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Russia 2018 World Cup Adrenalyn XL Limited Edition, 21 Packs, invincible card and strike it Magazine

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Time for more Russia 2018 UEFA World Cup Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards, this time we show you 21 packs of cards in which we pull a very special card and also the strike it Magazine with an exclusive limited edition card
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Text Comments (17)
?A-L-E-X ? (1 month ago)
Lucky invincible
Chicken Man NUGGETS (1 month ago)
nice vid :)
Eyad Aboughrara (4 months ago)
He gets the INVINCIBLE card at 13:10 you are welcome ;)
Gözlüklü Kedi (5 months ago)
I hqve it too
Chicken Man NUGGETS (1 month ago)
my best card is top master messi
Ikram Ikram (5 months ago)
Foc you
Chicken Man NUGGETS (1 month ago)
Kara Nebesnaya (6 months ago)
Still there will be a video of heroes and villains?
pokemonix 10 (6 months ago)
Brighton Fan #1 (6 months ago)
Great video mate
kierens gaming channel (6 months ago)
your the best pack opener
?A-L-E-X ? (1 month ago)
Michael Mulcahy it's wb traning cards
callum de gamer (6 months ago)
no football cards and stickers are or wb trading cards screw u both
kierens gaming channel (6 months ago)
screw you to
Michael Mulcahy (6 months ago)
op gamer no GBW is screw you!
Do more premier league opinings
Albie’s World (6 months ago)
Could we do a trade?

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