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How to communicate with Ukrainians in the right way?

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Desmond Bagley (1 month ago)
....... uhuh,,,checkout chicks in supermarkets always ask how are you, I take it to mean ,hi, and I just say ,hi, in return, but these days they will ask " how has your day been",, I tell them that every day is a good day for us who have the good fortune to live in Australia and not America..its good that the McDonald s employees don't wear overwhelming smiles anymore like they once did.. Go back forty years:-those poor air hostess es who had to keep smiling throughout the trip; they used to get sore facial muscles...I think the smile thing is with the English speaking world, the French dont give such effusive smiles. The translation of the French greating is ,,how are you going/doing,, which used to be said more often in English but now it is how are you.
samarth rajour (1 month ago)
So its mean ... Ukranians are introvert .... Cmon .... Smile and greet everyone with hye and.. wassssssuppppp
Michel Chen (3 months ago)
People are friendly and helpful here. I will return and might stay longer. 😉
Ralph Hunter (3 months ago)
i keep lerning, ;')
uttam kumar (3 months ago)
You are very friendly
Shashi Raj Singh (4 months ago)
How about businessmen in Ukraine? Are they straight forward without hiding anything or they are too smart and hiding?
Jim Cadogan (4 months ago)
Need to take into account that the twentieth century was a nightmare for Ukrainians.War,famine and invasions have traumatised the people of this country and shaped the mindset of succeeding generations.
Elise Markey (4 months ago)
Here in Britain, a typical greeting if we are seeing friends or just in a informal setting is "Hey, you alright?" or "Alright?", and sometimes we reply with "Oh, I'm alright." or "Yeah" but it's just a short greeting. person 1: "Alright?" person 2: "Alright." This may differ a bit depending on where you are, but as someone from South East (I'm from Kent, 1 hour drive or so south from London), I find that Northerners usually understand what I mean and will say, "Alright." back (people from Newcastle, Manchester, etc.). I think Northerners care more about your feelings than Southerners do in casual conversation, and Northerners smile at you like all the time, and it still shocks me a bit. I don't smile at people when I look at them, because it's weird for me. I think part of it is the fact that I have Autism (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ASD), so I don't understand certain social cues, but also because hardly anyone smiles at you or wants to talk to you where I am from, and I think if you don't know the person, you don't want to talk to them, or you're not happy, it seems stupid to smile at people to me. I guess Americans see us as being emotionless or unfriendly, but their faces may split in half faster if they smile for too long!
Thailova (5 months ago)
I pressed like. I like the video. But i like you more than the video!
Anomaly XD 30654921 (6 months ago)
Did you speak on behalf of all Ukrainian or just some?
Chris Mcconnell (6 months ago)
God! I love your accent olga and also you are a beautiful woman!
I don’t agree smile is fake, just different Culture . I am not American.
L Bandara (6 months ago)
Got it ! I will never ever smile to anybody. I will come back to my apartment and laugh louder as much as i can.
alaison benny (6 months ago)
I didn't get how to communicate
Zafar Satyavan (6 months ago)
YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! It took me three years to find out when I lived in Canada..!! Of course, not all are like that. I think we in India (esp North East) are quite similar that way!! Thanks for uploading this video.. 😁
Sergey Sedlovsky (6 months ago)
I agree with every word you said :)
Azher Matlak (6 months ago)
Is there any lawful place to look for a real wife?
neplen kkk (6 months ago)
I think people are all equal but it depends on person personality!
tempest411 (6 months ago)
Perhaps I'm actually a Ukrainian masquerading as an American. People have always thought it odd that I do NOT smile in the company of strangers and am not really up to go around starting conversations with strangers. I don't know why I'm that way, but I am.
Derek Chabrowski (6 months ago)
I used to complaint about American People until I went to Poland, then I stopped complaining about Americans, very true.
shagwellington (6 months ago)
This video is more about Americans than Ukrainians. We shouldn't smile at Ukrainians. Be real serious all the time.
kitisabuebos (6 months ago)
What I can tell is that... people in Ukraine, have suffered a lot more than Americans, (I don't pretend to know everything)... in America we have "everything we want" either people work or not... everyone have almost everything... specially those who live from Welfare, they're Fat, cause they do Nothing, No work, No worries... No positive dreams... but in general, thank God, we have everything.... in the other hand... Ukrainians struggle 100 times more than Americans to have what they can Achieve.... I not saying, Ukrainians are bot happy.... but, how come you can be around Smiling, when life is not so easy... as the live style we have in America... this is my opinion only... doesn't mean All Americans are smiling 24/7... but life is a lot easier than in Ukraine.... I love Ukraine.... and I hope to live overthere soon... best regards Olga, take Care ... !!!
harunor rashid (6 months ago)
[email protected] i intarest it.
skippy (6 months ago)
I'm not American, however I think that you are basing your judgement on the very small minority of Americans that might wish to visit your shores. They are likely to be well-educated, well remunerated and willing to open themselves to new experiences. Civility (or politeness) is essential to such a person. The average American is probably a lot less polite than the people who have visited Ukraine.
Lydia Fife (4 months ago)
skippy I think people are different in different regions. In more rural less.popolated areas people tend to be Kinder and more open and much more friendly and generally helpful. This may be due to the cultural need to help one another. However, Americans are very open and helpful in general. Some people are and some people are not. Asking "How are you?" Is considered polite and is expected in many situations. So it's cultural in a sense and good manners in the right situation. I think general rules of etiquette change from country to country and even between different socio-economic groups and regions but because a person acts in a different social fashion it doesn't mean he/she is acting fake. Bad manners know no boundaries...
rawstarmusic (6 months ago)
Hi Olga. I think any visitor should not back down from being nice. Normally we say use the tradition in the country we come to but when entering the global world we need to connect and be reasonably friendly.
eL Geno (6 months ago)
One more thing, in evolutionary psychology there is the concept of trustworthiness and capacity, showing your smile is an act of showing that you are vulnerable to a reciprocating behavior. People smile because it feels good and they smile at others because they want some sort of reciprocation (usually a positive one).
eL Geno (6 months ago)
I lived in Ukraine for two years and the smiling thing was really difficult, especially being from Canada where we always say hello to each other. I don't think it's right to say "you shouldn't smile in serious situations or when nobody else is smiling" This is a problem I see with Ukrainian culture, they follow the masses and there is no individualism or accountability, everything is someone else's fault. Everyone looks the same, acts the same, dresses the same.. However, once you do get to know some people they are very loving and caring.. its just the everyday interactions on the street that make it difficult there.
John Yaniuk (6 months ago)
Good video and absolutely true. This is how friendliness is viewed, for the most part, by Ukrainians in the Ukraine. I am a Ukrainian Canadian with relatives still in the Ukraine.  My grandparents immigrated from Western Ukraine almost a century ago and I have been there 5 times.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Now, the same in reverse for Canada. Here in Canada we pride ourselves on being friendly to pretty much everyone.. And, it is NOT FAKE here in Canada.  We actually mean it.  So, as a learning experience for anyone coming to Canada, including Ukrainians, expect this to happen a lot. And also remember that it is OK to do the same back as well,,, only if you mean it.  Otherwise, us Canadians will see you as fake as well.  Canadian friendliness is a unique thing we pride ourselves on regardless of our genetic ethnic origin.  The topic of this video kind of surprised me yet not. It is so true.  When I first went to the Ukraine, many Ukrainians looked at me funny because I was so friendly in general.  I was shocked that they were so cold .. unless you were a friend or family.  At first I viewed the coldness as being rude. However, it is not.  It is how things are done in the Ukraine.  It is the Culture. So, it was a learning experience for me very much.  Good video Olga :-)
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
■■NOTA BENE■■ British etiquette dictates that one never say, "HOW ARE YOU TO A FIRST-TIME ACQUAINTENCE". [[one can say ``HI!``, ``GOOD MORNING?``, ``MORNING!``...etc, but never say 'HOW ARE YOU!']].■ Being an L2 English-speaker --AND AN AFRICAN, AT THAT-- this rules always slips out of the CommonWealth in me (((. Hmmm, perhaps the American etiquette of saying how are a you is meant to be a more "relaxed" way of befriending someone. But, this is strictly forbidden by the British/ according to strict British etiquette.■ Ref.: https://youtu.be/wN5BMYZDuW4
James Martin (7 months ago)
Ms.Olga, it will be very hard to tell Americans not to smile or not to be friendly - 1st of all I'm sorry but we are proud to be Americans and 2nd our typical reaction would be - why can't the world smile more or be more friendlier? - typical street answer would be "If smiling is wrong, then I don't want to be right..." lol. and for any haters out there - life will be more better if you smile more - btw you do have a beautiful smile, Ms.Olga
Fritz Smith (7 months ago)
Olga: I believe smiling (when meeting someone) is a cultural response in most countries.  I think it is intended to put people at ease when greeting.  But your point is well made, when you say people are "faking" their concern for the people they greet.  And that seems to be the world over.  By the way: what is your natural hair color.  Keep up your good work!!
Fritz Smith (7 months ago)
Olga: I'm glad you cleared that up.  But you didn't tell me what your natural hair color is.
Olga Reznikova (7 months ago)
Fritz Smith when you greet, it's good to smile. But I was talking if you are for a long time in some place, smiling all the time in any situation... it can be considered like something fake or silly. Maybe. You need to see the situation.
Dora Mendez (7 months ago)
You are gorgeous 👍😎👍🇺🇸
Dora Mendez (7 months ago)
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
truckingmomma Boss she's married (with a child).
Sarinf Serg (7 months ago)
I would like to meet an Ukrainian girl, how can I do without being in those fast bullish meetings ?
Yosh (7 months ago)
To all my fellow Americans who take issue with being called "fake"; For my job I was specifically told to smile no matter what my mood because it made to company look good. A waiter/waitress has to smile regardless of their mood or else they will not make tips. I think this is the fake-ness that is being referred to more than sincere displays of emotions. So if I am to understand correctly, I shouldn't expect store cashiers or waiters to be overly friendly in Ukraine if they don't feel it. On one hand this is unpleasant but on the other hand it is good to know I am dealing with fellow people and not actors.
Desmond Bagley (1 month ago)
Yosh ...my friend,, you raise a can of worms, where do I begin?,,,you talk about the tips, has it ever crossed your mind that an economy/culture founded on tips/smiles is a corruption society'? You are really saying,,,,,,if you scratch my back then I'll scratch yours,,,. it I as a euphamism for corruption..........sorry but my smartphone can't handle the more intellectual words of the English language that I've tried to use. you are like a goldfish,,,the American economy/culture is so intert wined in your everyday life that you simply take it for granted... I'm living in Australia,and if you were to express yourself as you have done now.........sorry I must abandon this communication and checkWTF is theprobl we m with this substandard keyboard...now I wish I lived in America and could therefore a aquire a gun a nd shoot this piece of shit.
wilson gill (7 months ago)
Thank you dear friends for information about Ukraine I am see your all with you and all your topic you doing nice work and share with us nice information about Ukraine but I'm asking you on comments how I am come there and how I start retail business thank you
literallycaneven (7 months ago)
As an observer it seems Ukrainians have a military culture like you would see with American military families but not other families here. Serious, direct, strong values.
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
literally can even well said: I would compare them --Ukrainians-- to Germans with a heart :)). Also, they have a family hierarchy of sorts; ...IF tribal divides were as strong --BETWEEN ETHNIC RUSSIANS, ETHNIC UKRAINIANS (OF EVERY HETMANHOOD; ...THERE ARE QUIET A FEW "CHIEFTANHOOD"/HETMANHOODS & COSSAK DIVISIONS FROK WHENCE DESCEND THE MODERN 77% OF UKRAINIAN CITIZENS), MOLDOVANS, ROMANIANS, POLES, RUTHIANS, GERMANS, BELARUSSIANS, TATARS AND OTHER ASIATIC & TURKO-ARABIC IMMIGRANTS-- as back in Africa, I would almost consider them blood relatives (^_•). But, I love them as much as I love all Europeans: their culture is different, but human. Many Ukrainians that I've met aceept me and my culture_ I EVEN GOT PECKED FOR PRESENTING ON VICTORIA FALLS IN UA. Many are conservative, educated and also open-minded. The this that a woman --FOR INSTANCE-- cannot shake your hand in public because the culture teaches and dictates that only men shake hands (before and after a formal meeting). Probably, pecking is reserved for the 3rd or 4th meeting with a female friend. I repeat no handshaking of females. There's also the telegonia teaching. But, it's slowly more moderate now. I mean, my culture has baggage too (^_•). #_Black_Panther
Belus Traveller (7 months ago)
😉😉😁 I think 2 sides of Ukraine. The old and New, The New knows Smiles mean your happy and pleasant, The old just walk forward , The young is Free and happy for life, The old is sour and see no good in Change. What is important is “You Olga are Happy” and full of life, You show it with your Smile, Peace Belus
Mitch (7 months ago)
A smile in the U.S. has little value because Americans do it so much. A smile in Ukraine has much more value because it is less common. If a Ukrainian is smiling, it means that much more because it's genuine. It's irritating to be expected to smile in every interaction here. Super annoying.
Karl Tyler (7 months ago)
I have been living in Ukraine about 9 months. I notice that women smile more than men do, but everyone smiles significantly less than we do in the States. I am observing that people are smiling more and overall much friendlier now that the winter is over. ;-) Here is a great video about smiling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojbJrdkPhGg&t=2s
Броди Сергей (7 months ago)
You are sceptical, overwhelming majority people in Ukraine like animals
akram sharif (7 months ago)
I want to talk you saperate. About my marriage please.
Ahmed Khan (7 months ago)
Hi, since 1 year iam here in kiev and this is my experience that Ukrainian are also fake because they smile when they don't want,
alan leckie (7 months ago)
So you say , come bring your money, but don’t be yourself, just bring money , we like being miserable .
Mehmet Yilmaz (6 months ago)
alan leckie I can easiely say you are an idiot and arrogant clown...Keep money yourself..Nobody does not need your money
alan leckie (7 months ago)
Olga Reznikova , the whole video, but specifically 44.0 to 126.0, Ukrainians are sincere, truthful.....Americans are fake, so when you come don’t be that way. That is so untrue. Maybe you made your point poorly, but that is how the idea of video comes across.
Olga Reznikova (7 months ago)
where did I say that?
Axis Galaxis (7 months ago)
So dont ask a Ukrainian how he or she is doing unless u mean it..got it ! and dont be a goofy always smiling fake American...or you look fake..got IT!..
Axis Galaxis (6 months ago)
Jeff Hill are u beinga goofy American
Axis Galaxis (6 months ago)
Jeff Hill lol...
Jim R Hyde Jr (7 months ago)
No Olia! Americans are not always smiling AT YOU! We also smile, because we are happy with our lives, in general. Also note, we were taught as kids to smile as a way of being polite. Similar to taking off shoes before entering your house. So when an America smiles, and says How are you...this would be similar to you saying Good Afternoon (Dobryy Den, or even Kak dela) in a general way. Different words, same meaning. Maybe some Ukrainians should drop the cold shoulder Russian communist attitude...???
fixedgearforlife (5 months ago)
Jim, I'm tired of all the fake people here in the states. Every time I go out people are giving me fake smiles. And yes, I can tell a fake smile from a genuine smile, and most of them are fake. I don't smile back, and I never ask how they're doing. Why? Honestly, I don't give a shit how they're doing. I've got enough of my own problems. I prefer to keep things real.
Jim R Hyde Jr (7 months ago)
Good for them, I'm not British. Go watch Friends, maybe you'll learn something
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
Jim R Hyde Jr ■■NOTA BENE■■ British etiquette dictates that one never say, "HOW ARE YOU TO A FIRST-TIME ACQUAINTENCE". [[one can say ``HI!``, ``GOOD MORNING?``, ``MORNING!``...etc, but never say 'HOW ARE YOU!']].■ Being an L2 English-speaker --AND AN AFRICAN, AT THAT-- this rules always slips out of the CommonWealth in me (((. Hmmm, perhaps the American etiquette of saying how are a you is meant to be a more "relaxed" way of befriending someone. But, this is strictly forbidden by the British/ according to strict British etiquette.■ Ref.: https://youtu.be/wN5BMYZDuW4
Olga Reznikova (7 months ago)
for sure they must drop, but old generation still see this in another way
Hildafunk's World (7 months ago)
I would bring a megaphone.and yell "what up dog" to everyone i met.
Daniel Bengtsson (7 months ago)
I love the openess among people from USA, because you can start a conversation with almost everyone you meet, but it is good to be aware that there are some culture differences between Europeans and Americans.
Daniel Bengtsson (6 months ago)
Yes, on one level there are big differences between the countries in Europe and even between different areas in the USA. On another level I can see a pattern of similarities between the European countries and obvious differences between Europe and America. In Sweden, where I live, we embrace American culture, but we are very reserved in how we interract with foreigners in the street and we do not speak as fast as they do usually. It is complicated, isn't it?
Alessandro Jones (7 months ago)
Daniel Bengtsson There are huge cultural differences between Europeans and Europeans.
christopher woods (7 months ago)
Huge fan of your videos Olga!
rawstarmusic (7 months ago)
Hello you smile so I listen to you, if you didn't I wouldn't. I understand being more serious to avoid embarrassment but if you Do want to actively contact people or charm them, then what do you do??? If I want to be natural And charm people how to do it? Is it not possible? Keep smiling Olga.
rawstarmusic (6 months ago)
In North Korea there is no smiling. In communist China and communist Soviet union there was no smiling. This lack of smile did not save the population. Nazi Germany showed their real emotions by screaming and by actions. In concentration camps there was no smiling and you accuse a smiling girl more than these people? If I go to a shop and the staff is rude and unpleasant I go out again. Of course I am not their family. They follow a useless tradition and they don't know why. I have asked them. They answer "good question". They don't know why they are arrogant and rude and unable to function. A lower IQ could be a reason. The primitive nepotism and tribalism that you represent is a cause of perpetual conflicts. You seem to be hostile towards agreements, success, money, happiness, freedom, philanthropy and all modern developed civilisations. If that is the case, North Korea is your choice of country. You sure won't smile.
steven davis (7 months ago)
you can keep smiling and feeling secure but that what caused many people to die remember the financial crush in 2009 it the smile that got people who believed in the banks and people that they are doing the right thing , and what happen they lost all there saving houses wife's and children to divorce ,thinking that every one cares about you because they smile it stupid i rather have some one show me his real emotions then smile and later take my money or use my trust in bad way , we still living in time where a man can lose his children because he doesn't have money to pay child support go spend time in family court and see for yourself how is american government treats people when they have money or when they dont have money learn to think for yourself and and trust only those who really love you, you can keep smiling but dont forget who is who
rawstarmusic (7 months ago)
The days when we can only care about our family and friends are over. We communicate globally. People who are not your family will help, look at the 911 disaster. So many brave men helped those burning inside. Some of them died. If you won't help anyone, don't project that on us.
steven davis (7 months ago)
there will be always people who hate you and people that will love you if you nice or not, the positive people will see the half a cup full even when you dont smile they will say he have hard day or maybe he have problems that cant be solved , did you think how people with disabilities and cancer fell when you smile , you dont know what life every one have just because you can smile dont try to teach others by smiling to them , its creates stereotype and social pressure that if you dont do this you not good for them, for me the only people i care that they should like me is the people near me my parent and my family or my loved ones they know who i am because time is the real tool to tell the truth if i dont smile they still love the same but people in the street are not important the will not help you in life because you smile to them so who cares what they think of you, are you smiling because you scared of some rejection or you smiling because you really love every one around you , did you ever see the status in the court house ,it have lady with cover on her eyes to tell you the truth doesn't need eyes it needs common sense if it make sense to you to be happy and smiling the go with it but that is your reality , there are other reality that dont go with this reaction
rawstarmusic (7 months ago)
People look serious or arrogant even if they think your are an ok person. It's not natural, there's something wrong. Be generous. Practice smile and be friendly and even help people. It's not as bad as you think.
Al Demir (7 months ago)
Real Americans is good people. anyhow did you felt the EARTHQUAKE where you are?
GrowMTBF (7 months ago)
All I got out of this is, don't smile. I was expecting much more of a lesson.
literallycaneven (7 months ago)
You might be stupid then.
Gamax Vamp (7 months ago)
I really want to learn Ukrainian and then visit Ukraine 🇺🇦 😍
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (7 months ago)
All Americans do not smile , Lots of them do but many are like Moscovites or Kiev people with stone faces.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (6 months ago)
Holly Furgason I have been to Germany and did not see smiling so much.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (6 months ago)
Richard Kambinda I thought UK English said Hiya or Cheers?
Holly Furgason (6 months ago)
People always asked me why I wasn't smiling when I was little. I just didn't feel a need but they thought something was wrong. When I went to Germany and was sitting on the train one afternoon, I looked at the people around me and none of them were smiling and I thought, "I'm home!" Yes, I smile more than my German friends and, yes, I make too much small talk even though I hate it because of how I was raised but I'm looking forward to my time in Ukraine where I won't have to be social all the dang time.
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
Про Россия plausible: ■■NOTA BENE■■ British etiquette dictates that one never say, "HOW ARE YOU TO A FIRST-TIME ACQUAINTENCE". [[one can say ``HI!``, ``GOOD MORNING?``, ``MORNING!``...etc, but never say 'HOW ARE YOU!']].■ Being an L2 English-speaker --AND AN AFRICAN, AT THAT-- this rules always slips out of the CommonWealth in me (((. Hmmm, perhaps the American etiquette of saying how are a you is meant to be a more "relaxed" way of befriending someone. But, this is strictly forbidden by the British/ according to strict British etiquette.■ Ref.: https://youtu.be/wN5BMYZDuW4
civi68 (7 months ago)
I would rather people be real and not be fake. One of the things I like about Ukraine.
Anton Smuts (7 months ago)
Fair comment Olya, but what if you're just in a good mood and you like being happy is it better to try fit into the general mood of the place you are in. It could mean then I am not being true to myself, but pretending to be quiet when i am actually very happy ? It seems you have to understand very subtle levels of communication to know how to act properly.
Olga Reznikova (7 months ago)
I told that your emotions must be real. If you feel happy - for sure you need to smile. This is the same what Ukrainians is doing. But don't smile automatically in any situation (even that I am doing that, some people see it like something not good).
Angel Naydenov (7 months ago)
The same is here in Bulgaria. But in big cities and especially younger generations, which are grown with western culture, learned to keep smiling while they are in public.
Hanno B. (7 months ago)
Hello Olga Which languages do Ukrainians speak? Russian? English? Spanish? Which languages do children in Ukrainian learn at school? You said that you learned German at school. Maybe you can make a video of language skills of Ukrainian people? Thank you and bye
Sergey Sedlovsky (6 months ago)
Richard, if you learn Russian first, you would have trouble understanding both Ukrainian and Belarussian, the latter being a much more extinct language unfortunately nowadays. But yeah, my point is that Ukrainian and Belarussian are not too intelligble with Russian...
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
Hanno B. 77% of the nation is of Ukrainian stock. But, because there was a gradual supression of Ukrainian identity from the 1920s to 1989, ONLY 66.6% is more conversant in Ukraïnsk than in Russian, I believe the figure of people who are proficient in Russian language is 33.3% (at work level.). As for basic communication & transcultural communication, 1 in 2 Ukrainians unders a Russian speaker well enough to handle an errand vice versa. The other (1) Ukrainian citizen who may struggle is an immigrant who learnt Ukrainian 1st!! Or, a born-free Ukrainian from the West. Basically, Russian L., Ukraïnska and Belarussian are all East Slavic languages_ they are all mutually intelligible and they may even be deemed near dialects of a more ancient language OR of 1 of the three (according to some authorities; ...with influences from Macedonian, Greek, Latin, French, German, Polish, Proto-Balto-Slavic and --MORR RECENTLY-- English).
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (7 months ago)
Hanno B. She speaks English, Ukrainian and Russian.
Vadim Anatolovych (7 months ago)
I’m actually going back to Ukraine in August. Haven’t been there since I was 8.
Vinson (7 months ago)
Ukrainians sound a lot like Finns That's good No 'put on'. Добрий денек
beating blues (7 months ago)
Vinson good afternoon to you too
Chris White (7 months ago)
So if I'm walking down the street and I make eye contact with someone I shouldn't smile..? Does that work with men and women..?
Sergey Sedlovsky (6 months ago)
Just smiling for no reason is stupid
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (6 months ago)
Jim R Hyde Jr: They will smile at you if you are considered as their real friend, if they think you are just another stranger, then you are just dirt... will you smell at dirt?
WithAStick AngryWhiteMan (6 months ago)
In Russia if you always smile, people will think you are either weak or have evil idea in mind that want to cheat them. If you want to be someone's friend, you can buy them a drink, a meal, or give some gifts. Buy drink or meal is the fast way but you have to drink too. We don't like to smile to strangers that feels so fake.
eL Geno (6 months ago)
Jeroen Zwackhalen of course dude, and you don’t need to be anywhere but around a girl to experience that. However, if a random girl in Ukraine smiles at you first and approaches you.. be aware.. she wants something from you or is interested about something unique about you
J (6 months ago)
so can i conclude from this that if a woman smiles a lot when you're around she may like you? find you charming or something
Anu Kumar (7 months ago)
Today's you looks like so pretty 😘😘😘
Richard Kambinda (7 months ago)
Anu Kumar married.
Anu Kumar (7 months ago)
Hello Dear Beautiful 😌

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