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The Bitcoin Chat | 7th January 2018 | South Africa

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and2700 (12 days ago)
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PLd Produtora (8 months ago)
*Curso Brasileiro ensina como ganha muito dinheiro com Bitcoin e outras moeda Veja:* https://bit.ly/2G2vhA7
AK (10 months ago)
Hey All...Great to find a local crypto resource. Been looking into the space for sometime now but still a kinda new. Have many questions. But looking forward it.
babemonster101 (11 months ago)
25:25 min
D Jsf (11 months ago)
Cheapest way to convert your Zar to Bitcoin then move to an exchange to trade? Lowest transfer costs?
Joseph Van Nieuwenhuizen (11 months ago)
Hi I am a big fan
Werner Buitendag (11 months ago)
BTC will probably hit R60 K by the end of this year.
steveninthe (11 months ago)
bitcoin is a dinosaur like aol and netscape, all it is was first..... the only crypto with a legitimate business model is XRP - buy it now - when it hits dmm, coinbase, and western union and american express come onboard, xrp is going up and up
craig fraser (11 months ago)
With respect to ICOs like UTrust; how do you pay for tokens (fiat or crypto), is there a minimum amount you have to buy, is investing in overseas ICOs legal in RSA, how do you store your tokens if you buy from an ICO?
Renaldo Gouws (11 months ago)
You pay in ETH or BTC depending on what they take.
craig fraser (11 months ago)
Does KuCoin payout Gas if you hold Neo?
Freediver HD (11 months ago)
9:30 I think what you wanted to say is Luno is not a trading platform, Luno is an exchange.
Renaldo Gouws (11 months ago)
Yup that is correct!
Daniël van Zyl (11 months ago)
Have an eye on Eth.. Its is pegged to out grow BTC for the year.. On another point of interest.. Looking at metal like Silver bullion looks like a good cal for the year... Not forgetting a bit of Gold on the side as well...
steveninthe (11 months ago)
buy XRP, the only crypto with a legitimate business model... and when it hits coinbase, dmm, and western union, its going up and up
Daniël van Zyl (11 months ago)
Yeaaa! the bubble popped for the umpteenth time... woopppeee.... I love all these bubbles.. atleast one don't have to wait for 10 to 20 years for a huge crash as the FIAT system does... Atleast one can make more with this than FIAT crashes...
Aidan Ewing (11 months ago)
sorry dont have an hour...

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