him and all social settings where he might be for nearly a year and i feel really stuck. I love you and your work and look forward to reading your book!! much love xx
Chloe (2 months ago)
+Melanie Tonia Evans perfect! thanks again soulmama!
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Hi Chloe, You are very welcome sweetheart. I'm happy to help. If you aren't signed up for my free resources yet, I highly recommend them as this will help you to understand the relationship dynamic, what contributes to it and a step by step instruction on how to recover from this experience. You can sign up for this here: https://www.melanietoniaevans.com/freestarterpackage.htm In the meantime, here are some blogs that will help to answer your question about detaching from the narcissist emotionally, dealing with smear campaigns and setting boundaries without fear: https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/how-to-separate-your-identify-from-a-narcissist/ Q&A How Do I Handle Smear Campaigns?  -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUuK6hDakW4 https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/my-favourite-way-to-set-boundaries-that-stick/ and https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/boundaries-how-to-have-difficult-conversations-without-fear-of-retaliation/ These will help you to know what to do next. Love and blessings xoxox
Phine_27 (2 months ago)
Very informative information, as usual.....thank you....and this applies to friendships too, not just romantic ones, right?
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
My pleasure Phine_27, and yes you're right, it applies to friendships too. :) Love and blessings xoxox
Juli Maynes (2 months ago)
Wow Thank you.
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
You are welcome Juli! xoxo
julie shapiro (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for your videos and NARP program. I am finally healing my childhood traumas from my narcissistic mother and husband. You truly are one of my spiritual guides and give gratitude everyday for you and this program.
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Awww Juile I am so pleased you are healing and that I could help. Many continued blessings to you xoxox
run with the wind (2 months ago)
Thank you for helping me understand You have been a beacon of hope for me throughout this journey Thank you 'down under'
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
It's my pleasure run with the wind, and I am so pleased I could help. xoxox
Purple Jasmine (2 months ago)
I share kids with my narcissist ex and I would give anything to have him just disappear with a new supply. I still pray that it will happen. His father is also a narc and is currently predating on a wealthy older woman. So hard to watch.
nnnnnnnnnnn (2 months ago)
Melanie. I admire you. Thank you so much for speaking out. There were so many things I understood myself but could not put into the right words. I can't wait to regain the same calmness you possess. ❤
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
You are very welcome. I'm so glad this helps sweetheart. Love and blessings xoxox
Truth walker (2 months ago)
Melanie thank you so much for being a sound voice for us. N abuse is one of the worst to never come across. You said one sentence that really resonated with me. “Soul raped” this is how it feels to have been in this relationship. The narc was with me a long time and since he is a covert altruistic N, the new supply will not see it. I’m quite intelligent and didn’t see it. Then after many years, N discarded me as if I never existed. I found out month later that N was having an affair and had primed everyone to believe I was the wench and he the victim. It’s as if this new supply saved him from a life of misery with me...what bugs me the most is that my life was destroyed and no one cares ... no justice. N gets to have what he wants with no consequences for his actions. I have the Narp program but working them daily for 2+ hours, has just been hard for me. I can barely get myself out of bed some days...It’s been years since N left yet I can’t seem to heal. I’m seeing a therapist... I really want to heal but can’t add one more long session everyday. I start it but it’s hard to keep up so I stop and then feel bad about it and condemn myself. It’s a vicious cycle and it doesn’t help my already damaged self-confidence...
seeingthe light (1 month ago)
Truth walker with a narcissist you can't expect anything good to come from something so evil. my ex narcissist was an emotionally abusive Hispanic male chavanist. I feel bad for the new supply..she does not realize she is his servant. my ex was cheating on me for years...married her behind my back after being with him 12 years. when he did this at first I was in shock. ..then it began to sink in...the lies, cheating, manipulation. ..now I am just really pissed off. he is a big piece of shit and I want no part of him. you have to get your mind unstuck. ...he didn't ruin your life...you got saved away from him...he is no good for you. therapy for you won't work. ..someone else's words won't sink in...you have to change your own mindset and realize the person you were with is evil and being with evil is not good...and nothing good will ever become of it. dont be jealous of the new supply....one rainy day she will have a fight or disagreement and his mask will slip. you are free...be free from his pain you don't have to suffer anymore. I know you loved him and miss the good times but we must realize the person we loved was just an illusion. ..the man I loved was screwing another woman in another country. I won't put up with that....no man is worth my self respect. think about this...you can watch all the you tube videos and have therapy sessions till doomsday but unless YOU realize the person you were with was the one who was [email protected] up...you will never see the light and heal. it's not you sweetie..it's them. refuse to be his victim anymore...be strong ..fight back...you were strong before him...don't buy into his wickedness and bullshit...he is the one who is damaged goods.
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
I so know how this feels sweetheart and I want you to know, it is getting better. It's a process and over these next few weeks, you will accumulate results. You will begin to feel better, have more clarity and begin to align with a much better way of life. I know it's a time commitment, but it's making you the priority in your life. You are spending that vital time on you and when we do this, it changes us from expending all of our energy trying to get other people to make things better for us, which is exhausting, to giving ourself what we need, bit by bit and this is much easier to achieve. It's a process love and you are right at the start of it. Keep connecting with your body, access and release those powerful emotions and use the process to heal yourself and shift all of the unhealed traumas and beliefs that have influenced and motivated your expectations, ideals and behaviours. The modules do all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is be present with them. For support doing the program, use the NARP Community Forum where you will be welcomed warmly and supported by experienced NARPers. Love and blessings Dear Lady xoxox
Nina Klein (2 months ago)
Energy sucking empty black holes!
Nina Klein (2 months ago)
I am one who was in a 37 year relationship with my husband. He got a girlfriend, a new supply, when I was going through the worst possible life events. It's all about them. Heart broken 💔 You stay in the relationship to protect your kids or because you will be financially devasted.
Mary Motherofgod (2 months ago)
J. T. (2 months ago)
My guess is not really. He treated me much better in the beginning, but we all know how it ends; but that "end" was a new beginning for me with NARP. The best is we can choose to have a new beginning ANYTIME. (Love those gorgeous pink roses, just saying . . .) xxx
noybw333 (2 months ago)
Excellent, relatable, and inspiring video as always. Thank you for posting so regularly. And congratulations on your book
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
You are very welcome sweetheart. I'm so glad my videos and materials are helping. Love and blessings xoxox
ΕΛ. M. (2 months ago)
30 years in a relationship and marriage with a narcissist. 30 years I was blind folded about who he really was. 30 years on an emotional roller coaster. 30 years on hopes because I was raised with the belief that deep down there is good in every human being and that you have to be patient. 30 years taking the blame for everything, especially for all the horrible things he did. 30 years of taking that look that gave me chills. 30 years of giving and giving and giving and at the end loosing me. And more and more... And now I'm struggling to find a way to get out of this mess that I allowed to happen. I'm trying to see the future without the fear he put in my head. I'm trying... I pray to God every day to give me strength to find peace. I'm afraid for my adult children. He is hoovering them because he saw that I'm not the same person anymore. I want them to be real and have real lives.
ΕΛ. M. (2 months ago)
+R P Thanks for your support. I wish I could show my children who he really is. I wish I could tell them that he loves them as objects who only complete his image and that they will never have the love they want and deserve from him, because simply he can't love anyone not even himself. I wish they could understand all these and get him out of their life. Behind their back he is budmouthing them. He is hoovering and manipulate them with gifts and money. He is telling them about the "great" things he did (all a big lie) and the great friends he has (a bunch of trush in reallity). I'm stuck in bad thaughts and bad senarios of what will happen. I'm afraid that trying to avenge me will destroy their lifes. I'm seeing a phychotherapiest and trying to take back my self esteem.
R P (2 months ago)
Just work on yourself and figure out what makes you happy. It will be hard at first but you are worth it! You are enough! There is so much material readily avail to help you on your journey back to yourself. Focus on getting yourself better and your adult kids will see your transformation and they will be fine. I have coworkers that I told them about me leaving my narcissistic husband and they shared with me that they understood because they had a narcissist parent. Maybe your kids already see their dad for what he is and will decide to go no contact with him.
ΕΛ. M. (2 months ago)
+Purple Jasmine thanks for your response. Please is very important to me to hear the life stories of women and men who got out of the bitterness and pain that a narcissist caused to their lives. I want to hear that it will be okay.
Purple Jasmine (2 months ago)
Take it one day at a time. IT will get better.
Paula Dsilva (2 months ago)
Omg.... so many crazy incidents fall into place and make sense..the more I learn about NPD... he told me some crazy stories that I just blindly believed...most of what he told me were lies. he told me he was in a relationship with a woman who was sexually abused by her father... and the sex she wanted to have with him was so dysfunctional he had to get rid of her...in actuality.... she cheated on him ...dumped him and got married to the other lover.... he never stopped chasing her and hounding her...the new husband found out and beat her up and narc got to go rescue her... narc never stopped hoovering this woman even though she is now married to #4... in fact he discarded me for her because I called him out on his inappropriate hoovering and chasing her.... and she never did get abused by him because she dumped him... so she thinks he's a marvelous guy.... and they all lived happily ever after... so many dysfunctional behaviors of his all fall into place....she doesn't know the crap he told me about her... if she only knew.
Paula Dsilva (2 months ago)
Glitterbox Glitterbox Her 3rd husband who beat her up was a cop😨 and he threatened narc to stay away...but the girl always encouraged narc.... husband beat her and dumped her cheating arse.....narc will never leave her alone...husband # 4 thinks they are 'friends'... I hope all of them live happily ever dysfunctionally after..... she was only one part of his drama ... he lied and cheated on me the entire time in true narcissist fashion.... they live their entire lives recycling old supply and prowling for new.....it never ends...best to stay away from such type of abusers.
Glitterbox Glitterbox (2 months ago)
Paula Dsilva they should’ve got the police involved I wonder why they never did?
Santrise Scott (2 months ago)
Hi Mel, Do you have a video I can send to my young adult children about being a "NARCISSIST😈" supply for my ex-husband?
Santrise Scott (2 months ago)
Melanie Tonia Evans Thank You Mel! Have a Bless Day!🙏💕😇
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Hi Santrise Scott, I don't sweetheart but I do have a blog that explains what narcissistic supply is https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/what-is-narcissistic-supply/ Maybe this will help if they are ready to receive such information. Have you seen this video? It may help too ... https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/leading-the-way-for-your-children/ as your children will follow your lead. Love and blessings to you and your children xoxox
Mike B. (2 months ago)
Thank you Melanie. It's hard to accept that all the so called good times were just his way of hooking me in and making sure I would stay through the abuse and lies. He called me homophobic names when mad and when he first did it explained because he knew it was what would hurt me most! I never even considered what would hurt him most. I'm glad I escaped before he discarded me. I see him online on hookup sites and I can't help but wonder who these new fools are who have no idea what a monster he is behind that mask.
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
My pleasure Mike, keep thriving hun xoxox
Hayley Doan (2 months ago)
I keep thinking of Tom Cruise.... flashbacks to his life choices and bizarre behaviour, and his cult which fosters trauma bonding and mind conditioning.... surely he is a narcissist.
Miss Davids (2 months ago)
beautiful roses :) its always sad yet fascinating how the narc starts the devaluation process: and THEN only people begin to see the deer in the headlights
Terry Curtin (2 months ago)
Congrats on the book. I am starting to outline one. Problem. Who will ever believe it. You and a few others. I watched the daughter curse out her mother and 90 year old grandmother. She even highjacked her grandmother from her mother for social security money. Refused to let her grandmother out of her sight. Police were called. Dept of aging. No help. They believed the narc.
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Thank you Terry. This may help a little hun https://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/why-do-narcissists-need-to-manipulate/ narcs are kings and queens of manipulation because they can. When we heal the gaps in us then their manipulation tactics can't touch us. Love and blessings to you xoxox
Nikki Perry (2 months ago)
Thanks boo sweetheart your video meant a lot 😘
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
You are SO welcome Nikki xoxox
Ron Bocanegra (2 months ago)
If you have met one. narcissist , then you've met them all. It's uncanny, they all behave exactly the same! Like they went to the same. school, uncanny! Here's a heads up to men, if you meet a woman that makes your hands shake makes your knees feel weak and you feel that sensation right under your belly button you have just met a narcissist! hopefully she is not a sociopath! A real Monster! No one can change that person ever! But they can help you change yourself, and for that you should be very grateful! ( But not too grateful ok?) THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEOS
Truth walker (2 months ago)
They are not all the same... There’re N you can’t spot at all. Some can really trick you into believing that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. I was discarded ...I didn’t see anything wrong. I actually thought I was the problem because N always came off as being the one who was keeping it all together. Everyone we knew thought that I was a horrible person and N was the saint who was putting up with me. Not only did he discard and abandon me but so did everyone else, including family.... I don’t think they all go to the same training. Some programs are better than others for these very clever narcissist/sociopaths....
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
My pleasure Ron xoxox
Henry Bascombe (2 months ago)
Yes. The same crap they did to you.
Henry Bascombe (2 months ago)
William Heinsinger Sadly, there will always be a victim waiting in the wings. These people need to be ground into a firework
William Heinsinger (2 months ago)
Exactly, just part of the Cycle .
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Just at the beginning ,
PM Fitness (2 months ago)
Im lucky i did not end up like his baby mama in a homeless shelter.Thank God
PM Fitness (2 months ago)
Thank you but i hope he finds someone soon as long as its not me lol
Angelof Light_33 (2 months ago)
P Pee (2 months ago)
oh my this one pulls on many strings for many people.. Thanks again Melanie xx I can't wait to see the launch of your book, well done & congratulations 💝💝xxxx
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Thank you P Pee and many blessings to you beautiful! xoxoxox
newtuber4freedom (2 months ago)
Empowered Empaths (2 months ago)
I agree with this. Unless the narcissist, or any person, takes responsibility for their actions, are honest about those actions, realizes what they did was wrong / unacceptable AND desires to change and sufficiently does the inner work to change--they're going to be the same with their next partner (the new supply) as they were with you.
Empowered Empaths (2 months ago)
Melanie Tonia Evans Yup, they don’t. Xo
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Empowered Empaths the narc will never change
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Exactly EE! Couldn't agree more - and sadly they don't! xoxo
Ada Hu (2 months ago)
Hi, Melanie! Thank you very much for revealing the truth! What you said is the most accurate description of my relationship with the narcissist. Only after the I started the NARP program did I realize that narcissists are able to get us involved in the triangulation process with their new supply, if we focus on what they appear to be doing, if we start self-loathing because of the narcissists' behavior. Now I understand why to go within and to know are powerful💗 I'm so happy that recently I finally got the courage to go no contact with one narcissist friend. Looking forward to the launching of your new book💗⚘
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Ada Hu congratulations , you are strong 💪🏻.. this site healing begins 🙏🏻😇
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
It's my pleasure Ada and I am so happy for you that you are doing so well after working with NARP. Many continued blessings to you! xoxo
Mary Motherofgod (2 months ago)
And ur find their mothers abused them physically and emotionally severely that’s what my x endured she was a MONSTER TOO SHE USED TO MAKE HIM KNEEL ON RAW RICE N STARE AT A WALL WHAT A ANIMAL BUT HES ONE TOO
imanifest 313 (2 months ago)
Mary Motherofgod my ex painted his mother to be a sicko. He just doesn't want her to meet his supplies because she warns them about his behaviors.
imanifest 313 (2 months ago)
Mary Motherofgod He may be lying on his mother. If you talk to his mom or other family members you may find that never even happen. They love playing victim to incite sympathy and compassion in others.
Let Go My Ego (2 months ago)
Enough about these crazy narcissist. If people only knew by now there is no genuine happiness with a narcissist. They can get with the Queen of England and I would feel bad for her. But Melanie serious question? why are you so beautiful? Lol 💖 thanks for your infinite wisdom. It's changing the world 🙏
Kellie D. (2 months ago)
Marylee Macpherson I agree. Mermaid beautiful! 🧜🏼‍♀️🙏🏻
Marylee Macpherson (2 months ago)
Let Go My Ego I know , besides being very intelligent 🤓, she has off the charts beautiful & her voice ..😇🙏🏻
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Awwww LGME - you are so right there is no genuine happiness! You are very welcome and thank you for your lovely words xoxoxo
Hanadi Ali (2 months ago)
the one that tried to hook me by a tweet with an offer, i felt weird and repulsed he was like here do you want this you seem so hungry kind of attitude i did not respond then after two to three days he had an affair with some hot women and of course he was a celebrity the news were everywhere, i was shocked and deleted my account,, after two months from the incident he released a song "it sounded like hoovering", i thought yeah he might go to hell i have a new account now.. after a while i discovered he got my new account from no where and i immediately blocked him, life goes on and he is now with a famous celebrity got engaged in less than a month LoL, he is like yeah i leveled up and got my status in a higher rank ,he looks very uncomfortable and forced to do it it's pathetic how low they can go ... thanks Melanie that really helped a lot in restoring my self worth .. have a great day my love<33
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Hanadi you are very welcome and I am so pleased this has helped xoxox
Terry Curtin (2 months ago)
Yea they are. . They will spend a huge amount of time destroying anyone in their past that might ruin the plan to take what the new supply has. Remember they gather Intel. The don't really communicate. Then they start on the new supply when they feel they have enough on them to ruin them. A secret. A sex tape. Something the new person let out not knowing what he or she was dealing with. Pure evil. Then trust me. They live in fear too. Just like we did.
Sound of Jesus (5 days ago)
Terry Curtin Sounds like typical Scorpio who's out of balance - that's all they do - gather Intel to have it handy for future use. I figured it all out and gave them the slip twice!! 😂😂
Buzzing Bee (1 month ago)
Terry Curtin Extremely accurate. I have been set up and have a restraining order on me because I tried to contact his new supply. 15 years 0 loyalty and left me with 0 warning thought he loved me till day he left. Funny we had financial problems. Gravy train was ending for him. Then overnight new life its sick
seeingthe light (1 month ago)
Terry Curtin you are right..they don't communicate. my ex narcissist remembered everything I ever told him then used it against me. I was always on trial with him....accusing me of this and that....in reality I was only doing a fraction of what he was doing. my ex tried to make my discard look like it was all my fault even though he was the one cheating on me for years. he is an emotionally abusive male Hispanic chavanist. ...his new supply already has 3 kids maybe he will keep her pregnant....glad it's not me. I am off and running.
Kathryn Nicholas (2 months ago)
I remember being there. No more and the peace is wonderful. 😊 Beautiful roses!
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
Thank you Kathryn they sure are. I am very blessed, and I am so thrilled for you that you are enjoying the peace. There is NO comparison! xoxox
Barbara Doss (2 months ago)
I think every woman should watch your videos! I have learned so much to heal my inner traumas. I can’t wait to buy your book for ALL my friends for Christmas!!
Melanie Tonia Evans (2 months ago)
I'm so pleased I could help Barbara and thank you for supporting my book and women! xoxox
Tokyo Yu (2 months ago)
I was in a very narcissistic abusive relationship and to be honest with you I don't care who he whines up with or is with, as long as it's not me. No one can heal a narcissist.
Bloo Owlz (17 days ago)
A dog is better than a narc. You can train a dog and have a great time. A narc is inhumane.
WizardofAhhhs 75 (2 months ago)
Karen Anderson It might be years from now but they eventually ALWAYS show back up when you least expect it.
Tokyo Yu (2 months ago)
+Karen Anderson Hope that he keeps away. But there are times when they do try to come back when the new Supply isn't sufficient., but that's when you have to be strong and just completely stand your ground and let them see that they no longer have any power over you. What do you do if you want something to wither away? You starve it to death. Don't feed their needs. You will be ok. Always remember you have the control not them. Wishing you nothing but happiness all the best for you. ❤️
Karen Anderson (2 months ago)
+Tokyo Yu ok, I did all of that when I went no contact. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. He's busy with his new supply, so let's hope she keeps him occupied and happy.
Tokyo Yu (2 months ago)
+Karen Anderson If you want him to stay completely away from you you have to do the no contact. you have to delete any form of communication with him social media, emails, phone, mutual friends, family. anything that he knows he can get to you. And if in Extreme Measures a straining order.
Mary Motherofgod (2 months ago)
Nah they treat them well like they treated us then they move in sponge off u abuse you and emotionally abuse and act like a Asshole especially when u come to ur senses n upgrade and treat the scumbagzzzzz like shit meaning no convos no attention they go ballistic these nut jobs

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