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Learn English Vocabulary: FAKE NEWS

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Have you heard of "fake news"? What about the words "conspiracy theory" and "hoax"? The topic of fake news has become very popular in the news lately. It refers to information that is not true or not accepted as truth by mainstream society. In this video, I will teach you some key vocabulary we use when talking about fake news. I'll also give you examples of their use. Next, I will talk about some expressions you can use if someone gives you fake news or tells you a story that isn't true. After watching, take my quiz to practice the new words and expressions you've learned. https://www.engvid.com/learn-english-vocabulary-fake-news/ Next, watch this lesson on negative political vocabulary that you will hear in the news often: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45e99fofgJc&index=10&list=PLpRs5DzS7VqpcTS7hXJU4ARPwSETGI1gy TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video I am going to teach you some key expressions you can use when somebody tells you something that's not true and you want to argue against what they're saying. So, in this video I'm going to teach you these great expressions, but before I do that, we're going to talk about three words that are very common in English these days. Those three words are: "Fake news", "conspiracy theories", and "hoaxes". So in this video you will learn what these words mean, and you will also learn what to say to somebody that tells you something that's not true. All right, so let's get started. So I have here three sentences. The first sentence is: "Scientists say the earth is flat. Not round." Is this true or not true? Okay, this sentence is not true. Some people believe this, but it is not true. My second sentence: "Michael Jackson is alive and living as Kim Kardashian." True or not true? Again, we have a sentence that is not true; I made this up. And finally, my third sentence: "Listening to rock music causes cancer." Is this true or untrue? Again, this is untrue; I also made up this. So my point here is that a lot of what you hear from people in conversation not true. People say these types of things all the time, and you will know that this is something that's not true, so what do you say when someone tells you that the earth is flat, or they tell you that Michael Jackson is living as Kim Kardashian? Okay? So, I will teach you those great expressions you can use. Before I do that, I wanted to just say that these three sentences can also be considered fake news. So, we will look at the meaning of fake news in a moment. Okay, so the three main words I wanted to teach you today are words that you will see a lot on the internet and in the media. The first word is: "fake news". So what is fake news? Well, "fake" means not true. "Fake news" is news stories that are not true, and they're created to damage a person, a business, an agency, or a government, or they might also be created to get attention and to get clicks on the internet. So you'll see a lot of fake news on different social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and a lot of other places, too, online. So, this is a very common word these days, a lot of people are using it, so it's important that you know what it means. We also have the word here: "conspiracy theory". So, "a conspiracy theory" is an explanation of an event or situation that is different from the official account. A lot of the times conspiracy theories are about a government or a business doing something illegal or to harm someone. Okay? So let's think of some conspiracy theories. Some people believe that the moon landing, so when... When astronauts went to the moon in the 1960s, some people believe the moon landing was fake. This is a popular conspiracy theory. Another conspiracy theory I heard recently is some people believe that Paul McCartney from the Beetles actually died in 1966, and there is a different man who replaced him and who is actually the better musician. So this is a different conspiracy theory. So, you'll see a lot of conspiracy theories on the internet, and a lot of people will tell you conspiracy theories during conversations. The last word I wanted to teach you was the word: "hoax", "hoax". So, "a hoax" is a type of practical joke that is meant to embarrass or hurt people. So some examples of hoaxes are you'll have these death hoaxes, where they'll say a celebrity is dead, but it's not true; it's a joke. Or you might have a hoax, like, you know, some people might take a picture of an alien or a monster and tell everyone: "Look, we have evidence of this monster alien." But if it's not true, then it's a hoax. It's a joke, a practical joke. So, again, fake news, conspiracy theories, and hoaxes are very common on the internet, and so for these things that are not true, what do you say to people when they tell you this untrue information? Well, let's find out in a moment. […]
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Emiliano Graminholi (16 hours ago)
I hate fake news...
sad angel (1 day ago)
Great thanks
Muudh Machine Aadmi (6 days ago)
Emma ,Whole News are Fake.
NABIL HAMIDI (9 days ago)
thanks Emma, this very helpful especially for me 'cause I like to discuss researches of my colleagues
Thank you for your class. It is very well
25August008 (11 days ago)
Did you hear? Our teacher Emma is the youngest Melania Trump's sister?
张宏刚 (12 days ago)
Perfect lession and teacher! I love them.
atilla uğur (13 days ago)
emma is not best teacher on youtube -- deep fake news =) she is best, greetings from Istanbul
Diego OH (15 days ago)
This is great. This the first time I'm seeing your videos and you're doing a great job because while I'm learning new vocabulary I close my eyes to get a better listening comprehension, I mean everything its clear.
khaled qaraman (15 days ago)
Great Lesson... Thanks Emma
Mohamed Mohamed Hassan (17 days ago)
Very, very interesting!!
Maribel Mendez (17 days ago)
Love it!
JustPlay (22 days ago)
Thanks for your different thing......about your soluation
Maliha Karimi (26 days ago)
Kyng ov kynggez (30 days ago)
yes the world is like a potato, a part of the potato is flat .
Dinda Lutfina (1 month ago)
Thank you Emma, you help me so much to study English. Btw, Im a beginner😂
Uy Quang (1 month ago)
could you explain to me the difference between resource and source
monstersince (1 month ago)
trump talk and bullshit. everything he says is not a hoax or conspiracy Emma its just lies lies lies sold to profligate media
Syam Babu (1 month ago)
my favorite teacher ever
Sanket Parab (1 month ago)
The 47 thumbs down are those losers who believe the earth is flat!
teh , dat , TEMP, what is means ?? why it used in sites of news ?? like this , teh country’s defense chief said, New Delhi TEMPhas relayed to Washington dat the threat of unilateral US sanctions
yong luo (1 month ago)
thank you teacher !
Alex Chappy (1 month ago)
Emma is “Fake News”. 👎🏻👎🏻
Erick Rodríguez (1 month ago)
Excellent season. Thanks Emma.
michael george (1 month ago)
This is one of the best lessons that I've ever seen! Well done. Please, do more. Now, I can understand news. I love Mr. Trump when he says "Fake news" because they are really fake. Dems always lie. Please, do videos about how to pronounce the words (ability - availability - security - responsibility - capability ...etc.) I can't pronounce the American T in those words.
Pat B (1 month ago)
Emma is good at making fake news up
Teodoro Pina (1 month ago)
I love you Emma ♥️
Jim Conserman (1 month ago)
Hi Emma, I know this was already tackled by some of your colleagues. Can I make a request? Could you please discuss us about: 1. Subject verb agreement 2. Causative 3. Sentence types 4. Dependent Clause 5. Adjective Clause 6. Noun Clause 7. Collective Nouns 8. Adverb Clause Pls. do grant my request. I shall be grateful to you. Thanks! ❤️
Yousuf Y (1 month ago)
wang peter (1 month ago)
thank u from usa
vahid amiri (1 month ago)
Hello dear Emma, I've been following your teaching for a year. During this time my listening really has progressed. But I still can not speak English and I have to practice more. I love to learn something new from you. Sincerely yours, Vahid
Tadarat Thepchalerm (1 month ago)
Thank you, Emma.
Alan Kuo (1 month ago)
Emma is HOT!!!
Dhruv Thakkar (1 month ago)
Anyone want to do speaking ? Add me on skype as Dhruv Thakkar
Anthony Nzouke (1 month ago)
Fake newsss. (In Donald trump voice) lol. Love you Emma.
Alexander Ordoñez (1 month ago)
I'm surprised!!! Emma you have topics very interesting... Thank you
sostenes apollo (1 month ago)
The CNN video xd
mohamed Albakry (1 month ago)
fabulous and thanks !!
Cavin Bond (1 month ago)
Hi emma i am new subscribed
Martin Navarro (1 month ago)
Hi beautiful teacher
E. Camilo (1 month ago)
Trump does not approve this video.
Harishankar singh (1 month ago)
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome from India
أنس برهو (1 month ago)
Is there any girl here to practice English with me?
Yunus Uluc (1 month ago)
hi guys I am looking for a friend to practice english. man or woman does not matter (my english 10/5)
Abhay K Asthana (1 month ago)
Thank you mam
RoundTheBD (1 month ago)
Hi Emma, your talking Style is very nice really . and You looking also so beautiful . Best of luck Dear Emma!
Abdul Mukit (1 month ago)
I'm looking for an English speaking partner. I am going to sit for IELTS exam in the mid of August. If anyone is serious about it, just knock me here in my skype - mmukit007
Mohammed Ibrahim (1 month ago)
I like your lessons always and your voice its beautiful Emma
Elizeu Barbosa (1 month ago)
imperfect1on (1 month ago)
Hey, you shoul add full of transcript. I think youtube cuts from the half of transcript.
Khadar Ciise Nuur (1 month ago)
I need you
Khadar Ciise Nuur (1 month ago)
I need you
Baut Angel (1 month ago)
you ritgh listenig rock metal music cause cancer!!
beyond a learner (1 month ago)
-I heard it from Emma. -Well... Then it cannot be fake.
hiyder ayaad (1 month ago)
Could I get your number?
fahmi elnour (1 month ago)
I love your way of explanation I was improved more thank you my best  teacher
George H. (1 month ago)
Elvis Presley is not dead he just went back home.
i want to have some friends help me practice English ))
Kaan Yildirim (2 months ago)
very beautifull dear emma
Luís Gustavo Brito Dias (2 months ago)
The examples made me laugh a lot! hehehehe... Michael Jackson living as Kim Kardashian was AWESOME!
JUNGHYUN KIM (2 months ago)
Thank your very much for your great lecture and I always love it. I am studying flat earth and I found the theory reasonable. So I would say that we could not conclude the earth is flat is not true. Anyway thank you for your great effort!!!
Qazaq Batyr (2 months ago)
Hey, Emma! Could you please explain the difference between "afraid of" and "afraid to"? Thanks a lot!
Ziaul Islam (2 months ago)
I like your every video very much
Israel Hernández (2 months ago)
Great job 👍👏
Hashini Vidanage (2 months ago)
this is very useful for me .thank you so much👍👍😜
Mr. H. D. (2 months ago)
King08 Heiele (2 months ago)
This vedio is helpful for me so thank you
VeVal (2 months ago)
Santhosh Ramdas (2 months ago)
Hello Emma Thanks for all your valuable videos I have some confusion in using "about, regarding, with regard to, relating, related to, concerning". Do all these words convey the same meaning or are they different? Please make a video on this. Thanks q
MOMENUL ISLAM (2 months ago)
mam, i want to learn sexy word , just for knowing, plz upload. i am a new listener of this channel. Thanks mam
Pit Alvarez (2 months ago)
Very helpful. How can I contact with Emma?
Pranjal Badhani (2 months ago)
can anyone tell me the total amount that how i have to pay to study in canada college....profile - btch in mechanical branch
Juca Bala (2 months ago)
Hoje Emma, i am happy with your class. You are Very nice
mohamed rafiq (2 months ago)
Hi emma, your looking very pretty
Rebaz guittar (2 months ago)
I’m from kurdistan thank you for your information
Kokoro (2 months ago)
soy is sentient
Mohamed Farouk (2 months ago)
Always on the top... thanks
김시원 (2 months ago)
강의 감사합니다 선생님
김시원 lol
Ali Imran (2 months ago)
Best teacher in the world
Gary Erazo (2 months ago)
Eres la mejor!
Ali Mohammed dakhel (2 months ago)
Thank you very mach 😍😍 I follow you from Iraq
Milan Chudasama (2 months ago)
Why your handwriting is not so good??????
SierraFoxtrotGolf (2 months ago)
YouTubers say Emma is the best teacher ever! (True or untrue?)
Rza Jefri (2 months ago)
Emma because in my opinion ur reliable sources of information so l have to believe it ,🤗 l really wouldn't believe if l didn't hear from u ,very useful news about global warming 😉😁👍
Chalermpol Sanit (2 months ago)
ravinder mush kusj (2 months ago)
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Marcos Silva (2 months ago)
My dear EMMA, my name is Marcos Silva, i am Brazilian and i self-study english sence 2016 and still can´t speak confidently.I desire improving my skills listening to may understand, write and read definitely, domain all abilities this language.Do you help me?
pashtana Pashtana (2 months ago)
Still waiting for new lesson
дикий запад (2 months ago)
Emma is so cute
Bruno Alves (2 months ago)
How would someone press the dislike button for this amazing lesson.. aww I already know:Mr Flat Earth
Patricio Gomes (2 months ago)
Great english class . Congratulation
salem motak (2 months ago)
We need pedagogical vocabulary, please if you can .
JL (2 months ago)
Thank you Emma all your videos have a great value. Regards :)
Hello Emma
Dan Sky (2 months ago)
Emma you're simply the best, please never stop to teach us with your videos, the funniest part to me was when you said an example that the U.S. could be governed by 👽 👽 👽 😂😂😂
Jorge Villalon (2 months ago)
You are very kind, thank you so much
Johnny Huang (2 months ago)
alex xander (2 months ago)
Is lying to person when you are talking a fake news?
sandeep satratey (2 months ago)
Thank you, Ms Emma, for the great lesson. We have really learnt something new.
Belldandy (2 months ago)
Great Emma! Thank you so much for the lesson.

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