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BEST World Cup 2018 trading tips - Bet Angel

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Now that we are a bit further into the World Cup, we now have some experience on what's happened so far and how that influences what we will do in the remainder of the tournament. Lots of talk about VAR but it's had some usual impacts which you probably haven't seen. Don't forget to use Bet Angel and all it's features at the world cup!
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consciousjoy (2 months ago)
Hey guys, Peter :) First of all, let me tell you, that I have just 2 weeks experience with Betfair and soccer betting and I started out with the World Cup placing small amounts and continuously winning till I've made a bad bet and lost all the small gains :) Anyway, it really hit me that I want to do this on a Pro level but some days I feel like I still don't understand the basics... can you guys recommend some helping materials related only to soccer?
The Scally Trader (2 months ago)
VAR definitely will bring about more goals. Having money sitting on unders in order to cover future liabilities is now quite dangerous and will prove to be expensive as they can go back 2 minutes after a decision was 'not given'. I think longer term this might affect prices as the match goes on offering more value on unders as a result.
betangeltv (2 months ago)
I think it's interesting from a number of perspectives, but I guess we will have to see how it plays out fully. I'm aware they have rewound a couple of times but it's a bit of a minefield.
rainbowthegod (2 months ago)
injury time is much longer now with the possibility of var so there might be more value backing the live overs later in the match whereas before you would place it earlier at a worse price. there have been tons of injury time goals so far much more than i recall in the past 4 world cups.
rainbowthegod (2 months ago)
betangeltv please do... would love to see a knockout stage world cup video from you. Great content as always.
betangeltv (2 months ago)
I was going to try and look at the stats to see what difference there has been between world cups.
GC SPORT RECREATION (2 months ago)
Whats your phone contact for customer support??
betangeltv (2 months ago)
We only operating a ticketing system I'm afraid no telephone support. We simply don't have the resources for telephone support.
Richard Bowen (2 months ago)
Love the peaceful backdrop, and the content's not bad either
betangeltv (2 months ago)
Thanks, thought it would make a change.
tricky micky (2 months ago)
interesting stuff, thanks Peter
URBANFU - JOAO DIAS (2 months ago)
Extremely useful! It's really a different competition with the VR and the consequences on the trade.
Live Sports Trading (2 months ago)
Nice to see you in le jardin!

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