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Text Comments (2686)
TEAUNICORN1 UNICORN 1 (14 hours ago)
The kitty is so cute i lobe her
Rosey (15 hours ago)
That's why im gonna live with my mom till im 20 😂
crystal power (21 hours ago)
How much Money did she spend om this video???
jeffrey zatorski (1 day ago)
Dude how is she 58 pounds I was 58 pounds when I was like 5
Elise D (1 day ago)
That cat one isn’t completely true
teresa house (2 days ago)
I love RAMEN tho 😂😂 Like if u love your mom!💕
Janice Walker (4 days ago)
40m subs😀
Rolando Reyes (5 days ago)
My mom is the best! Like if u love your mom Dear MOM, I love you so much mom your the best in my heart i wish you still good health mom i love you mom you always in my heart❤️ thank you for supporting with me and my sisters i love you so much mom thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i always remember mom "study first because your dream was come" i love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my mom! ❤️ ❤️
Gamer Girl2018 (8 days ago)
I have a cat called Harley he is soooo cuteeee watch HarleyTCat to see him in a bag.
Nikunj Raghav (9 days ago)
I am with a dog
Panda Plays (12 days ago)
This is why getting married or having kids improves your life. There really nice
Aadi Narain (12 days ago)
2:19 to 3:11 this is my life with my dog
Mrs. F Ahmed (15 days ago)
Emotional & relatable video 📹 👏👏👏👍👍👌👌
Danny Norris (15 days ago)
You forgot with dad and without dad!
Rhenelyn Bontia (16 days ago)
G Go Goo Good Good v Good vi Good vid Good vide Good video Good video! Good vide Good vid Good vi Good v Good Goo Go Go G
Molly Birdsall (16 days ago)
Cats are soo cute
harry potter's exposed (20 days ago)
I'm offended that you think women do all the housework. This is very sexist in my opinion. My dad actually cooks and cleans and my mum works
Katie Lankter (20 days ago)
I wish my cat did that
Becca Lanozo (21 days ago)
yeh when one time whe has so many cats even today there was a baby snake someone ate it ;-; and a many days past there was a snake they said it goes to re neighbor instead of us XD idk we have 8 + cats:3
Life is Beautiful (26 days ago)
Dear Mom,I love you........
Jenie Montifalcon (26 days ago)
I think having a kid is better than being alone
Mukesh Kumar (27 days ago)
I love my family most
Cathy Liu (28 days ago)
You know black cats give bad luck
musikchayser1 (28 days ago)
How does this channel have more subs than DanTDM
Apple Cabasag (29 days ago)
Love you mom😍😘😘😘😘!
Aisha khan (30 days ago)
I have a cat
Aisha khan (30 days ago)
I am a kid
Aisha khan (30 days ago)
I love mum
My mom Done so much For me... Dear Mom What Can I Do For you?
Destroyed Foxy 6896 (1 month ago)
The mom part made me want to cry.
Radhika Mulpuri (1 month ago)
This is so true
The first was with mom and without mom that was relateble
Christ H.A.A (1 month ago)
The saddest video i've seen
Senpai (1 month ago)
Mến yen nhi (1 month ago)
Teem witthout mom
Ellie Ohkawa (1 month ago)
Soumili Hazra (1 month ago)
Who else noticed that Shadow on 2:56
Binjamin Musai (1 month ago)
Gabby Rosevids (1 month ago)
Even though it probably wasn’t intentional. I cried when I saw the mom thing. Because my mom tells me one day I won’t be on this earth anymore. You have to learn how to be independent. Also it makes me feel sad also because it’s like leaving your mom
Busse Nusse (1 month ago)
At 3:05 😂😂😂
anggun dian (1 month ago)
I love my mom
muhammad ali (1 month ago)
thumbs up for all
Hue Nhu Nguyen Thi (1 month ago)
Heena Maheen (1 month ago)
I 💖 my mom very much and my 🐈🐱 meow cat
Manuelly Vitória (1 month ago)
Gamingbacon (1 month ago)
Don’t press read more… NOW U HAVE TO LIKE >:)
Tomboy potterhead 27 (1 month ago)
My mom is too busy she is a dentist and maybe will lose her job Please pray for me
Life Of Greta (1 month ago)
Mike Someone (1 month ago)
Emi Emi (1 month ago)
1:33 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Exo Xiumin (1 month ago)
I want a bog💔
FunnyChats Story (1 month ago)
BlueBerrie Playz (1 month ago)
Even when my mom is always home she doesn't even care about me
Jeanne Samara (1 month ago)
The Goat (1 month ago)
1:11 look to the kids drawing and look at the big thing with the pink thing ontop ew
Elissa Pappas (1 month ago)
2:45 Haha!
sumitra Shyam (1 month ago)
Please give me like if you are on the bed
Patricia Matthew (1 month ago)
The dog took over her bedd😂😂😂
Muqaddas Nadeem (1 month ago)
i hate dogs
Chandubhai Limbachiya (1 month ago)
Muqaddas Nadeem (1 month ago)
guyz plzzzz like this video because is video ka like unliked sa kam hain
Afiq Danial (1 month ago)
Scareltt Lee (1 month ago)
This is so right but sad
Muqaddas Nadeem (1 month ago)
guyzzz like this video if u love your mom
Muqaddas Nadeem (1 month ago)
i hate cat and dogs
Savannah Slays (1 month ago)
Don’t click read more... Tricked ya. By the way I know you clicked it
lisalisa cute (1 month ago)
2:42 😂😂😂😂😂
Rafat Sultana (2 months ago)
That dog was too cute...
Kiara Cross (2 months ago)
1:44 2:20 I relate to the most on the left side because I gots no man
Haidyn (2 months ago)
I love my mom and dog and cat and whatever that was in this vid (I don’t have a bf) lol but they make me so happy
It'z Rakka (2 months ago)
Cats aren’t like that!
Shadow The Wolf (2 months ago)
I love ramen 😍😍😍😊😊
ᅡ사라 (2 months ago)
I love you 💕❤️😘 mom
Normal dogs don't do that
Meme God (2 months ago)
2:45 me at sleepovers
Toveplays (2 months ago)
So your telling me to keep my mom cause she does all the work in the house and i am just gonna sit on the couch and be lazy?!?
Vikas Srivastava (2 months ago)
Dog and cat parts are best
Me : mommy do you regret having me Mom : no your my sweet little angel Me: dad do you regret having me as daughter Dad no your my baby girl so i dont regret that Mom dad : we love you so much your are daughter Me : ilove you to mom and dad
Prathana Shrestha (2 months ago)
Pokemongirl2018 :3 (2 months ago)
Ÿour Small world (2 months ago)
Wow this is best video
narayana gowda (2 months ago)
My mother is their she is too bad for me
Dan Turcu (2 months ago)
With mom
يا عم اضحك (2 months ago)
في عربي هون🤔
Jensen Tiongson (2 months ago)
The dog is so cute
Imman Amjad (2 months ago)
Cute video to our moms 😘😘😘
Mariam198 mariam1980 (2 months ago)
I don't like dogs but I like cats but only in puciture not at home .☺☺
Ilama ilana (2 months ago)
I have mental problems which means my brain doesn't work as quickly as normal people so that doesn't mean my brain works slower because I don't do exercise.ps I do exercise every day.and I find it hard to fall asleep quickly because I have to find the comfy spot. Don't judge like if u agree
Ilama ilana (2 months ago)
3:08 only pack the essentials lol
Wings of Furry (2 months ago)
Lol... now try life with 6 cats and a dog
Flamingo Studio (2 months ago)
This is Cheney and Sarah 👧🏻👧🏻 They both want to get a house and cut their hair 1 Sub is $1
Twilight Bella Edward (2 months ago)
I love life With mom With kids With you With dog With cat With exercise
Twilight Bella Edward (2 months ago)
I love my mom so much she is my life i will never live her alone
Kya Shayden (2 months ago)
3:26 me
i never got a like..... oh I have one like tank you myself =D
OQ Playzzz (2 months ago)
It’s lonely to have no kids
strarligth violet (2 months ago)
My mom is birthday
johnny alvarez (2 months ago)
Life is better with pets cuz if ur lonley u have ur pet
Mrwolf 827 (2 months ago)
It’s rude to say without mum because in the world some people don’t have mums
Larysa Kaczor (2 months ago)
This is my mom 💛💚💜😍👩 My mom love me so much and I love her to I love to love someone and be good to people

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