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5 Disadvantages of Ukraine

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Text Comments (291)
Michel Chen (20 hours ago)
Transport should be improving now I hope. Anyway if I drive to Lviv I would use a 4×4 jeep.
Blue Heart (1 day ago)
How can i find tour guide speak english in Kiev?
Blue Heart (1 day ago)
I will be in Kiev soon.
Blue Heart (1 day ago)
Very cute
uday mahulkar (4 days ago)
when i saw you in this dress, that i love most ,i thought that it may be mine but it seem its not possible the boy who love you or fall in love with you will be a prince of this universe ......
uday mahulkar (4 days ago)
proud of you , god has given not only a beautiful mind but a sense which attract every one .......... that is you........ best of luck
Jason Bonete (7 days ago)
Neither air conditioning not heating? If so, I'll move right now to Ukraine 😍
Sheikh Rabiul Islam (8 days ago)
There are some limitations in all countries so it is not a matter!
daniel zuk (10 days ago)
I've eaten chicken kiev 1 time.
Michael Russell (12 days ago)
Reason #6: All girls are prostitutes. Some are honest about it. The majority are pros in disguise.
Justin Parmar (13 days ago)
frumos video #justinparmaar
Corydoy Tamayo (13 days ago)
language barrier slitely problem for me and bad roads thats my balshoy problem! thats y i salute my cholovik how to drive a car in ukraine like he driving in obstacle road tsk!
Ralph Hunter (13 days ago)
im ready 1 more day.!!!!! ;')
Zeeshsn Ahmad (14 days ago)
Mam i want to marry with you ,you are very beautiful
Joseph Sungkawa (16 days ago)
Why go abroad to get what you can have in your own country Or in everyother country Starbucks is just coffee and its overated
Dennis Gromadsky (17 days ago)
keep up the good work! prodaljai ety haroshyu raboty!
Dennis Gromadsky (17 days ago)
muju plameni privet, tebe povezlo myjik, all the best to you from the bottom of my heart
Dennis Gromadsky (17 days ago)
Ukraine bogataya spociba tebe
Dennis Gromadsky (17 days ago)
spociba tebe ykraine is rich, Goodluck and good life to ur family and ur husband is a lucky guy God bless you all. spociba very much
Dennis Gromadsky (17 days ago)
you sound very sexy. thank you
idefixthecat (18 days ago)
no worries baby, girls are nice and beer is almost free! thats why i love ukraine!
Raylin Martin (21 days ago)
I love Ukraine! I spent three months living in Kryvyi Rih and had a great time. I was able to get around town by Uber car no problem. As for the language barrier, 99% of the local people will try to help you. It does help to learn a few words of Ukrainian and Russian.. The women of Ukraine are BEAUTIFUL!! Inside and out...
вы используете «vk», у вас кушать учетная запись «vk»
Кто-нибудь, кто желает побеседовать со мной о том, что люд из России и других государств, которые свободны от нее, не обожают говорить с людьми других государств?
Ricardo Hernandez (28 days ago)
No worry about it
Steve Calvert (28 days ago)
The lack of air conditioning is not a problem for me. It can really screw you up if you leave an air conditioned building and step into a hot street. To be honest, when I visit Ukraine, and I plan to do so soon, I will take it as I find it and international brands are not important to me. I want to experience Ukraine and sitting in a Starbucks or McDonald's won't give me that.
Bruno Sørensen (29 days ago)
and the good is the muslims and africans dont want to stay in Ukraine -   so I wil live there -    West europes is done  -we let the scum in ,,  how stupid we are - -
Teksal1 (29 days ago)
Happy birthday!! 'Sorry it's late.....
Santosh Kathar (29 days ago)
Hreat video
Mayank Chandra (29 days ago)
I will be coming to keiv very soon would you like to come along and help me get best experience , please and thank you 😊
sci624 (1 month ago)
Olga; are there plenty of coffee houses? All I need is a great double espresso. 😀
Masfik Rahman (1 month ago)
U have contacted number please give me.....
only real problem is roads. DON'T DRIVE A CAR IN UA if you are a foreigner. Then the problem is largely someone elses problem. OK, if you dont speak russian or ukranian it can be a challengde, but you can easily get a guide or interpretor. E.g. participate in a group journey. Enjoy authentic Ukrainian brands and bring your own toilet paper. After all, why should you travel to UA to go to MacDonnalds or Starbucks or to buy H&M clothes ? You can do that in your own country. Ukraine is a lovely country, and I look forward to spend my summer holiday there again in 2018.
Russell Montminy (1 month ago)
Wow....no bathrooms when going somewhere!!!!  Are you kidding me??? That country is no place for me...forget it.
Basim Trki (1 month ago)
Add comment😎
Omar Malla (1 month ago)
In Germany , Sweden , Switzerland, Norway , and many many countries , people don’t speak English . About the washroom , okay . That doesn’t meant it’s a bad country or a disadvantage. About the AC , the other countries aren’t better . But the Weather in Ukraine is adorable . You don’t have H&M but you do have Mont Blanc , mango , you do have Zara . Yes you do have bad roads , but not the worst on earth . At least you do have a cheap public transportation , which is amazing . Thank you for your video
Montgomery Denzer (1 month ago)
Still have the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN on the PLANET _LOVE YOU
Hajo Thiel (1 month ago)
I just returned from my 2nd. vacation in the Ukraine in 2 years. Coming from Australia, I found that using google translate helped me in many places as I only speak English and German. I can truely say that the roads are bad there, even in Kiev. I totally agree with your 5 disadvantages, but that is what I expected to experience.
Atkrdu (1 month ago)
I have numerous questions, if you wouldn't mind discussing things with me. Maybe private messages are possible? I want to travel in more of Eastern Europe & am Russian/Ukrainian myself. Some are historical, some are what things are like going around in these areas.
ManAtWork (1 month ago)
You don't need international brands. Starbucks coffee is not that great, local shops are probably just as good or better. If no one is offering fancy drinks -- espressos, lattes, etc. -- then that is a business opportunity for a coffee enthusiast entrepreneur .
Mahzar Raja (1 month ago)
Please reply me
Mahzar Raja (1 month ago)
Hello Madam how are you please contact me I come in ukerain how
Tiger kumar (1 month ago)
I liked your videos very much
Judo Lover (1 month ago)
Definitely your best hair color yet!
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
i prefered the blonde
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
thank you))
Kevin Renaud (1 month ago)
The last place I want to go to when visiting Ukaine is a freaking Starbucks. Only people with more $$$ than brains go there. Thanks for the tips!
pivhucul (1 month ago)
Для положительного виду камера має брати згори.
Maurício Vieira (1 month ago)
Strange ...I went to Odessa many times and I always found air conditioning.
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
i hate air conditioning ... i get sick from it
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Where? IN restaurant it can be.. I mean more simple things.. Train, bus, where is a lot of crowd and hot, there is no air at all)) Even not air condition, just air))
Rahul Legend (1 month ago)
Привет I learnt Russian
Rahul Legend (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova can you upload a vedio on flats in kirovohrad
Rahul Legend (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova благодарю 🍻
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Nobi Mathew (1 month ago)
One black colour cable on your pants?What is that?
Nobi Mathew (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova ..Pls put this from back side...
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Alex Dixon (1 month ago)
Who the hell wants Starbucks when you have Coffee Life.) haha
Alex Dixon (1 month ago)
Yes, but coffee life is like a Ukrainian version of Starbucks...it's the same thing and it is a lot cheaper, it is just that it is not a world renowned brand like starbucks.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
There are people who don't like to try any local food, they always going for the secure choices)
Harold Donato (1 month ago)
Привіт Ольга! Я навчаюсь говорити, читати і писати Українську мову у чистому вигляді, перш ніж я відвідую.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Дуже добре! Молодець!
rawstarmusic (1 month ago)
I have a problem, I think I'm in love with Yuliya Levchenko the high jumper. So now what do I do? She lives in Kiev and is nice so you should have her in your program. She speaks english. Can you arrange that? Thanks so much.
Kate K (1 month ago)
Happy Bday. Q. What about washrooms in the restaurants? Fast food? Gas stations? Can you use it? Here in Canada you can go inside any public place without purchasing anything and use washroom without a problem.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
In gas station you can easily use it, but gas station are not located in the places where people usually walk))) They are always far from any living and touristic areas) But in big cities there are some public washrooms, where in small cities even in parks, they are, but they are so bad, than you would better to go for the tree)))
Kate K (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova why not? Or better question what will happen if you just walk into the gas station and go straight to the washroom? Will the staff stop you? Also would it be different in a big city and small town?
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Kate K yes you can here also in theory;)) But in reality not much.
1Sapphire1 (1 month ago)
None of these things bother me in Ukraine. In Kharkiv they actually have a place in the Train station where you can buy international train tickets and they have a window there for foreigners. There is always someone who speaks English.
Sergio Veyzaga (30 days ago)
1Sapphire1 you can alway buy your tickets 🎟 online.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
1Sapphire1 good to know that!
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
Your lucky you still have garden with delicious food.
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
Oh olia you know so little about western world. Over here we struggle with garbage. Everything mass produced shit.
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
I would much rather your delicious home cook food that you think maybe embarrassing. Home cook food is the best. It's fresh and it's not cut with shut like in the west.
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
I read Macdonald use horse meat. You think horse meat is the best? Oh olia you are so naive and in a way it's very sweet but in away it's terribly ignorant.
Billy Fauna (1 month ago)
International brands are crappie. You need to wake up and realise franchise food is absolute shit. Why you think Starbucks is good? The brainwashing is working on you. You think everything in the west is the best? You are fool to believe this Olia.
R Stelzer (1 month ago)
Happy birthday Olga! I hope your new equipment works well for you. Thanks for all the great videos!
R Stelzer (1 month ago)
Remember to watch for new apps for it, they will enable you to tune OUT background sounds like traffic.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
R Stelzer yes, as you see!;))
adam kyle (1 month ago)
thank you olga for these honest facts about ukraine , all the best ✌🏻
I love Ukraine woman's any one lady join me relationship content me call 0096891925492
XRP (1 month ago)
Now it is very warm I miss going to Sevastopol in Crimea.
XRP (1 month ago)
At food stores they have soda and beer in coolers that dont work or are not plunged in to keep them cool everything is warm. sometimes you may get lucky and find cold beer.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
hehe, maybe it depends from the store...
Romac Mi (1 month ago)
I like that there are differences to other countries. Why bother traveling if there are none. Its am adventure lol. Maybe a bit more challenging but it would make it interesting .
adrian milward (1 month ago)
So what your saying is there is a business opportunity for an off road,air con,bus service with on board toilet facilities 🚌🤑
Ballu jee (1 month ago)
Olga is great
Ballu jee (1 month ago)
Mony snatchers no secure a rich mens
Morocco Man (1 month ago)
yu want Côme in morocco for descover m'y culture
HoustonPublisher (1 month ago)
I'd take being surrounded by hot beautiful babes in the Ukraine all day any day over starbucks mcdonald's or any of that crapola. Maybe if I came to the Ukraine Olga could help my find one who looks just like her?
Wajid Parvez (1 month ago)
Olga my friend your all video's is very nice . I love too much Ukraine . respect from all Pakistan .
Thomas DeDominicis (1 month ago)
Sounds like a advantage not having international brands I am looking for good farmers markets.
Deus Vult (1 month ago)
What's the biggest difference between city on west ukraine and in east ukraine? Does east look more like Russia? :)
Mila Schon (1 month ago)
Deus Vult HaHa, no. Starbucks everywhere in Russia. Russia is nothing like Ukraine.
Desmond Bagley (1 month ago)
.......washrooms/restrooms,,,, hmmm,,apparently you can't use the word ' toilet' with Americans but in other English speaking countries the word 'toilet' is used and today most everyone understands that a restroom is a toilet.
Waterwave30 Wengert (1 month ago)
Some of the roads in the USA are not all that great. We have our fair share of bad roads
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Waterwave30 Wengert Maybe you dont imagine how looks bad roads in ukraine;)
Mike Moscilla (1 month ago)
You are great. I appreciate your realistic information. Keep up your good work.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Mike Moscilla thank you
tempest411 (1 month ago)
No restrooms? Yikes...How embarrassing it would be to be roaming the streets of a strange place after eating new/different foods and then all of a sudden you have to 'GO'..right now!!! In the U.S. you can stop by most any public place and they will let you use the restroom, no questions asked.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
tempest411 in Ukraine you kind of can go too, but if you will enter some fancy restaurant and ask for washroom, it will look very weird.
Allen Sun (1 month ago)
Ukrainians don't need Starbucks
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
no one needs starbucks
John Berryhill (1 month ago)
Great video!........good information!
Beaches (1 month ago)
Hello Olga good job on your videos, seen a few of them so far and subscribed. I have a quick question which I am sure you are asked a lot. But I want to learn Russian at school there, (I select that one since I'll be covered in both countries). As a native English speaker in a class of 5 hours a day, how many weeks do you think it would take to become fluent? Not expert right off the bat of course, but fluent enough to talk to strangers about most things, not just basic stuff. Pretty much like the equivalent of how good you speak English give or take. ;)
Beaches (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Beaches its so much depends from you;) But I think you need to learn at least 6 month, and after that move to language speaking country.
Yngve Acer (1 month ago)
Three McDonalds and one Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Kiev central station. What did you say about no western brands, Olga? My favorite fastfood in Kiev is Puzata Hata witch servers Ukranian "fastfood". The Ukranian version of Subway is Freschline. You don't need Starbucks when there are small nice cafes in almost every corner of the city. And don't forget all the little kiosks and.mobile coffee cars. If you have a desperate need for coffee or thee, one shouldn't be worried.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Yngve Acer Even McDonalds is just in couple of cities in Ukraine.
Ron Zee (1 month ago)
Olga not joking had a difficult time buying a railroad ticket The ticket counter person or any one around spoke English. I had to call a Ukrainian friend in NY to translate
Ron Zee (1 month ago)
Yes getting tickets online very easy but was already at train station. And just made a simple call to friend to to translate . My family is Ukrainian my grand parents where born there had a fantastic time seeing Ukraine Kiev is a beautiful city and the people are so nice.
Leigh Saunderson (1 month ago)
We bought Kyiv --> L'Viv (daytime train), and L'Viv --> Kyiv (sleeper) online and it was really easy. That was ~8 weeks ago. Loved my first trip to Ukraine! :)
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Ron Zee or better to buy online;))
Raymond Borkowski (1 month ago)
I have lived here 9 months now,, the language has only been a real problem when I buy technical things,, roads are getting better, but be prepared to be worn out at the end of your journey. The AC is a problem,,,it is hot and humid here in the summer. The local food is better the Mac's or Burger King so who cares. I have never had a WC problem,,, there is always a convenient tree)))
Sergio Veyzaga (30 days ago)
XRP thx as an Architect I think is awesome, I'll be in Ukraine 🇺🇦 next month and I'll have a look, thx 👌
XRP (30 days ago)
XRP (30 days ago)
There is a large under ground shops in Kiev. I got on the under ground metro at the train station next to Mc Donnalds I took the metro to Khreshchatyk Street at that stop the have the under ground shops. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Ukrainian: Майдан Незалежності, literally: Independence Square) is the central square of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. This is where the orange revolution started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maidan_Nezalezhnosti
Sergio Veyzaga (30 days ago)
Where did you see those tunnels? I'm a little curious, sounds quite interesting, I saw shops but close to subways stop in Kharkiv.
XRP (1 month ago)
you may have to pay a little money but I have always found a wc at the open markets, train stations, malls, MC Donald`s and some restaurants. Some cites have tunnels that go under the streets with shops you can also find a WC there. some parks may have if near the city center.
Victoria Ryzz (1 month ago)
Learn the alphabet (it is very easy) and you will find that a lot of words are same as English
Thomas Begen (1 month ago)
Victoria Ryzz yes, there are many cognates. But isn't the Ukrainian pronunciation difficult? If it's like Russian I find it hard to pronounce many of its sounds.
D D (1 month ago)
Hmm I think I will think twice about living there. I'm spoiled in usa. No wonder so many single Ukraine women want to leave ukraine. I'm looking for beautiful ukraine eife! Come to me. :)
jason4275 (1 month ago)
No Air conditions in the Mall?.
Inova medical (1 month ago)
But it can be kind of problem not for people but for food stored there. Without AC the temperature can exceed higher values and some kinds of food can get spoilt much faster. For example fruits, vegetables, some kinds of sausages etc.
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
cool! I always get sick from air condition ... especially in busses, trains and malls ... + i hate fucking up the world just for stupid "comfort" ... best country for me
Andrew Liberman (1 month ago)
Also there is no heater. Because there is too hot in Ukraine during winter :)
XRP (1 month ago)
I went to see a movie at the theater they had no heat everyone was wearing their coats
Nice country Still we like
Aussieuke (1 month ago)
If you do not speak/read Ukrainian then a problem if travelling the regional areas. Toilets, find any restaurant or large takeaway (Dva Hoose,Maccas,Puzata Hata are three of the better ones )(in the city ). Most places have decent restrooms.Small buses are a problem as people do not trust A/C or just don't like it or the driver is saving on fuel by not running it.They don't like fresh air blowing their hair so windows stay shut(hence the funny videos of battles between open window/closed window).But, if you want to still experiance the true remaining post soviet (fading fast except for attitudes sometimes) country life then take a translator and take the trip.Well worth the experiance.
SaveF9 (1 month ago)
Фактично, це не є недоліком. Вони попросту відмінності. І кожен мандрівник повинен навчитися говорити принаймні на деяку мову в країні перебування.
Laura (1 month ago)
Я дуже люблю Україну-ка 🇺🇦💜 I got back on Monday after having spent two fabulous weeks in Lviv 😍🇺🇦🌟👍🏻
Tiger168 (1 month ago)
Great information, thank you very much...
Clark T (1 month ago)
We are very spoiled in the US.
RW4X4X3006 (28 days ago)
Too many are.
Angel Naydenov (1 month ago)
What about a high corruption level as disadvantage? I'm asking you, because in my country (Bulgaria) this is a huge problem.
Thomas Begen (1 month ago)
David Hume I didn't fancy that you were still live and kicking.
David Hume (1 month ago)
Corruption in the USA is far worse at the highest levels than anywhere else in the world including Ukraine. In Ukraine Poroshenko might steal, with his government nepotism buddies, 20% of the public purse. Ukrainian government contracts are likely dished out based on nepotism and financial fraud. But the United States Pentagon stole 20 trillion from US tax payers and it's reported as "lost" or "unaccounted" for by the useless US media. It's completely covered up as an error or serious of mistakes by Western press not as the massive theft by the security industrial complex of the deeply corrupt US government. 20 TRILLION NOT BILLION. It dwarfs all other corruption worldwide on a per capita basis.
A S (1 month ago)
@Angel Naydenov and Bulgaria still made it to EU .How ?? Even faster than Croatia.
Thomas Begen (1 month ago)
Angel Naydenov what is there to do for work in Bulgaria?
XRP (1 month ago)
Angel Naydenov This is why sometimes the roads are bad the government takes this money. The main highway M05 going from Kiev to Odessa is very nice and well kept.
amaromem1 (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday again Olga!! Does in Ukraine occurs the fenomen of "White Nights" or "Northen Lights"?
Beaches (1 month ago)
@Andrij S that's what I said.
A S (1 month ago)
@Beaches by far more north than Ukraine. At least 1000 km north.
Beaches (1 month ago)
Need to be within sub ~800 km of the Arctic Circle. More north than Ukraine.
Thomas Begen (1 month ago)
amaromem1 Ukraine is too far south
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
No, we don't have it)
Nathan Quattlebaum (1 month ago)
No AC? Looks like I might be miserable, I'm still coming though
Nathan Quattlebaum (1 month ago)
Olga Reznikova do you know if 7 Days have AC? Thank you for all the great informational video's 😊👍
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
in hotel there are, if it's good hotel, hehe))
ソロンフロイド (1 month ago)
the best of Ukraine i visit ukraine many time
Vasa Singh (1 month ago)
so no wash room in public places?
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
not really.. and even if there are, you don't want to see how they look
S Terry (1 month ago)
That hair color is wonderful for you, Olia!
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
thank you)
Ruski Pierogi (1 month ago)
the biggest disadvabtage of ukraine is ukraine
Inova medical (1 month ago)
Are there coffee shops in Ukraine?
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
Another circumstance that will make it attractive for some to learn Ukrainian before going there ;)
Inova medical (1 month ago)
Satanica Lutea don’t know, maybe from local people, but if they most cannot speak English it is difficult then
Satanica Lutea (1 month ago)
so where u buy weed in ukraine?
Brave Fight (1 month ago)
Marco Polo stupid one as well!!
Marco Polo (1 month ago)
+Inova medical - No. There are NO coffee shops is all of Ukraine. Ukrainian do not know about coffee, it will be a new experience for them if any Ukrainian ever tries that coffee drink. Perhaps you could introduce coffee to the Ukrainians? They will like it and make you a hero, statues will be erected in every town square in your honor! The best of luck on this project. Please do not tell any Ukrainian about Latte, it would blow their mind.

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