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Transfer Buying Power - Black Wealth 101

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Transfer Buying Power - Black Wealth 101 Join my black wealth 101 Learn new things http://blackwealth101.net https://www.paypal.me/royaltyrich/20
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Dont Worry About it (21 days ago)
Haitians are Origines sister. They’re from the American continent just like you.
Kiesha Mack (21 days ago)
Love your topic so right on and loving your natural hair! Winning!!!
Tanisha Adjo (21 days ago)
Kiesha Mack Yw
Kylita Henderson (22 days ago)
I love it...
Wisdom Messages (22 days ago)
I Love This!!!
Tanisha Adjo (21 days ago)
Orealle Whye Yw
Kush Yisrael (22 days ago)
Thanks Tanisha for being tooooo REAL, thanks for putting churches on Blast!
Tanisha Adjo (22 days ago)
Kush Yisrael 🙏🏽🦅
Fahim Bey (22 days ago)
Peace Tanisha, thanks for the post
Fahim Bey (22 days ago)
Yes ma'am 3 whole years, watching you ascend and tighten your game up, while sitting at my desk, not moving out on what i have seen you rise on!! Again i was in a stooper or ignorance, however i will be investing in myself, so thank you for the inspiration, i will be making contact and supporting what you do cause in return i will be supporting me!! Thank you for taking time to message me, peace Queen.
Tanisha Adjo (22 days ago)
Fahim Bey wow 3 years you been following me? That’s incredible—- well now is the time
Fahim Bey (22 days ago)
Yes ma'am, me and my mate are on it, you should see both our names, her yesterday mines today, we are about to turn up with you, i appreciate your expertise and have seen you for 3 yrs doing your thing, i have come out of ignorance and seek to learn, the student has presented himself, peace family.
Tanisha Adjo (22 days ago)
Fahim Bey make sure you Join my black wealth class

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