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WORLD CUP TRADING CARDS! Panini Adrenalyn XL World Cup 2018 Starter Pack

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I open a starter pack from the new Panini Adrenalyn XL Russia World Cup 2018 trading card game! Our trading cards online shop: https://tradingcardcollective.co.uk/ PLAYLIST FOR THIS COLLECTION: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLPp8-AFugJIMT5cg6ywWshccZSjTkKVSi SOCIAL LINKS ►Follow me on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+WBTradingCards/ ►Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/wbtradingcards/ ►Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WBTradingCards ►Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WBTradingCards/
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Text Comments (118)
Liam curran loves nrl (2 months ago)
Can I have your cards for my collection Thanks
Liam curran loves nrl (2 months ago)
Are you English are you a kid and did you watch the fifa world cup
wang benjam (2 months ago)
There have Neymar with Messi Ronaldo Alves Kroos
Áron Áron (2 months ago)
I have suares in limited editon card
Suthasinee Prajong (2 months ago)
why in the plastic binder I have there are only 270 slots but the cards are over 460 ?
Together Pyro (3 months ago)
How i complete it ?
Emmnuel Ikuesan (3 months ago)
can i have one
adnan b4u (3 months ago)
Try to get sadio mane limited 3diton
adnan b4u (3 months ago)
adnan b4u (3 months ago)
O I support england first
adnan b4u (3 months ago)
Easy to get a limited edtion by a binder gibe me neymar jr
Mini Mark (3 months ago)
The Russian player is Kokorin
Tyler Bickle (3 months ago)
XeNo_Dawn (3 months ago)
Marlene Abela (4 months ago)
Ronaldo to
Crock Crunch (4 months ago)
There are people on the invisible card . I know because I have it. The players are Messi,Ronaldo,Hummel,Neymar and Dea gea
Hubas Woland (4 months ago)
Cool cards 👌👍
Hubas Woland (4 months ago)
Eken 17 (4 months ago)
In Sweden we get 2 limited edition cards and a big one.
HotBurger122 (4 months ago)
i got 5 limited edition in this starter pack .Messi (GIANT) . coutiho .lewandowski .ronaldo .salah
Marius Daniel (4 months ago)
Subscribed,you did a good job!😎
Chusnul Mursjid (4 months ago)
In Australia we get 6 limited editions in are starter packs
melinda christie (5 months ago)
in Australia we get 5 packs,6 limited editions and a mega limited edition
samuel blachon (6 months ago)
in france we have 2 limited edtion in the starter pack : Lewandowski and Neymar
D Stevenson (6 months ago)
Match attacks /panini who are better
I gamerjack 1 (6 months ago)
Come and see my channel I do the same on there
I gamerjack 1 (6 months ago)
He’s got the same limited addition as me 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀
Jac Thomas (6 months ago)
I orderd some cards nice vid
Phillip Pham (6 months ago)
good vid, keep it up
VR Staber (6 months ago)
That's kimich
jaydon who loves kiera (6 months ago)
Liam 9 (6 months ago)
The Russian guy is Kokorin
When are the World Cup match attax out
LOL LOL (6 months ago)
He is cold boby Jeffrey
Sam the tiger Ede (6 months ago)
That is a good video
Lisa Johnson (6 months ago)
I got top master lewandowski in my first pack!!!!
Lisa Johnson (6 months ago)
It is kokorin
Rinaldo White (6 months ago)
How do you make a YouTube channel
Collector Kid (6 months ago)
Where do you get them from
Nico Zouma (6 months ago)
The russian player is Kokorin
Finley 200 (6 months ago)
The Russian player is kokorin
Cowboys 69 (6 months ago)
Russian  Player Is Kokorin and it's not Agger as someone said, Agger retired from football about 2 years ago.
Joanne Crane (6 months ago)
Daniela Hristova (4 months ago)
Jac Thomas (6 months ago)
Calicaszep15 -15 (6 months ago)
Joanne Crane awfully doped....
Joanne Crane (6 months ago)
Karl Fawcett (6 months ago)
3:18 Kokorin
Niall Durcan (6 months ago)
Karl Fawcett well done
Rayhan Rehman (6 months ago)
You have cool match attacks in all of your videos I love your videos⚽
Liam curran loves nrl (2 months ago)
Rayhan Rehman your so right
Match Attax Millionaire (6 months ago)
Do more World Cup openings
Rogatron 9000 (6 months ago)
Why is the a another one
TheFifaGamer 321 (6 months ago)
Hi WB can u do some more pl pack openings pls by the way your vids r amazing keep up the amazing work and u should have more subs 😀😀👍⚽️
Rofna Khan (6 months ago)
I can't see your face
Natchito Marshall (6 months ago)
Is there going to be world cup match attax as well?
Mahesh Dhir (6 months ago)
I have liked my comment first to and please can I get 200 likes because my parrot died
karim Zouelfoukar (5 months ago)
yeah right
Karl Fawcett (6 months ago)
One that is bullshit and 2 you will never get 200 likes on a shitty comment like that
Nevan Rea (6 months ago)
Live Gamer (6 months ago)
You want cheesecake Well I don’t have any So get your own!!!!
Liam curran loves nrl (2 months ago)
Live Gamer ha ha
wang benjam (2 months ago)
it's ginger Alf bro (4 months ago)
That's from jeromy Kyle mate
LOL LOL (6 months ago)
Bailey Coyle (6 months ago)
I have suarez icon
Bailey Coyle (6 months ago)
The player is kokorin
Bailey Coyle (6 months ago)
It's kokorin
Fifa Attax (6 months ago)
I think the Russian player is Kokorin
Do you know when the World Cup stickers come out
Football Mad man. Are they? Never seen them yet. Could you tell me where to get them
Max Smith (6 months ago)
They're already out
Cr7 Iscool (6 months ago)
Can you give me one it was my birthday yesterday
Cr7 Iscool (6 months ago)
Christopher Boyce he could ask me
Christopher Boyce (6 months ago)
Cr7 Iscool how will he know we're up live
Zakariya Abdeali (6 months ago)
I have them to
TheJuveKing (6 months ago)
Amazing videos 😂😂😂🆒🎆 Amazing 😉goals and match attax cards
Brighton Fan #1 (6 months ago)
Daniel agger
Brighton Fan #1 (4 months ago)
HotBurger122 thanks nice to hear!!!
Brighton Fan #1 (4 months ago)
Cowboys 69 I didn't think so he never had Hare any way!
HotBurger122 (4 months ago)
brighton fan #1 new subscriber !!
Cowboys 69 (6 months ago)
brighton fan #1, its not Agger, he retired 2 years ago.
DA7 FC (6 months ago)
1st To like my own comment
Yusuf Miah (4 months ago)
Michael Mulcahy that's funny how u saying that
Yusuf Miah (4 months ago)
DA7 FC lol
ITDM IoloTDM (6 months ago)
DA7 FC a
Michael Mulcahy (6 months ago)
DA7 FC who cares
SD SAM (6 months ago)
Brighton Fan #1 (6 months ago)
EREN'S CHANNEL!!!!!!! (6 months ago)
The reason they dont show it ( the invincible ) because they want you to find it and then reval what it is
Conal O Connor (6 months ago)
Can u do the best 100m in the premier league
Toe Cheese (6 months ago)
I got some World Cup 2018 cards in 2017 and they are different
navieyoutuber boy (6 months ago)
Buy the booster box
Bailey Daynes (6 months ago)
I already opened the. Tim and box cause I work at the match attach store if u give me a shoutout give me ur po box detail and ille send u ever type off product
Football Cards HUN (6 months ago)
Nice album and opening video! 😁😁😁
TWOSYNC (6 months ago)
The other player was either kokorin or dybuza ☺👍
Антон Шапкин (6 months ago)
Кокорин (Kokorin)
Adam O Mahony (6 months ago)
cringey kid _XYZ (6 months ago)
Rees Milne (6 months ago)
Good video this channel is the best
T4J Life (6 months ago)
Where is the face camera today???
CH 1182 (6 months ago)
Toby Radwell (6 months ago)
And manè... you can get mane as a limited edition
wang benjam (2 months ago)
Toby Radwell you can’t
Harris Fong (5 months ago)
I have Mane,Neuer,Kane,Lewandowski and Pogba.
Christopher Boyce (6 months ago)
Toby Radwell u can get him in multipacks
Christopher Boyce (6 months ago)
But can u? I don't think so
Christopher Boyce (6 months ago)
Keggieking 4 (6 months ago)
Fifa God (6 months ago)
Can I have a shoutout
Banana (6 months ago)
1st love you!
Clash Royale Vids (6 months ago)
The AHL League bkhf
Cruz Agosta (6 months ago)
First comment and viewer
HENRY CFCTV (6 months ago)
First love ur vid
Hi Goodbye (6 months ago)
Jacksonjacob TV (6 months ago)
T4J Life (6 months ago)
First comment yay!!!!
Fifa God (6 months ago)
First again

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