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Read in Russian and Ukrainian: difference

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Text Comments (132)
Hanif Leylabi (1 month ago)
I thought Г was a g sound in Russian?
Zulkifli Jamil (1 month ago)
Hello Olga, how are you? If i wish to learn Ukrainian , do you conduct lesson through Skype? Thank you.
Olga Reznikova (1 month ago)
Hi! No, I am not... BUt you can find some options online.
Udit singh D (2 months ago)
I think more diffrent russian and Ukraine or not but words are same
Francesco Laruffa (3 months ago)
Thank you,Olga,this is a very interesting video!
TVriadh mejrissi (4 months ago)
Paul Barham (5 months ago)
Absolutely right. I think that's one reason I prefer learning Ukrainian to Russian. Thanks for this video, Olga.
Morella Almann (5 months ago)
I saw that in your example of "кого," you transcribed it as "koho" in Ukrainian. Is it always the case that "г" is pronounced as an "h" in Ukrainian? I had thought it always makes a "g" sound.
PherreiroGuitar (6 months ago)
I had a choice. I chose Ukrainian (FIRST) . I hope it was a good decision.
Muratzhan Kyranbay (9 months ago)
Русский ударение аж уши разрезает
varl2004 (9 months ago)
Thanks, I needed to know which one of these two languages was easier to learn. I'll go for Ukrainian now!
nupogodi14 (10 months ago)
Помогите иноземцу изволь можно вам расслысать украинское произносене слов при речах Брежнева и Хрущёва когда они гласили по русски?Прощу вам извинить за ошибки однако я грек родом из Афин.Пока. :)
Elizabeth Schakurova (10 months ago)
Думаю, украинский самый мелодичный из славянских☺
Jan Siolkowski (10 months ago)
It sounded the same to me when you said tsa and tsya. I couldn't hear any difference
Olga Reznikova (10 months ago)
maybe, but Ukrainians hear the difference)
Erik smith (11 months ago)
Love your English ;O)
if you know russian you know all
Sten hård (1 year ago)
With KOHO I noticed it is written KOGO. Why?
Aleksandro Mitin (9 months ago)
Some words with -ogo/-ego (adjectives, pronouns) are read with "-ovo/-evo" instead of "-ogo/-ego".
julie copernik (9 months ago)
but she read it as KAVO, with a v for «г», didn't she? i'd like to know why, as i had thought it'd be pronounced KAGO.
Aleksandro Mitin (11 months ago)
In Russian «г» is "g", in Ukrainian «г» is "h" (with voice)
Marvin Perdomo (1 year ago)
Me encanta el español e italiano, estoy aprendiendo Bielorruso y ruso, saludos desde Honduras
Alibader Bader (1 year ago)
Thanks dear
Begey Vladimir (1 year ago)
Не путайте звуки [a] и [ə]. Некоторые диалекты российского языка вправду стопроцентно акающие, однако в стандартном российском это неестественно. Обычно употребляется звуки [ə] и [ɐ], это сопоставимо с английским шва и русским [а] (однако всё-таки это не [а]) соответственно. Например - молоко [məɫɐˈko]; about [əˈbɐʊt]; погода [pɐˈɡodə]; supply [səˈplaɪ]. Хотя, в слове молоко я всё равно слышу два [ə]. And one more thing, I am not a plumber, so I will never try to tell the difference between pipe systems in different buildings. No offence. Just sayin' 😶
Syrian S (1 year ago)
I couldn't focus because you are extremely beautiful!
Дмитрий Спб (1 year ago)
Учи российский ))))
Olga Reznikova (1 year ago)
no need)
Дмитрий Спб (1 year ago)
Ukrainian language does not exist . The mixture of Russian and Polish.
Ioan Usciuc (9 months ago)
Дмитрий Спб I desagree.. Go learn a little bit of our language pls and then start talking...
Lesia (1 year ago)
you don't exist, info 100% . Экспэрт блять!
Greg Agree (1 year ago)
Russian is the mixture of Old Bulgarian and Moscow dialect.
Adam Eden (1 year ago)
Eastern Ukraine, Russian lives; Ukrainian live in Western Ukraine. Am I right?
Samanta E (1 year ago)
Olya , I am going to my mother's hometown (ivano-frankivsk) but I only speak Russian and english. Would it be rude if I just speak Russian there?
Seamus Deverson (1 year ago)
Pablo Rubin (2 years ago)
mischa358 (2 years ago)
Ни разу не слышал, чтоб кто-то повсевременно гласил малако либо каво. больше похоже на местечковый молва (говАр)
Andrew Dronsson (11 months ago)
Olga Reznikova "а будто? мОлОкО?" На "масковском" диалекте :-) приблизительно этак: м-лааако. Предпоследняя перед ударной гласная О редуцирована, а последняя малость растянута.
No Name (1 year ago)
ну-ка это на самом деле истина, мы этак говорим
не дегенерация, а редукция
13attr (1 year ago)
Не дегенерация, а развитие языка. Язык не может не развиваться, не изменяться.
rcomascat (1 year ago)
конечно.. деградация она очень затронула не лишь российский, однако в особенности британский и французский языки, конечно и вообщем все другие языки с историей.
luis milicich (2 years ago)
ide u govna mali stupid
Borys NS (2 years ago)
The Ukrainian language is a beautifully unique blue and yellow ship floating in a torrid red sea of doubt.
Paul Naughton (2 years ago)
I'd be curious to know how you found the experience of learning a Germanic language like English. Did you find it difficult, and if so, which parts? Which parts of the language are easy for a Slavic speakers?
Paul Naughton (2 years ago)
Very interesting! I'm currently learning Romanian, a romance language with lots of Slavic neighbors. One of the ways Slavic languages have influenced it is the definite article attaches to the end of the noun. (ex: casă—>casa, "house"—>"the house") here you can see the article is just a change in the vowel, so it's basically not an article at all, and this comes from the Slavic (Bulgarian) influence. However, the INDEFINITE article works just like romance languages. ex: casă—> o casă (house—>a house) it's a language that has one foot in the slavic world, and the other in romance. :)
K-tsov (2 years ago)
Articles are really hard for us. We don't have them in russian (ukrainian)at all. We don't understand what is the article. It's easier for russians to omit any article in English.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
I cant say it's hard.. As for me, English is very easy language.. And as I know, the most hard is Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian...
E. Brito (2 years ago)
This is good to know! I was thinking in study a slavic language but I was in doubt about the differences between ukrainian and russian. Definitely ukrainian will be my choice!!.. ;)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+E. Brito good choice!
Olga. Grabovetska (2 years ago)
like,if you er from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Janshevik (2 years ago)
The video is rather lacking, you could many more examples, like 'e' pronounced more like 'i', like in 'reka' is pronounced more like 'ryka', also ending with 'ja' (one of your example) can be said differently, overall unstressed vowels are usually a mashup hard to understand. Overall ukrainian language is more comprehensible, but russian is spoken by way more people and there are much more interesting stuff to find in russian.
Craftist (1 year ago)
'e' in unstressed position doesn't sound like 'i', it sounds like in English 'bit', 'fit', 'live', etc.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Janshevik I've never heard that reka in Russian pronunced like ryka...
То, что написано в скобках, я этак полагаю, является фонетикой. В таком случае вы проявили не правильныо. Правильной будет этак для российского - [məɫɐˈko], для украинского не отыскал.
+LoveRK Это Международный Фонетический Алфавит. Даже в школьном учебнике Английского у меня он был, к будто выговаривать отдельные слова мы запоминали по нему.
LoveRK (2 years ago)
для чего настолько сложную транскрипцию? для английских людей все необходимо воображать весьма попросту, какая уже тогда будет разность меж кирилицей и этими знаками в транскрипции? Тогда уже и расшифрововать не необходимо..
today l saw some hot russian girls in my school ,so l hope l can learn something from your videos ,good work!
nikolaskin2 (2 years ago)
Actually Russians have different accents, not all of us pronounce MAAALAAAKOO or DOORAAGAA,. This is just Moscow's accent.
13attr (1 year ago)
родственники – уральцы, забавно молвят, ударения ставят на крышка предложения и окают :)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
Oh, thank you! I didnt know that!
nikolaskin2 (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova not just Volga, Ural and North too. I'm from Ural, we pronounce more like moloko or mlko. Мой-от Ленька все успеват: и в огороде кОртошку копат, и на заводе рОбит - we speak like this. Moscow way is more widespread on south and in location of Muscovy. Also pronunciation O/A depends on climatic conditions.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+nikolaskin2 hahaha, yes, some people in Volga region speak in in other way, but anyway, Malako is more widespread
amaromem1 (2 years ago)
Yes Ollia, the languages that are pronounced as written are called: Phonetic. Some of them are Italian, German, Ukrainian, and of course Spanish =)
ZuziDj (5 months ago)
Germans and Romans don't use č and such things,you could say like doitschland
MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva (5 months ago)
german is not phonetic-deutschland is pronounced as doičland
ZuziDj (6 months ago)
German isn't Phonetic,the best Phonetic language is Serbian
Zenme Yangzi (10 months ago)
Uh, no, not true
Graham Cracker (2 years ago)
Доброго денька Oля. Дякую за нове відео. Я пишу Англійською найкращий. I recently watched the Ukrainian Finals of Eurovision 2016 on YouTube and noticed that the show had both Ukrainian and Russian commentators. Can you tell me about your local TV programming? Is there more Ukrainian or Russian language on the television where you live?
007cohiba (1 year ago)
In Canada OIL is oliva(using english letters) o l i b a ( I don't have a cyrillic keyboard. You are a very interesting woman and I admire you as a 79 year old Canadian with Ukr heritage (grandpa on mom's side was Polish)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
Oil is олія. And yes, you write my name correct;-)
Graham Cracker (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova Thanks Olga! By the way, am I right typing "Оля" in Cyrillic? I had the feeling I might be accidently calling you "Oil." I don't remember right now but I think the Ukrainian word for oil sounds very close.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Gene Szostak I think it's more Russian. And it emberrased me so much, because I want to hear Ukrainian language, and I can't. When we have Russian movie or TV shows, they are in Russian. But when we have movies and shows from other counrties (most of them originally in English), they all are translated into Ukrainian. So I don't know in %, maybe 50x50, maybe even more in Russian
Landon Cain (2 years ago)
Hi Olga, what is the best way to learn either of these languages? Would you suggest something like Rosetta Stone, or is there another more efficient method? I like your videos, subbed :)
Borys NS (2 years ago)
I use several internet sources 1) http://www.loecsen.com/en/learn-ukrainian/86-2-70-colours... 2)www.101languages.net/ukrainian/ukrainian-peace-corps... 3) www.duolingo.com , I use this as my main program and the others as a reference for phrases 4)follow Olga's videos, especially those on grammar 5) hire a part time tutor to help with pronunciation. This combination helps me. If you're really serious, make sure you have a Ukrainian/English dictionary and a Cyrillic keyboard
RovexHD (2 years ago)
Ha, i noticed the rule with a and o in Ukrainian. Poroshenko in Ukrainian. Parashenka in Russian.
and we, Ukrainians, call Russia paRasha
nikolaskin2 (2 years ago)
+HaoSeeN HauS influence of the slang because Russia has big population of prisoners
HaoSeeN HauS (2 years ago)
+nikolaskin2 so the slang prisoners
nikolaskin2 (2 years ago)
+Olga Reznikova almost, but prison doesn't have bathrooms, some vessel
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
no, parasha means "bathroom: in Russian)
UrgentementeUK (2 years ago)
Dyakuyu Olia :) I'm trying to learn Ukrainian because my grandfather (дід... ?) was Ukrainian ( for some time now,slow progress but it takes time...) Your video is a great help for some quick differences to the sounds and reading.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
that's cool!;-) wish you good luck in learning Ukrainian
RacerS2 (2 years ago)
thank you again olga! do you know why the russian girl next door always saying 'hoo-ree' to her chickens every morning? what does 'hoo-ree' mean? my guess is translate to chicken. haha.
007cohiba (1 year ago)
Again in Canada Ukr kypu as chickens Hu kypu could mean Don't smoke!
RacerS2 (2 years ago)
+WAPXAH not Olga.. the girl who sings nicely to her chickens. anyway thank you both!
RacerS2 (2 years ago)
+WAPXAH yes! someone explains it is slang. fitting because the girl has no family left beside her husband. her mother recently passed but she has lots of love for her chickens and turkeys
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
Oh, кури - it's not slang, it's just chicken in Ukrainian)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
haha, I've never heard someone say hoo-ree;-)))
neroanwar (2 years ago)
I have started to learn russian language and i am going to a class
Weiyu CHENG (2 years ago)
nice Olga is a classical Ukrainian blonde
Filip (2 years ago)
Шановна Ольга, привіт з Сербії. Крім сербо-хорватською, я не розмовляю дуже добре будь-яку іншу слов'янську мову, але, я люблю щоб дізнатися про їх. Я нередко дивлюся на словацькі, польські, українські та російські вісті чрез Інтернет. Навіть якщо я добре не розмовляю їх, я розумію все отлично, тобто все крім російською. Коли я дивлюся українські вісті я розумію полностью все, але если я дивлюся російські вісті я з трудом розумію, що вони говорять. Крім того, українська мова звучить набагато краще і більш мелодійне, ніж російська. Українська мова є моя улюблена мова і я люблю вивчати її. І я дякую вам за всі ваші дуже корисні відеі. П.С. Я шкодую,  якщо є занадто багато помилок, я ще вчуся :)
LoveRK (2 years ago)
+Фiлiп Лазаревскi мені навпаки, словацька і польська зрозуміліші за чеську
Filip (2 years ago)
Це ж саме з мовах західно-слов'янських і для мене. Чеську і словацьку розумію попросту, а польську з труднощами :)
+Фiлiп Лазаревскi У меня тоже самое с польским. Чешский и Словацкий понимаю просто, а польский дудки.
Filip (2 years ago)
Дякую ;)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Фiлiп Лазаревскi Дякую, дуже гарно написав!
Manuel Ramirez (2 years ago)
I am studying Russian, and a few days ago I understood why you always introduce yourself as Olya: it's the short version of Olga, right? :D Just like Masha is the short or familiar of Maria, and Natasha of Natalia. In Spanish, the short form of my name is Meño (pronounced in Russian as Мэнё). :)
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Manuel Ramirez Yesm Olia is short and more soft version than Olga)
Mos Rus (2 years ago)
Ukrainian is a nice language but only approximately 50 million speak it where in Russian it is 150 million. Ukrainian is great if you are just going to the Ukraine. However, in Russia, it won't work very well for you. The best solution is to know both but that is a difficult task.
Esko Lebedev (1 year ago)
Ukrainian language: about 40 million around the world Russian: about 280 million around the world (nobody knows the right number of russian speakers, it might be higher)
Stan (2 years ago)
+Mos Rus (mRussia) 50 million ukranian speakers it's true, because only Ukranians speak ukranian language, but Russian speaker are not only Russian citizens. All Ukranians, All Russians, nearly all ppl post-Soviet countries speak Russian. Russian more distributed in US, Israel, China etc... So if you interesting in usage of this language it obviously Russia, if you just want to learn another one, so why not Ukranian?
Stepalex (2 years ago)
+Mos Rus (mRussia) Thanks, I wish some Ukrainians have your opinion))
Mos Rus (2 years ago)
+Олексій Степаніщев English is the new international language but many more people speak Russian than Ukrainian. Even older Ukrainians speak Russian also. However, it is good to learn some Ukrainian to show respect for Ukrainians.
Stepalex (2 years ago)
Sorry,but if you go to Europe which language is better to learn (except english)?
Hugo Inga (2 years ago)
Gracias Olga. Tus videos son muy interesantes. Tanto que ya quiero ir a Ucrania. Saludos desde Ліма, Перу.
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
I don't use Whatsapp)
Akhil Turai (2 years ago)
I don't use Facebook.Add me on whatsapp. My number is +918754533532 ^_^ Looking forward to talk with you
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
I don't use Skype a lot)
Akhil Turai (2 years ago)
Can you add me on Skype? My Skype ID : worldscipeace
Olga Reznikova (2 years ago)
+Akhil Turai hi! Sure, add me on facebook)
EGYPTMohamed Fayz (2 years ago)
does ukrianian has a writing and printing alphabet or it just the same letters
Andrzej Biały (2 years ago)
+EGYPTMohamed Fayz of course, it does =)
KK (2 years ago)
+EGYPTMohamed Fayz writing: http://abetka.ukrlife.org/ab_pysana.gif and printing: http://www.everyday.com.ua/digilet/alpha-ukrainian.gif but you can use printed letters when you are writing

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