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Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center by Marble Fairbanks

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The new Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center will promote environmental awareness, education and advocacy while providing a needed forum for community members to learn about the history of the neighborhood as well as its unique and ongoing environmental challenges. Greenpoint Library is one of BPL’s busiest branches, known for its Polish-language collections and its diverse cultural and early literacy programs. The new library will provide significantly more space—indoor and outdoor—to house expanded programs and activities. The features of the Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center include: • Close to double the amount of public space • A public plaza and accessible green roof spaces with native plant landscaping • Green building design features to reduce energy use and storm water runoff, exceeding LEED Silver Green Building Certification • Flexible meeting and event spaces available for community use • Free resources and programs in partnership with local environmental organizations and educational groups Source by berlinrosen. A As Architecture - Discover Architecture http://aasarchitecture.com/
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