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Crushing Cars + Big Equipment + Mud & Demolition= Tv Show?!?

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We go to a junkyard in California to Demolish Cars & run heavy equipment for a TV show. But this Junkyard was Filthy! It smelled like 40 years of Stink mixed with Grease, MUD & Oil then baked in the sun . BUT this was a Blast!
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Text Comments (376)
Nick Shirley (1 day ago)
I would watch this!
Deano 357 (1 day ago)
Do it I'd watch it
845MX5 (1 day ago)
TV is dead. I would not have watched this show. Maybe id have it on in the background while i did something else but otherwise no. I would watch what you currently do. You are very informative and knowledgable when it comes to machines and landscaping. The work as the business aspect. Unfortunately like i said, TV is dead. The content you produce now is just long enough without getting tiring and its not "produced". It justs real and from the heart.
will meldrum (3 days ago)
hell yes i would watch it
wiktorlol (3 days ago)
Hey Stanley and Tim in 6:30 someone says that quickcupler is swisknife for excevator but realy the truth swisknife is tiltrotaror mayby try it insted of this "insane grab for skidster and excevator" you are using right now? Do you even had them in US?
Anthony's Life! (5 days ago)
I would of watched it.
ryon bodwalk (5 days ago)
More plz
MPO (5 days ago)
na i would not watch that its been done before
James Walmsley (6 days ago)
I really liked the show I hope I could see more
MrGiovannix12 (7 days ago)
nice work SURE i would watch it
Mason Lynch (7 days ago)
Why did they not like it!!?!?!!
ramitin 2015 (7 days ago)
I wanna see more I love it
Spicoli1Bilek (7 days ago)
You're using 4 wheel steer Not crab walk crab walk is the opposite direction on the control panel and that makes all four tires spin the same way and it will walk sideways. Before you start challenging the guys on Gold Rush which they don't know a damn thing about anything they're doing maybe you need to learn a little bit more about your machines as well. And by the way I would watch the hell out of that show you should have pushed it to Netflix or even Amazon
r r (7 days ago)
They should have used it. I'd watch
steve smith (7 days ago)
I would have watched it for sure
Lunker Catcher (7 days ago)
More lawn care videos please
Eli Daggy (8 days ago)
Like it
Big D 66 (8 days ago)
Yes of course I would have watched it!
Tom Benes (8 days ago)
Yes I love to see
daws189 (8 days ago)
I thought it was awesome I would have definitely watched it. I also think your videos are great keep them up.
Demolition Cam (8 days ago)
Please make some new episodes
Drayke Rahebi (8 days ago)
You should do a repo on old machines
Claire Shearer (8 days ago)
I would watch it
The Cheese King (8 days ago)
That would be a great tv show, and yes show then gold rush men how to run machines
Akwkward 23 (8 days ago)
Loved it!!!
Thank you 😀
ksboy123abc (8 days ago)
I would have watched it. I agree with an earlier comment about an entire channel devoted to skilled trades. Dirt work, iron work/welding, pipe fitting, electrical. Maybe that is a way we can get young guys in the trades. Show these young people that with hard work they can live well. And provide well for a family.
Agreed 👍
maurice mc loughlin (8 days ago)
Hey buddy. I like you and the vibe. I honestly think you’ll have a show before long. Good for you buddy; I’m delighted for you. This particular show? Meh, I’d watch it once or twice but I reckon it would be a flop. But it’s your future man, it will just be with a better show than this one.
Thanks for the feedback!
chris komuniecki (9 days ago)
I think it’s a good YouTube show or Netflix but I like it
Carter Glab (9 days ago)
It should’ve been produced
Ben Troyer (9 days ago)
Nope, don't do it. Doubly so if they are writing the entire show and you have to fly into their location for their "brilliant" idea of what real people want to see. Just stay in your home turf, have a good times doing work things, keep good workers and workers who love to laugh, film yourself (hire some youngsters), post on youtube. Try not to get too much insurance involved (insurance / insurance lawyers take all the fun out of life)
Jack Pasinski (9 days ago)
I would definitely watch this show
Ed (9 days ago)
the tv show didnt really have much to it . For example with Gas monkeys garage reno they offer new equipment for a % of the future business. Your show didnt offer anything. So kinda boring in the long run.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind
Deklin Dieno (9 days ago)
Yes would of watched it
Erik (9 days ago)
the shot of the old forklift is not a forklift its a 580ck backhoe. and looks like a resident then a employee. this whole video look fishy . the bobcat and the cat loader look like they where his the whole time. i know junkyards and heavy equipment . this seems like a fake movie .
olds767 (9 days ago)
TV shows like this want drama ,not a good idea because  some people need to ruin their reputations on purpose  to create drama for the benefit of scumbag producers .its never about thhe actual subject matter  .
bearcatfan50 (9 days ago)
You should make the show more like go to a job and film it then use the equipment to do the job
Daniel P (9 days ago)
I wanna see you and tim go to the Klondike and take on tony beets lol that would be awesome
Clayton Ramsey (9 days ago)
That was awesome
Thanks Clayton!
Kody Wilson (9 days ago)
You should do the show on YouTube I wood wach it
Flipper32 (9 days ago)
i would have loved it because i love big machinery, and love this this youtube channel. The only problem is there is a high chance i wouldn't get the channel the show would be on.
Diy_Guy (9 days ago)
It's a good show idea, but the network made it too much like reality TV.
MacAttack (9 days ago)
I absolutely loved Swamp Loggers when it came out. The people, the machines, the land tracts, It was alll so cool.
woodruff561 (10 days ago)
I would watch this every day!
Awesome 😀
Yeet (10 days ago)
So I watched your video on the ford trucks and that, personally I’d never get any ford, but that’s me. But my dad owns a Dodge Ram half ton and he’s put 200,000 miles on it and we’re just now starting to have issues with it but it’s mainly the computers in the truck itself, it’s a 2011. If I were you I’d give dodge or Chevy a shot and see which one you prefer
Jacob Bova (10 days ago)
I like the idea
Thanks Jacob!
You should get a show because this was awesome
Awesome 😀thanks for the feedback!
Nash Cobb (10 days ago)
this is good i liked it
Thanks Nash 😀
Travis Roush (10 days ago)
I would definitely follow this series
FUNNYBOY12375 (10 days ago)
That sucked I wish that could have been bought out that looked like Discovery edits and seeing you poked at gold Rush it had to be
Scott McDonald (10 days ago)
110% better than anything the Kardashian’s have done. Should have been picked up.
Haha thanks Scott
FUNNYBOY12375 (10 days ago)
Judging by the editing it was Discovery wasn't it
Austin Bailey (10 days ago)
A cool idea for a show would be you and your crew doing a demo job from start to finish and showing all the different jobs each person does in depth and the end result
Nice idea, thanks Austin
Cody Kanger (10 days ago)
Cody kanger here, Stan that would be a great idea for a show. Keep pushing it and make it happen man! Good luck with everything and thank you for the work you do
bryce c (10 days ago)
I would love this show I love heavy equipment
Brandon (10 days ago)
This would be a great TV show Stan. There are not enough TV shows about heavy equipment. I really hope that you are able to find a TV network for the show!
Rory Palmer (10 days ago)
I would
CADEN MCCARLEY (10 days ago)
I would watch every single episode, great video
Love2boat92 (10 days ago)
I liked the show. They missed out!! Hope you have more coming.
Raul Ruiz (10 days ago)
Maybe a big trackloader would do better lol
smile more (10 days ago)
You should do something like that on your channel it would awesome
smile more (10 days ago)
That would be an awesome show
Brennan Tanner (10 days ago)
I think it was a good show
wpg7o6 (10 days ago)
Good episode. I enjoy all the different videos you post
Herman Harris (11 days ago)
To bad, I’d watch it each week!!!
I liked the episode. Too bad you guys couldn’t find a Bobcat 943 or 953. They were beasts of a machine, just what he needed. The 753 is way too small for him.
Nathan_Urban101 (11 days ago)
I love that idea for a television show.
Everyday Cousins (11 days ago)
I love the video
John Lapeer (11 days ago)
That show was a kick ass show. I would love to watch that I would because I like watching you on YouTube you’re really funny.
TC lawn care (11 days ago)
I would have loved that show
Martyr104 (11 days ago)
Its just missing something. Doesnt quite grab me. It was still fun to watch though.
Carson Wells (11 days ago)
So, Youtube is not Big Enough? What an attention seeker.
Ethanater Gameing (11 days ago)
I would watch it
Law Thomas (11 days ago)
loved it do more
Sam Campbell (11 days ago)
If I were you stan, I would approach Netflix about getting it on there - has the makings for a great Netflix show
Senator Congressmen (11 days ago)
That would have been an awesome show, I definitely would have watched that!
Irwin Reed (11 days ago)
Crab walk is not what u demonstrated or explained by the way.
TINYGUY 123 (11 days ago)
That was great just make shows and post them on here
Infandous Ktenology (11 days ago)
I want to make a show about dead ni🅱️🅱️ers... and how more of them should be that way.
Karter Films (11 days ago)
I would have watched this all day I love it.
Ny lisle,Fireco (11 days ago)
You too have awesome Day....
The Alabama Farmer (11 days ago)
Man I would love to see this show in TV love it awsom maybe one day
Seth Walton (11 days ago)
Seth Walton (11 days ago)
Garden tractor Fanatic (11 days ago)
I would have watched it
Adam May (11 days ago)
That was a great show. You and the producers did a great job with this. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely watch it. It's too bad there won't be another episode to see. I also think your idea of putting behind the scenes footage on the YouTube channel is brilliant.
Mario Lamas (11 days ago)
Hi Stan, I’ve been a long time viewer and I am super fascinated by all the stuff you do and I was wondering if you have done a equipment tour/showcase of all your equipment and if you haven’t could you do one? I hope you like my suggestion, thank you and good day
Daniel Currie (11 days ago)
That Telehandler is not gunna pick more than 1,500lbs scoped out full stick, and if your buddy can't run a Cat 966...........hes not an operator
Danny Crooks (11 days ago)
Would have been a great show 👍👍
Mighty Moe Excavating (11 days ago)
Yeah you totally killed it Stanley what is wrong with these TV places they should have took you on! I only wish I knew how to edit movies I have a lot of material but no way to edit. You the man keep them coming!
fitnessboy25 (11 days ago)
2022 Randall Reisig (11 days ago)
Make it a show
Joey Temenski (11 days ago)
I’d totally watch this
Liberty Evanko (11 days ago)
Heck yeah!
Cole Britt (11 days ago)
Great idea! I think it is very interesting to me and was cool to see the process of finding the machines and watch them work. Good Work!
I would watch this show
Ben Harper (11 days ago)
I like it
Jowan Bray (11 days ago)
Denetly for me I would watch it
Joe Connor (11 days ago)
I would watch it great idea
Justin78776 (11 days ago)
Yes I like the show

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