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My Daughter got a Job SYEP NYC

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Text Comments (27)
emily torres (5 months ago)
did she get the volunteer packet?
emily torres (5 months ago)
What did she work in childcare or ? I’m still going for the orientation first
Tanisha Adjo (5 months ago)
emily torres not this year yet
crazy gaming (7 months ago)
This my 4th time watching this im so happy i got selected
crazy gaming (4 months ago)
emily torres yehhh
emily torres (5 months ago)
did you get the volunteer packet too?
crazy gaming (6 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo what should my mom bring to syep
crazy gaming (7 months ago)
Tanisha Adjo can u tell me what to bring for the interview
Tanisha Adjo (7 months ago)
crazy gaming awesome
Robert Rockzz (8 months ago)
Keep up the informative video. Love the good vibes. Keep it up.
Tanisha Adjo (8 months ago)
Robert Rockzz yw
Youth Corps (1 year ago)
As of this past summer, NYC SYEP accepted applications for youth aged 14 - 24 (as of July 1). Congratulations!
Tatii KC (1 year ago)
congrats btw and also if u apply for the application early there's 100% chance they will pick anybody who sign up
emily torres (5 months ago)
Did you get the volunteer packet?
David Mason (9 months ago)
Tatii KC I’m so late but where do I apply and is too late I’m 14
Tatii KC (1 year ago)
they picked me too😍😍 ayeeee
MamaNeedsHerWine (1 year ago)
I remember SYEP! They never picked me. The first time I was denied I volunteered at my church's soup kitchen. Then the following summer I was rejected I started braiding hair to make money. 👍🏾
KeepingUpWith Niaa (1 year ago)
How many hours is she going to work and how old is she ? because I'm interested and I'm 14
emily torres (5 months ago)
HI did they give you a volunteer packet too?
crazy gaming (9 months ago)
Buddy Goodman its 30hurs pur week for us
Buddy Goodman (1 year ago)
Shania Glover its 20 hours a week just worked my first week
KeepingUpWith Niaa (1 year ago)
AuraSimmer I already applied
AuraSimmer (1 year ago)
It's too late to give in your application.
navajo santos (1 year ago)
connecticut minimum wage is 10 damn they gonna be making more than adults here
Tanisha Adjo (1 year ago)
navajo santos wow that's crazy
Awwh, Congrats😍🤗. Harmony going to be making those 💲💲💲
kacim abdou (1 year ago)
Very cute girl .. May Allah keep her save forever for you .

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