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COOKING HACKS FOR KITCHEN STARS Wanna feel like a pro in the kitchen? Cook your favorite meal in no time? Then I highly recommend to watch this video! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly! : ) I'll show you how to deal with flat champagne, egg cracks, make banana chocolate. You're gonna love these decoration ideas! With these tricks you can turn any meal to a culinary masterpiece! And make any occasion in your house ten times brighter and cooler! Here we go! I'll demonstrate you how to make best desserts ever: Chess cake, Nutella banana, pears with honey, croissants, blueberry pancakes and more! I'll also share with you top secret chef's tips on how to check meat doneness with your fingers and a palm of your hand! And find out whether a steak is raw, rare, medium rare, medium or well-done! Enjoy the fruits of your culinary labor! This is insanely delicious edition! Try not to bite your fingers off! Creative food carving ideas, Italian cheeze bombs, mini pizzas, rainbow pizza, omelet muffins, pizza braid and it's only the beginning! I'll show you how to make insanely delicious pancakes, cakes, pies, potato pizza, omelet muffins and other kind of pastry products using banana, blueberries and chocolate. TIMESTAMPS: 2:17 Tasty chicks 4:17 Fresh / Not fresh 6:38 Sunshine 9:05 Didn't get enough sleep? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (1250)
5-Minute Crafts (17 days ago)
Are you annoyed when the shell from the egg falls into the contents of a bowl !? Oh yeah, it happens all the time... However, we know how to get it easily and simply and show it to you at 8:12 ;) Did you know about this?
Undead Karna (17 hours ago)
Hi can you stop making ok but bad stuf
qopnhd XD (1 day ago)
Betina Martin (2 days ago)
Yeet cat (4 days ago)
you always have ideas just for eggs
Sooner Keith (4 days ago)
What's the deal with the mayo and iodine? It looks exactly the same except one was mixed a little more.
adnan e (3 hours ago)
Many of those were pretty useless
K Henry Strenge (10 hours ago)
4:36 or just put it in a refrigerator smh
Jo LAKE (10 hours ago)
All about some EGG
pukeylukey199 (18 hours ago)
Noone is doing these
anthony marshall (19 hours ago)
I know a woman that's a carer for my dad and she doesn't know how to boil a egg
Toby Tube HD (1 day ago)
I really don’t understand how your supposed to boil ice
Vladimort (1 day ago)
4:39 is not a hack... i tried that before milk started spilling all over the place...
Lucci Tv (1 day ago)
🤢🤮 I hate egg
KuKu ChiLL (1 day ago)
The journey starts from here 2:15 cuteness overload !!
Raian M (1 day ago)
How to stop tik tok ads???
Kawesome Girl (1 day ago)
4:35 make it taste like onion
special videos (1 day ago)
NVH Media (1 day ago)
Help sub 😭
nerfermodder (1 day ago)
Not even finishing this video. The first you already are wrong in whisking your eggs before hand.
Riky Viky (2 days ago)
Thank you for the idea some good some not anyway thank you I like it
Iama Germani (2 days ago)
Megan Hall (2 days ago)
racheal Stevens (2 days ago)
Well um instead of holding the milk 20 feet from the bowl u could hold it a little bit closer
The Speedpainter (2 days ago)
That’s one heck of a clickbait thumbnail
Emily threadgold (2 days ago)
4:59 no shade but when you microwave pizza you get salmonella poisoning
Emily threadgold (2 days ago)
4:39 why don't you put the milk in first?
VoiD Atrix (4 hours ago)
Because that isn’t the way to make cereal and if you think it is you need to rethink your life decisions
Emily threadgold (2 days ago)
1:06 apparently if the yolks are yellow it means the chickens where badly treated in small pens
Pablx Del Rey (2 days ago)
The coffee and cola mixture was the worst
talha ilyas (2 days ago)
Five minutes craft have a good idea and I love five minutes craft . I have a question that fron where you get this much good ideas?
pieseł na haju (2 days ago)
super żarcie pozdro
Podu Kitchen (2 days ago)
Starboy 1988 (3 days ago)
can someone tell me what part was the beef and ice. I keep missing it.
Carlos Moscoso leon (3 days ago)
where is the meat hack of the pic?
Savina De Barros (3 days ago)
Oh no they didn’t just take that from tasty!!!! 7:25
Stefan Grbovic (3 days ago)
Cancer channel
But I appreciate the video
For a 5 min hacker you sure have no clue how to pick rosemary off the stem
Luna Jöst (3 days ago)
Adriana C (3 days ago)
Artur 228 (3 days ago)
So match oil
L Rodriguez (3 days ago)
7:44 professional banana breaker
Emanonaeza (3 days ago)
oh, the chocolate Braid Puff Pastry at 12:53 looks soooo good...
Padmesh Garadala (3 days ago)
Is the 7 second riddles also your channel
The Biedny (3 days ago)
So many eggs... Do you work for how to Basic ?
Tiqah Shinchan (3 days ago)
Are you crazy?Why you need to pour milk in your cereal on that hight
Solaye Miranda (3 days ago)
U watch U subscribe New challeng
Lacemaker427, OH (3 days ago)
A potato masher would have made quick work of the bananas. The fork method is too slow for this Western New Yorker!
Tony swwett (3 days ago)
10:50 bald guy
Junmion Kun (3 days ago)
My banana pancakes not work
Kyle Hooker (3 days ago)
5 minute craft. 14 minute video...
Na Yoo (3 days ago)
No rolling pin? Use other things. No cookie cutter? Use other things. No oven? ...I can't help you.
DANEBLUEGNOME (3 days ago)
Pretty funny idea doing that. 😣
Cherry TV (4 days ago)
Спасибо за советы
yzaya LiriaN (4 days ago)
That is tooo much oil.
Freedom1776 (4 days ago)
5:25 is probably the most bland looking cookies I’ve ever seen
dssaddsa sdsdsadsda (4 days ago)
ty kurwo juz bylo to
Sharon Dousias (4 days ago)
3:34- so glad i dont know how much butter to put in.
Zuku Shimo (4 days ago)
Never seen a grilled ice before This is a joke*
Geni Geni (4 days ago)
10:35 ✊🏼 dirty minds
Shivam Garg (4 days ago)
but its harmful to eat eggs and bananas together
God Zuu (4 days ago)
9:22 not get enough sleep because of facebook :3
Frisk Dreemurr (4 days ago)
This is the mute version of troom troom
Village Kitchen (4 days ago)
Watch cooking videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHn9NKSvmuI&t=21s
Harsh V (5 days ago)
No rolling pin use a liquor bottle instead.
Harsh V (5 days ago)
Bunch of 9 year olds in the comments.
Baklol Films (5 days ago)
Angel Ramos (5 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I just fell for clickbait And so did you
Francis Grabetz (5 days ago)
Thumbs down because of click bait.
Kenneth Ian M. Bansag (5 days ago)
I'ma Filipino and two banana fused in to one is pretty commom
Callum Wright (5 days ago)
2:55 first of all every body knows that, second 3:05 never ever ever season your eggs before you cook them rookie mistake
King Alexander (5 days ago)
Learn to cook the right way https://5b55abf7o15rbuf5tkz3yncz67.hop.clickbank.net/
UMA GANESH (5 days ago)
Now I love to b an eggitarian for sure 😉 thanks a ton
slo w (5 days ago)
first song name?
Micha_1988 (5 days ago)
Did you seriously usa a stencil to make a stencil?!?
Moroton Ho (5 days ago)
I came here to learn how to cook like yukihira soma
Long Nguyễn (5 days ago)
The first eggs hack, we do have that kind of cake in vietnam. It's make from powder, eggs, and boiled pork 😊 We call it"bánh căn" you can search it on google for more information
V G (6 days ago)
I tried the first one with the mini omelettes but my plastic ladle melted. 😞
schloomp YT (6 days ago)
Y’all burned so many eggs
john williams (6 days ago)
15mins wasted that I will never get back
ᄂᄋᄂBluDragon37 (6 days ago)
TheMozartThug ! (6 days ago)
I still pray for the day when i can watch a compilation vid without shity music
Hamza Habib (6 days ago)
CRAZY cravity (5 days ago)
So Mh (6 days ago)
ياآاي عنده 39 m … و التنزيل متواصل واحنا لما اليوتيوبرز نوصلهم للمليـــون يسحبون ؏ـڵيـنا (o_O) ماعاد يعطـونا وجه!!!! يقـال صاروا مشهــورين … ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ. #قــــــــــهــــــــــر (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
AM Singh (6 days ago)
Wow. Cooking was never so much fun!!! Thanksss
NICE. FM (6 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYoF-1kB4oDTDXwoumMBWg Please watch and like my channel :)
Shantanu Khaire (6 days ago)
SureshChandra Annu (6 days ago)
Please tell the ingredients properly , I am confused what to add🤔😙🤗
chris retardo (6 days ago)
No rolling pin? A wine bottle. No wine bottle? Just give up.
chris retardo (6 days ago)
Ye. I just replied my own comment
Rita Kumari Sharma (7 days ago)
My favorite channel
00100111 (7 days ago)
Just a bunch of cooking not much tips
Average Kitten (7 days ago)
I wonder how many eggs they had to use?
Believe In Truth (7 days ago)
Defund Planned Parenthood the selling babies parts foundation
GFINHK (7 days ago)
🍳🥚Eggcellent!🥚🍳 Sorry, I just had to 😅😅😅
aamerayy aamerayy (7 days ago)
Use some fkn quality music
Lucy (7 days ago)
oh yeah, i always pour the milk into my cereal from two feet above the bowl, real helpful tip there
I'm subbing to everyone who likes and sub's me I like you 5 minute crafts #5minutecraftsisthebest
*BTS LOVES ARMY* (7 days ago)
12:48 that doesnt look right 😷😷😷
Masab Hassaan (7 days ago)
Nice hacks
Mike B (7 days ago)
YellowBurningSun (7 days ago)
Where is the thumbnail... It's not necessary to clickbait us.
Tasin Haider (7 days ago)
❤u 5 min crafts...
Walther HaskiLL (7 days ago)
Oh that girl was so cute
GO - STUDIO (8 days ago)
I love egg, love 5 minute crafts
Mersadies Britton (8 days ago)
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