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Reality of a Ukrainian AIRPORT: what you should expect?

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I went to Odessa and my passport had a cover for protection. Well, the guard asked me to remove it. So I did but couldn't do it fast enough. I thought I was gonna get zapped because he went up very close to me. I respect any law in other countries because as me being American and bounty hunter, we have to protect ourself.
I love you
Richard Conte (22 days ago)
oooo can he help me when i go to Ukraine next year
william gardner (1 month ago)
Nice Video Olga - You may also do one on VIP terminal C which is the best services at any airport I have been too. Kiev should be very proud!
Islam N (1 month ago)
Hi nice guy, don't have you any other business ? thanks
World Traveling Tv (1 month ago)
Politic, religion and sex are the main topics of the media! There are a lot of fake cities to travel too. Just propaganda but nothing more then looking for dummies ;--) Propaganda, promoters, fake travelers, fake news, fake information, fake people and all just want your head ;--) double drinks. Curiosity is very expensive. Relax and be happy! I love it! Me too#. Peace and love brothers and sisters.
Johnny Bakø (2 months ago)
Hi Olga.. I wonder where to exchange money in Zhulyany airport ? Thanks for all ours great videos. You are a huge help for us before going to Kiev soon. :-)
Sarah Solomon (2 months ago)
Hey! Just wanted to know if they regularly check that hand luggage fits weight/size restrictions (they barely do in the UK so I was just wondering if it will be the same at Boryspil or Zhulyany). Also are SIM cards the same price there as in town? Thank you!!
Desmond Bagley (2 months ago)
......and now I just watched your video that answered my question ,plus the the comments are also helpful.
Desmond Bagley (2 months ago)
......good service you offer there Olga,, you're hubby seems to be a decent bloke and good looking and handsome,so why can't other Ukrainian women find similar Ukrainian men?,,you already know of course that Ukrainian women are depicted on the date sites as having the misfortune to have great difficulty finding a good husband.
Michel Chen (3 months ago)
Can Eugène pick me up from my hotel to the airport this Friday please ? I have a sim card and mobile phone.
swapnil dhongadi (3 months ago)
wht is the best option from keiv airport to kiev central train station
mweb1 (3 months ago)
Been there many times.
silverkingukable (4 months ago)
Thanks Eugene I’ll call you up once I come down Kiev.
silverkingukable (4 months ago)
Wow what a nice quiet airport,Looks great too!
Ralph Hunter (4 months ago)
my flight arrives at 800 pm,will everything be open still ?
Anabolic chemistry (4 months ago)
Any bus 🚌 from airport or train 🚆 ?
Rob van de Burgt (5 months ago)
another great blog from you .(today i gonna watch a lot of them prepare for my holiday end of this month) you spoke about uber ,taxi etc etc but how about take Metro on airport??
Azim Haque (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video, could you pls give your contact number, can you add me in IMO , which is more convinient from Saudi Arabia, My Number is 00966 564102188. aiting for your kind response. by the way, i am from bangladesh and currently orking in Saudi Arabia last 21 years, very soon i am planing to visit Ukraine. Thanks.
James Martin (5 months ago)
very informative vid, Ms.Olga. I have your husband's services duly noted, that's very reassuring for your followers... I do have 2 questions tho - is wifi free at the airport or no? and do they charge like an airport fee or tax before you can exit the airport? - some Asian & South American airports do
Ken Alexander (6 months ago)
Is this Donetsk Airport?
Timothy in the Kitchen (6 months ago)
For all who are Americans, and planning on going to Ukraine. Here is one trick you might want to try, for foreign currency. My bank i normal do business with will charge a 3% foreign ATM fee, but i do have Charles Schwab checking account with a debit card and you "WILL NOT" get charged a foreign ATM FEE at all. Charles Schwab pay all ATM FEE WORLDWIDE. i have Charles Schwab because they are my retirement and also my second place to use a debit card anywhere. Thought i would give heads up. A Airport is the worse place to get money exchanged, And maybe one of your America bank that you bank with might have an fee free alliance partner bank in Ukraine. But i wouldn't hold your breathe. My bank US BANK does not. So, my option is Charles Schwab. FEE FREE all the way. Doesn't cost anything to open up a checking with a debit card linked to it. This is just options. Im finding this out as i'm learning. I am planning on going to Ukraine in 2019. and most definitely will use a tour from Olga and her husband.And also getting a sim card for my iPhone to have data plan and phone calls.Taxi ride to the house. i will be renting for over 3 weeks. Be a great visit in Europe and since i've seen all of the USA, might as well start visiting other countries and since i have friends in Poland, and Slovakia, i will make a good trip out of it. If my visit in Ukraine is good in 2019, i might come back again. Like anything or something "NEW" its scary at first, but if you don't try, what do you have to lose? Make sure also you make copy of your passport and visa stamps keep one copy at home and make another copy a digital copy on google drive. In case you lose your original so you can go to the US Embassy! I'm just in the first stages, getting my passport with passport ID. might as well get both for $175. A money belt is always a good thing to have too, a-lot of pick pocket people, can never be too sure. Before you go to other country call your bank or Chrales Schwab a week before leaving so they can put an alert on your debit card, so it wont be locked. I think that is all for right now. OLGA and her husband i do think has a good service for a taxi ride and taking you to your hotel for $20. I rather ride than walk, but walking is for another days when you are settled in. I plan to get culture knowledge out of this trip, and experience and meet some new people while i am there, and having great memories there in Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia. Im also learning Ukraine language, it will help, and the local people will appreciate you trying to learn their language. Anything is worth trying! Ukraine language and Russian language, is not the same, similar but not the same. I am part Russian, Poland, german. I hope to gain a-lot out of this trip. Sorry for the long message.
Fred (6 months ago)
Which airport is closest to Lugansk ?
Jan Pio (6 months ago)
Hello Oga and Eugine. Firstly thank you for a very informative video on a topic that I am very interested in as I will be visiting Kyiv very soon. In fact I will be there on 10th of May 2018. Could it be possible for me to hire your husbands services when I arrive there ? As I need a temporary mobile phone for there and also to get to my apartment I will be staying at.
George Rivera (6 months ago)
The best way to make friends I'm Ukraine is to say that you know Olga Reznikova and her husband Eugene. I didn't know Eugene was a ukrainian name.
Teksal1 (7 months ago)
Your 'my services' site address just gives error' message. '
PRAKASH TIWARI (7 months ago)
Do in Ukraine you have English title compulsory everywhere?
isaias cm (7 months ago)
That’s good. I’ll consider your services. I like your videos. Thanks!
George Seriani (8 months ago)
I wish I could travel to the Ukraine the people there seem Soo cool.
Gregory Thoman (8 months ago)
Olya is right about the airport taxi drivers. Avoid them at all costs. They are slugs. The same is true in Odessa.
Qasir Iqbal (8 months ago)
shongley (8 months ago)
twenty bucks is dirt cheap
shongley (8 months ago)
Borispol is a nice airport. Been there a couple of times. Take official taxis out of there though, the others will charge you an arm and a leg.
Guy Snelen (8 months ago)
Back again...how to you say Olga correctly...???
Guy Snelen (8 months ago)
where did you lean to speak English so well ?? GUY
Verónica Gomero (9 months ago)
Hey Olga! I appreciate the work you made in this video, it was pretty informative)) I'm traveling to Ukraine in a couple of weeks and I really need to know which documents (apart from my passport and visa) I should take with me for the passport control. I hope you could help me with that! By the way, I'm a Peruvian subscriber!))
Алекс Ckott (9 months ago)
Olga I think you should do a video on the Odessa Airport. Borispol in Kyiv is very easy to navigate and is truly an International Airport. Even a small Airport like Dnipro is easy until you get outside and try to find the car rental establishment. Anyway leaving Odessa was an imbroglio. I almost missed my flight trying to get my boarding pass. Only a few employees spoke English and trying to find these employees was another problem. Go early if you are flying out of Odessa.
Iqbal Singh (10 months ago)
U r v beautiful
SA Massy Ghazanfari (10 months ago)
Your husband is funny
waseem uddin (10 months ago)
which hotel you may suggest in kive how offer halal foods
waseem uddin (10 months ago)
thanks for your prompt reply
Olga Reznikova (10 months ago)
Thre is no hotel with halal food in Ukraine, but you can use vegeterian menu.
Alex Rodriguez (10 months ago)
ur husband seems Hella cool...I'm thinking of going next easter...I may consider seeking your assistance..thank u Olga!Peace
abu masoud (11 months ago)
beste olga,can you help to get invatation from you.i want to visit Ukraine
Johnny Clean (11 months ago)
How many 'mobile internet service' providers are there? How much does a sim card cost. How expensive does mobile internet cost ? Is it expensive compared to Australia? I already posted about this subject before. When will Ukraine have 4G (it think maybe next year)? Over here my download speed is approximately 90 Mbps down 20 Mbps up load. These speeds we get can vary willdly. Sometimes much slower depending on many factors. How many telcos and who has best coverage? Coverage meaning how many mobile tower across the country? Maybe like I said before you can tell us who is the best?
Trisonrob Pechiba (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video, I’m coming to ukraine in next month
Lester Churchill (1 year ago)
Thank you for this information- I am visiting Kyiv in March 2018 and I am definitely interested in arranging for Eugene to pick me up at the airport.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
good ;-)
ancy nelson (1 year ago)
hello olga ! i will be coming to Vinnytsya..can you tell me something about Vinnytsya and is it safe for Indians ?
Ade Curtis (1 year ago)
Great videos you do Olga;;; Thank you... Are there many atm cash machines at Kiev airport?
Very helpful thank you.  I was wondering is it better to exchange at the kiosk or at one of the banks?  Have you tried it and which one gives you a better rate of exchange?  Thanks!  I enjoy your videos!  Your husband is very funny!  He looks to be the perfect guide!  Spasibo!
frederick athey (1 year ago)
Olga, thank you so much for your info on the culture, customs and everything about visiting Ukrainie, I've met that one special woman from Ukraine I've been searching for forever and i am visiting her for the first time this month and plan to use your husband's services. You are a great representative of the people of Ukraine and you have such a beautiful family!
URSS-CEI (1 year ago)
i like ukraine until they started this anti-russian racist bullshit. I wanted to visit Ukraine to practice my russian
TinyWords (1 year ago)
I travel to Kiev and usually to Sumy quite often..maybe once or twice every year and have been doing this since about 2002. Whether you travel to Kiev Zhulyany Airport (N50° 24.740' E30° 26.629' or Kiev Boryspil Airport (N50° 20.475' E30° 53.717') it is good idea to get to Kiev central train station (N50° 26.442' E30° 29.392') and the minibus station which is close to the train station (N50° 26.516' E30° 29.549' and the Main central bus station is at N50° 24.380' E30° 31.180') any one of these is where you can get to most destinations in Ukraine. If you travel to Kiev Boryspil Airport you can get a taxi to central Kiev or try to contact a minibus company (Eg. http://www.sanavto.com.ua - which is a Sumy based bus company) who may pick you up from Kiev Boryspil Airport and take you to your destination. Minibuses normally travel every 2 hours. Warning: As soon as you ask a taxi driver for the price Eg. from Kiev Zhulyany Airport to the Kiev central train station/minibus station they instantly know you are a foreigner and try to charge you a lot more than the normal price and insist it is normal tariff prices - This is RUBBISH!! As at Aug. 2017 taxi prices from Kiev Zhulyany Airport to the Kiev central train station/minibus station should be about 140-200 UAH - some drivers ask for 400+ UAH. Shop around and ask different taxi drivers and even insist that you will pay only between 140 and 200 UAH. If you need an overnight stay an ok place to stay would be the Suit Hotel located at N50° 26.533' E30° 29.797' and is close to the Kiev central train station/minibus station. It's not great but for about 55 UAH for one person per night it's ok. DO NOT be naive and always appear confident. Any questions please ask.
David Rusterholz (1 year ago)
When I arrived I went through the gate and was a lot of signs for pick up but didn't recognize a driver so I asked for a driver and was taken for a drive to my hotel 100 Canadian to my hotel! I won't do that again. When I left was like 12 midnight i went through security but didn't find the baggage drop off I left it with KLM airlines they actually put it on my flight for me. The trip home was fine.
Mohan Kartik (1 year ago)
You are very beautiful
Revit Girl (1 year ago)
😍😍😍😍Омг ваш чоловік настільки милий😍😍😍😍😍😍
Live Offline (1 year ago)
Thanks nice video
Parsius Karma (1 year ago)
Woman stop wearing the US flag. Use your own. Get a life and an education.
Mike Stocker (4 months ago)
Dont listen to the Trump supporters Olga. Wear what you like!
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
world seeker (1 year ago)
lets meet this saturday😍
Muhammad Hussain (1 year ago)
I will be there and I am going to contact him
Muhammad Hussain (1 year ago)
I am coming to Ukraine Kiev
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
hal hibben (1 year ago)
You guys are so kind.
bilen özgür yanık (1 year ago)
Odessa'ya dün geldik. Havalimanında bekleyen taksiciler 4-5 kat fazla para istediği için Uber ve Uklon denemek zorunda kaldım. İkisi de çalışmıyor. Yerel durak servisleri var. 3113-7887 gibi. Marketten restorana kimse bilmediği gibi onlarda İngilizce bilmiyor. Kiev için değil fakat diğer yerler için Rusça bilen birisi size çok yardımcı olur.
Arctic Circle (1 year ago)
Ms Olga you are doing a great job, and I must say that you are birding between the nation's and culture...pls keep it up.☺
Arctic Circle (1 year ago)
Mashahallah your very handsome and jolly husband congratulations Ms Olga
john doe (1 year ago)
Ya know if these guys (pigeons) can't figure it out, they deserve to be screwed.
David Rusterholz (1 year ago)
When I left Ukraine I went through two customs checks then for some reason missed the baggage drop off I noticed the customs area was closed and no one around so I was walking both ways in the airport with both my bags!? The stewardess boarded both my bags so in the end everything worked out fine. Thanks again I will pay closer attention to what is around me.
Adam Eden (1 year ago)
I like your t-shirt of USA flag.
Muhammad Aslam (1 year ago)
thanks friend for lovely tips ..
Gilbert Sylvain (1 year ago)
Olga, why did this guy bampogo send me this? Gilbert Sylvain fuck you by Ukraine or pedorushka
Darren Cummings (1 year ago)
You are married right? Why don't you wear your wedding ring on you left hand index finger?
Mike Stocker (4 months ago)
Ukrainians wear wedding rings on the same finger of the opposite hand
RW4X4X3006 (1 year ago)
Advice to folks visiting Ukraine for the first time: Try not to be in a hurry. If so, you'll miss out on a lot of things unique to Ukraine. And as far as taxi drivers are concerned - bartering with them can be very informative, and entertaining.
Azhar Shaikh (1 year ago)
Can you make a video about the new laws of immigration? Europeans do not need a visa to come to Ukraine, and Ukrainians also, but Can you tell me if People who are not European nationals and live in Europe with a residence permission, they can visit Ukraine without visa?
ram bo (1 year ago)
;-) nice shirt ! I'm glad I found your channel , intelligent ....informative and beautiful too..... you husband is a lucky man .....
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
thank you))
Michael (1 year ago)
Olya, I will arrive at Kiev Boryspil International May 18th. How long in advance should I book a pick-up time with your husband for driving me to the hotel ?
Shadwa Barghash (1 year ago)
you work with AIESEC ? I'm coming from Egypt hopefully on June 8th 😀
Ellis Marino (1 year ago)
This is the nicest airport in Ukraine most others are just a room with seats but I believe as my experience they all have wifi
genute vadeikyte (1 year ago)
Jo matau visi patogumai grazu.Dekoju uz grazu vaizda
Generci Alves (1 year ago)
Very good info thank you Spassibo! I already added your husband Eugene to my whatsapp I will go to Kiev between September and October
Francisco Torres (1 year ago)
Great!!.. is there an international airport in Лвів??
redar pashew (1 year ago)
hello olga .
Muhammad Azam (1 year ago)
hi i wants the merrage with ukrainian woman
Ellis Marino (1 year ago)
cool i will use him when i travel to kiev but as you know i go to zaporozhye the most wow the airport was empty and you did not go upstairs ((( but again beautiful video great job
Rahul Khanduri (1 year ago)
thanks Olga once again for sharing the valuable information with us. soon I will be in keiv . hope I will meet you there. you are beautiful I must say. I have watched almost every videos. good work. can you tell me how can I find job in Ukraine?
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
Hi! Use work.ua or rabota.ua for looking for job
What is the next tour,after april.I like to know
Dave C (1 year ago)
Dear Misses Russian. Although you seem to have a lot of trains, you don't seem to have a lot of ladies in the train station. an absence of women. so i don't want to go there. Tell me solution.
Dave C (1 year ago)
Dear misses Olga, You show a good video of the airport. but in the airport there is no woman there. what happened. ?
Dave C (1 year ago)
no ... no woman there ... i can't see.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
there are woman)
Xtragicfever (1 year ago)
You can use your credit card/debit card in KBP airport. I had no problems buying things with my American bank credit card. Inside of the waiting area is a sort-of Starbucks, and just about everyone in the airport, even taxi drivers, speak and understand English. This airport is also very modern, not Soviet era airport with no English speakers like MSQ in Minsk. KBP is in some ways more modern than some US airports. It also has free wi-fi. There is always a lady at the passport control that understands English and can help you. Only people I encountered that didn't understand English were the people that inspect your bags and use the metal detector on you. All the PSAs are in Ukrainian, Russian and British English.
amaromem1 (1 year ago)
I'm glad to see husband supports you in your big project, how did you convinced him? hehehe I think I know the answer ;)
Shable (1 year ago)
hi olia looks like you have got a great plan for clients and i hope travel business is really successful for your family, ive been following you for awhile now and enjoy your vids thanks for your insite, shane
Excellent! Thanks again Olga. Love your practical videos.
Henrik Svensk (1 year ago)
My experience from Borispol in August 2016 1. Use ATM to withdraw local currency, its located up the escalator seen 1:58 in the video. 2. SIM Card has to be activated through SMS. The girl in the Vodafone kiosk helped me to activate the card. Give them some tip for helping you out. 3. UKLON is a good app for taxi, it gives you fixed price when entering start + finnish, although you pay cash to the driver, I usually add 10% tip. I have not seen any taxi in Kiev with meter, so they can charge whatever if not using an App. Uber is not often available at Borispol or Zulyany as the cars are too far away. Taxify I haven't tried in Ukraine, but works fine in other countries. Typical price drivers outside Borispol want to charge from Borispol to City is 500UAH. I guess that is much more than it should be. When you have local sim card activated and can connect to Internet use Google Maps, WAZE or as the locals do Yandex to see where you are and track the trip to your destination.
James Dunkerson (1 year ago)
I just got back from Ukraine 2 days ago, flights into Kyiv from New York with connections in and out of Odessa. I had no problem getting through the airports and I don't really speak much Russian. They were clearly signed with plenty of English. Getting currency while in Ukraine was very easy pretty much everywhere. Getting a taxi was always very quick and easy. Having Google Translate installed on your phone is helpful. Have no fears going, just have your things (passport, tickets, etc) in order before you leave and you won't have much problem. My only word of advice is to call your bank ahead of time and make sure they know you are traveling. Mine has a great deal of security and if I hadn't told them I was traveling, my cards would not have worked while over there. I had a wonderful experience there (Odessa and Mykolaiv) and am definitely planning on returning later this year to see Kyiv and Lviv. Espcially with the exchange rate what it is right now at about 27 to 1. Take advantage of this and go. Ukraine International Airline (UIA) has great rates out of JFK and the flight experience was very positive. GO!
Omar Saban (7 days ago)
James Dunkerson Aa
James Martin (5 months ago)
James Dunkerson thank you, very helpful info
LeeRay Salinas (1 year ago)
Love your channel happy woman's day have a good night :)
ArkM55 (1 year ago)
This is useful. I would be interested to know your opinion on how people from other countries work in Ukraine - about visas etc. I know some people teach English. I have heard that some people arrive and find they don't have a visa as promised by their language school. I would be interested to know about this. Дякую.
Brett Raugust (1 year ago)
Wow great!
Jon Harmil (1 year ago)
Miss Olga, have you ever been to the USA?
Video Games Are Fun (2 months ago)
it is not that simple. we have native ukraine and english speakers here already, many in number. i live at brighton beach in brooklyn with a large ukrainian community. the supply is saturated and the demand isn't there. top languages in demand in usa are spanish followed by arabic (in the education industry) due to demand as well as shortage.
MAX BROCKNER (1 year ago)
Olga Reznikova WHY not? you speak English well. you could teach Ukraine at a school or be a interpreter.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
ColKorn1965 (1 year ago)
When I arrived in Kiev I was treated like a rock star by everyone :)
John Volken (20 days ago)
Mr Jones: But if they were that way in the Poroshenko era then its likely because they act that way toward EVERYONE. Foreigners, Ukrainians, everyone. And that it was nothing personal, just their own mentality. They'd have treated you like that regardless of your nationality. But still itd be extremely risky for them to do that. As I said the last thing they want is a western embassy calling THEIR boss.
John Volken (20 days ago)
Mr Jones - did you go before 2014? Nowadays they'd not dare treat westerners in a bad way unless you do something awful. The last thing they want is a western embassy calling their superiors. The West helps run Ukraine and supports them in so many other ways. So the officials, no matter their own personal beliefs, act much differently now. Times are just different in that regard, at least. Not a big fan of the current government but this is at least one good thing - they do treat westerners better. Russian men are another matter, unfortunately.
John Volken (20 days ago)
Because you're in Korn? Just kidding ;).
Mr Jones (1 month ago)
Kiev airport was fine. But when I got to Dnipro airport, it was a different story. The officials in bright green military like uniforms were NOT happy to see me.
silverkingukable (4 months ago)
I’m heading Odessa July /August
Dd Chuang (1 year ago)
Good video! in Kiev airport.
Kenneth Licona (1 year ago)
I've been there 5 times and every time I get stopped by I believe an immigration officer before I go to the actual immigration desk lol
you should come see our Dubai international airport
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
I will come and see)
carlxcape (1 year ago)
Great Video Olga, lots of useful things to know. If i come to Kiev, i will be sure to give Eugene a call, for a lift into the City.
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
hehe, ok))

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