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How I went from a betfair trader to a professional betfair trader

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I was asked a really interesting question last week on the bet angel forum on what allowed me to go from just trading to a completely different level. Watch this video to find how how I went from a normal betfair trader to a professional betfair trader. It made me think a bit before I gave a full answer, which I give in detail on this video. There is a massive difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. But even then, there is an immense gap between doing it, to doing it at a superlative level. These two things are what elevated me to that level.
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George Buller (3 months ago)
Nice video, Peter. Personally, I'm not afraid to take risks when trading - and its cost me a bl**dy fortune! :-(
betangeltv (3 months ago)
I did a video on this - What makes the perfect trader or something similar.
Hi Peter, I have tried Bet Angel a couple of times and think it is a great piece of software. I would love to see an audio alert system in place to notify me when my bet has been matched, is this something you are thinking about introducing?
Could you make a short video showing the process?
betangeltv (3 months ago)
You can do this with automation or a servant quite easily. Set up a condition that makes a sound alert when net stake changes from not zero to zero.
Gavin Miller (3 months ago)
Nice vid Peter. One thing is evident that it is far easier to trade profit whilst in practice mode. Log on using real funds and the fear factor is definately there. I need to overcome it and this video helps.
paul Day (3 months ago)
wow this is gold and applies also to psychology of poker
MediaPC (3 months ago)
In previous videos you've said how much you understood about how the markets work. The risk you take is therefore very highly calculated. So is that taking risk, or is it still being risk averse? Risk takers generally aren't so acutely aware of the consequences of their actions.
dino2509991 (3 months ago)
ok, you are pro trader, what do you think about portugese traders, and for example bickat who show his PL https://youtu.be/zexj7wAKBqI there was profit like 20k € in 3months but he deleted those videos...
Paul Cook (3 months ago)
Ironically, some people would probably describe trading as having taken the risk out of betting.
Arb Hunter (3 months ago)
Tell us more Peter , about this year! Fab video by the way I hate the term matched betting too, a clueless terminology
Alex Busby (3 months ago)
What he want's to know is 'how much....!' Couple of questions, Peter. 1. Are earnings tax free? 2. How likely is a £1k p/w - £50k p/a income? (I'm assuming both are entirely possible with effort, focus, application etc) Cheers and thanks for the tips. As ever very useful guidance.
Lewis Cray (3 months ago)
Sound advice thanks Peter.
Ian Andrew-Patrick (3 months ago)
Many thanks for another solid video with clear thinking. Having crashed and burned twice attempting to trade Betfair, I finally realised my attempts were scuppered by an inherent bias. I spent several years betting full-time on-course - with small but regular profits - and as a consequence, my trading efforts too often commenced by taking a "race-result" based position in the market. I've spent the last six months testing objective strategies in practice mode, and am beginning to see the market as an animal unto itself, which rewards observation and is relatively predictable. Looking forward to going "live" soon.
lewis cray (3 months ago)
Great message Peter, something I shall heed well in my learning curve. Thank you.
plano saude (3 months ago)
Please, make an explanation video of how to use theft in tennis? and how to put together a strategy? Luciano Cipriano - Brazil
eightbo Trading (3 months ago)
Definitely add the video on hitting a new level to your list. Your enthusiasm/confidence tells me it's a quantifiable improvement and not just a few months of good variance. I suspect betdaq will be a factor
dubcindub15 (3 months ago)
Ever skydived Peter? Just wondering :)
chunkymonkey55555 (3 months ago)
yes whisper into our shell likes..
Mark Horrocks (3 months ago)
Great stuff, been reading a book about the brain and how it functions written by a German professor in Berlin who seems to simply the thought processes on fear and how to harness it. Keep up the good work Peter.
Scott Stone (1 month ago)
Hi Mark, sounds like a good read, is it in English? And what is the book called? Thanks.
Live Sports Trading (3 months ago)
Peter, is chasing losses simply caused by the fear of losing? If I have a small loss I often make a larger riskier trade, ignoring the risk, to claw back the small loss. I just become blinkered. It seems to be an innate form of the Martingale System. I'm reasonably intelligent but very easily go on 'tilt' after a loss. Any advice on correcting this flaw would be very welcome.
betangeltv (3 months ago)
Yes, chasing is a classic fear of loss response. When you make a loss, look at it as another step to a decent profit.
Barca Pundit (3 months ago)
I cant help myself saying this.. your voice sounds so much like Jon Champions the football commenter. Every time I hear your voice Peter I remember Jon Champion.
Barca Pundit (3 months ago)
oh lol so you don't know him? he commentates on a lot of EPL games. He is bald as well
betangeltv (3 months ago)
I'm going on YouTube now to find a commentary of Jon Champion.

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