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How can they make it on 500$ per month in Ukraine?!! American salary Vs Ukrainian

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This is how ! ;) Share your thoughts! Thank you for watching! Kindly, Veronika.
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jutubaeh (2 days ago)
you id pipell. zed hav
Lawrence Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Why are Western European countries wealthier than Eastern European countries?
cowpoke02 (17 days ago)
states is expensive . adds up // fed tax , state tax . land tax , sales tax . fuel tax , vehicle , gas , insurance in most states. like a 60 percent tax on poor people when added up .. health care bad drugs that kill you and give you life health problems for 250 / 300 for emergency visit with no treatment .. food can be cheap here // hard to get around ... taxes go up every year . united states is a ghost town ..
cowpoke02 (17 days ago)
cheap compared too nyc . be way more than 800 rent .. get away from rich zones and cheap living . ukraine keeps prices low even in tourists spots it seems . so thats a gem by itself ..
Vicky Mahajan (26 days ago)
How much salary
Vicky Mahajan (26 days ago)
I want job ukraine can u help me job general worker
D D (1 month ago)
Your gorgeous
Wes Takahashi (1 month ago)
500 dollars that would basically be rent and food.
Toni Belcovski (1 month ago)
I live in Macedonia. I have 1000$ per mounth. I would take an Ukrainian girl for wife with pleasure.
AR F (1 month ago)
In my country the minimum wage is $ 400 -500 per month and the highest ones can be between $5,000 to $10,000 ( hardly anyone can get that salary just plastic surgeons and oil executives). My dad used to be a doctor and was making $2000 a month, my mom was an administrative assistant who is now retired. With my dad's stable job and salary we could have good medical care abd me and my sister went to a bilingual private school. We even had 2 maids ( my mom paid $200 a month to each one) but that was in the 80's. Now the salaries have gone up a bit, housekeepers want to work in hotels to get paid $400 per month so things have changed. There are several wealthy people like the ones who have their own prosperous businesses, millionaires like many jewish people, some locals, indians and europeans who are extremely wealthy and have their own private businesses. The rents are now ($500, $600, $700 and lots are over $1000 per month) . I have met some ukrainians over there. They love it because it is always sunny and can get higher salaries. Veronika, I agree with what you are saying that a man should be motivated but many husbands are working two jobs in the U.S. but they get so grumpy, stressed and tired. I am a latin american woman, like many latinas we want a husband to be a provider, to be loyal, nice and help us a lot. My husband doesn't pay for the expenses I have related to my parakeets always (cages and bird food) nor my clothes shopping but I push him to buy me cute shoes in Sears ( who is falling apart but still are in business) or Macy's and I tell him to take me to many places when I am not in public transportation even at times to the doctor. I am learning to drive. Men have to really help women in everything, be kind and patient.
mohair (1 month ago)
$10 Per month in China Love you China Funny about ex communist country
Randy Randy (2 months ago)
You are so beautiful
Harry Kuheim (2 months ago)
Sounds just like Obama Care...better than nothing....And Farmers markets in the US have Sky High prices...$8 per Doz Eggs....$16 per gal raw Milk....Carrots $3 per pound....12 oz Coffee $3.50 min. etc. etc.
Veronika Olson (2 months ago)
Harry Kuheim nothing could be better than Obama care ! Lol
Kirk Miller (2 months ago)
$500 a month is really good money! I moved to Lviv Ukraine 1 year ago and make $2,000 a month and it's paradise! Love the country and the people! I'm never going back to the selfish cold hearted racist America!!!! America as a nation will fall soon the people there have completely lost their minds and moral values!!!!!!!! Good Luck in Babylon......
mega0876 (3 months ago)
I'm moving there once I find my Ukrainian woman
K U N D H A D I A (4 months ago)
By god....e_____tion for a weekover.....
Zaheer Shah (4 months ago)
deat i agry with u i pay u 500 us dollr n i pramus u i fully care u u come my side n marry me i wi8 ur ans i love u
akram sharif (4 months ago)
I want to get marriage there.
dan (4 months ago)
nice woman
Neil (5 months ago)
What woman earns $1000 a month ? i know women that work in a shop ,earn $100 a month ,pension is $50
nad (5 months ago)
I like you, I wanna meet you. I'm in America.
Fred Azbell (5 months ago)
Very informative video.
maciek (5 months ago)
lol it's not hard guys, everything is just way more expensive here. The companies know that in Canada & the US people make more so they charge more. A bag of apples is $4 here and 50cents in ukraine, a bottle of grey goose is $50 here and $20 in ukraine, a pack of smokes is $12 here and 70 cents in ukraine. Were all just getting ripped of here, $500 there gives them the spending power of somebody who makes $4000 here. So it sounds bad on paper but whats really bad is how much we allow companies to charge us for good and services and get away with it, Source: Just spent a year in Ukraine, people are living just fine.
maciek (5 months ago)
Not making anything up. I live in Canada, Vancouver actually. 20mins away from the border and the only thing I ever hear anybody getting from the US is gas, cheese and almonds. Yea we have those nasty $5 packs of smokes here to but I'm talking about good smokes/food/liquor. The gross $5 smokes you can get there for 40cents. And grey goose absolutely is never cheaper then $45-50 I'm talking about 700ml. And what I totally forgot to mention in my original comment is that practically everybody has a side hustle. What the figures show is just was is technically reported to the government.
Robel G (5 months ago)
Cigarett here are 5 dollars not 12..and if you Go to Fiesta you can buy grey Goose for 30 Dollars ...Don't make the stuff up dude Imagine the place where I live the minimum payment is 15.50...they are living below sea level!!
World News (6 months ago)
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World News (6 months ago)
I need a job
khaled naser (6 months ago)
niceeee clip thanxs
Prince Vk (6 months ago)
How much money can i earn in small jobs like a waiter, sales men Etc
7Ahilles (6 months ago)
500 ??? 70% ukrainians dreaming about 500$ per month lol 150 - 180 $ most likely
SAMIR FOOL (6 months ago)
hey prety girl are you marred I reely wanna marrey you
spencer perry (7 months ago)
I like the way you think
Michael Anthony Alberta (7 months ago)
Subscribed: ) How much should I bring to live by the Black Sea in dollars? For an apartment, internet etc
Harjeet Singh (7 months ago)
bbes can you call me +919837575312
Defconfx (7 months ago)
Is it just me or does she have absolutly stunning eyes?
jutubaeh (2 days ago)
´itz jöü´ ^ ^
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
i am not a AMERICAN man ...thank fuck i am single man
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
97% off ukrainan women do not tell man the ture about why them want to live with usa men it green card
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
real live about it
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
hi charles looking at youtube friend and you will find out the ture about ukrainian women
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
so were you in ukraine or married women
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
are you a matchmakeing to
Samuel Osborough (7 months ago)
hi veronika do you know all about love and respect
Jack Lafrance (7 months ago)
Thank you , very informative ..
NOT CONSENTING (7 months ago)
so beautiful! will you marry me?
dalacart (8 months ago)
jwad khwaja (8 months ago)
hi,cute merred me
martin crespo (9 months ago)
I have lived in many countries around the world and we in America do not understand that in other countries people do not have 20 bills to pay every month, people do not consume and spend money in STUFF...like we do in the USA, people actually invest in relations and social experiences instead of buying crap every day
yarpen26 (4 months ago)
martin crespo Easy not to buy crap when you can't even afford it. Much like me, I don't cheat on my top model girlfriend.
vamoalla9 (9 months ago)
So why is it so expensive to to visit Kiev? Shouldn't a tourist be able to stay in Kiev for $500 for a month?
dominic k (9 months ago)
Kiev is not expensive for a foreigner,there are good hotels for 100 euro a week,you can also rent appartments for 200 a month,eating is super cheap,bottle vodka 5 euro,sigarretes for last than a euro!!!!!! if you go shoping,its a bit the same as in West Europe,normal shops like Zara or Benneton have the same prices as in Europe,taxi,s cheap,other transport cheap,tourist things like museums or funparks cheap.......prostitutes not really cheap but good massages very cheap. All together Ukraine is a cheap country for tourist,its a beautfull country,kiev is a very beautyfull international city with beautyfull monuments and churches,it has a citybeach and it,s Always crowded,its not Paris or London but its better than Hamburg or Manchester,great city!
ness peru (9 months ago)
so i go to Ukranian with my retirement ($2000.00 US Dollars) i am almost god?¡?¡
W Radford (6 months ago)
Yeah man, if beautiful women are your thing, go for it. You'll have 10's all day long in these countries.
ness peru (6 months ago)
with 2,000 us dollars??? awesome¡¡¡
W Radford (6 months ago)
Oh yeah, if you came to where I am (Czech Republic) with that, you'd have the beautiful women and be good.
ness peru (8 months ago)
i read a lot about Ukranian but i really like to live in confortable conditions. I am not sure if live out Kyiv will bew ok for me. Wath do you think about Estonia or Lituania???
Christopher Haist (8 months ago)
it depends on where you go. In a city like Kyiv, L'viv, Odessa, no way, but out in the country you could live pretty well.
Thierry company (10 months ago)
i'm not agree 30% of people live very well in Ukraine have big car more than 50000 euros and a lot of money it's reality in every cities in Ukraine, of course 70% live very bad
Joe Reeves (10 months ago)
If you go to numbeo.com it will show you the cost of living comparisons of every city in the world https://www.numbeo.com
ö Netreks ö (10 months ago)
I spend 500$ on a regular day ...
Coe-Star (10 months ago)
To be honest with ya?Most people in America have no heart along with a dead culture.And I'm a New Yorker..
Walter Hawkins (2 months ago)
Coe-Star and that's why you have no heart. Your from New York. Yankee scum
Chris White (11 months ago)
That would be a scary feeling dropping down to what a person can make in a week here in the U.S. and to drop it to a month. WOW..! That's a real panic..! I feel for them and a lot of the other people in the world... So sad...
yiplailai (8 months ago)
Different places have different living costs. As long as one is happy and getting the basic necessities, there is nothing to be sad for.
nicktesla45 (1 year ago)
You are so very cute Veronica !! Pretty little girl face , I wish I could adopt you as my daughter !!
Howard Crowe (16 days ago)
nicktesla45 daughter try my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Eden (1 year ago)
Thank you.
frodriguez832 (1 year ago)
Nothing beats the freedom of owning your own car though. PS. Your skin was overexposed in this video.
Colin Maharaj (1 year ago)
I was hoping that I retire early in my country of Trinidad. But if I can do that, my pension will not be enough to survive. But it should be more than enough for Ukraine expenses. Maybe I CAN start a relationship with a fine lady in Ukraine. Hi Veronika, again you look well, and beautiful, thanks for this invaluable information. Take care and God Bless.
pentti k (1 year ago)
It doesn't equal 4000 dollars a month. You don' have to buy a car in the US, and if you do you have better transportation than people in Ukraine without cars. There's no way people in Ukraine have lifestyle equal to 4000 dollars a month.
Veronika Olson (1 year ago)
Guitar Dave (1 year ago)
Ukraine is a Beautiful Country , I would love to visit , I hear of how well the food is from people who have been there and how nice the people are .
Marta Rise (1 year ago)
It's true. The best cities to visit in Ukraine are Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Lviv is the most european city in Ukraine with beautiful old architecture and a very good ambient. Welcome!
Thor Blue (1 year ago)
hello gorgeous your so pretty i just wanna spank you(":
Howard Crowe (16 days ago)
Thor Blue I want to put her on her back and do her all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review and video are pretty good.Good luck and best wishes in your adventures in Ukraine! Actually, now in 2017, the salary of 80 or 100 usd per month is very common. 500 usd salary is considered to be really high slary now in 2017, March.
Drkaos Drkaos (1 year ago)
*!!! YES ..WHY SEE (STARTS TO **#LIE** ..????) ...!!!* *....... NO NEED FOR MORE **#LIARS** .. "SHE IS BAD"*
Diony De Jesus (1 year ago)
It's true
Dali bad (1 year ago)
I recently discovered your channel, I have Russian on my mother's side. My mother passed away when I was younger so i didn't get a lot of the culture. So I've always been interested. .. I have been enjoying your videos lately. I also wanted to ask if you could include more information about clothes, jewelry, and make-up. thanks for sharing!
L. J. Bush (1 year ago)
I was wondering how you could live for $500 a month in Ukraine. When I was in Odessa it cost me $1600 for a month to rent the cheapest apartment I could find. I know it's a tourist area and right on the sea, but very expensive on rent. Food was about like it is here in the US except for meat, meat figured out about $16 a pound, it was a lot cheaper to eat at the little kiosks on the street.
W Radford (6 months ago)
That was exactly my thought.
Thierry company (7 months ago)
you can live with 500 dollars in small town for exemple in poltava you will pay 100/150 dollars for a month 2 rooms flat and food cheap but not so good 150 dollars month too, stay 200 dollars for pay for women
Ellena Eats ASMR (7 months ago)
It's maybe the fact that they saw you as non-slavic (or just a foreigner with a lot of money) and decided to bark up the prices.
Thierry company (8 months ago)
yes right Odessa not cheap but in summer many millionnaire come you can see in the streets all the 20 metters a car more than 50 000 dollars
Christopher Haist (8 months ago)
In L'viv a small apartment can run 2500-3000 UAH/month, so most people probably have multiple jobs.
Joey Avila (1 year ago)
Thank you for views on this. I understand that you are giving people like me a better perspective on culture difference with Ukraine
Vulcan750L (1 year ago)
+Veronika Olson You have a really biased one sided way of looking at things. Americans are much wealthier than Ukrainians. That is just a fact. You don't seem to want to admit that. Americans have more expenses because we own much more stuff and we can afford to buy and pay for much more stuff. It's called wealth. A homeless jobless person has no bills. That doesn't mean he is better off. A poor African villager can live on 50 cents a day and has no bills. That doesn't mean he is better off. Everything in Ukraine is cheaper because it is relatively a poor country compared to the United States. Ukraine is much poorer than Mexico. Mexico is a wealthy country compared to Ukraine. The entire GDP of Ukraine is less than 20% of the annual sales revenue of Walmart.
D D (1 month ago)
Veronika Olson true..a lot of debt....but live a comfortable life compared to other countries. You are right
Thunderstorm567 (1 year ago)
Yes I wanted to point out my view on things. True USA is much wealthier then Ukraine and Ukraine was fairly poor for being Europe country even before the military conflict. Though there exist very rich people and the upper class in Ukraine also and Ukraine is not some say typical Africa country in wealth. Generally I do like wealthy and rich people that facinates me in fact. I like to see for example documentaries about rich people the Upper class in USA and how they buy apartments for millions in New York. Generally as Europe goes on average the salaries are less in some eastern and southern Europe countries. I also like to see other documentaries about rich and wealthy people.
Thunderstorm567 (1 year ago)
For some reason I could not edit my old response so deleted it since it had so many errors I was tired when writing that. Well I am from Finland which is northern Europe. First of all I have been to Kiev Ukraine in year 2012 and I know Ukraine has many beautiful Ukraine and Russian women. Anyway it is a bit unfair currently to compare to Ukraine due to the military conflict they have high inflation. Hopefully it becomes better and peace in the future. How much wealth do I have? Well first of all I can't count any pension fund like Americans have like 401K etc., but I am very far from pension age. I will get pension when that day comes. If you google financial samuraj and find Upper Middle Class then you know roughly my wealth level, but I am not so called rich Upper Class i.e I am not millionaire, but I would realistically become millionaire (and not far future long before any pension age and I am not old lol) if I marry someone that has my wealth level our combined wealth would grow and well... I think Veronica Olson has a right point, Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck with fat salaries much more then in my country is the salaries I admit that. That said don't underestimate my income-expenses rate. In addition studying to become engineer did not cost me almost anything in my country. My country has better social support, but we also have much higher tax then USA. There exist no perfect country and please understand that I respect both USA and Ukraine. The risk that many Americans have with their one single big income of salary is if they get unemployed. I don't have perfect career, but I do work and get less salary, but a big portion of my income is landlord income. Debt? Good or bad? If it is only your own mortgage debt or study debt or car debt etc is generally not good on that I agree with Veronica Olson. In my case when I started for saving for my first apartment at 18 years age (and I never needed any study loan!) I have paid my first mortage many years ago and I did many big extra mortgage payments and try to pay of my debts much faster and not even near slow 20-30 years. Today I don't live on rent and rent 3 small apartments to other people in my countrys capitol area oldest of them is built 1970 and newest is built 2014. What is so called "good" debt? Investment debt if you become landlord, but even then there exist risks always. Now landlord might not perhaps be the key to become milionaire, but it is less risk and bureaucracy in my country compared to become entreprenur which has very high risk in my country. Investment funds seems lucrative in USA also due to some tax benefits, but in my country those investments are taxed very much so for me personally landlord seems as a fine solution. I know many in USA are financially smart also and don't live paycheck to paycheck. It is true many European countries have less salary then USA, but they also have less expenses then USA. Norway is an exception though and Norway might have perhaps the highest salaries in Europe. I think Veronica critices the spending in USA use so much and use credit cards. I have a Master Card ,but rarely do I use credit card except when I book online flight for my travels to other countries
Vulcan750L (1 year ago)
+Thunderstorm567 Everything you brought up, I already responded to with Veronika. Read my previous responses. Americans are much wealthier than Ukrainians. The US is a much wealthier country. Those are the facts. Deal with it. Ukraine was already one of the poorest countries in Europe, even before the conflict with Russia.
Vulcan750L (1 year ago)
+Veronika Olsen China owns less than 6% of US debt. They've sold off some of our debt. It used to be 7%, plus our economy has grown by more than 30% since the economic crises of 2008, and since the money was borrowed in 2009. China is in massive debts as well. Their debt is growing twice as fast as their economy. Soon, China will be in worse debt than the United States. The US debt has been growing at about the same pace as our GDP, remaining at around 106% GDP for the last several years. If the US couldn't pay back the $1.115 Trillion debt to China, then China would be in trouble . . . lol . . . not the US. Why would we need to learn Chinese? The Chinese are having to learn English . . . lol . . . They have been doing so for decades now. The Chinese send 300,000 students to study in American universities every year. You have things backwards. China is much more dependent on the US than we are on them. We do not need China and we do not need to learn Chinese. China is much more dependent on American money than we are on Chinese money. The US buys $484 Billion worth of goods from China every year. The US is by far, the largest consumer of Chinese goods and China's largest investor. The US is the largest consumer nation in the world. The US also invests $250 billion in China every year, building new factories and employing Chinese workers. China is also dependent on US technology. No. One day, you do not have to pay off all the debt. What day is that? Can you tell me? The US has always been in debt. Almost every country in the world has debt. What country has ever paid off all of it's debts? So what if they never pay it all off? What will happen? Nothing! The US has almost $20 Trillion worth of debt right now. Did the US economy collapse? Did the world come to an end? The US dollar is still one of the strongest currencies in the world. The US dollar is still the most popular and most trusted currency in the world. 2 out of 3 USD is owned by foreigners. The strength of the US dollar is a reflection of the health and the strength of the US economy. Apparently 106% debt to GDP is not that bad. It doesn't seem to be a problem. Everything is still good. Japan's debt is something like 230% of GDP. Did Japan implode? Did Japan self destruct? Did their economy collapse? I personally have had debt all my adult life. If I were to die tomorrow, so what? So I would die still owing some money. What does debt matter when I'm dead? What does it matter that I never paid off all my debt? If the bank would be stupid enough to loan me $1 Billion, I would gladly take it. I'm not afraid of debt. I love debt. I would use some of the money to make the monthly payments, and I would spend the rest on expensive toys, a few dozen cars, a few dozen motorcycles, travel around the world, buy a yacht, etc. When I die, I will probably still owe hundreds of millions of dollars. But so what? I'm dead. What does debt matter when I'm dead? What does it matter that I never paid it all back? My fun and my toys with that borrowed money were real.
bajskorv766 (1 year ago)
500usd a month? Maybe if you have a great job in kiev, Most make less then 250 and tons of people work full time for 100usd, 500 would be a dream for most people in Ukraine.
김환국 (29 days ago)
bajskorv766 500usd is not big..
Nadia aidan (1 month ago)
YummYakitori their housing is pretty low
Robel G (5 months ago)
I sometime make that amount of money per single day!! how in hell people live with that?
An Nguyen (7 months ago)
YummYakitori You have to compare average salary with average cost of living. How much does it cost for one bedroom apartment in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia comparing to Ukraine?
7Ahilles (9 months ago)
Leslie Xie you can check it on hiring site's 5000 k grn it less then 200$ also taxes from salary minus. Worked for 70$ per month already living 28 yers in ua. If you are not cortupted or IT, you will get 150 - 300$
Paul Robin (1 year ago)
Look lady u make 500 bucks per hour lmfao!!!!!!!!!
COOLIO FOOLIO (9 months ago)
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus And The Rest OF Eastern Europe is Poor Because There Economy is Weak And They Don't Have Enough Jobs And Limited Opportunities
carroll6 (1 year ago)
I have monthly check $33,000 UAH per month. Is this enough to rent a apartment, and have fun in Ukraine? I want to go to Lviv, Kiev, Cherniv and other historic cities. (I think I spelled wrong). Or would I be stuck eating a potato and freezing?
Paul Robin (1 year ago)
why so poor?
COOLIO FOOLIO (9 months ago)
Due Too Politics And Corruption
Jerry V (1 year ago)
I think avarage salary outside of Kiev is about 170$...even less....500$ ..thats very good monthly salary in Ukraine these after jewish junta CIA GOSUDARSTVENYJ PEREVAROD fake colour revolution. Veronika tell me :..How can you live off that money and buy groceries ( same price then Germany ) ? I only went to small town of Uzhgorod ,they dealing with smuggeling over the border ,and most of the families have someone working in EU ,so they got money ,clubs full ,guys spending money .But further east is probably worse. utilities went up ,gas electricity ....I just dont get it...2500 hrivnas a month .is not even 120$....Thats what you get working in hospital as a nurse. What Ukrainian families eat ? meat once a week ?...I just dont know and I wanna find out.I would love to go little bit further ,like Ivano Frankivsk ,to see myself. I will check your videos ,seems to be interesting.:-)
Nomad Han (1 year ago)
very informative video.. thank you.. i am planning to live in your beautiful country soon
Charles Muniz (2 years ago)
In Ukraine, if you make $500 US per month, you would be considered upper middle class. The average salary in Ukraine is about $200 per month. So how do people survive? Most people in some way, shape, or form are involved in corruption. Remember, this is very much a part of the Russian and Ukrainian culture. Ripping someone off is often seen as a way of life and quite normal. The attitude is, if all the politicians are corrupt and steal from the people, which they do, then what's wrong with me doing the same?
acajudi100 (5 months ago)
Charles Muniz Demons reap what they sow.
Morty Sanchez (8 months ago)
GrandAdan That's true in one hand, but anyway u still need money to live in this world...so , I guess , Ukraine is quite a good place for just living with no opportunities to improve your own universe...for most people I mean ...some find a ways to have a perfect life here ...but they either work as horses or steal as robbers (bribes ans so on ).... If I had an average salary in Ukraine of 1000$ , I would like living here...but I don't know how things will happen, I'm just a student...but as I see in my family.... people are only thinking about money ... if they had good earning ,they wouldn't think & worry so much about moneys and wellness....I hope. But anyone could be happy without money, as you mentioned. The problem is, that that condition should be discovered... I don't suppose US to be the best for life, there's more countries much better, such as Sweden, Norway, but as I know English, for me it's easier to get on well English speaking countries...
GrandAdan (8 months ago)
Each country has it´s own ways and not always the ones with a higher currency or higher salary average are living better than those with much less or suppose much less. Someones use their brain on a short way and all they see is the change for the dollar against other currency: However just to give you a few examples: Many let me say thousands of USA citizens are earning much more money abroad that they ever did in their own country and ofcourse getting paid in a much lower currency. let´s talk about Japan, South Corea and so on: It´s not the kind of salary that makes you live well or bad; it´s the welfare state in each country that makes it; And looking it that way it brings USA to a bad position immediately. Me I went to work in London a long time ago: As at least most ,not all but most of you from the USA know, Pounds are much stronger than Dollars, right? True but it doesn´t mean that you can live much better in London: Personally, i had a much better salary and by far a much better welfare state in Spain France or Portugal than that one i had in London for one year i was living there before the Euro currency. So stick your dollars up in your closer hole if you think that without dollars no one can have a better life than you. Actually, i used to live like a king with no money at all when i was a child , so there´s not a big difference from country to country, the difference is there only for those going to countries with a difference in prices for some more expensive and for some cheaper. Again, having Japan a so weaker money it has frightening prices for any on Earth starting on those from the USA.
Morty Sanchez (8 months ago)
Charles Muniz Ukraine is great, and that doesn't depend on money. If you'll know its culture, people, history, and so on you would now said that. Though it's true that our economy is almost over and there's no real ways to get a well-paid job, people should just visit it to know that and be thankful for what they've got. I'm Ukrainian and one reason for me to get away from here it's economy...
Invisible John (2 years ago)
Nice video. Do you believe that the mind can exist apart from the body? Are relationships metaphysical? And, is poverty institutional, in other words, must it exist for the sole purpose of federal domestic regulation?
Das Mit (2 years ago)
Very glad to hear you again.
Veronika Olson (2 years ago)
+Das Mit Thank you :))

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