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SILVER as Currency in Michigan - Alternate Currencies on the Rise

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The demise of the dollar is around the corner - A July 12 2010 Michigan report on local businesses trading precious metal coins and 'rounds' for goods and services. Silver IS money.
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But then if it does accrue the net value of money in circulation then it will increase in value rapidly and then will more/less level off because demand has been capped out
It’ll only be a bubble if it happens fast enough to trigger a Run on the dollar
RazaTheHacker (7 years ago)
I'm putting my money into rare earth and fuels.
seanfsq (7 years ago)
silver is good, but gold is still reliable, Gold is the money of the rich and the elite and is less likely to be manipulated as the elite would not readily crash their own preferred form of currency. My own precious metal allocation is 70% gold, 30% silver, silver back to the historical ratio of 16:1, i doubt so, but it wouldn't surprise me for it to hover around 25-30.
tjrieves (7 years ago)
I am going to create an alternative currency called "Galts." 283 Galts, or Gts, will be worth 1 oz of gold at the current price, so 1 Gt is worth $5 at the moment. I would have to buy the gold, and then print the paper money, or press the gold in straight up coins, so there couldn't be any counterfeit money. 1 g of gold is worth 9.1 Gts, so I will buy 10 g of gold, and print 91 Gts or press 91 Gts out of that. This wouldn't be fiat money, this would have legitimate value.
ENJager (7 years ago)
It's interesting that at the 4:20 mark, the guy says that precious metals are another bubble in the making? If that's the case, that means it will inevitably fall yes? Should we still be buying silver then? Maybe the assumption is that the dollar will collapse before the silver bubble bursts and hence we'll need silver in that time when the shit and the fan come face to face? :P
dispersingweight (7 years ago)
@silvercelli keep your dollars, i will buy my silver.
nuipop music (7 years ago)
the reason the U.S. dollar is being de-valued is because the one hundred year contract with the Federal Reserve is up midnight 01/01/2013 - exactly 100 years after Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. it means the dollar will expire as the U.S. currency & the Federal Reserve (international banks) will no longer be in control of our monetary system. we will go cashless to a new system adopted by North, Central & South America & all of Europe. making way for the BEAST.
RedSkaal (7 years ago)
Silver is fantastic. Anyone speaking against it simply has no clue what they are talking about. More businesses should accept silver and gold rather than worthless fiat currencies.
Knot Liein (7 years ago)
Silver will gain/retain value as the American Social Contract/Political Cohesiveness dissolves. America is going the way of the Balkans as the Central core of the Empire is forced to fall in on itself to protect itself. Look at Afghanistan where they proclaim Victory, as they withdraw from the countryside and are incapable of securing the few main cities. Iraq also. Drones do not replace boots. The same is coming here as the economy collapses.
reverendjordan (8 years ago)
@silvercelli the only different thing i see nowadays is the massive amount of sivler used for industrial purposes. i wonder how that could change things compared to past trends. i'm not sure of silver as being useful for money but seeing how much more important silver is now industrially could keep it's price up. if the price started to plummet companies who use it for electronics, medical etc could start snapping it up as fast as they could. who knows though!
SGTreport (8 years ago)
@silvercelli WRONG!! 1932 – 1935: The Great Depression **In 1932 silver hit a low of $0.25 before increasing by 130% over 3 years to $0.58 per ounce in 1935. This was the height of the Great Depression.** Further, the silver value of a pre-1965 Quarter (face value of .25 cents) - when they were made of SILVER - is currently $3.20. This represnts 1,280% MORE wealth - than face value. As for the "demise" of the dollar, research John Williams. You should consider doing some homework.
nibblers69 (8 years ago)
pretty cool im from michigan and i ahve a couple of those
stealinator (8 years ago)
Great video upload.
Instrumentally (8 years ago)
This trend should continue to increase as more people become aware of the federal reserve and the scam it is.
zalida100 (8 years ago)
Nicely made video man. Thanks very much. hahaha The guy at 1.41 says that the dollar has been losing value for the last 25yrs. Fukin hilarious.
drewstarr71 (8 years ago)
why not bottle caps.....lol
SGTreport (8 years ago)
@biefapiqi And thank YOU for watching!
Michael Yan (8 years ago)
Thanks for the hard work putting the pieces together - really appreciate it!
SGTreport (8 years ago)
@onestupidman Thanks to you too, and to everyone kind enough to comment, kindly.

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