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Live Day Trading - A Perfect Cup and Handle Formation

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Text Comments (19)
Andrew Cordova (6 months ago)
I have zero emotions when I trade. I am like a robot that has been programmed. Trading is not fun.
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
lol ok
Denny Chow (6 months ago)
I just got tradenet, can you make a video to set up the charts? Also, how did you make your level 2 have cover 75% and cover all, etc. tabs on the bottom? Is the level 2 exactly the same as other brokers level 2, because I heard some people said it was lagging?
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
Tung Tran (6 months ago)
why partial on 100 shares buddy? 1.5 dollar small but it can add up . Nice trades as always
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
I mean I was not trying to make much money with the trade to begin with. Was just having fun with it man
Tung Tran (6 months ago)
25 shares will not get you anywhere . I did the same thing before but I did calculation of my trades. I found out that I need at least 100 shares left to make money if the stock continue moving my way
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
just in case it decided to really get up an go
swingtradestocks (6 months ago)
I think you should live stream when you are trading if you can so we can join you :) like tradenet group, you might form a good community also down the line.
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
haha, maybe one day. Planning on doing one live stream when / if i hit 1k subs.
swingtradestocks (6 months ago)
I corrected it now your turn to correct :), typo and fat finger my bad.
Market Open (6 months ago)
check out how I traded ZAGG today... made 400 on it, held it because it did not do anything wrong.
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
happy for you man, I never let a green trade go red against me, just one of my rules
Terry (6 months ago)
Real nice trades for sure. Still waiting for my $ 1,000.  Ha :)
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
lol meee too
STOCK GOD (6 months ago)
Nice breakout on $MU good job bro 👍👍
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)
Took forever but was fun for sure!
scottyflintstone (6 months ago)
very godd technique on reducing size w first trade. you are a player.
Garage Day Trader (6 months ago)

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