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Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple LINK DASH Technical Analysis Chart 9/20/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (98)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Recorded 6:20 PM Eastern
EDUARDO DOURADO (2 months ago)
[21/9 17:13] eduardodourado: I'm very poor I need 0.001 Bitcoin for me to buy medicine [21/9 17:16] eduardodourado: 1PYUd49B7hMwTW5FfpNGiZTCCjv6Yjo5nV [21/9 17:17] eduardodourado: Address Bitcoin
Nocturne (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan! How do I join your chatroom?
Michael Conley (2 months ago)
When did it get delayed til?
TheFujac (2 months ago)
i read that robinhood app was struggling to deal with the amount of MJ based trades yesterday so try that..
coddudeful (2 months ago)
I apreciate you making video’s dan. Thanks for the information again, your videos help so much on confirmation of my own thoughts. Still like to know where i can buy canadian mj stocks :) have a good one!
NichoTBE (2 months ago)
hearing about your life experience, parents, school etc. and take on life is really interesting.
EDUARDO DOURADO (2 months ago)
[21/9 17:13] eduardodourado: I'm very poor I need 0.001 Bitcoin for me to buy medicine [21/9 17:16] eduardodourado: 1PYUd49B7hMwTW5FfpNGiZTCCjv6Yjo5nV [21/9 17:17] eduardodourado: Address Bitcoin
Michael G. (2 months ago)
Thanks for the update Dan. Nice Pink Floyd reference at the end there.
andrew munz (2 months ago)
awakenself (2 months ago)
Thanks Dan, great as always, rock solid TA and excellent topics worth discussing 🙏👍🍻
Bomtrek B (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your personal life stories. Appreciate that a lot.
Simon Gerber (2 months ago)
that fan vid someone did of you "lower high, higher low" on repeat should be your outro every day to put me in the zone. dang does anyone remember what day that was now? wasnt too long ago. but for some reason i really want to watch that again.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Good timing, it is in the ending today
Tashberger Tash (2 months ago)
Beautiful Icelandic ending.
Goldenpill (2 months ago)
6580 broke :D
MJH (2 months ago)
That waterfall - i have to get to iceland.
Weslea Hottman (2 months ago)
Fantastic as always. Thx for the gemstone at the end. I needed to hear that today.
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (2 months ago)
Does anyone know WHY is ripple surging? What's going on? Any news came up?
Zandeus (2 months ago)
Too many hoops to jump through to invest in Crypto.... would love an ETF.
Mayday (2 months ago)
Good point about kids upbringing and I agree. Forcing kids to sit in a classroom and regurgitate textbooks is a complete waste of time, even more so with AI replacing knowledge-based jobs. Creativity is the way forward. The only thing I would say is some kids won't ever try if they aren't encouraged out of their comfort zone. Some of the best public speakers had major stutters growing up for example.
Ice Vodka (2 months ago)
i forgot about ripple,and i entered a bull trade for btc 6570, sleep, wakeup and saw ripple on bitfenix 44% gain, so sad, i entered btc right before xrp went up also. 2 % vs 44% maderfucker
John K (2 months ago)
I've been stuck in my bed for a month, post operation. Your beautiful Iceland footage at end made me feel at peace after experiencing it vicariously through you. Thank you for that moment, and my ensuing smile. I have much to look forward to when I feel better.
Nick Nolte (2 months ago)
beautiful images from Island
El Gerardo Edwardio (2 months ago)
Bart Simpson with bat ears...
Siarhiej Rutenka (2 months ago)
Martin Segura (2 months ago)
Great video man. As always. Thank you.
Stian (2 months ago)
Hi, Great content on this stream, bought your alert system :)
Aaron (2 months ago)
Nice, Dan.. That first waterfall was one of the coolest I've ever seen. I had a long leash too.
Andy Raman (2 months ago)
Thats a great parenting
Unknown Now (2 months ago)
Beautiful waterfall. Thanks for sharing.
Tricycle (2 months ago)
XRP was perhaps also helped by funding running out on Bitfinex, people couldn't short it as much as they wanted.
Derek Reed (2 months ago)
I have a great idea let's create a new trading term...the moose market. "When all looks lost and then the market goes up"
Spirit Breath (2 months ago)
The coin is XRP. Ripple is a name of the company that holds many XRP. Just to clarify. They are not directly related. There is much misunderstanding about this coin. It is not centralized either. There is a nice clarifying video from the "In it for the Money" channel. Check it out yall.
Crypto Crib (2 months ago)
Dude ur an awesome dude. Thanks for the shots at the end. Beautiful!
In Mexico (2 months ago)
Love the charting, but honestly, it was the video at the end. Amazing quality and music. The part where your feet are in the water and you add...Comfortably numb, made me know once again what a cool person you are. Gracias, Dan.
Ashley G (2 months ago)
Which one? I think there was one pending for tomorrow and the one everybody is waiting for for 9/30
Roy M (2 months ago)
perfect attendance 1st through 12th is insane, i knew kids who couldnt go a month without missing a day. slackers!
David Luman (2 months ago)
thanks Dan and have a good evening!
marc combs (2 months ago)
Love it. Beautiful falls. Just sent my daughter and her boyfriend to Thailand and S.E. Asia for a few weeks. Beautiful falls there, as well. Thanks Dan.
doopy noo (2 months ago)
So true brother. All the Mormon kids went buck wild on the first day of college. I'm not sure if any of them even graduated.
Guy Batters (2 months ago)
Great parenting advice Dan.... always champion view points on the markets and life in general. 🤙 keep doing what your doin brother, learning everyday.
EDUARDO DOURADO (2 months ago)
[21/9 17:13] eduardodourado: I'm very poor I need 0.001 Bitcoin for me to buy medicine [21/9 17:16] eduardodourado: 1PYUd49B7hMwTW5FfpNGiZTCCjv6Yjo5nV [21/9 17:17] eduardodourado: Address Bitcoin
Brian Damon (2 months ago)
You rock Dan. Love the djembe in all the vids. Hope we get to jam some day. Rhythms are fun to trade too🤘. Playin lots of west African here (wherever I am). Just reskinned my sisters djembe. Been playin about 20 years ✌️
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Yessss TCG drum circle
Praveen Verma (2 months ago)
Dan - You are a gem. I relate with what you mentioned about Parenting. It is such a important quality of parenting...my parents gave me that breathing space during my childhood and even now as well. That makes them so special to me...I love them to the core. Thank you for sharing. Do good things :-)
huntikis (2 months ago)
Love that waterfall, AMAZING!
Alexander Alexander (2 months ago)
Thank you !!!
Goldi Torres (2 months ago)
Thx for the informative video and i couldnt agree more with your advice at the end. I was independent and on my own at 16 and experienced a lot more than most people early on and I think that has made me more wise than others my age. Anyhow keep up the great wrk, appreciate your quality content.
collectorjrg (2 months ago)
Is there an app or website that shows all the Alt coins in real time where one could see that certain alt coins are starting to go up? Like with so many alt tokens how can one see them all to be able to notice which ones are picking up? I just dont get how anyone can get in on the alt tokens that are big gainers each day.
collectorjrg (2 months ago)
Sara Sabatino I’m sorry, I’m just going through a lot right now and your comment didn’t help my mood atm. I know that it will be a pump n dump I’m not looking to hold it I just want to get in on the trade on the way up and out shortly after.
Sara Sabatino (2 months ago)
Trolling? I think you took me out of context. I was trying to help you. No such thing exists as far as I know. And honestly, if something is on page 3 for volume and is pumping, you probably wouldn't want to trade it anyway. Those are usually pump and dump type of coins, low liquidity. Stock with the top 20 coins on Trading View. I make a watch list so I can easily click on the highest volume coins and see them in real time
collectorjrg (2 months ago)
+Sara Sabatino that part about "in real time" is a pretty important part . When coinmarket cap isn't in real time and averages the exchanges that's not really gonna help. The point is to see the volume and price as they are rising kind of like how it does it on binance. Coinmarket cap would only have me seeing those things after they have already happened. VIBE for example today on binance had big gains. Not gonna be able to use coinmarket cap to see that when it's not in real time and VIBE is on page 3. I'm asking if there is such a tool like what traders using to spot what penny stocks to trade on but for cryptocurrency. Would be much appreciated if you would stop trolling.
Sara Sabatino (2 months ago)
Yes, it does require work on your part.
collectorjrg (2 months ago)
+Sara Sabatino in real time, coin market cap I'd have to keep hitting refresh and could only see one page at a time.
Jesus Mora (2 months ago)
Hey Dan! Thank you gor keeping up with XRP.
Jonathan Baker (2 months ago)
Love your videos and your random thoughts about to have my first kid so this was really touching. Hopefully I can make some good trades like you
Norman Buitta (2 months ago)
You're the best man.... Learn cryptos as you learn life.. Thanks for your wonderful life stories, brings things home. No one on their deathbed...I'm sure, said " I wish I spent more time at the office" Cheers and God bless all!..and the sheep too!
VentionMGTOW (2 months ago)
Cool. I continue my usual routine of buying every payday. I expect to make a handsome profit over the next couple years. It's certainly doing better than my silver.
to themoon (2 months ago)
+yeeluvspizza doesn't over sold mean a trend reversal
yeeluvspizza (2 months ago)
If you simply understand the RSI indicator, you wouldn't have to buy every pay day. You could simply only buy on pay days when the RSI level is over sold with all money that hasn't been spent.
Jim Scheltema (2 months ago)
Moose & Squirrel? LOL
huntikis (2 months ago)
Thank you Dan for your videos, specially for XRP/USD!!!
Crypto Mization (2 months ago)
Thanks for the wonderful review. Trying to join your community for the past year. Are u guys going to welcome new members any time soon? Thanks.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Thanks, people that have finished the course are being filed in now
Sherif Amer (2 months ago)
Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd :)I finally ddi it and joined your course couple of days ago, its good i really like it so for.
David Devai (2 months ago)
Why a moose and not a bull?
David Devai (2 months ago)
+TheChartGuys haha I love it
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Bull moose... way better
Michael Levato (2 months ago)
i also sit in the shower :)
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Himanshu Joshi (2 months ago)
there is no confirmation of delay in the document
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Very tricky worded for sure.
Ace G (2 months ago)
Delayed....and pumped
Tim Kuefer (2 months ago)
LINKs fundamentals are huge, its a key-element of the ETH ecosystem regarding smart contract usage
to themoon (2 months ago)
+4444 1313 Wtf is links, another shitcoin??
Luminary Wins (2 months ago)
Cripple will be back below .20cents next week. Dumping it now.
to themoon (2 months ago)
+TheChartGuys mistake right?
awakenself (2 months ago)
Be glad ripple is part of the space they will drive mass adoption from the financial system, faster than any other project. Mass adoption being necessary for all of the great fundamental reasons that we all love about a decentralized world economy.
TheChartGuys (2 months ago)
Craig Neeve (2 months ago)
hasnt been under 20 cents for over a year
Danny Phoenix (2 months ago)
Another Great one! Thanks , i also sit in the shower with a nice cheech feels great. Must be a canadian thing
Danny Phoenix (2 months ago)
a joint buddy and I would hope not everyone should participate lol.
August Priest (2 months ago)
Ahh feel cautious to ask but what's a cheech?..does it only happin in canada?
Brian Lapointe (2 months ago)
thanks again Dan!
steven haglund (2 months ago)
thank you dan .
Dot Com (2 months ago)
I enjoy the hippies analysis.
Bill Ga (2 months ago)
His good though, I love his hippie ways. I want to give him some buds.
Kyle V (2 months ago)
Was the ETF you're talking about the van Eck? I'm out jogging right now and listening to you as I go down the path but it's hard to really make out what's on the screen on my phone with the document you posted
to themoon (2 months ago)
+4444 1313 lol
Kyle V (2 months ago)
+4444 1313 2 hours too late
bob ami (2 months ago)
nobody cares about the ETF anymore. bakkt will lunch in November and Xrapid next.month, the fomo will kick in way before the ETF happens . at these prices people don't wanna miss out waiting.
EDUARDO DOURADO (2 months ago)
[21/9 17:13] eduardodourado: I'm very poor I need 0.001 Bitcoin for me to buy medicine [21/9 17:16] eduardodourado: 1PYUd49B7hMwTW5FfpNGiZTCCjv6Yjo5nV [21/9 17:17] eduardodourado: Address Bitcoin
SmoothTalkin Hank (2 months ago)
Delayed again...better than a rejection. Patience.
Simon Gerber (2 months ago)
im bullish for a rejection
TheFifth Estate (2 months ago)
First 🥇
Imtooslow !! (2 months ago)
Thx u and thx for covering XRP 👍👍

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