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Peter Webb - Bet Angel live stream - Talking trading strategy, software, Betfair and everything!

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For a FREE trial visit https://www.betangel.com/betfair/ For FREE trading advice visit https://www.betangelacademy/ We did the first live stream Q&A today and I'd like to thank you for all the questions that were asked. There were so many it would have taken till midnight to try and answer but I will see if we can do that one way or another. Peter Webb's Betfair trading live stream Look forward to speaking to you on the next live stream. In the meantime here is me talking about trading strategies, Betfair, software and all that stuff.
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Text Comments (41)
James (20 days ago)
Good you turned the tv off I got distracted trying to read the football teams backwards :-) Great video!
rarecockneyguvnor (2 months ago)
Do you green up after every single scalp ,or do you just green up the once at post time
rarecockneyguvnor (2 months ago)
thank you peter
betangeltv (2 months ago)
You should only ever green-up at post time
Gordon Russell (3 months ago)
Great Presentation...
betangeltv (3 months ago)
rarecockneyguvnor (8 months ago)
The trouble with trading is you have to use Large stakes just to make a small profit. plus nobody can predict a price movement of a horse. i been gambling 50 years and i'm telling you cannot predict a price movement on horse racing.Can't sepak for other sports. at the end of the day its just guess work. odds on a horse can drift and go against you nobody has control of the market. But at the same time you obviously are good at it Peter but most lose at trading.But i'm not saying you dont make it pay as you obviously do. Good luck to you i'm glad your successful at what you do. I was useing £200 stakes and was lucky to make a 10 pound profit, and you cannot do this on every race like Caan Berry suggests you can. as odds can go in the opposite direction.
DL Banks (10 months ago)
Peter. Another fantastic vid. I've watched that many now that I feel like I've been round ur house for tea lol
noel keane (1 year ago)
Peter I've come to the conclusion after watching many of your videos now you are some sort of freak likeable genius. After much skepticism I want to get on one of your trading courses. Hopefully I can get on the mid September one though I need to see if I can afford it just yet.
betangeltv (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment :) I've worked hard over a number of years to be the best I can. I realise that not all are people genuine so thanks for seeing through the general malaise and understanding that I'm trying to help.
Andy Shortland (1 year ago)
any plans for another live session?
betangeltv (1 year ago)
Good idea
raptrs08 (1 year ago)
r they on the same team
Marius BRATU (1 year ago)
Hi Peter, can you help me with below please? Can somebody to help me with a file for automatic bot please? Conditions or signals 1.before KO, favorite to have a maximum of 1.8 for winning 2. In 75 minutes he was equal 3. we have 4.30 ​​minute intervals starting with 75 minutesfrom started for lay the draw, if at the first entry is less than or equal to 1.6(lay the draw) 4. back all as soon as the market reopens after the first goal 5. Any further suggestion is welcome A second file with The same setting just that instead of laying the draw, let lay the dog if in the 75th minute the dog drives with a maximum goal Thanks in advance and remain grateful (being a novice in angel bet and English is not my strong point :(
Gaz Sampson (1 year ago)
I'm so shite at this
a scott (1 year ago)
excellent tennis trading strategy lay the winner of first set at start of second and then trade away. Or back the winner of the first set at start of second, either way you will win 90% of time!
temp911Luke (9 months ago)
Does it work ? :)
Matt Simon (11 months ago)
laying the winner uses less liability. I will def be doing this though
michael webster (1 year ago)
hi peter if you know a horse is going to ne backed in like say a horse from the mullins stable would you take the early price, then wait for the odds to tumble just vefore the off to lay?
ThinkPositive00 (1 year ago)
I'm a new subscriber, big fan, hoping for another live stream soon.
Thomas Bowler (1 year ago)
Hi Peter I'm a newbie to trading and just trying out Bet Angel professional v trader ........loved this video that I cot on Youtube. How do I subscribe to the next one ? Could you also describe some strategies when you are in a market and you discover that you have you have laid or backed with wrong odds, how to rectify the situation meanwhile you are in the market . Maybe also for new comes try to explain the ladder with examples like a live market buying and selling goods
ray131262 (1 year ago)
Why is the camera reversed to normal? Bizarre
betangeltv (1 year ago)
The streaming software did that
Kyle Smith (1 year ago)
I watched your live stream on saturday, thanks for the excellent advice.
jaquesert (1 year ago)
Excellent stuff as always.  For the next event - do you think it would be worth sending out a notification email to those registered on the Bet Angel Forum and/or registered licence owners?
jaquesert (1 year ago)
It definitely worked!! Looking forward to the next one (especially the charting special!!). Cheers Peter.
betangeltv (1 year ago)
Will do, this was a bit of a test to see if it worked
mark Nelson (1 year ago)
Great video Peter,sorry i missed live event,will not miss next one,just looking at order flow trying to understand,seems simple enough,looking forward to charting videos especially understanding the difficult bits in a chart as its easy up and down part(or am i making to difficult for myself),but i have questions to ask,so till next time
Kelly Dixon (1 year ago)
Great stream Peter, very informative and insightful. Hopefully there'll be another one soon. You're a real help to us newbies!
stephen walker (1 year ago)
hi pete i attended your masterclass last september and really enjoyed it,was doing really well and then did the dreaded and let i go inplay, had my confidence dented and give it a break whilst i am match betting to build bank back up, was wondering if you could do a live stream whilst trading for bet angel users or even a one to one for a fee, would be a grate help if you could but understand if its not possible, cheers love the vids mate
Nick Peters (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. Lots of good info to digest, hope you do another one.
Liam Kavanagh (1 year ago)
love the livestream. can we see you trade on the next stream?
bossman megarain (1 year ago)
Nice start, into the streaming market. I am sure u have considered it as a training tool, for remote users. Perhaps u could also think about, both a paid chat-room, with streaming etc, and establishing a stable of traders, much like Poker training sites, which have various pros, providing content. Having dedicated traders, for multiple sports, might be v lucrative. Looking forward to more -- especially if Dallas pops in, and explains automation.
Si Simonson (1 year ago)
great video peter.
Aivars Magins (1 year ago)
Peter how long did it took you to become constantly profitable when you started?
Jon Commons (1 year ago)
Peter have you room for one more child? I'm up for adoption.
Ion Cristescu (1 year ago)
Hi Peter, have you think about to put here a long video with 15 or so markets, with you trading? I think will be very useful for newbies like me and others because we can see how you treat different situation. Thank you
Thomas Bowler (1 year ago)
Hi think that would be an excellent idea........explaining the strategies that you use by looking at a market
Allan Mclean (1 year ago)
nice to see you steaming content.
logic2win (1 year ago)
Thank you for answering my questions - Great idea for a video
Robin Burks (1 year ago)
very interesting thank you

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