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Shopify for Newbie Why you are going to Fail

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Former social worker for 5 years After I got fired I was introduced To Network Marketing which lead me to the Internet and now for 6 years have been doing very well as a stay at home mom Earning $10,000 a month from home. I have trained and mentored hundreds Of people and have inspired and Empowered thousands of others to Find financial independence . My mission is to help 1000 families Earn $1000 a month by becoming Their own BOSS 🔑✈️🎉🎊💯 Subscribe Now for updates 🎉👑✈️📈 Learn social media and Affiliate marketing from me http://rockwithtanisha.com Set up free bitcoin account http://bitcointanisha.net I am not a financial advisor All of my videos are from my Opinions or the research I have done. Please do your own research and make The best educated decision for your Financial future... Follow my blog for updates http://allnationalnewstoday.com If you are self employed or want to be download this app Quick Book App for self employed http://fbuy.me/hi3EC #amzbit #bitcoin #BITCONNECTXICO http://createmyowneconomy.com Follow on snap chat @ceotanishamarie
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Tanisha Adjo (9 months ago)
Follow my blog for updates http://allnationalnewstoday.com If you are self employed or want to be download this app Quick Book App for self employed http://fbuy.me/hi3EC
R A (1 year ago)
Love your style, Thanks
Guy Cockcroft (1 year ago)
Awesome Vid Tanisha!!
joseph lubong (1 year ago)
great advice! thanks..
SebCamCo TV (2 years ago)
You are lovely, thank you for this help and you are definitely a credit to YouTube land with providing valuable content :) ~Chad
Kelly Clover (2 years ago)
Is Shopify really any better than WooCommerce? I am just now getting my feet wet with Ali Express and I'm not certain if this is really the right way to go. I have heard that Chinese merchants are uneliable, it takes too long to ship the stuff, etc. I have also heard that you are dealing with middlemen, not the manufacturers or wholesalers. I have heard you can have problems with customs. I have heard you really need to deal directly with wholesalers and buy in large quantities.
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Kelly Clover idk about woocommerce
Success Level (2 years ago)
Jon Watson (2 years ago)
Thank you. You rocked it!
Demetrius Green (2 years ago)
i like this!
CurserTV (2 years ago)
what blogging platform do you use
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
sharemyworld00 (2 years ago)
I was skeptical when I clicked this video. I was pleasantly surprised! Lots of good info. She is preaching it aint she?!
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Wood Barter (2 years ago)
I landed here looking for a tutorial on how to set up advanced calculated shipping (which I cannot find anywhere) but got a lot more than I expected. Tanisha you're obviously brutally honest and seem to be a natural teacher. Subscribed. Will look into your MM program when I get the decks cleared a little more.
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
yes lol I love teaching others how to do new things
u4man (2 years ago)
I'm impressed dear lady! You told exactly like it is and I will look at your free webinar to see if there is anything I can learn from you. Thanks again!
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
awesome make sure you subscribe
Kloverwone Arias (2 years ago)
Man ohhhh man.... You said it. Thanks for this video. It got me up and going. Motivated and everythang. I swear. You made a lot of points on why people fail. Good way to start the day. Thanks once again.
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Adam (2 years ago)
how much is the mastermind?
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Negash Detroit (2 years ago)
Great Video
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
Frank Diaz (2 years ago)
Love this video, thanks Tanisha... :)
Yeli Del Valle (2 years ago)
how can I join the mastermind???
Yeli Del Valle (2 years ago)
[email protected]! THANK YOU SISTER!!
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
send me your email and I'll send you some information
Yeli Del Valle (2 years ago)
lol yes evrtything bores me, that's why I fail, I quiclk before I can get any results
Tanisha Adjo (2 years ago)
most people do

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